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  1. Jan 19, 2011
    If you strictly play multiplayer FPS's to run, gun and trashtalk, then this is the game is for you. Little or no tactics are required and, in fact, they tend to get in the way. Even during the Team Tactical mode, most players will leave the bomb behind and instead try to wipe out the opposing team. The best approach I've found is to start running when the clock starts, and start shooting whenever you turn a corner or enter a door. This is also a great game if you have a high tolerance for server lag, abruptly closed game sessions, and looooooong waits while you're migrated to a new host in the middle of a hotstreak. I'm just coming off 30 minutes of multiplayer during which I clocked in seven minutes of actual play. The other 23 minutes were spent waiting for players to join so a game could start and then, invariably after I'd reach the center of the map, the little Connection Lost animation would start and the lobby would close. Then it'd be five more minutes of waiting for players to join, the game to start... I wish I could say this was out of the ordinary for Treyarch.

    Also, if your PS3 is connected via a non-bridged modem-router arrangement, you can forget ever connecting online with your friends to play BO. And if you don't know what this means, then you're rolling the dice.

    Bottom line: When multiplayer works at all, COD:BO feels more like a lottery you win, rather than a game that you play. If you want something a little more stimulating and challenging than having your knew tapped with a mallet, I recommend you go out and buy a nice inexpensive used version of Killzone 2.
  2. Mar 17, 2011
    where to start....the campign is good and the graphics are good, cool story, cool characters, and utterly different from any other call of duty. the gameplay is tight, the guns handle well, all in all a great single player game. Mp however is a broke pile of garbage. it lags like theres no tomorrow, every time the game is patched it creates 10 new problems, theres severe balancing issues, horrible servers...i could go on and on but i wont. when this game game out i was so excited. i loved everything about it! then they started patching the game and creating loop holes, and its there own fault. a public beta would have fixed 90 percent of these problems, but as usual activision refuses to do the logical thing! its an ok game. great story, terrible multiplayer. if you buy it remember your only buying 50% of a game Expand
  3. Jan 21, 2011
    At this point, the worst thing about Black Ops is the worst thing about Call of Duty in general: it is getting stale. The series is almost becoming Tony Hawk. However, thanks to an excellent single player story, fun zombies, balanced and improved multiplayer, and great presentation, Black Ops is a noticeable step up from Modern Warfare 2. Sure, the campaign is still short, and it is stale, but Black Ops is at least worth a look. Expand
  4. Jan 22, 2011
    To be honest, this is the best game I have ever played and I did play MW2! Call of Duty Black Ops has a much better and more interesting story than Mw2. I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but one thing for sure is the story is EPIC!!! Another thing is the graphics, now the graphics may not be as good as Mw2's but they are by my standards pretty awesome. Now online. I can't really comment on Mw2's online play, but Black Ops online multiplayer is ADDICTIVE!!!!!!! Even if your like me and die more than you kill, you should still be found having an awesome time. Another perk is Zombies which may be one of the smartest things to do since it was so successful in World at War. It is cool to play by yourself, with a friend, or online. This is THE best game I have ever played and according to intel, mail, and notes from the game (won't play spoiler to you), you can be expecting a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 announcment pretty soon!!! Expand
  5. Jul 26, 2011
    I think Single player mode in COD is the best. in multiplayer mode game have small number of cards. it's bad and they very small!! :)
  6. Jan 27, 2011
    This game is so cool. the multiplayer is fenomenal. the compaine can bore me but usually you are having fun. best of the cod series. guns are cool and mods are too. buy if you like a 1st person shooter.
  7. Jan 26, 2011
    Awesome game I would recommend this game to every one. AND FOR EVERY ONE HOW DOESN'T LIKE THIS GAME thats your problem but i really like this game and would give it 100 out of 100
  8. Jan 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Black Ops is one of my best games ever ,, 10 / 10 ,,
    Call of Duty " in general, one of the best games on (PS - DS - PC - Wii - Xbox), it's really fun game and good and contains many things that make you play with relish .. ;D ..
  9. Mar 18, 2011
    What an absolute load of rubbish this game is, a complete waste of money. Treyarch have once again shown that they are a poor relative of Infinity Ward as every aspect fo this game is worse than the IW games, as was World at War. Let's just hope that Activision sort out their differences with IW for the next game. COD4 was excellent, as was MW2.
    With Black Ops, the graphics are awful,
    the sound is dodgy, the maps are small and badly designed and it all feels a little bit too 'arcadey'. And the menu, upgrade and unlock facilities are atrocious.
    I love the COD games but I'd even take COD3 over this guff. Stick with MW2 or even COD4 and you'll be a lot happier and a lot more satisfied!
  10. Feb 10, 2011
    How can anyone like such an awful game. Not only is it fully of bugs but you cannot play online without entering a hacked lobby. Cheaters galore and the company who made this crap doesn't even care. They won't sort out boosters or the dreaded campers.

    The game is far to rushed as they feel the need to release a new game six months after the other which is far from necessary. The story
    mode is terribly short and you can complete it in only a few hours. Expand
  11. Feb 8, 2011
    This is easily the biggest disappointment in the Call of Duty series, and I feel ashamed to call it a Call of Duty game after great classics in the series such as Call of Duty 2 & Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

    The Single-Player experience has a tacked on cliché story which would have been suitable in a low-budget 1970's movie. The game, like the recent CoD games, follows a
    very biased Anti-Russian theme and goes as far to portray events that did not happen in the Cold War, and in doing so makes the United States look like a typical "Good Guy". The plot is tedious, boring & uninteresting and it puts older CoD games that had a good storyline to shame.

    The multiplayer is pretty much the same as World at War, but with different weapons and some new features. However, before I can get started on the features I must say that the connectivity is horrendous. If I am about to join a game once out of ten tries then I would consider myself lucky, and in the event that I actually do get into a game then it lags horribly, even though it says my connection is on 4 bars. The unlock system doesn't work properly, and it makes weapons and perks way too cheap. To be able to buy a new weapon, I need simply play 2 Team Death Matches and I can buy any gun I want with the CoD points I have earned.

    The graphics are appalling compared to the latest games. The graphics of WaW were fine when it was released, but now all they did was just use WaW and the graphics are simply outdated by YEARS compared to other games such as Killzone 3.

    Character movement is horrible; it has no weight to it, and feels like my character is practically weightless. This also attributes to the surprisingly slow paced gameplay which is unnatural for a CoD game. It can take me up to a minute to find a single enemy, and when I do it will take us a while to kill each other due to lag. The movement is smooth, but it just feels uncomfortable and unnatural.

    The Sound Effects are absolutely horrendous. The guns sound horrible, and other sounds such as footsteps are not even in synch. When I sprint, the footstep sounds are in an irregular pattern and it sounds awful. Games from Pre-2005 had better sound effects than this game.

    Gameplay overall is also very dull and boring. Basically, whoever has a better connection will win 80% of the time, while the other 20% is attributed to killstreak kills, lucky grenade throws and claymores. Also the first person to land a hit on the enemy usually wins, which is an appalling thing to have in a Modern FPS, especially with such bad connection issues.

    Overall the only redeeming part is Nazi Zombies, which is entertaining when played with a group of friends but even then it can get boring really quickly.

