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  1. Feb 8, 2013
    Bo2 is pretty good but isn't as good as BO1 I find that some weapons are off balenced but its all good. Its a really fun game you should buy it
  2. Nov 19, 2012
    First of all I used to be a COD fan (Bought prestige/Hardened editions)Got to prestige 10, etc. But Treyarch and activision ruined COD. Terrible 2005 graphics, they didn't even rey to improve on the contrary COD 4 looks better than this turd, laggy and mediocre online, smallest maps ever, auto aim, retarded AI, and worst of all tons of technicall flaws including the infamous Yelow Light inducing game frezzing on PS3. I didn't finish campaign mode out of fear of Killing my PS3. Treyarch should be fired because all the games they have developed aré Stinkers since Spiderman, even a "Noob" studio like Sledgehammer did a better job. Please bring Back Infinity Ward they had respect and love for the COD franchise. Expand
  3. Nov 17, 2012
    I see a 4.2 rating with 146 people saying its terrible, but me personally I really like it. I thought the new guns were pretty good and a hour in on campaign it's also really good, multiplayer and the new maps are also really cool but the zombie maps do suck and are small. And trust me it takes so much to please me I barley ever give a 10 rating, I buy just about every new release that's is suppose to be good and I was very disappointed with madden 13, NHL 13, resident evil 6 and even pretty disappointed with assassins creed 3 also because of the slow start so when I played BO 2 I was kinda like about time a good game came out this year, now maybe it's not wat ppl expected I don't know, I think cuz mw3 and blacks ops was so good they expected something amazing but overall I give it a 8-9 on the game itself not wat u expected. Buy some new releases there's been so many terrible games this year it's not funny, I actually feel ripped off after playing certain games there so terrible so when I play a game like this I'm very pleased. Btw I been a COD fan since day one Ive owned and played every COD game from ps1 to Ps3 and I'm not disappointed in BO2 at all I recommend it to any one Expand
  4. Nov 10, 2013
    The low user score is unfair but who can stop the fanboys... Another successful installment of the CoD series with a few welcome tweaks.
    STORY AND CHARACTERS: The Black Ops series started with a great story with the set in the cold war era. This one continues with the same story travelling between that era and the near plausible future. Well thought and well delivered. As for the
    characters they are well built and you can relate to their story. Menendez steals the show.
    PRESENTATION: As good as ever. In a time when the next gen consoles dominate the conversations BO2 still manages to deliver great quality graphics even with an aging engine. Whatever that means.
    GAMEPLAY: Not many innovations here but why mess in a winning formula right? Exception made to the strike force missions. Did not liked them and feel a bit off in the campaign.
    PROGRESSION: Treyarch tweaked the progression system on the online experience to a new level with the pick 10 system and the weapons prestige. Very good idea if you ask me.
    ONLINE: Picking up with the above mentioned the MP is even better with the referred pick 10 and weapon prestige which delivers a very well balanced and engaging online experience.
    The CoD series still delivers the best FPS game around. No doubt about that.
  5. Nov 22, 2012
    Black Ops 2 is a solid game. It's not great and suffers from many faults. Personally I don't care for the futuristic angle but that's just my taste. Kudos to Treyarch for release a working game and not a broken one like Warfighter (yeah, I hate that game). Crashes happen rarely and when they do, you don't lose anything. The match just migrates servers and starts where it left off. Voice chat works (yeah, I'm looking at you EA.) and I haven't come across any serious bugs. The main flaw which prevents a higher rating is that the game in multiplayer doesn't feel like combat at all. It feels more like a game of paintball. Other shooters like Bad Company 2 does a much better job at creating a engaging atmosphere even in multiplayer. But Black Ops 2 is still miles better than BF3 and Warfighter. Expand
  6. Nov 15, 2012
    Can't believe I fell for it again... I really thought treyarch would put out a new game with up to date graphics but apparently they're not interested. I think this is a game I would have loved 5 years ago, but not today, not with other fps games that are 10x more graphically advanced.
  7. Nov 17, 2012
    I give this game a flat ZERO because it does NOT work on PS3, actually the constant hard freezings may permanently damage your console.
  8. Nov 14, 2012
    Firstly, the cartoon graphics lend the game to more a video game than authenticity which isn't a bad thing as it is just a game. In my opinion doesnt have the sophistication of Medal of honor or the true leader of FPS action Battlefield BUT it is addictive and fun just not as classy as its predecessor Bops1. Its ok as COD version ??? but as a leader not anymore.
  9. Nov 14, 2012
    Tbh, Activision and Treyarch won't care about all the people putting 0/10 on their ratings, they'll be happy that game critics, who aren't just trolling and make the user score as low as possible, like this game. Either way, I will be playing many hours on this game, as will a lot of the people who have put 0/10 on their review, I can guarantee it . This for me is an upgraded, enjoyable futuristic cod with brand new maps, guns and an awesome layout which, unlike what many people are saying, took a lot of effort in to make. Zombies is also sweet, great to see it back, with upgrades! Awesome. Expand
  10. Nov 17, 2012
    Only problem is that the graphics are bad in the PS3 version, no anti-aliasing, little blurry. But the game is cool, best COD. I like the new weapons and the new style.
  11. Jan 2, 2013
    This game gets a 2/10 because is unplayable, why you ask? well 1 simple answer for 1 simple question... LAG! horrible, game breaking LAG! I jump to the COD wagon (MP wise) with MW2, had some fun so decided to buy BO1, because hey the first one was really entertaining so why not this one, so BO1 still a fun game, some LAG issues here and there but my friends were playing it so what the hell, MW3 I wited until the honeymoon ended to see that hooker's real face and it was ugly as hell, so awful I jumped to BF3 and didn't look back, now we had this so called "NEW GAME" and F*CK is as awful as the other ones. You can think anything you want, but truth be told I gave that abomination a chance, and had the worst day playing of my life, I started to scream at the TV so loud the neighbors thought I was killing someone. finally that same day I played Zombies for a change and got disconnected 2 times just a couple of minutes after entering into the lobby, the third time I finally got a party to play with and played for about 20 mins, you know why I didn't continue playing after that? because it disconnected me again, because the HOST LEFT! that's right NO DEDICATED SERVERS! So no COD for me EVER AGAIN! I'm glad I borrowed from a friend and not bought it like the rest. No SP review here just played like 40 min of it and decided that doing anything else was more worthwhile, like taking a nap or cutting my toe nails. Expand
  12. Nov 19, 2012
    Another disappointment. I thought that Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will be different, or will make some improvements, sadly, this game does only a few improvements in graphics, nothing more. The campaign is solid, with some great cutscenes. Multiplayer is the same, as always. It is with less killstreaks and It's more slow paced, but still frustrating. Zombies is complicated, so, It's less fun than original Black Ops's zombies. (5.0) Expand
  13. Feb 16, 2013
    Campaign is decent in comparison to other CoDs but still pretty mediocre. Multiplayer maps are also mediocre, and the game has some serious technical problems. The weapon balance is excellent, however, but in typical Treyarch fashion, there is very little variety among the weapons. Generally not enough recoil on them either. Zombies is actually a lot worse than it was in WaW and BO, but still playable. The game is decent overall, but it lacks in innovation and change, as we have come to expect from Call of Duty titles. Overall, very meh. Expand
  14. Nov 13, 2012
    I don't mind the activision set of releases, they go okay. (though MW3 was shockin). But this is just utter tripe.

    As far as I'm concerned CoD releases a 6 to 7 / 10 game once every two years and a crap money swindeling spin off every other year.

    Campaign is predictable and at times stupid. MP is repetitive and boring.
  15. Nov 14, 2012
    I don´t know why this game is so critised by the people. This game comes with the best multiplayer of this year, the most complete and it brings hours and hours of entertainment. The zombies are, in my opinion, the best alter-mode of a game in all history. I think it´s the best mode of this game for playing with friends.
    The campaing mode is amazing too, like all the other of
    call of duty. For me, the best campaing was Black Ops 1, and this is as interesting and as exciting as the first black ops.

    In conclusion, my final conclusion of this game:

    The best: Hundreds and thousands of hours of entertainment at multiplayer and at zombies. The movie mode in zombies is amazing. The campaing mode is also incredible.
    The worst: Now, so much bugs to matchmaking at multiplayer. Graphics a bit bad in 2012. Games like MOH Warfighter, BTF 3 or Crysis 2 have so much better graphics than this game.
  16. Aug 2, 2013
    Call of Duty: Black Ops II 9/10.......................................................................................................................
  17. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is just awful. I really wanted to get into it, but I just couldn't. It's the same tired formula they used in black ops, and it's even less enjoyable than mw3. The single player campaign is awful, the game gives you auto-aim, so you don't even have to try when playing, and it still uses the same engine it's been using for so many years now. Call of Duty has essentially been turned into a $100 per year subscription service. If you value the video game industry and are tired of being taken advantage of, stop giving in and play games that are actually GOOD for a change. Expand
  18. Nov 13, 2012
    The game doesn't improve on its predecessor at all, the singleplayer campaign is short and just casual friendly, the multpiplayer doesn't reward the players for their skill, instead it promotest a mindless frag race without any teamwork whatsoever. Just avoid this game and save your money for something better.
  19. Nov 13, 2012
    The game doesn't improve on its previous game at all, singleplayer is short and just disappointing, the multpiplayer doesn't reward player skill at all, it's just a mindless frag chase and noob-tubing without any support for team work whatsoever. This game is a complete waste of money.
  20. Nov 13, 2012
    So I bought the game, hoping it'd be better than the last CoD I bought (MW2). A bit disappointed.

