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  • Summary: Set in Ancient China during the 3rd century, Dynasty Warriors 6 immerses gamers in a truly cinematic kung-fu action experience. Celebrated characters have been completely re-imagined with new weapons and fighting techniques motion-captured from some of today’s leading stuntmen and women in Asia. With the game’s new “Renbu” attack system and game controls, players can execute lightning-fast combos and the most dazzling fighting moves with ease. Developed from the ground up exclusively for next-generation platforms, the game's proprietary engine delivers the most chaotic and challenging Tactical Action experience to date. Players can use the landscape to elude the thousands of soldiers swarming the battlefield. But as players move and attack, adaptable enemy A.I. devises offensive and defensive combat tactics, and can retaliate with packs of fierce hunting dogs and patrol boats. All of the explosive action comes to life in high definition, 60 frames per second graphics. [KOEI] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 31
  2. Negative: 5 out of 31
  1. While not every change has been positive, the series was in desperate need of a fresh start, and now, in its sixth major iteration, it has one.
  2. With special effects-packed visuals and with higher production values than ever, Dynasty Warriors seems less niche than ever. [May 2008, p.81]
  3. For those who have never experienced the DW series before, this is the perfect place to start, and either find a challenging, delightfully tactical slice of unpretentious fun or unearth a deformed, unlovable, fossilised relic of a bygone age.
  4. We just wish Omega Force would step forward and issue a major upgrade for this franchise.
  5. The best non-Gundam DW game yet. That being said, it's still not a large enough improvement to justify purchase over the much cheaper last-gen models you can probably get for less than $10 at this point.
  6. This is just like every other Dynasty Warriors game ever, but somehow duller. [May 2008, p.115]
  7. 30
    Avoid this shameful anathema like a toilet cubicle with an unflushed poo in it. [Issue#164, p.94]

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Score distribution:
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  1. Apr 22, 2012
    This is a good game, but why Dynasty Warriors 6's game style is different than another Dynasty Warriors series? Renbu, no Square>Triangle combination, and another.... But the story make me to beat this game... Expand
  2. Apr 5, 2014
    Not a great start to the PS3 Dynasty warriors Trilogy

    I am a big fan of dynasty warriors ever since I started playing DW3, I have played
    DW3, DW4 and DW5 and I must say that DW6 is somewhat a step backward.

    Firstly the characters in the game are nothing like in the history book, for example Why the F**K does Sun Jian have white hair. Why the hell is Lu Bu welding Hula Hoops in combat ffs, and why ON EARTH has Yuan Shao gone from being a proud noble man albeit slightly arrogant to being a Spoil t little brat. The characters have turned into these fantasied characters which ultimately lend nothing to the game.

    Lets talk about the lacklustre battles in this game. Firstly why is there no Si Shui gate mission, They basically cut out a crap load of important battle events which defined these finds and turned them all into borderline generic missions. I mean seriously in the battle of Chang Ban why isn't Zhang Fei left to hold the bridge from oncoming enemies.

    Finally the pathetic combat system fails to delivers a balanced combat system. The "Renbu" systems makes no sense, Why the hell do I have to essentially "warm up" my characters to get them to fight better.

    I could go on forever but ultimately this DW6 is an embarrassment to the series and should be avoided unless you are a hardcore fan of the series

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