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  • Summary: Set in the timeless grandeur of Greek mythology, Clash of the Titans immerses players into the epic battle for dominance between the human race and the powerful gods Hades and Zeus. Through vast landscapes of swamps, mountains and the underworld, two modes of play let players embody Perseus’ adventure from the film, or take on original new bosses in fresh, dynamic adaptations of one of the greatest mythological stories ever told. This action-adventure game play arms players with an ever-changing arsenal of weapons and powers. Players can journey solo or team up with friends to complete quests as they encounter a roster of legendary villains including Medusa and the sea monster known as The Kraken. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. Movie games have a generally shady reputation and as a result, rarely get a fair shake with the gaming public. Sadly, Clash of the Titans: The Videogame, while much more polished and ambitious than most movie-based titles, is still unable to buck the trend.
  2. 65
    This game is based on the movie and isn't great. The gameplay is most of the time action with some RPG elements in it. The game doesn't look very good and the audio isn't great either. The good part of this game are the many many weapons, but with that everything is said. Fans of the movie will probably like it, but there are many more and better games to get.
  3. Depending on your expectations, Clash is likely going to disappoint, and even with all its heart and extra features, the core mechanics are slightly dated, which brings the action down a notch.
  4. The recent Clash of the Titans film was a mildly entertaining display of special effects. The game contains all of the film's camp but lacks the spectacle of million-dollar CG krakens to help save it.
  5. Battle after battle after battle in an endless stream, all the game through, and the battles aren't even fun. It doesn't take more than an hour for Clash of the Titans to feel horribly repetitive.
  6. Apply all of the movie tie-in game clichés and stereotypes to Clash of the Titans, and then distance yourself from it. With so many better games out there, don't waste your time.

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  1. May 9, 2011
    Really enjoyable game. Wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised with what I received considering I never paid much. Very good value for money, so good I think it warrants a perfect score. Expand
  2. Aug 29, 2010
    Worse than the film, what a car-crash excuse for a game. I would give it a 1 but the price i've just payed for it angers me to the point I must give it a zero. Expand
  3. Nov 11, 2010
    Biting down on a cyanide tablet is a less painful way to die than this.... This game is probably why Billy Bob Thornton is such an angry manchild...... Collapse