    In conclusion, I think that this game is simply a rushed CoD game made so that Activision & Treyarch could earn as much money as they can from the popularity of the CoD series while giving us very little in return. I am ashamed to call this a CoD game...
  12. Feb 8, 2011
    Before i start i would like to say that i give the game a 7.5. Okay so, This game's single-player mode is great. It has a good storyline, fantastic characters but horrible voice acting from Sam Worthington. The zombie mode on the other hand is a 9/10 it is so good i could play it for 6 hours a day with my friends and not get bored. But the multiplayer is however worse than MW2. The constant lag, connection interrupted all the time, mostly campers and annyoing people but i can't give the game bad review for that, it is just they could have worked on the multiplayer a little more to perfect it, the multiplayer is more like and Alpha or a Beta. So that is my review. If you love CoD, get MW2 or MW1. Expand
  13. Feb 11, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. They did improve a few things over the last CoD and had some pro's going for them: The unlock system is much better. The bots are a nice touch. The story was cool enough; it captured a popular theme from those good old days (*cough* Manchurian *cough* Candidate *cough*). You can customize a lot about your character and weapons (well, some of them). You can create your own emblem (tho, the amount of phallic & pornographic imagery when the game first released expresses all too well what treasure there is to be gained in the US public education system).

    Now the things that were wrong: One would assume that realism would lend itself to the concept of a game based on the player assuming the part of a soldier operating with real-life military tactics rather nicely. Would've been the way I would've taken it. AK-47's, 74u's & MAC-11's easier to control on full-auto than an AUG or a FAMAS, let alone ANY of them being controllable on full auto. Primary weapon shotguns with a range of what seems to be 10' and not even mag modification attachments (look up the Ithaca 37, there were about a billion versions. Arguable the Stakeout was one specific version - still you can shoot something more than 10 friggin' feet away with it!). Dual-wielding any gun at all (again, maybe that was an action-movie concept). And, my favorite, snub-nosed pistols that become MORE accurate? Combine these realitively minor personal beefs, which probably only burned 2nd amendment enthusiasts, with the step back in graphics, the poor server quality (at least rurally), the low-quality maps which lack any type of cover or decent overlook spots, unbalanced options for successful character specs (they REALLY want you to use those SMG's, don't they), and the bugs & gliches (just tap the trigger if hipfiring, you'll hit dead-on almost everytime & with the small maps that practically force close-quarters, why ever ADS if you take one of the many preferred SMG's?), it really is a step back for the series from MW2 (the natural comparison). Still, since you can barely play MW2 online at this time, this is what's available (or MAG).
  14. Feb 21, 2011
    I'll admit, I'm not the biggest COD fan (aside from the first which was awesome). Don't get me wrong, these games are fairly enjoyable in the run-around-gunning-fools stakes, but my problem with them (and with Black Ops in particular) is that they are interlaced with some overly cliche story and characters impossible to empathise with. Now it's true that when the bullets are flying your chances of sharing a moment with a character is pretty limited, but at the least you should care whether they live or die. Or at least notice - I barely noticed when your in-game buddies kicked the bucket. I suppose it's a fundamental problem I have with alot of FPS games these days. When I want a compelling story I'll play an action/adventure or an RPG. When I play a FPS I want to shoot sh*t up. I don't want to be hit over the head with some clunky conspiratorial "Oh we're on the brink of war...again" story. Treyarch bombard the player with a blurry, slideshow of random images that are more conducive to giving a gamer epilepsy than immersing them in any worthwhile story. Maybe the problem is that they're just taking themselves too seriously - I yearn for the days of Doom and Wolfenstein = There's aliens/nazis in that off-planet/overseas base/castle now go shoot them with incredibly lethal weapons! That's all I need to know, I don't need much more than that. Isn't that why people play FPS? I must be in the minority. Anyway, this long diatribe's purpose is basically to say I thought the story was just an irritating distraction that took me away from the action when I was really starting to feel gung-ho.

    As far as gameplay mechanics go, Black Ops is functional but nothing flash. In truth, it's not really much of an improvement over World At War. I experienced fatal glitches a couple of times when I went prone and my player refused to turn around or even get back up and another occasion where an enemy just literally pops out of thin air in a manner that would be more appropriate in a Harry Potter film (which in Veteran results in a rapid death). Your AI companions are just downright mentally handicapped. I've lost count of the number of times a friendly companion (like the Vietnamese hill section) has just completely ignored an approaching enemy who couldn't be more obvious if he was naked, and I've ended up with a knife in the head. Again another flaw that remains from the World At War era. Likewise the enemy AI are a six-pack short of a case - I mean in this day and age it's not impossible to introduce AI that can attempt to outwit you with flanking tactics and smoke grenades, etc. Call of Duty are just serving up a production line of moving targets without attempting to try and serve up anything interesting. Though I suppose with the money Treyarch/Infinity Ward are raking in, why change something that people are buying in droves? The graphics are pretty sub-par compared to MW2, and for me, it becomes more noticeable purely because the story isn't overly engaging. The combat is decent enough though, that it isn't a huge issue for me. On a plus note, I completely love the explosion/shock-wave effects of the grenades and a fair few of the weapons have a satisfying kick. And though I have extremely limited knowledge of weapon sounds, they sound pretty meaty. I haven't played enough of the multiplayer or Dead Ops Arcade as of yet, so I can't give a completely accurate review of it. From my limited glances at it, it's not too bad though. The wager matches certainly spice things up for the better, particularly One in The Chamber. The real multiplayer fun for me, however, is Zombies! Everybody loves zombies (even in this undead-saturated games market) and though not much of an improvement over it's previous iteration, it's still plenty entertaining enough.

    All in all, this is still a must purchase for the hordes of incomprehensible teenage COD fanboys and mindless casual gamers. For the rest of us that are still discerning gamers that demand something ingenious and special to give a game a 9 or 10 this is something to rent, get on the cheap, or just ignore completely. You won't be missing anything that will change your life.
  15. Feb 27, 2011
    Modern Warfare 2 was a great achievement, to say the least. An action-packed campaign, addictive multiplayer, cool guns... How could it get any better? With Black Ops, better is exactly the case. The campaign is shorter, but might be more exciting. Multiplayer is deeper; the new wager match mode is relly fun. And zombie mode is a fun ride with 3 other buddies. Flaws are few and far between, like occasional connection problems and resolution issues. Buy it, you'll be satisfied. Expand
  16. Feb 16, 2011
    Like usual Treyarch cannot seem to make an epic game like IW. Don't get me wrong, Black Ops is a lot of fun, but it's NO MW2. The campaign is fun and entertaining, I like the extra zombie levels, but honestly I buy call of duty games for the online play. Guns: The guns really piss me off in this game. They're about 5 good primary weapons, and the rest are simply turd. THIS IS NOT HOW OTHER CALL OF DUTY GAMES ARE OR SHOULD BE! In MW2 EVERY GUN (except maybe the vector) is awesome in some way. That's what I love, i get sick of always playing with the same gun, and Treyarch doesn't give you much choice on this one. The gun customization is cool in this game ,but it seems like Treyarch spent too much time with bells and whistles instead of the actual gameplay. Maps: Mediocre- The only REALLY good ones are Nuketown and Firing Range