    Started playing the campaign, and what I found was an interactive movie. Gameplay is easy even on the higher difficulties where you'll only die if you think yourself Rambo and start running and gunning. The story is decent. The scripting was OK, and overall the sequences felt well played
    out. If you want a cinematic experience, you'll get one. If you want something more, such as gameplay and replay value... this may not be your game.

    Multiplayer is the same as always, with some added stuff. It's enjoyable as long as you turn off voices or can bear being screamed at by the frequent twelve year old.
    Zombies are always a fun addition.

    Overall I don't think the game is bad, but it's nothing great either. A mediocre game in my opinion.
    And seriously : update your graphics engine, the game is starting to feel old.
  21. Nov 13, 2012
    Спят усталые геймпады, кинцо спит,
    Под подушкой сонибоя пиэстри,

    Только фану вот не спится,
    Ему дрейк в бельишке снится.

    Глазки закрывай,
    Мыло смывай.

    Сонибою нынче грустно, игр нет.
    Просто PS3 SOSNOLEY - вот ответ.
    За кинцо отдал две триста.
    Перестал быть оптимистом.

    Баттхерт усмиряй.

    С дрейком можно подружиться,
    Если ты совсем тупица.

    Плойку выключай.

    Он кинцо тебе покажет,
    Мылом глазки он помажет.

