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  • Summary: "Don Bradman Cricket 14 will deliver the most realistic gameplay and promises to be the greatest cricket game of all time,” said Managing Director, Sebastian Giompaolo. “The comprehensive 20 year career mode and plethora of features including access to community generated players and teams through the Cricket Academy that will provide endless hours of enjoyment of cricket both off and on the field”. The game is fully endorsed by
    the Bradman Foundation Bowral NSW.
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  1. Apr 14, 2014
    Easily the best cricket game of this console generation and possibly of any generation. Yes, this is very probably the finest cricket game ever made - though that's not really saying very much.
  2. 80
    While I fully acknowledge that Don Bradman Cricket 2014 isn't the finest sports game out there and isn't a patch on the production values of, say, FIFA, Madden or NHL games, it does generally play a good game of cricket, and this is the game that we fans of the sport have been waiting for, so with that in mind I'll reemphasise this; this is the greatest cricket game ever produced.
  3. It may not have any competitors, but it's one that is sure to impress fans. [May 2014, p.80]
  4. Apr 14, 2014
    Big Ant should be commended for attempting to reinvent the cricket game experience and imbuing it with gameplay depth and fidelity unheard of in the genre to date, but there are just a few too many bugs and quirky design choices that hinder the overall experience.
  5. Jun 3, 2014
    It is strong when it comes to emulating cricket, and gameplay mechanics are better than anything we've seen from cricket games over the last few years. However, the so-called "budget" feel that permeates the title detracts from an otherwise decent effort. [Issue#148, p.125]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 20
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 20
  3. Negative: 2 out of 20
  1. Apr 15, 2014
    For overwhelming majority of us this is the best cricket game ever made, this game captures the intimate and most complex intricacies of the great game of cricket. Whole hearted congratulations to BigAnt Studios for nailing the game-play sure this might not be your run of the mill fifa headed by EA in terms of polishing and graphics but given the market and relatively unknown studio they have done what even the most accomplished has not ever ventured into.As far as the game is concerned the negligible bugs and glitches would be ironed out in the first patch as early as end of this week. After most of the people would agree that this game would be a solid 10. Again not sounding like a broken record from the bottom of my heart Thank-you once again. Expand
  2. Apr 17, 2014
    This is the best cricket game ever since Brian Lara 99. In few weeks after couple of patches it will be a perfect game. After patch 1 game has gotten more smooth. IT has steep learning curve but its worth the effort . Expand
  3. Jul 2, 2014
    TIP - ONLY USE "Chunnster_Lives_" user-created teams (some re-shares from fans such as "IndianCricketYES")

    WARNING: Unfortunately the
    PlanetCricket forum's trolls (ignore haters - as will just be forum members) voted each others' teams top of the rankings during the beta-phase, so you will end up with awful teams if 'download best teams' only (and your gaming experience will thus be vastly inferior!!).

    The 'top' current generation teams are NOT the best (compare yourself).The top 60 is an in-house farce. (*edit - i will get 'not useful' votes from same trolls, proving they're trolls).
    Search further down the list / teams by "chunnster_lives_" (or fans like "IndianCricketYES" who have resubmitted a few of these teams and are top 100 with five stars but cannot overtake the FROZEN AT THE TOP teams).and you will see they are some of the best (likenesses, stats, linked to real-life stats and in-game players, gear edited, everything done) - but all 30+ are frozen at 3 stars - they cannot move up or down. An act done out of embarrassment and the insistence of the forum.
    It seems one of the BigAnt programmers is also a PlanetCricket forum troll and thus bitter about the threat / quality...They were all 5 stars but have now been frozen at 3 (an abusive act towards an altruist), due to the teams overtaking theirs at the top when neutrals (English, NZers, Indians) got to vote after game's actual release. Unprofessional at best - illegal and defamatory at worst. Basically, poor sportsmanship.
    The world (not a forum) wants the best teams - not the best amongst twenty spotty, unworldly, teenage (at best) forum trolls. Enough said. Let the people decide once have seen both.

    Not being part of the forum and alerting them to my teams (which took months) was a terrible idea but I was innocently thinking they just wanted good teams - only sadly it is an ego exercise for them - but they thought only they were doing their (crappy) teams and closed ranks (as all bullies and lesser creative beings do), deciding to block vote down any team not theirs and so forth.... Disappointing.
    I use all 30+ created teams. And playing in the Black Caps (with that team) is a pleasure...
    I kept teams up even though got trolled (ratings-wise)... and now they seem frozen, as others have told me they voted on the teams but they do not budge (rest all do).. also If I go to resubmit or unshare them, they are frozen.... True Australian sportsmanship there for ya. LOLZ!! Sad... but true. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    I put the community first though and keep the teams and players up for you regardless. I do not bow to terrorism. You are my priority, not me.
    So choose the teams and stuff you want, but be informed and be wary.. have a look within the teams you want.. and if you are a kiwi, there is only one team for you: New Zealand Black Caps... the other NZ teams are nonsense. I have domestic / rep sides too... the works....