    Perks: I gotta say, the perks in this game were done really well. I'm a BIG fan of the CHALLENGES for PRO perks, they make it hard and interesting, so having a Pro perk is actually something special. Killstreaks: I think they did a good job here as well. Nothing is TOO overpowered, some suck, and some are awesome like it should be. I LOVE the dogs, my fav killsteak of any call of duty.
  17. Aug 13, 2011
    This game is the most crappy game off all time the last installment was still bearable but this is just a lousy piece of crap. Its **** **** over hyped . It doesnt deserve anything specially not worth the 50-60$
  18. Mar 2, 2011
    Call of Duty Black Ops, first I just want to say I am NOT a huge fan of Call of Duty and I only bought this game on a whim since I could not think of anything else I wanted at the time. Ok back to the review; I really underated this game, I actually found the Campaign Story of the game very interesting and kept me wanting to figure out want was going to happen next. As for the other gameplay mode; there is multi-player of course, which works very well and is pretty fun. The Zombie mode however is my favorite part of Black Ops. You get one Map when you first start, a 2nd one you unlock after you finish the campaign, and a Retro Dual Arcade Shooter style mode called "Dead Ops Arcade." In general however, to me anyway, There is no difference between this FPS or any other one for that matter. Still, I enjoyed this game, and I recommend it to people who are looking for a good FPS, but if you have any other Call of Duty game, just stick to the one you have or wait for a Price Drop. So to me, Call of Duty: Black Ops gets a 8 out of 10 Expand
  19. Mar 3, 2011
    While it is a good game and fun to play at times, it is still just the same old thing over and over. I know I'm late to the party in writing a review, but I have had more time with it than most of the other critics here. I find the experience to be a bit laggy, with bugs and exploits that have yet to be fixed since release. Host migration is a joke, usually just dropping everyone back to the menu because some little kid did not want a loss on his stats. Several exploits have also yet to be fixed. There is one in particular that allows the constant and ever present use of Tactical Mask Pro's ability to see enemies you have stunned through walls. It gives what is essentially x-ray vision, or Hacker Pro that shows players rather than equipment. The sniping has improved to a nice balance from the blink and you die MW2 quickscoping, and the stunted accuracy it had when the game was released. The only real complaint I have is that reporting a player for anything other than drawing a racist emblem is useless. They have no way to check for your use of profanity (like it matters in an M rated game), and people who take advantage of lag-switching or Perk-Hacking exploits go completely unpunished. If you want to have fun in this game, you will have to learn to hack your system and start camping. Expand
  20. Mar 15, 2011
    i like the features, being able to play 2 players online is awesome and the theater is way cool. honestly i like the guns being balanced much better in black ops than MW2, however the maps just are not as much fun.
  21. Mar 5, 2011
    Overall this is a poor excuse of a game which lives off its name Call of Duty, if this game was made by a new developer it would have been slated in the reviews, but as usual the people who review games(mostly) have said this is a good game, it's not. Do not waste your money on this, people who play COD need to see that there are other games available, try KIllzone 3 work with it, get used to it and you will see that KZ3 dominates this title in every aspect, graphics, sound, weapons, gameplay, originality. Back to the drawing board Black Ops, you have failed miserably. Expand
  22. Mar 9, 2011
    Black Ops is a good game but I really wouldn't say it's a great game. I really enjoyed MW2 but I really don't feel that Black Ops is quite as good. I'm more of a fan of the single player experience when I play COD games and I believe this one to be lacking a good story and doesn't compel me to want more. I Know that most players play for the multi-player but for me that isn't why I play COD.
  23. Mar 9, 2011
    This game is fricken amazing! Halo what? Metal Gear what? Call of Duty Black Ops is the greatest game ever made. The single player campaign is simply spectacular, so much so that many times I was playing I forgot that I was playing a game and thought that I was watching a Hollywood blockbuster! Every character is expressive and convincing. By the time the game is done, you will care for all of them. Reznov is the epiphany of the word badass! The multiplayer is incredibly simple, but rewardingly difficult to master. It'll suck you in and you'll get thousands of hours out of this game. Expand
  24. Apr 5, 2011
    It promised so much but failed, in short, to deliver.
    there are moments where it seems you're playing CoD5 and the basis of buying weapons and perks with points just ruins the point of unlocking them. the guns and weapons encourage camping and too often games are disconnected or lagg out.
    for me, the games take about 5 minutes to join. and with only a handful of good maps the wait is not
    worth it.
    the zombies mode restores a little faith in the brand with some cracking tactical gameplay and genuine fun and panic at times.
  25. Mar 12, 2011
    Never have I seen such a disgrace to the video game world. There was no effort put into this game, it was planned (hardly) rushed into production, hyped-up by under the table payment, as well as rated highly (i'm looking at you IGN!). in short

    Crappy entities, the world is just full of eye-candy, yet you can see the repetitiveness in the AI (as in, they all look and
    act the same) All I see is cruddy AI spawners to get you stuck until you move up. Scenes such as, shooting a rope at a helicopter, watching this 10 ton machine being pulled down by a rope I could cut with sscissors, and then seeing the rope disappear into thin air, makes me wonder what sick bastard oversaw this project. Expand
  26. Mar 12, 2011
    A very great game, probably the best we've ever played! We think that Treyarch should make more COD games, no let-downs this time, just a normal action video game with story mode, multiplayer and a zombie game.
  27. Aug 24, 2011
    i thought this game was allright i did not love it and i did not hate it but first i must ask why are so many ppl addicted to this game yes it is a good game to play online and it is fun but so is bad company and medal of honor and they dont have as big of a following that cod does. now ill get onto my review as always with this kind of game you buy it for the online play any one who buys these games for the campaign is an idiot especially this game because i was struggling to even get through the story it was so boring i would play one mission get sick of the story then go play online or play a different game entirely but it does have a nice twist at the end which i did not see coming which is rare these days with games. the online on the otherhand is pretty good but if you are just starting to play you will get really frustrated with the skill level of everyone else and it will take you a little bit to actually get any good at this game. this game has good graphics good sounds good online play a boring story that you have to force yourself to play and i dont understand why so many people like zombies there is no point you dont level up it is just trying to survive for the sake of it there is absolutly no point. Expand
  28. Mar 16, 2011
    This game is amazing! I mean it! The campaign is the best of the series and the multi-player is awesome! Go and pick this game up RIGHT NOW! I MEAN IT! GO! NOW!
  29. May 23, 2011
    Black ops is by far the worst Call of Duty since CoD3. Then again, the Call of Duty franchise is known for quality, and this game is still pretty damn good. The Single Player campaign has a decent story made to look better with its unorthodox delivery. To a degree, ESPECIALLY on the first 8 or so missions, it succeeds. However it can tend to get tiresome. The multiplayer is like a mix between W@W and MW2, but worse. It had great balance (at the cost of a usable SMG), fun killstreaks (that you can't KSwhore like in MW2), and some nice weapons and maps, but it feels less like fun and more like trying to be addictive. Expand
  30. Mar 24, 2011
    For Treyarch this is a significant step forward from World at War given the benchmark Infinity Ward have laid down with the CoD series, Black Ops doesn't quite reach those standards but they aren't too far away at all. Many gamers believe MW and MW2 are over-hyped and over-rated and they do have a point but the success MW has claimed is there for all to see. So no pressure then on Black Ops? Black Ops is a solid shooter. It's well polished and does it exactly what it sets out to do. Single player mode focuses upon Alex Mason, who for the majority of the game is strapped to a chair, being interrogated about a sequence of numbers that they somehow believe will avert a global disaster. Its a bold idea and one that is largely successful, the missions are solid and the locations visited provide give some variety from Vietnam to Cuba. The campaign isn't the longest but is considerably better planned and executed. However the problem with Black Ops is online/multplayer. You consistently run into problems that prevent you from get going. Its a real shame because the wager mode was an interesting one and when you can experience it, is a great addition otherwise its the usual CoD but unfortunately you cant sample this reguarly enough! Rapping things up, Black Ops is a step in the right direction for Treyarch their storyline is both solid and engaging however they are let down by a lacklustrous and unreliable online mode that ultimately prevents it from its potential. Expand
  31. Mar 24, 2011
    This is one of my favorite COD game because of the campaign and the multi-player. The campaign is the best of the series and I mean it! The multi-player is good but not as good as MW2's. Great game!
  32. Mar 25, 2011
    The animation and graphics in the campaign is average. Awful looking explosions. Awful story that did not draw me in. The sound is shallow, guns pop more than bang. Online play is horrible downgraded by any lag. This game's engine is simply not as good as MW2's. The best part of the game is playing 'zombies' with friends.
  33. Mar 30, 2011
    Black ops's multiplayer and online play is very good and fun to play. Not to mention Zombies is back and better than ever. World at War was very good but Black Ops is even better. Modern warfare 1 and 2 were such let downs. Im glad Black Ops is out to revive the series.
  34. May 3, 2011
    Great multiplayer and a variety of new zombie maps alone make this game worth playing. I liked the campaign, but again I felt it was rushed and too short. The graphics still don't hold a candle to the amazing level of detail in MW2, but they look decent. There are some overpowed weapons, but not too many. I still prefer WAW.
  35. Apr 9, 2011
    Sound design and visuals are simply bad, and there is nothing realy new here. The single player campaign is short, and you dont realy feel strongly about the characters or the storyline.
  36. Aug 12, 2011
    Blacks Ops (PS3 version) is a cleaned CoD , with a ton of new stuff that are compelling. The multiplayer has nice pace , the gameplay is the same ( obviously) , the graphics downgraded but not bad , and the story is well made. You need to play it , to see if it fits well for you . Let's see if CoD can keep the fan base fresh fro the couple months with the MW3 announcement .
  37. Apr 13, 2011
    This game is great but its not as good as MW2.The maps couldave been better like the ones in previous COD games.Without zombies this game wouldnt be as good.Zombies is the best part of the game by far.Overall, this game is really fun.
  38. Apr 17, 2011
    My first Treyarch Call of Duty game. My opinion it's not up to the Infinity Ward level of COD game play. First of all, I did not care for the Single player game too much compared to the previous IW games. In addition, I'm not all that interested in the Zombie games that Treyarch offers. The Online Multiplayer is fun and the best feature of the game. Treyarch offer better statistic records of you during your online play so you can better evaluate your performance. However, as a whole package the game ranks a little lower than the IW games. Expand
  39. Apr 17, 2011
    I used to be a great fan of the COD series, but however, even though the first few games where great titles, activision now just spits one out year after year as fast as they can to make profits, the overall gameplay hasnt changed much after an almost decade of the series, with insignificant things like zombies and currency thrown in every few titles to try to keep it fresh, Black ops itself has a short singleplayer with a more or less confusing story, and multiplayer gets boring extremely fast, I am now looking forward to the battlefield series where innovation and gameplay is key Expand
  40. Apr 20, 2011
    This is by far the worst Call of Duty to date.