    Плойку выключай.
  22. Nov 13, 2012
    I've been a loyal COD fan since inception. I was the Sargent for Halloween and I ordered custom bed sheets that replicate my favorite maps. COD is so close to my heart and this BO2 is so terrible i feel sexually violated. After playing level 1 i had the feeling of one who has just taking a dump after getting out of the shower. Level 2 gave the the feeling of the time i slept with that busted indian chick. I did find good use for the game - when i am watching porn and my mom comes in i nail the input key and switch to COD. Because that would explain my hard on, but only because the old CODs gave me a hard on. The only way for us as gamers to fight this tyranny is to short activision stock. I am not a financial person but its silly to believe that Activision is valued at a near market multiple with a declining franchise. i am going to take my college money and buy activision puts, here we come Wharton. Expand
  23. Nov 13, 2012
    same engine. same graphics..animation..... Only reskin which is different. Better story than last but it's still very boring and repetitive. I would not recommend this game to anyone. ALSO it's full of 12 year olds playing this game.
  24. Nov 13, 2012
    BO2 is somewhere between famine and war as the worst things ever. I am a janitor, and was beyond excited to take a COD holiday from work - I clean pee and poop for a living and I don
  25. Nov 13, 2012
    I hated the last COD, I thought it was a boring turd but when I saw Robert Downey Jr. in the commercial for BOII, I had to get it. I mean, if Bob says there's a soldier in all of us, there must be. Well bob was wrong, never have a felt so betrayed. This game is a bigger turd than the last one. The graphics blow (are we in 2005 people?), the story is played out and I'm convinced I spent the night playing against a bunch of 11 year olds - how can you feel good about beating kids whose balls haven't dropped? This is the same old **** just a different day. Expand
  26. Nov 13, 2012
    Once again, we have been fed the same repetitive, outdated, low-tech rubbish Activision feed us every year. During gameplay, we're introduced to a few characters of whom I couldn't care less about as well as the now boring COD:MP. Let this franchise did already Acti.
  27. Nov 13, 2012
    Well, I guess most people buy this game are for the multiplayer not the campaign, so I will review this by my multiplayer experience. There is only one word to describe it: HORRIBLE. First of all, the numbers of maps are limited. Secondly, the map layouts are simple and repetitive. Once you get familiar with it, you can expect what is coming at you. This leads to the biggest disappointment of this game--way to camper friendly. As i mentioned earlier, once you get familiar with the maps, you know where people come from because the simple and predictable layout of the maps. And then, people camp all the time. And also, the guns do not have much recoil, you do not have to adjust your shooting style with different guns which makes the game very noob friendly too. The kill streak system is worse than MW3, and some are overpowered. So if you are looking for a fast paced and competitive multiplayer gaming experience which requires some skill levels, then this is not your game. BO2 is for noobs and campers. Hiding in the corner, waiting for some powerful kill streak rewards are what you gonna see most of the time in this game. BTW, once Amazon accepts BO2 trade in, i will send it back without any hesitation. Expand
  28. Nov 13, 2012
    Don't listen to the haters, this is definitely the best COD game. Treyarch has done an amazing job! Don't listen to the haters, give it a rent and try it out you'll love it!
  29. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is actually amazing. Trust me when I say this isn't the same game and actually deserves the 10/10 I gave it. Seriously buy this game. The campaign is amazing, the zombies is ridiculous and the multiplayer is the most balanced one yet.
  30. Nov 18, 2012
    Complete and utter garbage. Graphics have improved minimally, but it still feels like that colorless 2x2 box with a bunch of 6 years olds with ADHD screaming at each other that everyone knows and loves. The story has all the same plot twists, mechanics are still horrible (not changed from the last games) and they still do not have dedicated servers. This game lacks any modern features.
  31. Nov 13, 2012
    Another Year, another call of duty and another boat load of whiney people. When you play call of duty, you should know what your getting into. Yes the game plays just like previous versions but there are tons of small improvements that make the game better than previous versions such as color, sounds, lobby connections and even custom classes. People who judge the game for using the same engine obviously are not real gamers. Gamers do not care about grapgics, yes its a nice touch but overall its not that important, I still see people playing NES games in this day of age, and we all know how terrible 8 bit games look, give your head a shake people, graphics is not the importance of all games. The fact that this series gets trolled because of repeation, I am sorry but there are very few games that stand out . There is always a game that you can compare to another game for rip offs. Besides, mario games and zelda games tend to be the same almost every time a new one is released but those continue to recieve 9 or 10 from critics and fans. if you enjoy a series, enjoy it. Dont bash them because you "Feel" That its the same game, trust me, I have eyes and can clearly see the amount of changes this game has to offer. This cod is already better then any other cods I have played, mostly because of the lack of online issues and overall smoothness of the menus. There in all honesty would have been nothing that could have been done to make these Trollers happy. Black ops 2 is a big step from the crap that was mw3. If anyone who was actually a cod fan, they knew what they were getting into. Giving this game a 0 is basically riding the troll train to loser ville. Stop bashing a game that is actually a decent time to play, dont like it? Give valid reasons instead of repeating the same thing over the last 4 games. No one seems to complain that there is a new NFL, NHL or FIFA game. Talk about using the same engine in a game yet no one bashes it. The verdict is that cod is the cool thing to troll so whatever. If you want a honest opinion from someone who has been gaming since 3 years of age . This game is good and doesnt deserve the amount of **** it gets on this site. Expand
  32. Nov 14, 2012
    I feel it important to say first and foremost that i have never enjoyed the multiplayer of COD. The spawning is stupid, the fighting erratic and importantly the variety non existent. What mildly intelligent person actually cares about the relentless barrage of trophies and medals which remain as completely useless mementos locked away in the dark quarters of your console. Receiving a trophy does not make a game fun. Playing the game should be all the fun needed. COD is not fun. I started up the single player campaign to be blown away by the complete lack of 3D during cinematics. To clarify i have just finished AC3 in 3D and the 3D was awesome, the game, so so. Then the game finally started, thought id get my kill on. Instead i was left feeling sick by the poorly programmed 3D in the game. OK, i'll play without 3D then (dissapointing since 3D games are few and far between). I thought maybe i would stop feeling sick now. I was wrong. The urge to bring up breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner from the night before was simply to great. You see i am a sympathetic vomiter, i see vomit, i vomit. What was being served up on my beautiful 1080P 63" 3D TV was indeed vomit. The graphics are worse than bad. I can hear all you braindead fanboys now, "it runs at can it be bad when so many people buy it?..." Well first of all, in case you hadnt noticed, nobody cares about 60fps, as long as it can hold a steady frame rate of say 30fps and not stutter it is perfectly acceptable even imperceptible, ie BF3 which incidentally craps all over CODBO1 & 2. "Why do so many people buy it?" Easy. People are idiots! One need only walk down the street and witness a slew of teenage boys wearing their little sisters jeans with hair that must having taken all morning to style to understand this. More evidence you ask. Look at those that sit atop society in any region of the world, they are always a minority, why you ask again. Because people are overwhelmingly idiots. Back to COD. I am not a hater, honestly i want all games to be fun. I've been gaming for like 25 years, i do not discriminate. So where did my CODBO2 story end?? I was so disillusioned with gaming after just 10 mins of CODBO2 ( I know your thinking, "well you didn't even play it, you missed the options and story line blah blah blah zombies blah blah") I didn't and wont miss anything. If i want to be bored and have options that lead to different endings i'll read one of my old chose your own adventure novels. If i want zombies I'll watch The Walking Dead (which is awesome BTW). So... I digress. After attempting to play and ending up heaving in the toilet i was depressed. I thought to myself i cant wait until the end of the month for Far Cry 3 or more importantly the end of the year for more expansions for BF3. I need to have my new found hatred of games quashed. Now i must tell you that i have never owned an XBOX always PC games and Playstations. I did the only thing i could. I bought a XBOX and Halo 4 and whilst is very far from the greatest game ive played, it has all but erased the sour taste left by CODBO2. Shame on you Treyarch for dishing up such a pile of steaming hot turd when you have the resources and fan base to do something truly revolutionary. Shame on you, you masses of idiots out there who will buy and love this game for no apparent reason other than you liked the one before it and before that and so on. Shame on you professional critics for giving this game such a high score. I have never posted anything online before, not a blog, not a tweet nothing. This game has brought out the entitled **** in me that so many of you had embraced so long ago. I feel that what i have to say is important enough that the world need access it. Shame on you CODBO2 for making me an internet posting geek who thinks that people care what i have to say. Please stop buying this dribble. Please start thinking for yourselves. I gave it a zero because im sure i played this the '80's. Expand
  33. Nov 14, 2012
    This Game deserves a 9 over 10 but because of all the improper, false, unrealistic, nooby made reviews i hade to give it a 10 to boost the overall all score. Black ops 2 is by far the second best call of duty since Call of duty 4: modern warfare. Single player offers so much as well as the multiplayer. Zombie mode has modes in them which gives it a much more lasting appeal. The game gives so much variety and fun. I undoubtedly recommend this game to any True FPS Fan. This Game Is truly what the fans asked for and Treyarch has given it to us. I was always an infinity ward fan but since West and Zampella left Mw3 sucked and Mw2 was a nice arcade style shooter But To Date COD4 Is still and most probably be The best call of duty in the series (especially on pc cuz of the mods:P) Expand
  34. Nov 14, 2012
    Ok. If you all hate Call Of Duty so much why do you by the frickin game then. It's a brilliant new direction for the series and if you hate it then don't play it. Its fun and exciting.It is the best COD to date
  35. Nov 14, 2012
    Another mindless abomination of a 'game' that makes no improvements in gameplay over any other FPS game. I don't understand how people still put up with having to buy the next iteration of CoD to be able to have a large playerbase each and every year for the same premium price. I've played through the single player as well as multiplayer and there is nothing noticeably different at all as well as the most cliched storyline that could possibly be produced. Don't buy this game. Expand
  36. Nov 14, 2012
    Better than MW3 but still a mess. The campaign is somewhat decent and the create a class system is a breath of fresh air however it's all for naught as they have made aiming down the sight pointless. SMG weapons now have a huge accuracy making all other weapons obsolete and ruining any fun to be had. The maps had potential but where ruined by placement of barrels and random cover near doorways and alleys to make sure that camping is encouraged. The only thing worse than the game is it's community who are presently "Learning the maps" by hiding behind every doorway and wall with an SMG to smite you down with an instant kill. The game is having a lot of connection problems on PS3, it's community are cancer and the game is generally broken. I suggest waiting until the masses trade it back in as they do every year to get it cheaper. This game is worth £20. Expand
  37. Nov 14, 2012
    For starters, if people hate Call of Duty (COD), why buy it, hate it (shocker), and moan? There's so much negativity in here based on un-objective reviewers, it's tough to find credible reviews. Does COD re-invent itself every release? No. If it did, wouldn't it be something we didn't want to begin with? Remember not so long ago, Medal of Honour (MOH) was the standard for war-based first-person shooters, according to many. I happen to agree. Now look how the tide has turned. MOH hasn't kept up and it's no surprise COD owns the market. I for one, know what to expect from the COD franchise. You know what? Not much of what I expect has changed. I like that. I know COD titles will always entertain me to the max, and immerse me in an epic adventure with tonnes of things to blow up, shoot, fly, obliterate, etc. In so many ways, a healthy form of stress relief if taken in small enough doses. So for all the haters out there, step back and ask yourself if you're really reviewing the game at hand, or are you venting because COD isn't (and won't ever be) HALO, Assassins Creed or Batman? Happy COD everybody and remember - it's a game, so ease off in multiplayer online if someone half your age is ten times better than you'll ever be. TIp your hat and move on. Have fun, and enjoy the new COD everyone! Expand
  38. Nov 14, 2012
    The game is annoying for me. Every time I start a game I keep getting asked to confirm the settings for brightness, volume and screen resolution. I keep getting kicked from the match due to connection and then Im given a 5 mins probation time out. Right now I get a server error when i try to search for a public match. I really hate these BO games and I cant wait for MW4 now.
  39. Nov 14, 2012
    This is exactly what i was expecting, Nice Zombies, typical MP, and decent Single player. If you people that rates zero want something other than this run and gun arcade shooter, then play battlefield, you all got what you wanted and changed this game into what it is, blame yourselves not the producer.
  40. Nov 15, 2012
    One of the worst launches of all the CODS. Server lag is horrendous, That is, if you can even join a game, many reporting connection issues, freezes, and lock-ups. PS3 version not on-par w/ the Xbox version, and it seems that many issues in-game are due to trey-arc's preference to the microsoft console over PS3, once again. Graphics, even though touted as 1080p (once again) barely pass as up-scaled 720 from the xbox. Expand
  41. Nov 15, 2012
    While not perfect, CoD: Blops 2 is a good improvement over CoD:MW3, but it suffers from the same mistakes the developers have made these past 6 years. Which is kind of saddening if you think about it. The singleplayer is decent and offer some little additions in comparison to the previous installments. But in the end it's still the short and forgettable rollercoaster ride you'd expect from a COD game. The graphics show little improvement and the engine really starts to feel old, even if Treyarch really tries to stretch it. The series is really getting behind on this aspect, especially compared to last year's BF3.
    The zombies mode features some nice new modes and will keep co-op lovers busy for a while, but I would have loved to see more than 3 maps in the retail game. And finally we arrive at the most important part of the game: the multiplayer. The mp gets a small overhaul with a new menu-UI and the 10-point system (which we also saw in the excellent M.A.G.). The maps look nice, with a lot of variety. All the classic Blops mp modes are back and the game offer some great features for competitive play. But in the end it remains the run-and-shoot game, with little teamwork and the same annoyances in casual games we've seen since MW2. I find it also baffling that Activision still doesn't offer us dedicated servers, resulting in lag, disconnections, connection errors, host migrations,... Let's hope we"ll see some improvements in the future, but the past has learned me to have little confidence in Activision.
  42. Nov 15, 2012
    Total disappointment. First of all, way to test guys. You can't even connect half the time and the multiplayer is a mess. Takes me several attempts to even log in to get online with it and then several more to get a game going. More to the point however - I was a big fan of Black Ops I and COD in general. I appreciate the variations and the distinctions that have come along with the MW versions and thought the Black Ops twist in BOI was great. This game however, BO2, is junk. Total junk. The inescapable streak rewards are ridiculous. Missiles just raining down from everywhere, bots and drones everywhere. Total junk. It's totally weak. My friends (who all have played mostly to top level prestige so they've logged serious hours on the past games) all think the same. This game scuks. Totally. We are going back to MW3 and BO1. Big thumbs down Treyarch and Activision. This thing is garbage. Expand
  43. Nov 15, 2012
    Why are "professional" critics so much harder on Treyarch than Infinity Ward? COD:BO2 is a MUCH more well-rounded game than previous versions. More importantly, the story of the main game is the first in ANY call of duty that has kept me engaged. If this game is a 8.2, than MW3 should have been a 7. It's harder and harder to take reviews serious anymore. 9/10
  44. Nov 15, 2012
    Where to start....first of all I have played all the CoD games including the MW series. I still own all of them as I tend to keep "memorabilia". Have not played BO1 as a friend gave me his review and I decided not to try it out. This time though, coming from the disappointed experience (for me) of the latest Medal of Honor I was in desperate need of a new FPS also considering that less and less people are playing MW3 online.
    Anyway I went and bought BO2 and this is what I think:
    1) Single: personally I don't mind the jumping back and forth in time as I don't know the characters hence for me it is all new. I can understand people who have played the first BO not liking it. Difficulties are not too high and I would have liked a little less "help" witht he aiming, lots of time I found myself missing a shot on purpose just to see my enemy drop dead.
    2) Multiplayer: well for my taste not good as it goes against everything I like in a FPS game, meaning "think before you act". This game is a sheer quick run and shoot. Maps are pretty small and it gives also lots of (too many) opportunities for people to just camp (that is what most annoyed me in MoH).
    3) Overall Game: a) Graphics: personally they do look bad and dated. I mean after playing Battlefield 3 the bar has been set really high (another reason why I dislike MoH which even though uses the same engine as BF3 it been tuned down multiple notches). b) Sound: simple awful. I mean the "puff" the guns make when shooting is to my ears light year away from the sound of guns. And what about the comments you hear your character make when for instance you kill someone? Really? Who talks like that and why would you do that? Just a way to boost the ego of the player.
    c) Approach: in 2012 almost 2013 I would like to see more logic applied behind how things work. Starting from how guns respond when firing (e.g. sway). This is where MoH has done a good job even though they manage to mess it up in the single player going a bit too extreme. Also how the environment responds to bullets and explosion could be done better. Besides the usual vehicle blow up, windows smashing and plywood cracking there is little else.
    Final Comments: for me this game is ok to play if you can miss the 60 Euros (live in a Euro country) otherwise if you are torn between 2 games and you only got 60 euros I would say don't buy BO2.
    If the both franchises behind the COD title don't come up with serious changes in the game I don't think I will buy the next chapter. It's been a nice game but now the frustration I get out of it is greater than the pleasure.
    Whishes: my next FPS should be something like BF3 in terms of graphics and "logics" but without all those vehicles. Just keep it to a "foot" game and you will make me really really happy.
  45. Nov 15, 2012
    Black Ops II is exactly what everyone expects from Call of Duty. The action is fast, and smooth. Retaining the 60fps frame rate in multiplayer is what CoD is all about. The campaign isn't great, but the multiplayer is solid.
  46. Nov 16, 2012
    Multiplayer is amusing at best. It has brought some new perk selection that offers at least the flexibility to do what you like (to an extent).

