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  • Summary: Choose and spearhead a group of characters into challenging battles against a variety of enemies – from earth-shattering High Dragons to demonic forces from the otherworld of the Fade. Go toe-to-toe in visceral, heroic combat as your followers fight by your side, or switch to tactical view to coordinate devastating offensives using the combined might of your party. See the tangible, visible results of your journey through a living world – raise structures, customize outposts, and change the landscape itself as environments are re-shaped in the wake of your Inquisition. Lead a party chosen from nine unique, fully-realized characters – each of whom react to your actions and choices differently, forming complex relationships both with you and with each other. Create your own character from multiple races, customize their appearance, and select their powers and abilities as the game progresses. Extensive customization options allow you to choose everything from the color of your follower’s boots to the features of your Inquisition stronghold. Become an agent of change in a time of uncertainty and upheaval. Shape the course of empires, bring war or peace to factions in conflict, and drive the ultimate fate of the Inquisition. Will you stop the cataclysmic anarchy gripping the Dragon Age? [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. Nov 19, 2014
    For a game on the ps3 this is a great game, a lot better than DA:O or DA 2. There are tons of missions and areas to explore. I think some people for some reason think this game should have the graphics that the new consoles have, that's just ignorant. Has great graphics for a ps3 game, and gameplay is by far better than the other DA games. I'm looking forward to seeing how this game looks and runs on the ps4 and pc. Expand
  2. Nov 27, 2014
    I don't understand all the negative reviews of this game. Game looks fantastic on the PS3 when I thought it would really suffer. Open-world gameplay with a good step back towards DAO and away from DA2, though keeping DA2 combat was an excellent decision. The overhead tactical is very welcome, though disappointing that you have a clear required distance before you're capable of availing of it for attacks with ranged characters. Happy you're not forced to choose a certain race character. My only issue is with on-line use. The game can drop framerates, and get a bit unreliable if you're playing online as the game constantly attempts to access the Keep. It would be nice if Bioware had made Keep access occur only on saving so as not to interfere with gameplay.

    That said however, this game is a fantastic game and well worth the expense, with the caveat that this game is far more open-world RPG than it's predecessors meaning that if you don't like walking and exploring or collecting, this game is likely not for you. If you're a completionist who really enjoys as much game for their money as possible, this is a perfect game for you. If you're an RPG enthusiast this is a prime purchase with hours and hours of entertainment.
  3. Nov 22, 2014
    The game mechanics, story and world building on display are all extremely excellent. Every review for next gen systems on how the game works and how the story fits into the game is accurate.

    However, the graphics on the PS3 are extremely lacking. The textures and lighting are a mess, and the world struggles to load objects properly at times.

    That said, the poor graphics do not hamper the feel of the game so greatly as to hammer it with an unfavorable review.

    If you are looking for a strong fantasy RPG with a fair amount of lore, then feel comfortable in purchasing this game for PS3. You will enjoy it despite the obvious issues with the graphics.
  4. Nov 19, 2014
    The ps3 port is broken with crashes, glitches, cut scene problems, gameplay sound problems, awful rendering, bad player AI, clunky UI, etc. It looks awful and shouldn't have been released on non-next-gen consoles if it looks that bad. The story is very slow paced and bland. The characters are very one-dimensional. The game feels like it was made specifically for the DA:2 audience and needs you to rely on it's bland back-story to fully appreciate everything around DA:I. It relies heavily on fetch quests or action gameplay rather then story and character development. Nothing really memorable about this game. Expand
  5. Nov 19, 2014
    I was super excited that they decided to bring this out for the last gen consoles. I didn't expect they would. That being said, I already expected that they would have to cut down on the graphics to make the game run smoothly. However, I didn't expect them to do a chop job on the whole game like they did. The pop-textures and the PlayStation 2 quality graphics were seriously distracting. It's pretty disturbing how bad they are on the PlayStation 3, considering how good their other games they've made were on the eyes. Example would be Mass Effect, the whole series. With that said, it felt like they just put this together and hoped it could be masked in, what I believe to be, a decent storyline. But it only detracts. I'm hoping some sort of patch will help this out, but I don't hold my breath.

    As for the story, its truly massive which is normally great for most games. Such as Elder Scrolls Skyrim. But in the case of DAI, I felt overwhelmed by all the info being thrown into my face all at once. It truly made me feel anxious and unfocused on any one task. Not a good thing, in my opinion. Nothing felt casual about these encounters - it just felt like an MMO scripted and forced.

    All that being said, I'm speaking in past-tense because I plan to stop playing this mess and wait until I get a PS4 in hopes that I can stop feeling nauseated by the terrible graphics and focused on what is a decent storyline. One can only hope.
  6. Nov 23, 2014
    Very few spells, mediocre story and character development, combat is fast paced and not tactical anymore. This game has lost everything that defined the first Dragon Age game. This game is even worse than Dragon Age 2. It has, however, reasonable graphics, and a very large world. It has many things to do, but they are rarely entertaining because combat isn't fun anymore. Expand
  7. Nov 21, 2014
    Complete ****. We need to get our voices heared at EA and express our disapproval. Check online for the Petition againts EA and Bioware from X019Q and file againts them! Share with your friends!! Expand

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