    Don Bradman Cricket 14 is a magnificent game IF you love, play and/or watch cricket. It is very nuanced.... so much so that (as is evident in the IGN review), some will misunderstand the game as they do the sport. It has innumerable touches and options... maybe three current bugs in total (player stats recording in current career mode and the non-striker grounding bat went sent back) to detract from a thousand golden strokes of genius... and they will probably patch them (they are good with post-game support as they were with their rugby league 2)

    I have had it for 8 WEEKS and only bothered with career mode (after a day one slog out on amateur level world cup and so forth... also great fun) as it is so awesomely fun. I am top 3 in the world, despite infrequent play.
    The game is deep, engrossing and yet, once controls are understood and many games have been played, enormously simple and fun. See ball... hit ball!! FYI - if you are a fan of international cricket or IPL or NZ / NZ domestic.... ensure you search and download the 'chunnster_lives_' teams... or at least check them out...I am sure a licensed kiwi team couldn't look better... SO loving it! 8-)

    It has the one thing cricket games and fans demand - subtle variability!! It feels largely unscripted.... and you will find yourself losing rhythm at the crease, finding form.... all the things a sports game struggles to replicate... even the biggest titles ever made.

    The best cricket title ever? EASY!! I laugh at the suggestion otherwise. Not even a talking point... I actually think (and yes I do like cricket, but also rugby and soccer et cetera) that is one of my top 3 favorite sports titles of all-time. It is a thumping title. The way it reflects the risk / reward and situational drama of the sport is second-to-none. Highly recommended... and stick with it.... its complex and endless control system is the key to its class. NO simple button press will save your soul here!! And you will premeditate at your peril! It is a sexy beast of a game. 9.3/10
  4. Apr 16, 2014
    In short, this is the best cricket game ever. Period. It'd take me all day to go into why, so I'll keep it short and sweet: it just feels like cricket. The control scheme has been implemented perfectly and for once bowling is actually more enjoyable than batting! What the game may lack aesthetically it certainly makes up for in gameplay and attention to detail (just go on youtube and watch gameplay videos and see for yourself - or just buy the game!). Yes, there are bugs (the main being patched within the next week I believe) but they don't detract from that gameplay in my opinion. The Cricket Academy is a genius creation and in my opinion is better than every possible license put together. For a first effort at a cricket game it is very, very good so my hat goes off to Big Ant for making such a great game. Expand
  5. Apr 14, 2014
    Excellent Cricket game after a long time post BLC 99 where you could play every stroke in the book and excellent bowling mechanics which involves yourself as the person delivering the ball. I totally love the game as it requires good patience and learning skills as well as keeps you on your toes whilst playing the game.

    I would love to have more stadiums, and bit of improvement in AI bowling and batting mechanics hopefully in the next iteration or some time in future with a patch.

    All in all a big thank you to BIg Ant who have delivered a good product for the people who love the gentlemen cricket . I hope they deliver one edition every year.

    I wish Ross and the BIg Ant all the best for the future and keep us smiling by developing future iterations of this game :).
  6. Apr 13, 2014
    Good game , a new experience overall in cricket game...This game changes revolution of future cricket games...
    Only some glitches in game
    made me to give 9/10,else it would be 10/10 Expand
  7. Apr 16, 2014
    Game is full of bugs and glitches that have to be seen to be believed. Some things I look at and just wonder how can this have been released in this form, given all the release delays and shoddy games that have come before?

    Career mode is broken despite it being the game's biggest drawcard. Brad Haddin bowls more overs than Doug Bollinger. Its also very boring and shallow. Teams never change over the course of 20 years, fixtures are broken, no injuries, play at tthe same boring and unlicensed stadiums over and over.

    Fielding is cataclysmically botched. A complete abmoniation.

    Customisation is good with the cricket academy - Ill give them that.

    AI is broken - they can't bat to save themselves and the difficulty imbalance between batting and bowling means matches against the AI are non-competitive, frustrating, unrealistic and predictable. AI will always lose wickets in the middle order again and again. Skill points assigned to players make absolutely no difference to how they perform.

    Head to head matches aren't any better unfortunetely. The shoddy cameras make it impossible to play.

    The learning curve for batting is far too unreasonable. The polar opposite to bowling. To actually make runs you have to exploit the game's weakness and hit to the legside every ball. To not bowl out the AI for over 150 you actually have to try. AI is pathetic.

    Online is completely broken and unplayable on PS3. Bugs online are on par with Ashes 13, with some really weird yet comical stuff happening. At least its good for a laugh but thats about it.

    Graphics look dated - Ive seen games 5 years older look better. Only a handful of stadiums too - so not sure why they couldnt have made these things better.

    A great disappointment - doesnt live up to the legendary name sadly. To pay this price for it is not value for money - there are many other sports games out there of higher quality going for a third of this price.

    An overhyped, disgrace of a game.

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