    Not played zombies or singlplayer. The engine feels very very dated. MW3 is ok but this is just Meh...

  47. Nov 16, 2012
    ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!!ГОСПОДИ 10 ИЗ 10 !!!! Expand
  48. Nov 16, 2012
    Listen...if you actually played this game before reviewing it, you know that's it's either really good or just not your style of FPS. If you're a whiny little crybaby or a hardcore BF3 fanboy, then you already gave this game a 0 because you just hate Call Of Duty. Good single player, great multiplayer, EXCELLENT ZOMBIES MODE! Fans of fun, fast paced shooting games should pick this one up. And the haters? Keep on hating! Your inane reviews are a great source of entertainment. Answer the Call of Duty my friends! Expand
  49. Nov 16, 2012
    Poor linear offering, with nothing new to offer and tired format, what new additions there are only detract from the experience, going to trade fro Farcry 3, never again
  50. Nov 16, 2012
    This review is based on Multiplayer. In my experience, I played League, Core, Hardcore, and the Nuketown playlist along with one of the party games. I noticed that the more I try to think and deliberate with decision making in the game, my success rate goes down in a match. I had more success when I was paying attention to videos on my laptop and habitually moving the analog sticks and pulling trigger buttons lazily. In my opinion, this the equivalent to what's known as a "button-masher" in the fighting or beat-em-up genre (sometimes even 3rd person action adventure). It's fun with friends, but it is not very challenging to a someone who wants to approach a game with an independent mind. The guns might as well shoot out laser beams or magic spells because their is virtually no recoil. I mostly used the Skorpion EVO, m7, MTA, SCAR H, and Chicom CQB. In my opinion, the gunplay lacks the personality that MW3 had, but I did not put as many hours in BO2 as MW3. It is just my impressions. Last night I found myself playing the game I really felt disgusted and disappointed with the experience I was having. It did not provide any sense of accomplishment in gaining kills. I didn't feel as if I had earned success because of any ability that I possessed. The series seems to have changed from a game of survival (COD4 & WOW) to an arcade party (MW2) to, now, a digital playground of chaos and disruption. I mean, when you look at the game screen sometimes, you must ask yourself, "what is this really that is taking place place in front of me?" Is it entertainment or amusement or simply an unorganized mess?" That is referring to what appears on screen, not necessarily mechanics. The graphics have been polished and look a little more high-def compared to last year's MW3, but honestly, the characters and bright colors on the map are not very pleasing to the eye. I had a problem with some of BF3's dry-looking, stale, gray maps for console, but this is not the remedy. It's no wonder why they do live-action commercials with actors. I just want to suggest to people who play the game or are interested in playing it, what is it that you actually value in your gaming experience? Do you really find those values in this game? I think the direction that treyarch took was to streamline, and organize the arcade madness that took place in previous titles in the series and squeeze it into a mechanical series of outrageous battles, but it backfired on them, making this an all out boring, sequence of fast-paced animations and magical guns. I'm sorry if I offended any gamers on here, but I don't consider myself a gamer. I'm just looking for a good experience on a console and I did not find it here. Expand
  51. Nov 17, 2012
    Really was the only CoD game I liked. Black Ops 2 deserves recognition for trying a change. Campaign is badass and multiplayer I actually liked. The zombies is awe, just when I lost hope in CoD Treyarch restored it. I should change my name shouldn't I? Great game. Deserves a 9/10. David Mason is the MAN!
  52. Nov 17, 2012
    Tired of it ! This game is not even an update ! Nor a downgrade, it is just the same as all the call of duty's since COD 4 !! Time to change guys ! This million business must stop !! This is starting to be like FIFA !! Graphics same, gameplay same, new guns are camo's of old guns .. luckily the maps are a bit different and futuristic (they have too, I think they squeezed every single spot on the planet, let's go alien style ! ) What's next ? Call Of Duty: Alien Warfare Expand
  53. Nov 17, 2012
    How did this game above 0? Again, Activision making millions on glitchy game. Everyone who owns a fat ps3 or slim has random freezes or auto shut down. Several of those received the ylod because of it. Activision is ruining the gaming industry. It is no longer about fun. It's about keeping people addicted through skinner box/dopamine and annually making millions.
  54. Nov 17, 2012
    I am terribly disapointed in Trearch, Activision, and Sony for allowing a game that is this broken to be released on the PS3. There are numerous problems with textures, match making, and lag. However, the crowning achievement is the fact that many players can't even play any game mode for more than ten minutes without their system crashing. The fact that this game was certified for sale is absurd and borderline criminal. I can only hope that the FTC does something to stop companies like Activision and Bethesda from releasing unfinished games in the future. Expand
  55. Nov 18, 2012
    Game released for PS3 crashes locally or online after 2 rounds of zombies or multiplayer. The patches have not fixed the issues for me (as of 1.03). This will be the last COD I buy, and I'm looking to return/sell my copy now.
  56. Nov 18, 2012
    Must I even write a review? Call of Duty is the most absolute piece of bullocks I have ever seen in my years of gaming. Have fun wasting $50-$70 more on a new game that is pretty much the same as the one before. Viva la Cod
  57. Nov 18, 2012
    I bought this game hoping it would impress me but I had a other feeling that I new it was going to be like the first one. The zombies is OK but i don't get the storyline. Also they jumped the gun all the way to 2025.
    Thats a little far fetched to me. What im trying to say is it is the same thing every year. I will be honest I don't think call of duty is going to last much longer. I'm
    not impressed by this game and I got caught in there scam of the same thing every year. Expand
  58. Nov 20, 2012
    I'm not impressed at all with this game and maybe I'm expecting too much out of Activision/Treyarch these days but this game is another nail in the coffin that was once a strong franchise. Stale graphics, A moderately entertaining campaign, unimpressive multiplayer, and a worn out zombies concept is primarily the downfall of this game; and yet the critics give it rave reviews... I call it bias. Stating facts only if you're someone looking for a new thrill or a cool concept for a game then this isn't it and hence it is the reason for my rating of a "0". I hope I help you guys out there that are considering this game. Expand
  59. Nov 19, 2012
    First of all, all the people who gave it a 5 or less sucks at COD games.COD BO II is a thrill seeker.The Campaign It self is down right great. The Multiplayer is by far the best out the Modern Warfare series And The Modern Warfare series Couldn't Out do The First BO. The Zombies, Treyarch And Activision out did themselves, Transit and Grief is mostly all i play.
  60. Nov 20, 2012
    Ok first, people need to calm down with the 0 score reviews. Now, I was ready to give this COD a low score b/c I was sick of getting the same game every year, BUT Treyarch said they made big changes so I decided to give it a chance. I have to say, they were not lying. I haven't enjoyed COD this much since Modern Warfare 1. I guess the campaign is as good (or bad) as past COD's, but I like that there are 4 different endings based on your decisions throughout the game. Nice little change. The multiplayer is amazing. The Pick 10 system works very well and the weapons and futuristic equipment are fun to use. The new score streak system sort of works. To me, it's a smart move. But I don't think we're ever going to get rid of campers and people that just care about their K/D ratio. Last but not least: Zombies. Zombie mode is still a great as before. Really cool maps and they added some nice features, including the competitive 4v4 and there is more of an objective now. Black Ops II is not a perfect game, but it sure as hell isn't just a Black Ops 1 expansion like MW3 was to MW2. Expand
  61. Nov 20, 2012
    I have mixed feelings about this CoD. Treyarch defenitely put a lot of effort in the multiplayer, campaign and zombies. However, it did not pay off. The biggest problem in multiplayer is STILL lag compensation and hit detection. For those of you that don't know, CoD does not have dedicated servers but picks 1 player as the host, which is far worse. It makes multiplayer a horrible experience, I have 50mb/s internet and it's still horrible. However, the perks and weapons are pretty balanced and they did a good job there.

    Then there is zombies, which is what I bought it for actually. Huge dissapointment. The tranzit mode is kind of fun, yes, but its far too complicated compared to BO1. There are no good spots to walk in circles and just shoot them up like in Der Riese or Ascension. The maps Town, Bus depot and Farm are flat out HORRIBLE. There is lava everywhere, bus depot doesn't have any perks, no wonder weapons, it's overly crowded and in Farm you can't see more than 2 meters in front of you because of all the mist. The lava sets you on fire every second. If you love WaW/BO1 zombies DO NOT BUY THIS. It's really horrible.

