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  • Summary: A standalone adventure in which you play as Leliana during the mission--and betrayal--that changed her forever. It is years before the Blight, and Leliana is a young bard whose curiosities run more to passion than to the Chant of Light. Her mentor, Marjolaine, is determined to inflict the Orlesian game of intrigue on Ferelden. It is a time of adventure and excitement. And it cannot last. Expand
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  1. Leliana's Song is an admirable addition to the Dragon Age: Origins storyline, but with only three hours of content there really is nothing here to write home about. Fans of the game that are looking to gain some back-story on one of the game's main characters should definitely check it out as it offers insight to some of the dialogue and story segments mentioned during Origins.
  2. 70
    In the end, Leliana's Song is too short and adds nothing in terms of gameplay. If you want more gameplay, more spells and raised caps then there are other expansions, modules and campaigns out there at a higher price. However, I did enjoy Leliana's Song.
  3. 70
    It's short but packs in a lot of plot twists, fully voiced cut scenes and a number of conversations, as well as experience gain, room to level up, and the opportunity to customize your party to a degree. It's nothing revolutionary, but a solid addition to the ever expanding stable of adventures in BioWare's Dragon Age.
  4. While the content is very short, it is also a very enjoyable experience overall. The game itself does a great job of telling Leliana's backstory, featuring fully voiced cutscenes throughout Leliana's Song.
  5. If you loved Leliana you will love this and the price will be the only thing to make you pause for consideration before hitting the 'buy' button. For anyone else it is a far from essential addition to DA:O.
  6. 60
    This won't win any new converts to the Dragon Age cause, but fans of the series will be more than happy with this latest DLC. [Issue#195, p.102]
  7. In two hours of gameplay, you'll fight a few old and new creatures, but you won't find the compelling content BioWare has become known for. Ultimately, the DLC to Dragon Age: Origins comes down to two more hours of battles playing under the role of a bard.
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