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  • Summary: Set in the remote future, Destiny thrusts players into the roles of Guardians of the last city on Earth, who traverse the ancient ruins of our solar system from the red dunes of Mars to the exotic jungles of Venus. Able to wield immense power, players battle humanity’s enemies and must reclaim that which was lost during the collapse of mankind’s Golden Age. In a story-driven universe, Destiny’s saga unfolds through grand tales and sweeping adventures by immersing gamers in a bold new world filled with cooperative, competitive, public, and social activities, all seamlessly connected. Destiny incorporates Bungie’s trademark grand scope, sci-fi storytelling and adventures with visceral first-person action gaming that takes place in a burgeoning, cinematic universe. Additionally, Destiny delivers a unique social gaming experience to consoles by offering players a connected, living world that they can explore, combined with vibrant social spaces where they can congregate and celebrate achievements, and share remarkable adventures grouped with friends or solo. [Bungie] Expand
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  1. Sep 9, 2014
    This game is Fantastic. It reminds me of the first Assassins Creed game, not because of gameplay but because of initial flack it received from the gamer community. Will this new IP appeal to every player right off the bat? No, but it will develop a following that will look forward to any materials released later in the series.

    This is an excellent shooter, with elements that let me adjust my character to serve my playing style. The class system is good, and maybe with more classes and customization this game could be "Legend". Currently most people are running the same character builds, and it makes it hard for me to have the identity that I want in a game like this.

    The loot system is good, and could be better if there were more chests to open up. (Maybe I just can't find them). I can equip the guns I want to have, rather than most shooters where I am limited to a very few types of arms. So this easily beats out the vast majority of Shooters I have played when it comes to playing how I want to. Which is important in a game like this.

    Something this game could add to make the experience more personal would be player houses, or pets. This game should be more about individuality.

    This game has excellent music, and the voice acting from Dinklage is nice fan service for the nerd community.

    The levels can feel repetitive, but if you have ever played an MMO it is not as bad as the vast majority of them. Skyrims dungeons were mostly the same, but that did not stop it from being a great game.

    This game feels better when playing with friends, and if you lack friends you can meet people to form sorties or make guilds. Occasionally Solo players will be forced to sortie up around Boss Time, and that can be annoying.

    Overall Bungie delivered exactly what they promised, a fresh new IP with great gameplay. We can always ask for more, but that does not prevent this game from being one of the best games of the year.
  2. Sep 29, 2014
    This game is something different from COD and Battlefield. When i first saw it i thought it would be a bad game. But i was wrong It is really fun. Interesting story. It makes you feel like you are part of the game. A nice game to get together with friends and challenge yourselves. Expand
  3. Sep 10, 2014
    As I've stepped away from gaming for a while, I hadn't heard anything about this game prior to release. My brother stayed at my house for the midnight launch. When he brought it back and I saw him playing it, I went and bought a copy myself and have been playing pretty much non-stop since.

    The gameplay mechanics are brilliant, there's a serious sense of accomplishment to bringing down a high level boss. The Strikes are really good fun (3 Player Co-Op only missions) and you need a good strategy / team to come out on top.
    The various missions and side quests you get are a bit "cookie cutter", but mixing it up with taking Bounties, running Strikes and joining Fireteams really does help cut the monotony of "Kill this" and "Collect that".
    The Story is a tiny bit non-existent, there is a story and you do see cut-scenes... I just don't know what's going on and nothing has made me care enough to find out. But then, that isn't anything unusual for an MMO game.

    I've had mixed feelings for the PvP aspect. You get the same kind of offerings as any other multiplayer shooter game, but there's nothing new or exciting in there. Your levelling bonuses and equipment are all "evened out" so you don't get that one guy in Level 20 Legendary Gear dominating everyone, but in the same stroke it kind of makes your equipment feel useless.
    I do certainly like how you earn EXP in PvP though. I had a few games of Control in the Crucible and went from level 10 to 13 (which is great when you consider that you "Max Out" at 20 and the max level is 26).

    I would say that it's a game, genre and experience all to itself. I've always liked the idea of an MMO Shooter, (I've tried Defiance, MAG, Boarderlands and PlanetSide) but they all fell a bit short of what I really wanted. Defiance wasn't very stable or fun, MAG had no real progression, PlanetSide was only PvP and Boarderlands is missing the MMO aspect.
    Destiny has nearly-everything that I liked about all of those games, and fixes the parts that I didn't.