    The campaign is okay, just okay. It looks good but CoD has been running on the same quake engine since 2007 so this is as good as it get folks.

    Then there is the bugs. My PS3 fat keeps freezing about once per hour. I thought the patch would fix it but it didn't.

    Conclusion: Great effort. They tried and made some innovative things but they really messed up zombies and multiplayer is unplayable until certain things mentioned before are improved.

    Cheers from a loyal CoD player since 2004.
  62. Nov 20, 2012
    Ok... As a long time fan of all the COD games I am in a position to judge this as good as any. I spent most of the last week playing this game in the hope it might grow on me. Sadly it hasn't. In my opinion the worst COD to date.
    This game has 2 modes... Sub machine gun and charge. Or quick scope. I had a KD ratio around 2:1 which is decent and almost on prestige 2 so I put enough time
    into it. It's a huge disappointment with the variety of gameplay reduced to that of Quake. Hardcore has only a few options. Team based gameplay has been whacked with the 'new ghost' making a tense slow game impossible, forcing a run and gun even in HC modes.
    That's just the gameplay, I haven't even mentioned the lag, bugs or freezes it causes.

    Tomorrow I will take it back for a refund. Betrayarch you can kiss my A**
  63. Nov 21, 2012
    This is not a good game. Its the same graphics has Black Ops 1 which was outdated back at its release. The single player game is ok and the multiplayer is ok gameplay wise. Graphics its not a patch on MW3 and these games should be getting better. Only for the Zombies does this get a 4 in my eyes and im still undecided on that. Its big when you look at the different maps but then when you get to the locations there very small and this makes it a hard game when you add the fire. Still not sure about it but I expected much much better Expand
  64. Nov 22, 2012
    The only reason I am giving Black Ops II a 3 out of 10 is because I really enjoyed Campaign Mode AKA The Story. Everything else though seems to be a mess. The online multiplayer seems broken the extent that someone could tell me that it wasn't finished being developed and I would believe them. If you play online multiplayer be warned, you will not see things play out the same way your enemies do. The lag compensation system in this game will cause a slight delay for players with a fast internet connection to supposedly make things more even, IT DOES NOT. This system will allow an enemy that rounds a corner right in front of you to kill you before you can even pull the trigger. There are also times when you will empty most of your clip into the enemy only to have them turn around and put you down with one or two bullets. I've had matches where I have put 4 buckshot rounds into the enemy's face at point blank range only to get killed by their shotgun in 1 shot. If your internet connection is good don't be surprised if on kill confirmed you go 10K-30D+ because of this atrocious lag compensator that rewards players for having horrible internet connections. Most if not all of the people giving good reviews of this game have DSL or lower quality of internet connection guaranteed. I have been playing Call of Duty since World at War came out in 2008 and did well (2.0+ Kill death Ratio) at them until Modern Warfare 3 and this new creature that they have released. With this game I currently have a 0.88 KDR which I must say is horrible to say the least. I have decided that I will no longer buy any Activision/Blizzard/Treyarch/InfinityWard games as I have lost confidence in their ability to create a fair and unbiased product. Next November hit them where it really hurts. Their pocketbooks. Expand
  65. Nov 24, 2012
    How should I put this, Black Ops II is a true sequel to the original but changes what we know and love about the franchise. The campaign has been overhauled, zombies is still zombies and the multiplayer brings some new initiatives that were greatly needed. Its just that overall, Black Ops II does not deliver.
  66. Dec 28, 2012
    I haven't played this game. I wont play this game. Does not mean i cannot have an opinion on it. 5 hours worth of game...Are you freakin serious?! I'm a fair reviewer, but these guys are taking the right piss out of any fan of the series. They're playing on your fondness of the game....and you guys jus bend over and take it.. Come on guys (No joke there intentionally). At least MOH Warfighter has the decency to use a modern engine to zazz up the graphics. Shocking how reputable gaming sites and magazines rate this so highly. Recycled poop. Expand
  67. Mar 30, 2013
    In my opinion this is a great game. It is a huge improvement on Modern Warfare 3 and a great addition to the COD series.
    Campaign: Campaign this time around was actually pretty good. It had a decent story which I understood for the most part and a great variety of past and futuristic level design. I was disappointed with the strikeforce missions, which are incredibly difficult on Veteran,
    and quite easy on Normal and Hardened. Alongside occasionally frustrating challenges, a good few choices options throughout the campaign, and cool futuristic abilities, like the arm grenade and invisibility cloak.
    Multiplayer: They brought COD back. The multiplayer is a great asset to the game, and really stands out among the series. Even if it isn't as good as any COD before (and including) the original Black Ops. The pick 10 system is very smart and can be used in many different variations, making for a very enjoyable multiplayer.
    Zombies: Back again with a good dose of zombies. Same as usual, even though I was never really a fan of it, zombies is god fun with friends. Still not as good as the zombies on the original Black Ops though.
    Standard COD graphics, mixed with a good helping of new makes this memorable addition to the COD series. Well done Activision.
  68. Nov 29, 2012
    Game is same as black opps 1, NO MAJOR CHANGES, i think the only thing that makes me ok with it, is the zombie play, other than that its a waste of a disc and your better off with black opps 1
  69. Nov 30, 2012
    WARNING! SAME OLE GARBAGE! I bought black ops 2 hardened edition, damn did I waste my money. Returned within a week and picked up Far Cry 3 which is exceptionally AMAZING!!! Yes there are new weapons, so what? that doesn't make up for the lack of creativity. Most of the time, it felt like the game was playing itself. It's ok when CoD uses quicktime events but Medal of Honor can't. Clearly the reviews were biased toward CoD. The graphics on zombies for PS3, are terrible! to say the least. The campaign looks better, the story is interesting but the game play has no imagination. It linear in every way possible. You'll have options in 2 to 3 missions but the rest just plays out how the developer planned it. Expand
  70. Dec 1, 2012
    This game is amazing. Full Stop. Not meaning to sound like a fan boy but its the best Call Of Duty yet. the people who are giving it bad reviews are those people who think its cool to dislike COD games. The zombies is as good or even better than Blops 1, and I've actually got into the multiplayer, something i haven't since MW2. Finally, the campaign ties all the loose ends of Black ops, and introduces the best villain in any game bar GLaDos from portal 2. All those people who hate COD games are just trying to be mainstream and they don't give the game a chance. Expand
  71. Dec 3, 2012
    This has one of the best campaigns I've played for a while and I loved it soo much.
    The zombies in this is different and I'm enjoying it for the moment but its not the same as WAW or BO.
    Multi-player. Errgghh. I really want to like it but most times I just cant. It just seems that the hit boxes are just out of sync always even if connection is full, it takes to many bullets and hit
    markers to kill someone but yet when u die it seems like its only a few hits. The maps are great and I'm happy about most of them but create class is a let down. Pick 10 is ok but really stupid in another way whereas in other cods u can have up to 12 items no matter what. Pick 10 would be ok if wild cards didnt take up a slot or if there were more spots in general. Also the perk system is ruined no pro perks? what? And how they split defensive perks up into 3or4 different perks and they barely even work. I normally run a gun wih stealth perks assassin, blind eye and silences and would normally do so well, but in this u need assassin, blind eye, ghost and supressers and even then I've still been killed by people just knowing where I am and I havnt even killed them or anything, sentry guns still kill u and other score streaks. which just makes it pointless, of even trying to stealth it. it just seems that the game is designed for rushing with attacking perks and if ur not good at that ur left with camping and that doesnt seem to work either. in previous cods my kds have been around 2 now i cant even get it to go past 1.3 because treyarch have simply removed a style of playing. treyarch have done good things though with emblem editors and challenges but they done bad things aswell. they completely ruined domination which used to be a favourite game mode but now it just sucks. one of the most annyoing things ive found though is it constantly freezes in the menus. it only freezes for about 3-4 secs but it happens to often and really gets annoying, and i really hope this gets fixed Expand
  72. Dec 4, 2012
    Personally I am loving this new Call of duty. I am not going to review this COD on its history but for what it actually is. The campaign was all out spectacular and really isn't like other call of duties because if a certain character dies, it doesn't matter, you just keep going. It gets people wanting to go back to singleplayer to see different endings. Multiplayer is new with its "pick 10" system which revolutionises the new create-a-class system. Diving is back but I found it useful in hardly many situations. Almost all the maps are balanced and suited for each gamemode and run-and-gun won't always work. There is an issue with crashing but that's probably just me playing 3 straight hours. And finally zombies. Zombies for me treyarch worked hard in this one, adding the new "Grief" 4v4 gamemode, and the "TranZit" gamemode, it's all perfected with the TranZit characters comical attitude, it makes the perfect comical stress relief from multiplayer. All together there is just so much to do in Black ops 2 that it suprises me this is even a Call of Duty game. Expand
  73. Dec 19, 2012
    Update: Patch 1.04 - big improvements. There still some bugs in Parties, especially if one of the guys in the party is playing split-screen. Not a common scenario, but, issues are common when using in this setup.

    UAV was a good fix, and the ghost bug. Guns seem a little better balanced now too.