    I got this game on day one. Sadly after less than 1 hour of playing it came obvious that the game was over-hyped. Story line is very weak and doesn't hold up, acting is also bad but not as bad as the story.

    Online playing is cool but servers and bandwidth are always full so you will find some issue joining new games.
  41. Apr 22, 2011
    Below me are pretty much all the haters of this game that just make 500 accounts to give it a low score. I think this game is very good and if you have not played it like the other people who hate on this and give it a 0 you should play this ASAP!! It is so much fun I love the multiplayer so much it is very addicting and I can play this for hours. I think it beats the battlefield series by a lot.
  42. Apr 22, 2011
    I love this game so much I think its so much better than the other shooters like homefront and battlefield you have to play this game its so good and I dont know why a lot of people hate on this game just because its good and the best selling game of all time maybe. This is why I hate user score on metacritic I know people make like 500 accounts just to give this a bad review well this is a good game. Expand
  43. Jun 1, 2011
    Funny how COD always turns into a love or hate it game. In not comparing it to any other titles, I find the game to be very good. The single player campaign is a little too linear for my taste and at times it's hard to figure out what is going on. The multiplayer on the other hand, is spectacular. Love the guns, the gamemodes, the perks, and most everything about it. Graphics are good, and gameplay is smooth. The drawbacks for me would probably be the fact that all the game modes seem to be very similar, but then again, how different can you make it when one team is killing a second team and vica-versa. Easily the most addicting game I have ever picked up. 16 playing days into it, I'm still loving it. And I LOVE The theatre mode! FPS fans have probably already tried COD and either love it or hate it. I find the multiplayer much more satisfying than MW2, and a must in any PS3 collection. Expand
  44. Jul 25, 2012
    A definite improvement of World At War. Black Ops took the one aspect of its predecessor that we loved, the Zombie mode, and built on it, making it perhaps even more worth buying the game than the multiplayer. Speaking of which, the multiplayer has definitely improved, now matching its counterpart Modern Warfare, and finally, unlike many fps games nowadays, it does have an well crafted plot, with an interesting albeit predictable twist. An overall fun game that fights the general stereotype that franchises are often ruined by sequels. Expand
  45. May 15, 2011
    Disappointing. Anyone who owns this game, and also owns modern warfare (CoD4), I have a challenge for you. Play an hour on the game which came out in 2007, then play BlOps. I won't make you suffer an hour on the second one, and you are free to go back to playing modern warfare now. There is no aspect of the game which I consider to be better than CoD4, the graphics are worse, story less engaging, and the online isn't worth your time either. Hopefully infinity Ward will be able to do better than this. Expand
  46. May 1, 2011
    Highly unoriginal. A LARGE waste of money considering all the games in the past that are just like it. If you have lived under a rock for 5 years and missed the games that this clones, Id give it a 6. The solo missions are neat climatically if you ignore all the blood on the screen and superhuman feats that jon Mclain would laugh at, but the gameplay is just terrible. People have been saying it for years. Then they forgive it for its decent multi player (far to fast paced and ramboish for my tastes. Do the history of gaming a favor and SKIP THIS!! Expand
  47. May 14, 2011
    I don't get it. I just don't get it.
    This is the first game that I can absolutely assume(and not second guess) that reviewers were paid off to make this game what it is. Either that, or they're blinded by the almighty reign that is CoD, and automatically have a biased view on it.
    GamePro says: "Ludicrously deep multiplayer experience".....Are you f*$&in kidding me? The killstreaks only go
    to 11, the weapons loadout is hardly any more massive than it's predecessors, game modes are the same, etc. etc......a near carbon copy of it's predecessors with one exception....COD Points and the Wager matches.

    Graphics aren't anything to gawk at either. Character animations are lifeless and comically poor. Hit detection is THE WORST I've seen in years. Match-making is a joke(coming from a PS3 user though), with a constant nag for separating your party game after game. Lag is very prevalent, although that's what you get for having User-Hosted games. The maps are mediocre in my opinion, nothing yet has amazed me about them.

    It's not 100% bad, and I don't hate the game. I'm pretty upset with it's success leading to my favorite developers trying to reach their hands in the CoD formula cookie jar. That's what has me insanely confused on how any of these reviewers can dismiss these faults, and ultimately give the game a 9-9.5.
    I like to be fair and unbiased as much as possible, and I just can't give any of these reviewers the benfit of the doubt on most of their claims. Has me ultimately believing they were paid off.

    Besides it's faults....the only reason I still have this game is because of Zombies. My friends have the game, they like zombies, so we have a good time with it.