    The first time I got pinned down by a hoard of enemies and wrote myself off as dead, only to be saved because two guys just happened to be passing by on a different mission... I knew I had found a gaming experience unlike any other shooter on the market.
  4. Nov 23, 2014
    Boring extrememly repetitive bollix, I should have went back to COD. I've played through story with the 3 different character classes , THERE IS NO STORY! Multi is decent but still not worth buying, rubbish game overall. Expand
  5. Sep 18, 2014
    Finally A game that looks and feels like halo on a sony device by the way anyone noticed a master chief like visor head as a sleek halo reference.However the story was pretty nice the game in the sense of the gameplay was a huge letdown. Expand
  6. Sep 24, 2014
    The level design in this game is awful. Bosses are copy-pasted and don't give any drops worthwhile, making grinding an unfortunate must in this game. Mission objectives are always the same, and no lore is provided. Expand
  7. Oct 6, 2014
    Easily the most disappointing game I have ever played. I played Destiny every day for about two to six hours a session for almost a month hoping that it would get better…it never did. I deleted this game last night and I vow I will never buy another title from Bungie or Activision anytime in the near future and I do not care how good the reviews are. I want my $60 back!

    The character generator is lack luster to say the least and considering you and everyone else in the game are wearing helmets 99% of the time what is the point. Your character has no special back-story or traits nor at anytime while playing Destiny will you ever feel any special attachment to your character, as they are just a cog in the machine, senselessly grinding away.

    Secondly, the ship you purchase, regardless of how much you spend, will serve no other purpose than to be a loading screen. How pathetic, at minimum your character should be able to deck out their spacecraft, call down an airstrike or go inside and use the ship for crafting weapons upgrades, something, anything besides just being a floating turdy loading screen.

    Leveling is stupid as hell as each mission is the same as the last. “Go to X on your map while clearing out small pockets of enemies along the way. Once at X use your Ghost to open a door or unlock a tricky computer code. While your Ghost is doing that hold off swarms of enemies that slowly increase in difficulty until a “boss”, character shows up that looks exactly like the regular guys. Kill boss.” Rinse and repeat. And then once you beat the game you get to experience the joy of running the exact same missions all over again just on a higher difficulty setting which merely means the enemies have more hp and fire more powerful weapons however, they react exactly the same and look exactly the same as their lower level counterparts.

    Destiny’s storyline is completely nonexistent. What little story that is present is ripped straight from RIFT the MMORPG. The comparison is unavoidable “You were dead, but have been given a second chance, brought back to life by a mysterious force in the future to battle a new growing evil.” Sound familiar? Even the names of the good and bad forces in the game are strikingly all too similar. Rift has Guardians and Defiant while Destiny has Guardians and Fallen. Even after beating the game, you are still left feeling as if giant chunks are missing from the story, which will be revealed later in paid updates.

    PVP is complete garbage as the teams are always unbalanced because of the screwed up team balancing system. There will be six players on one team and three on the other. Gear score (defense) means nothing, regardless of how much you grind for gear. You can be decked out in purples and blues and still get one shot by an entry level player in green and grey gear wielding a shotgun.

    High level PVE is a joke, as I mentioned earlier, all you do is run the same missions you ran to level up your character just on higher difficulties. Within a few days, you are burnt out from the repetition. The patrol missions can be thrown in to spice things up a bit, but what is the point considering they garner you nothing special after completion. And guess what? Every mission and patrol has your character starting in the exact same location on the map every single time! Every single god damn time!

    Destiny was advertised as a socially engaging, ever changing, open world environment, which is complete **** The maps are small and within a few patrol missions, you will have discovered and seen everything Destiny has to offer. You do not feel any type of social connection with other players except rarely when an “event” takes place, which again, is a direct rip off of RIFT’s Rift openings. These events are again repetitious and annoyingly similar to everything else you have been doing in the game already.

    The gear may be the most egregious error as you will spend literally 20 to 30 hours grinding just to get a purple codex only to have it open up and be a shard or a weapon that you do not use. Worse yet, if you are lucky enough to get a legendary to drop that you can use, once equipped it looks exactly the same as your standard weapon. I found myself face palming and screaming repeatedly as I put on the new gear only to see the new epic gear looked identical to the gear it just replaced.

    Destiny promoted itself as a FPS/MMORPG; however, in reality it is nothing more than Call of Duty in space.

    I will finish by saying that out of shear annoyance, disappointment and rage at this game I broke a controller nearly in half. This game will piss you off and leave you feeling like you are just spinning your wheels as there is no big payoff…ever.

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