    Another improvement would be add some more maps to Ground Wars. People like Ground Wars
    because it's faster paced with all the people, not necessarily because it's a bigger map and they get to snipe. Should be some stats that reflect smg usage on bigger maps. Expand
  74. Dec 8, 2012
    While this game has a admittedly good story for it' s single player campaign I'm very hesitant to call the multiplayer of this game anything short of terrible. I absolutely felt let down with this title after having played several previous titles in the series and while there is a slight fun factor the problems weigh it down severally! Some of the most common issues are things like Lag compensation,head glitching, and weapon imbalance issues that for some reason Activision refuses to fix. Had these issues been resolved or at the very least lessened the game may have been more enjoyable for me but sadly they were not. If Activision is going to insist on releasing the same sort of game every year they should at least address some of the major problems that plague the series which as of now they still refuse to do. I would recommend doing as i did and rent this game if your unsure of it's quality or if you insist on buying it get it used at a later date. While the single player has a good story and may justify a purchase for some for me this game is far from being worth the full price of $60 Expand
  75. Mar 25, 2013
    It's not bad but the Over-popular and overrated Black oops 2 doesn't give the entertainment awesome video games need. Fans(or should I say lunatics) will not be pleased.
  76. Dec 13, 2012
    Honestly the last call of duty MW3 was pulled down the graphic quality and the new that has come to me the only thing that has been gained in sales zombie mode because the single player is very short and the multiplayer is the same **** always
  77. Dec 19, 2012
    With a complex story that unites interwoven stories between seasons and interconnected by a villain, Black Ops 2 could reach the expectations of quality and fun of a good FPS. On the first mission in Angola and simple player has the vision of what to expect in the future during the game, including a few parts more emphasis on stealth and shooting, especially at the end. But there are different phases, such as the Cayman Islands, which are not too tied to insane actions, while others who do this have the same quality or even better. In matters of gameplay, Black Ops 2 is perfect, easy to assimilate the issues of weapons, scenery, camera and said control everything. What Black Ops 2 loses, although some have the opinion that win is at the end when the game has a level at which exacerbates both the story and the missions of survival for such. The way back to COD3 is the Black Ops Zombie, which is addictive game against zombies and will surely be fixed part and parcel of the next games in the franchise. In all, the game wins the primary, but suffers in extreme ease in missions and lack of innovation. Expand
  78. Dec 18, 2012
    this game is very good and adictictive, people say the single player campaign is to short? well raise the difficulty. people say the multiplayer dosent reward players for their points? you don't get killstreaks anymore you get scorestreaks, completely different thing. People say everyone goes round noob tubing, well noobtubes take more than one grenade to kill now so these people obviuosly havent played black ops 2, i have not seen a player using a grenade launcher and im prestiege 2 lvl 43. the people that have rated this game are not critics, these people are complaining about graphics and how the game is the same. Most people on this don't like cod and never have, they all play different games which are rated worse than this game and complain about this game when there are loads of problems with their games. they say cods full of 12 year olds. its the same with most video games, children play video games hardly any adults play. im 17 and ive been playing video games ever since i got a gameboy over 10 years ago. adults that play video games are considered geeky, cod is the same every year but thats what cod fans want. just for the sake of it im going to tell people all the problems with the big video games titles. BATTLEFIELD 3: when you push the analogue to turn the game takes and second to turn e.g push the analogue to a side and your player wont turn immanently.halo 4 campaign to slow the enemies can have llifespans, and there is no scoring on campaign like the old ones, all they changed in halo 4 is the graphics (which are okay) and the enemies which look like th enemies from tron, halo has the same problems as cod and is just like the prev halo's. Expand
  79. Dec 23, 2012
    This is by far, the best Call Of Duty game since World at War, Black ops 1 was great, MW3 sucked dick but this one is amazing!, great story line and amazing multiplayer and amazing zombies
  80. Dec 25, 2012
    If I reviewed this game alot earlier when I got it the score will be alot higher. Sadly the game dispointed me completely. How does a game like this get released for PS3 when all it does for me is freeze up my system at the loading movies everytime making me have to hard reset my PS3. I'm guess I count myself lucky that it haven't killed my Slim PS3 yet. From what I was able to play of it before all these problems came up I loved expect MP cause of the lag from heck. Story was somewhat believable with everything that was going on it. Little hard to follow if you don't under politics or anything like that. Love the zombie mode huge maps, greif everything. But stay the hell away cause they is a good chance if you play this your PS3 will do nothing but freeze and crash damaging it. Even if you baby your system like I do. I'm out 110 dollars for this crap. I loved MW2, Loved black ops 1, Hate MW3 to death, and this I can't even form a words for how mess up this is. Are they going to refund my money to me if I demand it doubtful ? Best thing for ppl to do is to stop buying these games all togather. Let Activison die. Expand
  81. Dec 26, 2012
    I bought this game after some work friends I was playing multiplayer with decided they´d jump into the next COD title. To put it clearly: This game is as bad as it gets. The single player campaign is awful, with an graphics engine as old as time itself, an even more stupid AI (I started the game in Hardened and could dance around the scenario before someone cared to shoot at me) and stupid objectives, that basically were WAY too easy to complete even in Hardened. I couldnt play it for longer than 15 minutes. The multiplayer part of the game is a little better, with a system that "kind of" works, but it is even more based on player reflexes than the previous COD titles. Not to mention the deaths coming from nowhere, thanks some issues still present on the game. The multiplayer part is a solid 5, and the single player a solid zero, hence my score of 3. Expand
  82. Dec 27, 2012
    The Single player is decent with the storyline decisions and the zombie mode is still fun but the worst feature in black ops 2 is just plain boring and repetitive. All the gun attachments are the same and the pick 10 system doesn't change much. The maps are boring and the scorestreaks I find are still overpowered. I do not like how Call of duty is an annual release.
  83. Dec 27, 2012
    Black ops 2 did what it did to make me enjoy it, but the freezing in zombies just turns me off from it. The game was probably rushed (just like all games now). Some the maps in multiplayer (nuketown 2025 for one) allow people to go prone in spawn and kill you from a distance because you cant see them because of the map layout. I wished that treyarch fixed their game because it unbearable to play on PS3 and just turns me off when im trying to play zombies. The lag in multiplayer doesnt help either, I never had lag in black ops before but this game im shooting their head and no hit makers. it could be lag or either the reticule is off on the gun but it does not please me. I just cant enjoy the game for the state it is in. It allows for no fun and im forced to play a different game after the games freeze because it is irritating. No game should have game breaking bugs when it is released Expand
  84. Jun 18, 2013
    As a trend, the modern call of duty games have always had a lightning strike sense of pacing, mixed with a general disinterest in player agency. Games are a fundamentally interactive medium, one where participation on the part of the player crafts the experience, and this is a point black ops 2 has missed. The main failing, as it goes, is its incessant handing the player tools or equipment before showing of a few set pieces and sending them to the next toy. It cant maintain focus long enough to engage on any level with the player. The review is a 2, however, because at least until the next call of duty hits shelves, the multiplayer is as well designed as is expected for these games. What changes they do make add quite a bit to the flow and customization options, where the map pathing is put together to create an incentive to move continuously, making the games as fast as intended. However, when the next call of duty comes out, the multiplayer will inevitably die out, and as such cannot weigh heavily on a purchase of a 60 USD game. what few advances this title makes are not enough to redeem the unfocused and unengaging series. Expand
  85. Dec 28, 2012
    The only reason this game gets a 1 is for the campaign. I bought BLOPS2 for the multiplayer. Its horrible. You will unload a clip into someone and not kill them. You will get hit with 2 bullets and drop. The maps funnel everyone together, which is fine accept you spawn in front of enemies. Enemies spawn behind you. Simply put, this is a terrible game. They have had 6 times to get this correct and it is no where close. Expand
  86. Dec 30, 2012
    Black Ops 2 has definitely improved a lot from previous versions in the past 2 or 3 years. The main thing that caught my attention was the outstanding Campaign mode, they really made the gameplay stand out by allowing the player to ride horses, control robots, even fly, and those are only a few of the cool gameplay features they added. My favourite part of the campaign is that they made it so your choices actually matter, there are multiple endings which will all depend on certain choices you make within the game. Black Ops 2 did a great job of adding realistic characters and making the player feel sympathetic or relatable to them. The storyline is well structured and allows you to play as various characters, some of which were NPCs.

