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  1. Positive: 65 out of 73
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  1. If ever there was a pure gamer’s game, Darksiders is it.
  2. When viewed as a whole, it is clear that Darksiders was made by skilled developers who truly love video games. If there ever was a game that could be all things to all people and tastes, Darksiders is it.
  3. How shocked I was to find that the more hours I spent investing into Darksiders, the more rewarding it felt. Darksiders feels like a breath of fresh air, a step in the right direction and a reinvention of formulas that are sorely missed when used at this level of quality.
  4. It may have taken half a decade to go from concept to execution, but Darksiders proves that time, adoration of the classics and a remarkably confident hand can indeed overcome the freshman development jitters. What a debut.
  5. Darksiders is a great way to start the New Year, it offers high quality action and brain teasing puzzles topped off by wonderful presentation. Don't miss this game.
  6. Darksiders is a perfect example of how a videogames should be made: very well balanced gameplay, a lot of variety, artistically sublime. Even if the game lacks of any extra after you finish the main story, we highly recommend it, also because it's so close to great classics like Metroid Prime.
  7. 92
    One of the biggest highlights is the voice acting. With a slew of games having a great voice-acting cast, Darksiders is up there with the best.
  8. While it does share many of the same themes and gameplay styles, Darksiders is truly its own game, with its own set off high points and low points. Whether it’s the engaging combat or the surprisingly complex puzzle solving involved in many of the levels, Darksiders manages to consistently impress. This is absolutely a title that you do not want to miss.
  9. Pelit (Finland)
    A first-class action adventure with a strong apocalyptic themes. No matter what you are, War beats you down. Hard. [Feb 2010]
  10. 90
    A great action RPG. Solid, ever-evolving combat meets solid, ever-evolving puzzles in some really evocative environments.
  11. It is cleverly crafted on what are some tried and tested ideas, mixed with a healthy dose of epic storytelling and good old fashioned gore.
  12. 90
    Darksiders is a fantastic debut for Vigil Games and an addictive adventure destined to spawn a cult of worshipers.
  13. Although the combat can get repetitive, and Darksiders has adopted a tried and tested format, the story, style, and atmosphere make playing through Armageddon a unique and involving experience.
  14. Masterfully crafted, Darksiders is clearly a work of passion, and though it borrows a lot of elements from other games, they come together in such a way that will keep you entertained from start to finish.
  15. An excellent platforming hack'n'slash title that pits the best elements of some of our favourite games against the forces of Hell during the apocalypse. An epic title that is well polished and well implemented, even if the game mechanics feel a bit familiar at times.
  16. Drown your enemies in their own blood and besiege hell itself!
  17. What at first seems like a God of War clone turns into a grown up version of Zelda - a bloody adventure with dark themes and settings, and it actually works.
  18. Darksiders is certainly a pleasant surprise. A game that takes multiple mechanics from other, highly successful games usually ends up being nothing but a mess, but in this title, everything seems to mesh together well.
  19. 90
    The puzzles, sense of exploration, epic battles, and vast arsenal of weapons are all truly sensational. The year may be young, by Darksiders will certainly be one of the best titles to be released in 2010.
  20. 89
    It's this level polish and creative assuredness that really make Darksiders such a delight in the end. It's bold and recklessly inventive in ways that games rarely are these days, and virtually ever aspect of Darksiders shines with quality, making for an experience that, while not exactly original, still feels fresh, satisfying and, above all else, enjoyable.
  21. A unique storyline, amazing art direction and simple combat mechanics, Darksiders does things differently enough to distinguish itself as the first great game of 2010 even though its not a perfect game. If you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket, Vigil Games’ first effort is worth every dollar.
  22. Skillfully designed to appeal all kind of players, Darksiders is a great action adventure.
  23. Darksiders is a great start for this 2010. A long story, a complex and engaging gameplay and a beautiful character design make this games a big debut for Vigil Games. It lacks of originality, but it's recommended to everyone.
  24. 86
    Darksiders brings you everything you expect. A beautiful post apocalyptic world combined with excellent audio and a real cool gameplay, deserves nothing less than a high score.
