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  1. Mar 14, 2011
    Simply put, this is a terrible game, even taking account of how inexpensive it is. The graphics are grainy and sub-par, textures are very low-res. It almost reminds me of Daytona USA, although there is some fun to be had in that game. In terms of gameplay, expect to spend most of your time in the wall. Cars are way too twitchy, even for an arcade racer. There are also framerate issues, questionable AI drivers, and a slew of other giant problems that really hold this back. I was upset when I played because of my fondness for the film and was hoping it was at least as good as Top Gun was (even though I'm still not happy they used a Kenny Loggins knock-off to do the theme), but sadly I was disappointed. Unless you're part of the Cole Trickle fan club or made your own pretend "Get well soon Rowdy!" greeting cards, stay away from this game. Expand

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