    The multiplayer took everything which was great from the previous instalments and put it into one game. I'm enjoying it so far, the only criticisms I have is that they didn't really mix up the game modes much, they added a few new ones but I'd have liked to have seen some more diversity in the way you play multiplayer. They did a great job of custom classes though.
  87. Jan 4, 2013
    The campaign of this game its average.The gameplay was easy even in the highest difficulty possible but the story is well written and scriped it can be a little boring in some levels but overall i give the campaign a 5.5/10. The Multiplayer is the best part of this game.Its fun there are loads of weapons lots of party games etc...I give the multiplayer 8/10.The zombies in my opinion is the most disapointing thing in this game.It gets boring fast if you are in single-player and the atmosphere is much worse than in BO1,if you play zombies in multiplayer it is fun.I give the zombies a 4.5/10.The Graphics,music and sound effects in this game are pretty good not to blow you away but they are good.My rating for the graphics and sounds a 5/10.If you want to play a good campaign you should buy this game if you find it cheap (25$ or less) if you want a good and fun mutiplayer you definetely buy this game and if you enjoy zombies only if you find this game very cheap (10$ or less). Expand
  88. Jan 4, 2013
    0/10, the Call of Duty is dead. It was a very good shooter, I enjoy Call of Duty 2 and Modern Warfare 1, and I just like Zombie Mode. In Black Ops II I just like campaign- it's awesome, everything else- fail. I expected more...
  89. Jan 9, 2013
    Firstly the game has amazing graphics , a great ( but short) campaign 8/10 zombies is not that good not enough maps and they are small 6/10 multiplayer is fun but the ps3 keeps freezing not that different from previos cods mw3 might have been a better game if you dont care for zombies because of the great survival mode overall a decent game a must buy for COD freaks but not neccessary if you own MW3 Expand
  90. Jan 8, 2013
    I buy it the day of the release and let me tell you, this game is garbage! Call of duty Black ops 2 is the worst game ever to release. The Campaign is half-good and half-bad but nobody care about the Campaign in recent COD games anyway. The choice in the Campaign you make is nothing new. Picking weapons to bring with you on the mission is nothing new, but the first COD game to feature it. Why would they put the strategy levels in the game that is so boring, pointless, & impossible?! The multiplayer is so broken& Cluster that is reach you to point that your ready to break the disc in half. Spawn campers, Campers, small map, overused smg, Team mate that suck at teamwork, unbalanced weapons, bouncing Betty, Shock charger, Quickscopers (no respect for sniper in COD), Lag, Lag comp, host advantage, dropshoters, hit marker inaccurate, Favor people with poor connection, League play (not a game for competitive), Hacker,spawn system terrible, freezes people PS3s including mine, & scoresteak (taking from MW3 support steak, before MW3, Homefront has it & Medal of Honor 2010 has it before even infintiy ward had the idea). Zombles get boring real fast and no form of reward for solving easter egg or for defeating zombles. Not a fan of COD zombles, but if i want a real zomble games, our go & play Dead Island or Left 4 dead or even early Resident Evil games. Overall stay away from this game and get a better game other than call of duty. Treyarch & Activision, your the abomination to gaming industry. You don't care about your customers that complain about your game & not fixing the game that your customers demanding, you all about money. Don't listen to other major reviewers like IGN because they are lier and pay by activision to give this game a high score. Have a great day! Expand
  91. Jan 11, 2013
    I loved call of duty black ops II. well, in general i like the call of duty franchise. But i will admit the multiplayer was disappointing. very good campaign. i give it a 10
  92. Jan 12, 2013
    Well, I'm giving this 7. Why? Because the singleplayer is good in everything, including storyline. The multiplayer isn't unbalanced at all, you can't say it because you don't know how hard it should be to create a Shooter and balance its weapons in the first day. Treyarch is sending patches and they're working. But it's more of the old COD style, just from COD4, they can't make anything really look like different in this game. I liked 85% of the maps, like Standoff and Carrier. People don't camp in this game AS THEY USED TO in MW3 or even in MW2. But Zombie mode is fantastic. If you find a good lobby on Tranzit, you will LOVE it. Survival really disappointed me. That's why. More than the enough. Expand
  93. Mar 5, 2013
    Wow, I love MW2 and 3, never played MW1 or BO1, and this game is the suck. The maps never open up, they could have called this Corridor Shooter if the name wasn't already taken. Every map is 3 to 5 paths by 3 crosspaths with a round about in the middle. When it does open up they just pile up stuff to make it tighter and there are lots of dead zones on the maps you could go to and never see another player. If you don't get what I'm trying to convey it is this, there is no flow or joy to be had with these maps, only shooting someone that walks in front of you. MW3 maps seem brilliant in comparison, not counting the DC. Even the least liked map Downturn, would seem like an upgrade to this game. You also get to play every half decent map in BO2 twice in a row since the alternatives are garbage in comparison, so you are nonstop playing standoff, the one with the fountain, the boat and carrier. The weapons and mods are crap, no long range high damage pistols like the magnum, instead you get a short range shotgun pistol!?! The flash and concussion grenades are useless, they feel like the original Call of Duty. No portable radar just some lame radar grenades that don't do squat and last 10 seconds. All the good skills are in the third skill slot, so you have to waste your perk on it to have the necessary skills to dominate. The target finder ruins your skills in other games. The killstreaks are impossible to use unless you are amazing, even to use something like a UAV. It is hard to have a purpose in the game such as Assault, Recon, Defense, Sniper etc... Everybody is just a run and gunner.

    The Zombie game is incredibly stupid, this is a full game yet feels like a first person top down gun game you would download on your phone, minus the fun. The single player game is what all these games are 2 good moments surrounded by linear combat.

    All in all a complete disappointment for a modern FPS.
  94. Jan 13, 2013
    Looking on this, the game got awful reviews. I am very frustrated with how Treyarch told people that whoever preordered the hardened edition to Black Ops II got the exclusive Nuketown zombie map ONLY. The week the game comes out, they tell the community that the "exclusive only" Nuketown zombie map will be released on an upcoming add-on to the game. I spent an extra twenty dollars on the game and I was angry. Especially when the game was already sixty dollars, and I spent the extra twenty when I could have just spent the sixty on the preorder of the game, and separately bought the Nuketown zombie map. Treyarch will never get my preorder money again. So anyway, how about I start off with the campaign? The campaign was incredible. I had a lot of fun deciding what I wanted to do. I loved how Treyarch gave you the choice of what you wanted to do, it made the game more interesting and more suspenseful on what was going to happen throughout the turn outs of the game. It had a ton of twists to it as well, one hit me when I wasn't expecting it. Now, the games multiplayer is also absolutely incredible. After playing it for hours and hours on end, I've managed to have a lot of fun. The connection though is why it's losing part of my score here. Call of Duty has always been known for it's bad multiplayer connection, it's "no-life" players, and it's cheap "campers". The multiplayer in Black Ops II in my mind is fun, and unless the connection continues to get worse, I will continue to think that way. Now onto the upset, zombie mode. Sure, TranZit is fun and all, but the zombies is just a disgrace. I am very disappointed to see how small the maps are in survival. Black Ops I had better zombie maps, wide-open, much bigger, much more room to have fun. The game deserves a six because of the disappointments I had with Treyarch, the connection, and the zombie game mode map size. Expand
  95. Jan 15, 2013
    Don't get me wrong it's playable, but this game just is not worth 89 dollars. The campaign still has the same problems as the last games, full of action movie cliches, boring set pieces and forgettable characters. The only real reason to buy this game would be if you had friends that play it online, even though the fanbase is full of mic spamming underage kidss. But that reason alone does not make it worth 89 dollars, or 160 if you get the season pass. Do not buy this game if you do not have friends that play it or you do not have a good online connection. Expand
  96. Jan 15, 2013
    I was incredibly surprised by Black Ops 2. I went into the campaign expecting a retread of the first game, or maybe a mindless popcorn movie style affair like the Modern Warfare games, but what I got was a game that hearkened back to an earlier era of FPS goodness. Every level felt unique, with some interesting locales on show; there are multiple paths you can take to reach your goal, and you have a veritable plethora of weapons to choose from at the beginning of each mission, some real, some fictional. Something else that stood out for me was the music; it actually felt like -shock horror- video game music! A far cry from the soulless, generic orchestras of Modern Warfare. There is one segment in particular - I won't spoil anything - that feels more like Doom than Call of Duty, and it's one of the best levels in the entire series.

    The story is above and beyond the normal Call of Duty fare. It explores the themes of over-reliance on technology, how blindly following orders can lead to tragedy, and the foolishness of disproportionate revenge. The main antagonist, Raul Menendez, is a genuinely sympathetic character, though it's clear he's gone off the deep end somewhere down the line. As a matter of fact, the entire cast is pretty colourful apart from one character; the main character, David Mason, is a bit of a milquetoast. It doesn't really feel like he has a personality beyond "Dad died, I'm sad now ;___;". During the course of the campaign the game offers you several choices, some of which aren't immediately apparent. This is an interesting experiment in FPS game design, and honestly it does this better than any "choice-based RPG" released in the past decade.

    I'm not going to talk about multiplayer and zombies much, because I think at it's core Black Ops 2 was intended as a single player game, but here goes. Multiplayer is fun, but it gets boring fast. The new Pick Ten system is a great addition, and League Play ups the ante as far as skill level goes, the new scorestreak system is a vast improvement, but apart from that you'll get what you'd expect from Call of Duty. Shootin' dudes. Zombies I feel lacks a sense of focus; Tranzit just isn't as fun as the previous maps, though Grief Mode is interesting. The new characters aren't as funny as the old cast, but maybe they'll develop them further somewhere down the line.