  25. Even without a clear narrative purpose, Darksiders never wavers from being an enjoyable adventure. I had a blast playing it, and strangely enough, the obvious nods to other games added to the fun. Despite a lame last boss fight, the setup planted for the sequel has me counting the days until it arrives.
  26. As you battle through the four Guardians and work out mild puzzle segments, Darksiders unveils itself as a franchise-worthy title.
  27. Though it’s not without its issues, and the elements inspired by classic adventure titles don’t always hit their mark, there’s actually quite a bit to like about the game. From the solid story and non-stop action, to the impressive character and level design, the combined aspects present an impressive package.
  28. Darksiders is a great game, fun and entertaining. A lengthy action-adventure game, with some good ideas taken from other titles. Overall is great, but it lacks its own gameplay and ideas.
  29. 85
    Darksiders is above all a very comprehensive game. It fits elements from many other games, without going in depth in any of them nor having its own style, but maintaining a balance which makes it a great action-adventure game.
  30. Maybe not a masterpiece, but one of the most thrilling and rewarding experience of the last years. A classic adventure with a glimpse of the great 128 bit action games, and an overwhelming set of environmental puzzles.
  31. Darksiders is a game with a number of different gameplay elements. We love the fighting and puzzles, but the pace of the game could have been a bit faster. Nevertheless, Darksiders is a great way to start off the new year.
  32. 85
    Darksiders is a really cool game. You play War, one of the four Horseman of the Apocalypse, and you take him to the fight between heaven and hell. You can use a lot of weapons to fight and on the other side you have to find solutions for the puzzles. This is one of the better games to begin 2010 with. Besides the fine and great gameplay, the audiovisual part is pretty strong.
  33. Darksiders could use a few overhauls to its combat system before it's a truly great game, but what's here is an entertaining series of shameless thefts.
  34. Darksiders is a triumph in game design, a platform to build upon, and something everyone who truly loves video games should try, because you'll likely love it.
  35. Darksiders has set 2010 off to a running start. With gory hack-and-slash action, challenging dungeon puzzles, an intriguing (albeit sometimes annoying) guardian demon, gorgeous scenery and a story that begins with killing mankind, you get a little bit of everything.
  36. Darksiders is a title that takes a lot of bold risks and almost all of them pay off, but it's not without it's share of technical issues. While it may have the drive to run with the big dogs, it lacks the final polish that one would hope for.
  37. Play UK
    Do not let Darksiders become another Conan, it deserves a better fate. [Issue#188, p.76]
  38. It's an extremely technically proficient game, and it accomplishes everything that it sets out to do with flying colors. However, Darksiders only crime may be that they set their sights too low. This game hits the bullseye in the center of the target, but I couldn't help but wish that the target was a little higher towards the heavens.
  39. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    It'll test your patience, but persevere and your sense of self-satisfaction will swell. [Jan 2009, p.64]
  40. THQ and Vigil Games did an outstanding job creating an intellectual property that has weight. The voice-acting is top-notch, the combat is exquisite, the replay value is high, and the world they have created is fascinating. Darksiders is a marvelous way to start out 2010.
  41. While on the surface of it Darksiders feels like a game with a lot of good ideas but only a few of its own, where even a brief flying section on an angelic mount owes rather a lot to Panzer Dragoon, overall the silly old story and wonderful art style give terrific heft to the universe, and the clockwork of the puzzles and game systems are precision-engineered in a manner that you come to trust implicitly.
  42. THQ's Darksiders may not be the most original game, however it works by giving the player a fun gaming experience that attempts to be clever at certain times and actually succeeds.
  43. In spite of lifting nearly every gameplay element from other, often better games, Darksiders still succeeds at bringing these disparate threads together into a brutally satisfying whole. It’s also a blast to explore even at its low points, and if the idea of a Zelda with a more “mature” bent and better combat catches your interest, you’ll want to check this out.
  44. 80
    Sure, it's more than a little familiar at times -- and on more than one occasion I said, "I remember that from game X," -- but Darksiders is proof that what's old can truly be made new again.
  45. An uproariously fun and enjoyable post-Apocalyptic adventure that is a little too familiar at times.
  46. A highly entertaining, 15 hour plus adventure, with some gorgeous visuals, devilish puzzles and exciting action. Fingers crossed the no doubt planned sequel will build on this very impressive debut.
