• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Oct 18, 2011

Mixed or average reviews - based on 5 Critics

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  1. Oct 29, 2011
    Like SingStar Dance before it, Everybody Dance is a huge amount of fun with a friend, and even more with 20. It's still not the complete article, and we'd expect Just Dance 3 to snatch the lead when released in December, but for now this is some of the most fun you'll have with Move.
  2. Dec 2, 2011
    Everybody Dance is no Dance Central, nor is it a Just Dance, but it is a heck of a lot of fun.
  3. Nov 16, 2011
    And behind the fairly generic title is... a fairly generic, though solid, dance experience for those with a PS3, a PS Move and the urge to dance.
  4. Oct 28, 2011
    Throw this game into your system, put a Move controller into a friend's hand, and watch them jump around with a smile. That's the main draw with Everybody Dance, especially if you have a second Move controller to take advantage of the partner routines. But as a score-based video game, Everybody Dance misses a few steps.
  5. 60
    Everybody Dance certainly isn't the greatest dance game on the planet and lacks depth in most of its features, but for the moment it's the best you'll do for a fun dance game on PS3 and makes for a decent party game, so if your looking to get groovy with the Move this is the way to go.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 8 Ratings

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  1. Jan 16, 2012
    Let me start by saying that Everybody Dance is a late entry in the dance genre and has big shoes to fill. With top notch dance games like Dance Central taking the throne and the very popular Just Dance series already a well known franchise, is there room for Everybody Dance? The simple answer is absolutely. If you're familiar with the Just Dance franchise then this installment should feel fairly familia r to you. You have one control that tracks your movements, (I'm not going to get into the whole "you don't even have to dance to score in this game" because odds are, if your buying a dance game and only moving one arm you have no business buying it in the first place.), an onscreen dancer to follow, and a fair mix of top 40 hits and older hits from decades ago. Compared to Just Dance 3, Everybody Dance has the better tracklist in my polling and research. And the included kareoke/singstar mode spices things up a bit from other dance games.

    As said before game play is tracked through one motion wand in the right hand, and for the most part is pretty accurate. Moves are ranked in X, OK, Good, Awesome, and Flawless. There are moments that an X appears and you are unsure why and that can be frustrating. But those moments are pretty few and far between. This is a PARTY game and Everybody Dance really shines with its PARTY game mode. Up to 20 players can battle it out in head to head match ups. After each battle the game selects a highlight from the dance and that can be saved and uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or the ED community. This provides for hours of fun. Literally. If you get a group of friends together that like these sort of games prepare to go into the night and sometimes early morning. I am giving this game an 8/10 because it simply COULD have been more. Using another motion controller, although can be expensive, SHOULD have been an option for a more realistic experience. Also, maybe better tracking through the camera as well, although, that may be a system limitation. All in all this game is the best dance option for PS3 users and is a MUST have for move party games.

    (There were some small things I left out as far as features, but hey, its a user review. ;))
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  2. Oct 24, 2011
    This is a very good, very fun game.

    I have four kids ranging from 13 to 6 and they all enjoyed the game throughly.

    There is a solo, battle
    mode and a dance partners mode where the two work together and spin and take solo sessions and everything. The songs are a welcome bleed of modern Pop to some R&B even some rap parts and of course some smooth classics. Even New kids on the Block!! no kidding. My wife and one of her friends played it and they are hooked. I cant dance at all and I still really enjoy the game for the workout aspect of it. I can't wait for new songs. After each performance you get to see tons of photos of yourself dancing out and even a video clip which you can post to Facebook or Twitter!

    My friend Stephanie used to be a professional cheerleader for the Pistons and she was amazed at how accurate it tracked her moves and they were quite amazing!! She did the professional mode too!!

    I fully recommend this to anyone who wants to laugh at their kids, get a workout or see your hot wife dance at home instead of a dance club that you didn't want to go to anyway.

    9/10 only because some of the moves are tricky to follow, but anyone with skillz knew them right away.
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