    If it didn't have Zombies, I would've traded this game in already. But don't get me entirely wrong, throwing tomahawks and using the Ballistic knife can be fun. I did enjoy playing the game, before I got bored with it, but it's just enrages me, again, on how this game has garnered such a success.
  48. May 5, 2011
    I absolutely loved this game. There are just a few things that I didn't like as much as Modern Warfare 2. One thing is that the story in Modern Warfare was a bit better than this one's campaign, and Modern Warfare's made a bit more sense. Most of the guns in Black Ops are pretty amazing, but they are a bit over-powered, like the Stoner63 and Famas. But, I still like it better than Modern Warfare 2. Expand
  49. May 12, 2011
    Well... I find this game hard to rate... on one hand, there is the undeniably amazing multiplayer, which has pretty much everything you could ever want from a first person shooter, satisfying co-operative online, the ability to play split screen with a mate AND be online at the same time (which might make it harder to actually kill people, but makes it ten times more satisfying when you can both celebrate actually doing well! or mock each other for being rubbish) as well as a truly great zombie mode that you can try and fight your way through together (although why there isn't any 4 player split screen on zombie mode I don't know). On the other hand... there's the single player campaign, which is one of the most dull and tedious story lines I've ever attempted to play, it seems they couldn't be bothered to actually hire anyone to write a decent story, so chose some famous historical figure that was pretty undeniably a bad guy and everyone hates, and then stuck some generic 'flash back of what happened' storyline over the top of a bland game... so... my current view may be skewed slightly by the lack of playstation network at the moment, but I'm going to have to give this game a 6/10... multiplayer gets a solid 9.5/10 but the single player is just appalling. And if you can have co-op online, why not co-op campaign?!?! Maybe that would save some credit, but sadly only a 3.5/10 for the dull drab single player experience. Collapse
  50. May 24, 2011
    Love the graphics and rather ease of play but Im not a fan of first person view. At least not until we can set up 3 head display systems and get some peripheral vision. The downside to the whole call of duty series is the stupid party systems. Its such a chore to get your friends all together and then when you finally do, somebody else wants to join. Its terrible. Also nobody will play anything other than respawn. It gets old quick. Zombies are lots of fun and thats about all the game is good for now. Expand
  51. Jun 2, 2011
    oh goodness. where to begin. 1) the graphics were a major step back from mw2. its like if BFBC2 were over saturated. 2) it takes an entire clip to kill somebody in multiplayer and im pretty sure 3 shots should to the trick. 3) the movement is so jerky and clunky it feels like im trying to move around in a sumo suit 4) the cod points offer no sense of accomplishment. i went 3 and 20 in a game and still got 1500 cod points which is enough to buy a few killstreaks and weapon attachments. i loved how in mw2 you had to be good in order to get killstreaks and attachments. 5) the story line in the campaign was idiotic. the entire time i played i was thinking "this is the stupidest campaign ever" i will admit that the campaign gameplay was better than mw2, but the story was far inferior. 6) the sniping is attrocious. one shot will NEVER kill your man. i personally loved quickscoping as well, but i can see why they would take it out. but that does not make up for the lack of firepower and accuracy 7) the create an emblem idea was creative, but it turned out to be a bad creation. like my problem with codpoints, i liked having to earn my titles and emblems, it basically gave me an extra reason to play
    i absolutely hated this game, far worse than mw2 or even WAW. there were a few high points, but they were few and far between. horrible game
  52. Jan 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Alright, I'm not going to bore you with an unnecessarily long review. So, I'll just get straight to the point: Call of Duty Black Ops is a good game. It's not perfect but it's not a failure either. It's just a good first person shooter made for people who like first person shooters. This one follows the Modern Warfare formula by stepping away from the past several WW2-era renditions in the CoD series...sort of. The missions take place during various time periods in the 1960s and 70s, including the Cold War, The Vietnam war and others.

    Gameplay is pretty standard. If you've played previous CoD games, you'll know how to run through all the controls pretty quickly. The campaign mode is a little short but I suppose that's been a staple of most of the recent CoD games. Multi-player is pretty comprehensive and customizable. You can customize your characters and weapons, even repaint guns, add clan tags, camo, secondary functions, and abilities, etc. Its easy to level up by playing with bots but your progress won't count when you play in live multi-player deathmatches. Black-Ops has off-line and on-line multi-player and supports 4-player splitscreen, and includes the Zombies game that first appeared in a past CoD game. However...there is no offline or online campaign co-op. That to me is a disappointment.

    There is also one major technological gripe that I have which I think many people have over looked: The game supports 720p HD....not 1080P....and that means if you're like me and have a 1080p tv, you will not be playing in full screen. This only affects co-op/split-screen modes. If you're playing locally with a few friends, you'll notice that Black Ops compensates for this by putting black bars on either side of the screen, thus shrinking down the gameplay screen and making everything smaller. Now that 90% of the world have 1080 HD tvs, this seems like a stupid oversight which I hope can be patched in an update but I'm not holding my breath.

    Sound is great- gunshots and vehicle sounds are excellent. You really feel like you're in a war zone. Textures could have been improved. Some of the guns look like cartoons. Overall, if you want a good shooter, get this game. It remains to be seen whether multi-player will survive or continue to be supported now that Cod Modern Warfare 3 is out.
  53. Jun 15, 2011
    Call-of-Duty was a great, fun game at first, in the weeks to come it did not bring much joy.
  54. Jun 16, 2011
    I really like CoD series but I prefer Modern Warfare, Black Ops have a good campaign but I think the multyplayer is boring. This time Treyarch has done a better job.
  55. Jul 2, 2011
    I've been a CoD fan since CoD 4. That said, I know they have been releasing the same game for 4 years now (the only thing "changed" is the perks and killstreaks). To be honest, I didn't want this game but I got it as a gift because I am known to be a CoD fanatic.

    I thought, "Here's the same game again". But I was surprised. The story is deep and epic, yet understandable. I believe this
    story is the best CoD story I have played. But to get more effect from the story, I suggest you play CoD: World at War first (it's cheap now). My only complaint of the story mode is that the AI can be retarded sometimes but it's fixed several patches later.

    Now multiplayer. For better or worse, they took out the tactical nuke. The CoD points seem unnessessary, but you can just buy an attachment for your favourite gun immediately. And the Contracts. It's allows you to level up faster and get you more CoD points and it's a good implement. It's the same multiplayer for 4 years, but it's strangely fun and I'm actually willing to pay for more maps.

    Zombies now. It's really cool and they have put in different enemies. But aside from that, there's nothing heavily changed from World at War.

    For better or worse, it's the same game for 4 years but, I would still recommend this to any FPS lover and CoD fans. Then again, for some CoD fans, they would get bored because it's, well, the same game for 4 years. But whoever you are, you should at least rent it for the story and enjoy a little of the multiplayer. If you hate it for whatever reason, fine. But don't go preaching about how it sucks because IT DOES NOT SUCK. It has faults like every other game.
  56. Dec 25, 2011
    Call of Duty: Black Ops is another great entry in the classic shooter series. Let's get started. Campaign: Modern Warfare 2 has a superior campaign, but it's still clever like the Call of Duty campaigns are. Multiplayer: It's always great, but becomes repetitive and the maps are not as good as they usualy are. But it's too addicting to say no, it's still great. Zombies: I love this, it's clever, updated, and I love the maps. I'd buy this game for Zombies alone.