  47. A little more surprising is the fact that Darksiders actually lives up to the high expectations and quality of such influences and just about manages to forge its own identity.
  48. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    If you're looking for a big, bloody, bottonmashy adventure, it should hold you over quite well until God of War III arrives. [Feb 2010, p.74]
  49. Darksiders looks like the result of a head-on collision between the Zelda and God of War-franchise. But instead of a big mess, both fuse together to form a hybrid with the best elements of both, combined with a great story. The game won’t win any awards for originality, but thanks to its long playtime, strong puzzles and great alteration between elements and scenery we can only conclude that Darksiders is already one of the first great games of 2010.
  50. Darksiders is an action game borrowing heavily from God of War and Zelda. While it doesn't compete with either series, the game offers a healthy dose of fast combat, gratuitous gore, and overly drawn out puzzles and dungeons.
  51. You may have seen a lot of what Darksiders brings to the table elsewhere, but it’s all combined in such a way with sprinkles of new ideas that keeps the game fresh and innovative.
  52. Darksiders may be made up of some fairly standard action game components, but everything it does, it does brilliantly. The game never feels boring and always entertains due to the amount of variation and the epic boss battles cap of a very solid playing experience.
  53. Even if it takes ideas from other games, it mashes them together to make a complete game that plays well and does its inspirations proud. Darksiders is a nice surprise that is well worth 15+ hours of your life to complete it.
  54. A superb mix between Zelda and God of War that's immensely entertaining, even though there are a few bugs that detract a little from the overall enjoyment.
  55. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Stylish genre-fusion supported by a handful of fresh ideas makes this action RPG adventure Darksiders surprising a hit of the new year. [Issue#187]
  56. Darksiders may not be one of the best games ever, but it brings some new features that elevate the genre to a new level.
  57. Darksiders does borrow most of it’s content from God of War but it can still hold it’s own ground. The story is interesting and cool, the environments are wonderfully designed and the action is almost flawless. Only small control and camera issues hold it back from higher grades.
  58. 78
    While the game world could have been developed more, the boss fights leave a lot to be desired, and more interesting things could have been done with the combat and puzzles, the game as it stands is still thoroughly entertaining.
  59. For a first game, the gameplay is executed fairly well, even if it isn't the deepest or best designed game.
  60. Overall Fun, but Darksiders fails to carve out an original identity of its own.
  61. Despite a few annoyances, Darksiders still manages to coax you in with it's scale and scope, proving to be a uniquely enjoyable and involving hack and slash title well worth spending time with.
  62. 75
    If you can get through the first few hours, you'll probably finish it and look back on it with mixed (but mostly pleasant) emotions.
  63. 75
    At its best, Darksiders plays like an interactive compilation of this console generation's most interesting game mechanics. At its worst, it's like sitting through a mediocre cover band as they fumble their way through your favorite tunes.
  64. 75
    Ultimately, Vigil Games and Joe Madureira have spread themselves too thin with Darksiders, which is, though I'm loathed to say it, largely style and scant little substance.
  65. Its especially exceptional considering it's the first release from the developers at Vigil, and shows a certain level of polish that a lot of new IP's released last year was definitely lacking.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 335 Ratings

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  1. Sep 20, 2010
    This gem is hands down one of the most underrated games in a while. The reviews are pretty good across the board but I am the only person IThis gem is hands down one of the most underrated games in a while. The reviews are pretty good across the board but I am the only person I know that bought this game. To me this game is the ultimate gamerâ Full Review »
  2. Mar 1, 2011
    This is a game designed by gamers. There is so much to love about Darkisders, the huge bosses, the fun hack and slash, the dark storyline, theThis is a game designed by gamers. There is so much to love about Darkisders, the huge bosses, the fun hack and slash, the dark storyline, the horseman's continually increasing arsenal of weapons and tools, and the game design amongst other things. The downisde however is the somewhat repetitive gameplay, but overall the game is great. Full Review »
  3. CurtisM.
    Jan 7, 2010
    This was just an amazing game to play through. For Vigils first game ever they achieved what few well established developers have and This was just an amazing game to play through. For Vigils first game ever they achieved what few well established developers have and that's a brilliant blend of action/adventure and puzzle solving. Full Review »