    To finish, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is an excellent game, if we're talking about the campaign. In all other ways it's quite mediocre. You'll get what you'd expect if you're a multiplayer guy, but don't expect anything revolutionary.
  97. Sep 15, 2013
    Story: Black Ops 2 's setting takes place in 2 parts. One takes place in 2025, the other takes place after the 1st Black Ops (cold war). The game features characters returning from the 1st Black Ops, and new characters for the future missions. All the voice acting in the campaign is great, and the game's villain is good. The biggest surprise though is that the story is Actually great. It's not like MW2 and 3 where you're fighting Russians, it's actually different and you get to learn the backstory of the plot in the past sections and see how those events affect the future and the villain's plan. Rating: 9

    Gameplay: Treyarch added some new features to the single player to give it some replay value. They added challenges, player choices, strike force missions (suck), and the biggest addition to me is the create-a-class. Now you can choose your own loadout for each mission and not have to deal with whatever the game gives you. However, the A.I is still dumb and the campaign is sadly only 4.5 hours long. Rating: 8

    Graphics: I will say the graphics are the best CoD graphics I've ever seen, but that's not saying much. Rating: 7

    Music: The main theme by Trent Reznor is great, but the rest of the soundtrack isn't memorable. Rating: 5

    Multiplayer: Since almost everyone buys CoD for the multiplayer, this section might be the most important section of all, and I have a lot of stuff to say about the MP. In my opinion, the most important thing in an FPS multiplayer is balance, which this game is LACKING. After the 1st week, the community started to notice some guns that did better than most of the guns. Some examples are: PDW-57 and MSMC (slightly nerfed), AN-94 (still overpowered after a ton of patches), FAL (gun's even banned in League play), R870-MCS (still extremely overpowered and I hate this shotgun), LMGs with Target Finder (LMGs already have low recoil, now Treyarch basically gave them an aimbot), C4s with the FAST HANDS perk (you're telling me a soldier can pull a C4 out of his ass and throw it in half a second and detonate it using his mind?), DEXTERITY perk (especially annoying with shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, and quickdraw attachment), and quickscoping is back (great. P.S sarcasm). The maps here are BAD. Where as in MW2 and the 1st Black Ops, the maps were pretty good, now 90% of these BO2 maps are uninspired, mostly small (SMGs dominate AGAIN), almost no good spots where snipers (not quickscopers) and LMGs can perch up and support their team, and most of these maps have the same overused 3 lane layout (1 path in the middle, 2 in the sides). Lag compensation also returns being more annoying than ever. This game also has an UNPATCHABLE audio bug that mutes all game sounds and replaces it with this weird helicopter like sound that's exclusive to PS3 users (I think). But the MP did do some things right (mostly in customization). They improved on the already great emblem editor, they added League Play (for any of you try hards out there), improved theater mode, and added new and unique camos for your gun (most are in microtransactions). But these cons FAR outweigh the pros, and for someone who loved BO1's MP, I'm extremely disappointed. Rating: 4

    Zombies: I'm a big zombies fan, and I was MORE disappointed with the zombies than the multiplayer (although Treyarch redeemed themselves with the DLC). the 1st map we got (Tranzit) was TERRIBLE. 85% of the map was covered in fog (which ruins exploration), the lava on the floor made exploration even worse. The map also had denizens (MOST ANNOYING ENEMY EVER), the "new crew" isn't funny, the Easter egg sucks, the map is WAY too huge for 4 players, and some of the perks (PHD Flopper, Deadshot Daiquri, and Mule Kick) weren't even on this map. One thing Tranzit added was Double Tap 2.0 (increased damage and made D.T more useful). The other launch gamemodes aren't as good either. Survival is just normal zombies on small maps (WAY too small for 4 players), and Grief was just wasted potential. The idea of having 4 V 4 on zombies where you have to troll the enemy team into defeat sounded cool, but ended up being just 8 players playing on the survival maps because you don't get much options on how to affect the enemy team's chance of survival (knifing and zombie meat. That's it). The only other things that Treyarch did that was good was add theater mode into zombies, and add solo leaderboards. But I still think Treyarch took a step backwards from moon with tranzit. Rating: 4

    Overall: BO2 was a HUGE disappointment to me when compared to the 1st Black Ops. Improved campaign, BROKEN MP, and disappointing zombies makes this game the 3rd worse CoD in my opinion. Overall rating:6
  98. Jan 22, 2013
    So,I definitely like this game.The campaign is awesome,multiplayer is really balanced,there's no SUPREME WEAPON(S).I'm not a rally big fan of zombies,but I think that's good too.I give this game a 9 because of the moments when i join games in multiplayer where a team is dominating and the other team is just...3-20...
  99. Jan 18, 2013
    COD is GOD, this franchise is popular for a reason, the games are fast, well made and most of all FUN. Too many people buy a Call of Duty game expecting it to be more than it is and are ultimately disappointed as these reviews show. Personally I love it when a new one comes out, I don't care for multiplayer because of the morons you typically find in the playlists.. Oh the tedium of it all, but the single player campaign.. That is where it's at for me, yes.. They are often short however some people like myself like to play the entire story from beginning to end for instance when I bought BO2 I first played WAW, BO and then BO2 so the game had continuity and context, the experience was great even better is the element of choice that has been incorporated into the game. The strike force missions in particular are a lot of fun and allow the implementation of strategy, for without... You are boned. Those with less than average intelligence should just stick to multiplayer matches and gold plated guns and not attempt these missions at all, or you could write a half arsed review and post it here with the other haters, I give this game a 10. Expand
  100. Jun 6, 2013
    Haters love to hate and say that critics reviews for this game is biased. Maybe, but isn't haters just as biased. After all, they're probably fan boys of Halo or Battlefield and they think that the franchise is so superior that they have to hate every other games by saying it's the same thing every year (which is pretty cheap). But don't worry, this review is not biased. This review comes from a person who plays Call of Duty but accepts the fact that other franchises are just as good or better, but some do suck. We can't like everything but you can trust an unbiased review, like this one, where details about the game are considered, not the haters who say it's the same because it is and that's it.

    Call of Duty is not getting better but to say it's the same is completely false and that's not even an opinion, it's a fact. Sequels can be different but they generally aren't which would usually make the franchise, as well as the business, inconsistent. Is Halo 2 so much different than Halo: Combat Evolved? Don't expect something completely new, it's a new game for a franchise that's been around for almost 10 years now. Also, game franchises that are released annually doesn't mean bad. Is Call of Duty the only franchise that does this? No, look at Assassin's Creed and Fifa. So, there are three modes. Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies. Seen before but revamped with added features. Campaign is the first in the franchise to feature branching storyline driven by player choice. It's also the first to feature nonlinear gameplay, thanks to it's multiple endings. But this feature is not so impressive if you're not into the story in the Black Ops series, you would instead go straight into the multiplayer like many fans. If you are, campaign is a real treat. The way you play the game is different and the story is not too predictable. Strike Force sounds awesome on paper and it could have been if it had been executed a bit better. The AI for allies is poor, you often have to direct them to one area and then do everything yourself.

    When it comes to multiplayer, Infinity Ward has always been stronger with a more innovative and addictive multiplayer mode that adds depth to the franchise. Infected and Kill Confirmed especially in Modern Warfare 3. Theatre Mode sucks, it doesn't save all recent gameplays and you can only view them as clips but hopefully Treyarch will fix that. There are obviously new stuff you would expect such as guns, perks and scorestreaks. Pick 10 system is the best system in the franchise for class customization. It changes the way you play the game so instead of having to choose a grenade, you can replace it with another attachment if that's what you prefer. Wildcards cost one point each, they break the normal rules of creating a class, which allows you to select an additional perk. Three wildcards can be used in a loadout at a time which lets you select a perk from Tier 1, 2 or 3. The Pick 10 systems lets you choose 10 elements to make up a loadout and this is a system that should be used in future titles. Good thing about small maps is that the gameplay is paced faster so that shouldn't be a negative aspect, although the multiplayer map designs aren't the best in Black Ops II. CODCast is an innovative feature which allows you stream via YouTube if making YouTube video is one of your hobbies, which it is for many people. There may be a lot of little kids online but children these days don't play games that are age appropriate. Does that mean the franchise is bad? Hell, no! Kids play Grand Theft Auto and Halo but I don't hear any complaints about that. They may ruin the multiplayer experience but it's no one's fault but the parent who is responsible for the content that their child plays and watch.

    Zombies comes with two new modes as well as Survival, Tranzit and Grief. Grief supports 8 players, 4 players per team, and the team wins if at least one of their players is the last one to survive. Tranzit mode is basically a combination of multiple maps and the only way to travel is by bus, as you might have seen in the trailer. Zombie is good fun and these are fun new modes if you want to play more than just Survival. Lava encourages you not to stand in one place, like you could do in previous titles featuring zombies, and it makes it more challenging but it's also annoying. When you get hit by a zombie a few times, you would often run into a lava and you could die. Still, you die and try again in many video games. Zombie is still the best aspect of Black Ops. Graphics isn't everything and it doesn't have to look the best, the franchise isn't really known for having the best graphics, but it's still good enough for the standard of modern games. They use the same engine from Black Ops and improved it but because Infinity Ward uses a newer engine for their Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare 3 looks better.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. Jan 12, 2013
    One of the most complete, albeit shaky, packages the series has ever seen. [Issue#226, p.68]
  2. Jan 3, 2013
    While the campaign length is fairly standard of past iterations of the series, it's worth multiple playthroughs and the multiplayer offers endless hours of fun and enjoyment; whether it's slaying zombies or facing off against other players in a wide range of multiplayer modes with an endless number of loadout combinations.
  3. Dec 23, 2012
    Worth checking out for online and the sci-fi novelty value alone. [Jan 2013, p.95]