    Overall, it's another year another entry, but that IS a good thing, we always want more in this addictive series. It's quality is far higher than the horror of Private Nickels. -gags-
  57. Jul 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Oh Black Ops, as a game you confuse me. While your multiplayer player is a fun endeavor and zombie mode entertaining (more so with friends for those you with lives and real friends). However your first player mode is where all the failure lies. And I mean all of it. If you read the summary you'll know this takes during the Cold War Era where American decided to be the biggest idiot ever. The story follows one guy who get to relive a bunch of missions like they were deranged flashbacks. As fan of story and character development and I can safely say this game has none. Since it's the cold war the big evil terrorist guy is some Russian and it is never explained why he hates America, or why Cuba is allied with them, or why he needs to brain wash random people with number codes, or why there's Russians in Korea. And why are all the big bad guys taken out with cut-scenes and quick time events? This is a First Person Shooter not a JRPG. The levels aren't that long ether, they take a while since two hits gets you killed and you spend most of it hiding behind a chest high wall making most weapons kind of useless. You might as well not bother with anything other than a machine gun. Not to mention finding out who is on your side or not only something you figure out after you shot them dead. Yes it looks nice the first player mode is a mess. Also I fail to see why they have hidden Intel, realistic shooters aren't the kind of games where you go exploring. That works better is game with health meters, where you don't recover from a gun wound by sucking your thumb behind a wall. Not to mention they could have made great impact had the game shown the assassination of JFK instead of a rap song and sudden mode of zombies. And if your not here for the online or multiplayer experience just pay attention in history class to get the cold war run down. At least the class will explain what the hell is going on. Expand
  58. Jul 14, 2011
    The Call of Duty Franchise, the most unchanged franchise in the world... what do I mean? what I mean is that they only change the game-play and the weapons, not realistic, people hack to get to get to the 70TH level, Guess what? this is the big word: Call Of Duty 4 is the game, while the other games in the series: "JUST ONE BIG DLC" So in order to finish this review, Battlefield vomits all over the Call of Duty series. Expand
  59. Jul 15, 2011
    This game is garbage. I rather go back to MW2 which was a disappointment. I also own World at War and Treyarch did a much better job on that. The only thing that saves this game is its amazing zombie mode.
  60. Jul 23, 2011
    Call of Duty Black Ops is the much anticipated game from Treyarch and it really let me down. The story is plain boring but the action here is alright. It sounds like a cartoon and looks like Call of Duty 3. It has the worst level in a COD game were you control a blackbird and command soldiers on the battle field this level seemed like a bad real-time strategy game. The thing that brought my score up is the mutilplayer it is fantastic it brings COD points as well as experience into the mix so you will be trying to prestige for weeks. Expand
  61. Jul 29, 2011
    call of duty black ops has a suckier campaign than modern warfare one and two, however the online play is very fun and very addicting. it was ok
  62. Aug 6, 2011
    When this game came out, I would have propably given this game a 7, but when 2011 begun, it all went to **** multiplayer got **** because people were abusing the game mechanics.The campaign is just like a Michael Bay movie, it over uses the action, and that makes it pretty boring to play.The story was propably the best one in a CoD game, but the gameplay was SO repeative.I think that the zombie mode is good, but everything else sucks.The critics have totally overrated this game, because it´s really one of the worst CoD games ever.I hope that MW3 will be better, or CoD will be dead for me. Expand
  63. Aug 3, 2011
    In my opinion this is probably the worst COD ever made, im purely judging this on the multi-player side of it but even the campaign isnt a work of art, in fact the only highlight is zombies, back to the multi-player, there are 3 outstanding guns severely overused and equally overpowered despite treyarchs "efforts" to nerf the guns, that aside the general community exploits the too many camp spots on EVERY map not to mention the killstreaks are unbelievably overpowered and are given at such low amount of kills that added with hardline is just a recipe for disaster and is, the general physics of the game are really bad aswell that teamed up with bullets that curve around walls is not anything but annoying, to add to this ridiculous onslaught of problems they reintroduced one of the most overused and annoying perks except with a new name and a even more annoying pro feature which i think all you cod player know what im refaring to, also to make things worse its accessible straight away from level 1 and thanks to cod points its also buy-able once one has gained 2000 CP plus physics completely go against the reality of that situation as well, and lets face that the secondary's arent exactly fare either, mainly speaking of the pistols but also one of the launchers which again you cod players know what im refaring to, i will give it that zombies are well worth playing and is really good with the new zombie map installments. (which at a outrageous price almost out-ways that pros) To summarise this game i would say that there are way to many negatives, that the positives are almost impossible to see, also treyarchs "solution" to the ever present faults in the game is to make map packs which so far have only made the game worse (excluding the zombie maps) as such only aggravates the situation.

    0/10 - Multi-Player
    6/10 - Zombies (Too pricy for new maps)
    6/10 - Campaign
    Despite the 2 6's the multi-player drags the game down to much i would give it negative if i could.
  64. Sep 4, 2011
    The singleplayer story is by far the best in the CoD franchise although the action is mind-numbing, Multiplayer is more balanced than MW2 but it gets boring after awhile. Graphics have received a downgrade but doesn't bother me much, the sound however is terrible, guns sound like they're made of plastic explosions sound alright though. Zombies is back and it is still as fun as ever. However it is not the best game ever made (same with MW2) as you will hear many fanboys say. Expand
  65. Sep 2, 2011
    Why all the 0 scores? lol. Its above average but compared to mw2 its nothing new or original. A games hype can make or break it... it made this but it was a broken affair waiting to happen... mw3 needs to pull out something amazing to keep it on top but i doubt its aged engine will throw us anything fresh. its a good enough game though... there are many worse out there. the online mode is addictive but its also bomb this and bomb that. zombie is its standout mode? fresh lol Expand
  66. Aug 25, 2011
    Black Ops is a fun recycled game that soon becomes highly repetitive. The single player campaign fails at all of it's "WOW" moments. I do enjoy the fact that they put the storyline within the Cold War, and it must have been difficult to do so. Fortunately, Black Ops has multiplayer! Well, not really because that gets very repetitive very fast. The mindless finding a spot to hide, shooting at anything that comes close, and then proceed to wreak havoc with unbalanced care packages is very fun; for about three hours. The game modes aren't special or original in any way. The multiplayer element I do enjoy is split-screen. It is a whole bunch of more fun hiding with your friend, killing twice as many people, and getting twice as much kill streak rewards. The wager matches, on the other hand, are something that I do genuinely enjoy. There are some original and fresh ideas that can be fun, and quite frustrating when people want to take advantage of the games flaws. The saving grace in this game is Zombie mode. This does not get old. It is hard not to enjoy killing mindless zombies with your friends. Unfortunately you can't play zombies with 3 other friends or even two. You can only play with 1 locally, or you can venture online and try to play with all of the menu screen bugs that cause my ps3 to freeze and crash. All in all is a game that has solid, mundane multiplayer. Where it succeeds in zombies, it fails with a whole bunch of bugs and features that people have been craving since WAW. It also does not help to be made fun of by a bunch of pubescent teenagers for not camping. I am giving this game a 2 out of 10 for solid multiplayer and an entertaining zombie experience. Expand
  67. Aug 25, 2011
    I played the story mode for like 20 minutes before I couldn't take its terribleness anymore. Multiplayer mode is pretty fun though. Same with Zombies.
  68. Aug 25, 2011
    I used to be a huge fan of the call of duty series. That was like 6 years ago. The only thing to look forward to in every new installment of the franchise are new maps. There are NO improvements to game play or graphics. I don't know but can anyone spot a major difference between modern warfare 1 and any of the new installments??
  69. Sep 14, 2011
    We all know what to expect out of a COD game, so if you've played one then you know how it plays and feels. What it really boils down to is story, presentation, multiplayer, and level design.

    The graphics are great, and the level design is incredible at times, but the story bounces around ALOT! You'll be all over the map, and not that it's a bad thing because one moment you're in a
    jungle, the next you're in the arctic on an abandoned ship.

    The story has some very strange twists in it, think Fight club sort of. There are some great set piece battles to be had in this game, but the story is all over the place so it does get really hard to follow sometimes.

    The multiplayer is where it's at for me in this game, and that's not usually the case for me in COD games, but with zombie modes and clever stage design, I found myself lost for hours in co-op and competitive online play.

    It's not knocked out of the park though, let me explain. I had frequent bug problems in the campaign that really made me angry and had to play stages several times. There is a trophy for escaping a stage with 2 min. 15 sec. on the clock which I had to do almost 5 times to get it to register.

