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  1. jakec
    Nov 6, 2009
    this dlc was the best of the series i think they should do more quest in space point lookout and operation ancorage was boring but got good free stuff
  2. mobius
    Nov 28, 2009
    though not as big as the other expansions this one i like the most. its as action packed as ancoridge but more fun with the tim burton typr aliens
  3. Apr 4, 2016
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mothership Zeta is the last and best expansion for Fallout 3. The idea of ​​a kidnapping by the alien UFO crashed, already present in the original game is simply good. Not very original, but always fascinating. The best thing about Mothership Zeta, in the plot, is the encounter of the Lone Wanderer with the other victims of alien abductions: Paulson, cowboy that comes from the Old West; Tercorien, soldier of the 108th Infantry Battalion during Operation Anchorage; Sally, a girl lived shortly after the Great War; Somah, a slaver woman of Paradise Falls; and...Toshiro Kago, a japanese samurai who comes from the 17th century. Each with its own story, each with its own time, with their own problems, each with their own personality, must work together to survive. People so distant in time and space, whose fate brought them together. The theme about alien's centuried observation of Earth and cryogenic detention and abduction is very good. And the way the story ends with the final battle between spaceships, in true Star Trek style, is simply gorgeous. The whole adventure has a beautiful sci-fi flavor.

    Mothership Zeta's gameplay and content is great: the alien ship is very big and labyrinthine to explore, the alien weapons are extraordinary, new enemies like the alien drones and, above all, the "abominations" (results of genetic mix between aliens and humans) are very nice. Longevity is excellent; in fact Mothership Zeta lasted at least 10+ hours to complete it decently.

    I heard a lot of criticism about Mothership Zeta. I don't understand: it is great, complete and fun. Then if you don't like pure sci-fi, well, that's your mistake.

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  1. Bottom line: only alien or space nuts will enjoy this download pack. Every “different” facet of the mission feels very rushed, and a lot of aspects even feel repetitive.
  2. Play UK
    A real waste of time. [Issue#187, p.87]