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  • Summary: (Downloadable Content) Continue your existing Fallout 3 game and finish the fight against the Enclave remnants alongside Liberty Prime. Broken Steel moves the level cap for your character from 20 to 30, allowing you to experience even more of the game, including new perks and achievements. Story: You may have dealt the Enclave a serious blow at Project Purity, but their forces are still out there, and still pose a grave threat to the people and security of the Capital Wasteland. In Broken Steel, you'll continue your current Fallout 3 character past the events of Project Purity, and work with the Brotherhood of Steel to eradicate the Enclave threat once and for all. Travel to new locations like the Olney Powerworks, wield destructive new weapons like the Tesla Cannon, and fight powerful new creatures like the Super Mutant Overlord. [Bethesda Softworks] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 7
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  1. Whether you actually do end up getting all the DLC, or can only choose one, just make sure you get Broken Steel.
  2. It's an add-on that is longer than most full games, well produced, with lots to do and see, new enemies and weapons, and it really sets the bar for any future downloadable content in this universe.
  3. It's rare that DLC simultaneously benefits the original game and expands upon in it a way that's satisfying for those that already finished the game, but Broken Steel does precisely that. Familiar though it may be, this DLC is an absolute must.
  4. 85
    By extending the game beyond the main quest, Bethesda has delivered exactly what the fans have been asking for. Broken Steel offers more than enough reasons to justify the $10 price tag.
  5. Whether you’ve played through the other two downloadable packs, or you’ve been waiting them out in favor of “Broken Steel,” this new addition is well worth the time and money. Hopefully there’s more to come, but even if there isn’t, at least Bethesda gave gamers a much more satisfying conclusion for their character.
  6. If you’re a fan of Fallout 3 and also a PlayStation 3 owner there really isn’t much reason to pass on Broken Steel.
  7. 60
    We just wish that there was a little more substance to the overall package and that it was free of bugs. [Issue#185, p.86]
Score distribution:
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  1. Sep 1, 2011
    probubly the best DLC just for the fact you can keep going after your game is finished . also it kinda gives you the real ending of the game . you also get alot more . your level is now capped at 30 , new perks , more quests , new places to explore , new enemies . all in all the first DLC pack you should get is this one for Fallout 3 . its well worth $10 Expand
  2. Nov 2, 2010
    Broken Steel is a must-have. Besides the story continuation, you can keep playing after finishing it, which is great. You face new mutants and ghouls and get new weapons. The level cap is now 30, motivating you to finish every quest you didn't do.

    Basically, get it to keep playing after finishing the story and reach lvl 30
  3. Sep 16, 2013
    A fair extension to the base game, although still hindered by Fallout 3's characteristic bugs and glitches. Expanding well upon the base game, this DLC's surely a worthy get! Expand