    I also had a glitch/bug that I thought was part of the game that turned out to be one of the most disturbing and gruesome scenes I've ever seen in a game.

    Without any spoilers, your players sanity seems to be in question at one point and I realized that. I entered an area of the game and there were dead bodies hanging all over the ceiling and from lights, even hanging on walls !

    I was blown away! So I asked a friend who had played what he thought about that gruesome part, and he was totally baffled at what I was talking about when I explained it. So I went back to that part to show him, and it was totally different !

    Glitches aside the game really is fun, it might not be totally as beautiful as MW2 is, but it's personality totally makes up for it. Black ops is one of those games you'll hear 2 extremes on, people either really like it, or really don't. Me I like it..flaws or not, it's fun and that's why I play.
  70. Nov 8, 2011
    My friend had a PS3, so I played "COD: BO" in his house. I played every console there is for Black Ops (except for the DS and Wii), and I could conclude that the PS3 version was slightly better than the PC and Xbox version. The controls are smoother and the frame rates rarely drop. However, its the Play Station that makes up these points; the game itself is a solid copycat of MW2.
  71. Sep 26, 2011
    I was really disapointed in Black Ops. It's the same game as last year with minor tweaks to multiplayer. The campaign was as usual stale and boring, and multiplayer is riddled with cheaters and hackers. The "Report a Player" system is abused way too much.

    Graphics have not changed since Call of Duty 4. The only thing keeping the game afloat is the Zombies mode, I do think they are very
    However the new map packs cost 11.49GBP each, which makes them the most expensive DLC to date.

    Treyarch need to start upping the graphics and make the game much better.

    In multiplayer the grenades do nothing, even when they are directly in front of the player.
  72. Oct 3, 2011
    This game has super fun online! The story is not too great but we have MW2 for that! No no no, this game is all about zombies and online, which are both flawless, GREAT BUY!
  73. Oct 29, 2011
    Horrible. This one's for all the CoD fangirls trying to rate down get a 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000...Just like the number of innovations MW3 will have since the last ten thousand Call of Dootie's. Expand
  74. Oct 12, 2011
    Black ops.......mmm is a good game,no much mw1 is best the history of the campaign is good but no so good.His multiplayer AWESOME.Zombies=NO GOOD,dont have realism you cant get on of a table or other thinks but is good for my metascore=91
  75. Oct 13, 2011
    Nothing revolutionary. Yet nothing bad. Black ops delivers a good singleplayer campaign with a interesting story and a fun multiplayer experience. Not as ground breaking as Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare that's for sure.
  76. Oct 23, 2011
    call of duty black ops was a very big dissapointment to me. The graphics werent good lots of frame rate and texture issues. the multiplayer was really fun. the only fun i had was in the campaign. the campaign was one of the best in all of call of duties.
  77. Oct 27, 2011
    Never published a review online before but felt absolutely compelled to do so after the bitter disappointment of this game. First off: the campaign. For me, too many moments where I had to wait for things to catch up (I was left shooting hundred of enemies on own until the game clicked in with the next objective on one occasion); graphically I think itâ
  78. Dec 17, 2011
    This game is overall ok. Cod needs a new engine. They are still using the same assets for previous cods.

    The single player was bad. Multiplayer was meh, but the zombies are amazing.
  79. Nov 1, 2011
    how to make your own copy of black ops: 1 reach into a trash can
    2 put it all ingredients in a cd
    3 enjoy
    this needs to be 150 characters long so hold on... done
  80. Dec 19, 2011
    Call of Duty polarises the gaming community. With the release of the original Modern Warfare it was first cool to love it, then as it's success spilled over into admittedly complacent sequels, hating on the franchise became the order of the day. Personally, I enjoy the accessible controls and fast pace of the games, yet I can still see the lack of innovation with each instalment, including MW3. Black Ops, in my opinion, is a different beast. From the immediate presentation changes such as a faux interactive title screen to the revolution of the franchise's trademark levelling system, it's obvious Treyarch listened closely and attempted something different here. I think it was a bold move for this series and especially the "2nd developer" involved and I applaud them for it. The campaign alone is diverse and more narrative than ever, with an authentic Snake Eater-esque feel for the Cold War era.
    Multiplayer also delivers, with more customization and control over progression than ever before. The lack of exploits and glitchers online is also a welcome reprieve. Zombies I personally don't enjoy compared to other survival game modes but critical acclaim elsewhere speaks volumes for that. A genuine score.
  81. Nov 8, 2011
    While I do have fun overall with this game, the series is beginning to get stale. I'm starting to think that it is the same game repackaged with different box art and a slightly different story.
  82. Nov 6, 2011
    Black Ops had a pretty compelling story, but the problem I felt with it was that the ending just made me go "Meh." Now don't go me wrong, along with the addictive zombies and a fairly good multiplayer, Black Ops can have you hooked on the screen for hours, but small things like server issues and small annoyance I find within the spawning systems and such, Black Ops comes of a just medicore. Not that bad or that great just all in all, decent. Expand
  83. Nov 9, 2011
    Other than being able to play with bots with your friends this is the worst of the CODs.Multiplayer is stale and the story is so dull I never even finished it. Not really worth the money to be honest. Oh and I still have zombies.
  84. Nov 10, 2011
    This game is great. Whe i first started playing it I thought it was weak. After a while of getting use to it and after multiple updates, it developed into an awesome game! It is very balanced. The one thing they need to fix is spawn points. Its annoying, but not an issue.
  85. Nov 17, 2011
    Simply its crap garbage and used stuff put together in a sloppy job. ..................................................................................................................
  86. Dec 8, 2011
    I don't understand the reason for such negative reviews. Black Ops is a good game. It's fast paced, generally balanced, and more flexible than previous COD games. Does Black Ops still have some nitpicky issues? Yes, but overall, the game gave me the most fun I've had gaming since COD 4, and that's what counts right?
    Singleplayer is ok. The story is interesting and brings back Reznov
    from WAW. This is my main criticism. To connect the stories of the 2 games, I think more characters should have appeared. Namely, Polonsky should have returned as a Black Op. WAW's story already felt pretty detatched, and not bringing any characters back makes it feel even less connected. I will also say I really tried to play through on veteran, and specific chokepoints were just to hard. It's even worse than moments in COD 4. To be fair though, no COD game can match the greatness of COD 4.
    Multiplayer is where it counts, and Black Ops manages to deliver the COD experience with enough innovation to make me play it over the other games. The currency system is a love or hate kind of thing. I personally like the flexibility of buying the weapons and attachments I want. Contracts are unlikely to help you strike it rich, but are interesting to challenge yourself if nothing else. Weapon balance is a bit off at times. The Famas and AK74 are common sights due to their overpowered nature. Though, to be fair, 3arch has shown they are willing to fix their game, unlike IW MW2 disaster, and has patched the Famas to nerf its effectiveness. There's a 0 tolerance policy to cheating and boosting as well. Once you're reported, you're banned forever, and this is the main reason I prefer it over the other COD games infested with this scum.
    Zombies is fun as well. you only get 2 maps without DLC, but they're quite easily the most fun. The style is a lot different than WAW. You can't back into a dead-end and expect to make it far. It took me a while to get used to, and I still kinda suck, but it's so fun I have no complaints at all.
  87. Nov 11, 2011
    It's now Nov of 2011 and the huge title MW3 was just released a few days ago....... and guess what...... It **** sucks!!!!! worst cod online experience yet! That's actually why i'm here right now on this Black Ops page...... I just wanted to say that I **** love Black Ops and that it **** all over not only MW1, MW2 and MW3, but Infinity Ward and that other CO. involved in that disgrace of a cod game MW3! Treyarch I love you and really think that you should be the 1 and only developer involved in making COD games..... PERIOD!!! When you make Black Ops 2 which i'm sure you're in the process of doing now, please keep all the great things from Black Ops! Don't change it!!! Just make it better!!! Expand
  88. Nov 30, 2011
    Black ops is just an other **** from Treyarch. When it came out i thought it would start a nuclear war. I think that black ops is more strange than flying horses. The only fun stuff in black ops is Zombies. Treyarch du just copy infinityward:s games like when they did copy black ops from modern warfare 2.
  89. Nov 14, 2011
    Black Ops was pretty refreshing after MW2! I loved the customization they put in game! And Wager matches were cool addition too. Zombies were ok for me since I am not big fan of that. Graphically it's on pare with MW2. Story was pretty cool. If you missed this game You might wanna check it out now since it's cheaper!
  90. Nov 13, 2011
    What an awful game, multiplayer is plagued with framerate problems which is making it almost unplayable. It's not as smooth as MW2 and MW3 which are running at 60fps. The best part in this game is single player which is quite good. If you're buying this for multiplayer, steer away!
  91. Nov 27, 2011
    The previous game to the garbage game of this year, there is no difference I have been playing the same experience for over three years now. Black Ops is by far the worst CoD ever done compared to the others either way, all the CoD apart from MW1 are garbage. Horrible , ugly graphics make this game to not go outside by how ugly it is. And Activsion on the other side launching endless of expansions before MW3 cameout, good strategy to win money all year A-hole's. Expand
  92. Apr 16, 2012
    I thought games were supposed to be fun. What a **** mess. Still better than mw3 though. Cod is dead I have little faith in this franchise now. The only thing that saves this game for me is the campaign and zombies.
  93. Nov 17, 2011
    awseome game, they really out did themselves.took cod to a whole new level in my opinion. great job ..everything frome the campaign to the zombies , to the multiplayer. each one is a own unique level of fun.what will yall do next?
  94. Nov 21, 2011
    This is a fantastic game. The single player is immense and the multiplayer is the most wonderful thing I've played since the original CoD4 MW. The new MW3 feels like a predecessor compared to this game. Treyarch really know their stuff whereas it looks like Infinity Ward have become complacent.
  95. Nov 21, 2011
    It's hard to appreciate how good and innovative this game really is until you go and play another online FPS. Before reading my review understand that this is the first Modern Warfare game I played. My previous online FPS experience comes from Unreal Tournament, Quake 3 and the Halo series.

    I'm not a huge fan of single player games in general, but I have to say I have quite enjoyed the
    campaign so far. It does a very good job of setting the scene on drawing you in, and has a fair bit of variation which you really need in these sort of games.

    The Innovations I spoke come in the multiplayer mode, and there are 2 that stand out, 2 that I believe are as important to the genre as Goldeneye made the analogue stick. The 1st is the instant replay of when you're killed. It's so frustrating in FPS games when you just seem to die for an unknown reason and sometimes you'll just assume it's a glitch or your own team killed you. Aside from adding a good tactical advantage of knowing where you were killed from, it also adds to piece of mind. The 2nd innovation the the levelling up system. In previous games I've played in Halo you just get a higher rank and get to change the look of your character, but in BlackOps (and I'd assume the rest of the series) you get to buy new weapons and perks for your character as well, adding a whole new reason to keep playing online. I'm sure this will be developed even further by future FPS developers.

    A few annoyances of the game are that if you're playing on a small tv or in splitscreen mode it can be very hard to see people, and also the opposition look similar to yourself so you often just walk past someone on the same team as you before turning round and knifing wildly after realising who they also. Also the killstreak part of the game is a brilliant addition, but it does tend to make the good people great, and the bad people worse. Defeating someone who is better than you is hard enough when they don't have a helicopter at their disposal.
  96. Dec 22, 2011
    the campaign rocks ...................................multiplayer is good ............................zombies is addictive in the beginning but after some time its boring............................................................
  97. Dec 26, 2011
    black ops is teryachs best cod yet it destroys world at war and it beats mw2 mainly due to mw2s sorry campaign its not bad but compared to the other cods poor. anyway black ops has a fantastic campaign and zombie mode is brilliant online its about even with mw2 but brilliant grahics action and a new different great protoganist i cant wait for black ops 2 in 2012
  98. Dec 29, 2011
    COD: Black Ops is overall pretty good. I am an up-to-date movie critic and I am starting to do the games I own on PS3. The multiplayer was O.K., the setup took a while to get used to. The zombies was very addicting and fun. Then, the campaign. Any negative reviews for this game are because of the campaign! It was horrible! In every mission, there is about 12 minutes of talking, and only 3 minutes of playing! The storyline was also screwed up and didn't make sense. Expand
  99. Jan 12, 2012
    Call of Duty: Black Ops was a terrific game. It is a sequel to the 2008 game World at War and has much of the same character. Black Ops is based during the Cold War, and has many weapons to match the time period. It consists of three game play modes: Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies. Campaign was comprised of a rich, well thought out plot, centering around Alex Mason. It has many good levels, and the graphics are excellent. The Multiplayer is very different from Call of Duty's previous game, Modern Warfare 2. Instead of leveling up and unlocking guns, you must buy them with the new COD Points. They also have many new weapons and attachments, like the crossbow. Zombies is great and is very enjoyable and it just never gets old. However, there were two downsides. One was that the AI is incredibly stupid. I mean seriously, you can't get much dumber. The other one I had was with a glitch in Combat Training, a new addition to the Call of Duty Multiplayer which allows you to practice the maps with the AI which you can play with a friend. When you start, it puts you (and your friend) on a different team. When I try and switch to the same team as my friend, it switches from the usual six players on a team to eight, meaning that the other team had seven originally. All in all, this game was very good and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys shooter games or the Call of Duty series. Expand
  100. May 12, 2011
    Well... I find this game hard to rate... on one hand, there is the undeniably amazing multiplayer, which has pretty much everything you could ever want from a first person shooter, satisfying co-operative online, the ability to play split screen with a mate AND be online at the same time (which might make it harder to actually kill people, but makes it ten times more satisfying when you can both celebrate actually doing well! or mock each other for being rubbish) as well as a truly great zombie mode that you can try and fight your way through together (although why there isn't any 4 player split screen on zombie mode I don't know). On the other hand... there's the single player campaign, which is one of the most dull and tedious story lines I've ever attempted to play, it seems they couldn't be bothered to actually hire anyone to write a decent story, so chose some famous historical figure that was pretty undeniably a bad guy and everyone hates, and then stuck some generic 'flash back of what happened' storyline over the top of a bland game... so... my current view may be skewed slightly by the lack of playstation network at the moment, but I'm going to have to give this game a 6/10... multiplayer gets a solid 9.5/10 but the single player is just appalling. And if you can have co-op online, why not co-op campaign?!?! Maybe that would save some credit, but sadly only a 3.5/10 for the dull drab single player experience. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 58 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 55 out of 58
  2. Negative: 0 out of 58
  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops still represents one hell of a hefty package. It's bursting with hundreds of hours of entertainment that caters to every conceivable configuration of gamer out there, be they an adversarial gamer, a co-op connoisseur or a staunch offline soloist. [January 2011 p60]
  2. Jan 18, 2011
    By dint of obstinacy, Treyarch delivers probably its best with Black Ops Call of Duty to date - but probably not the best in the saga.
  3. Jan 16, 2011
    There are more highlights in the first two missions of Black Ops, then in Medal of Honor. The requirements of Treyarch seemed to be better, than in the past few years. They made an interesting setting. In addition, there's a nice zombie mode and an overwhelming multiplayer. No doubt, this is Treyarchs best Call of Duty ever!