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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 55
  2. Negative: 2 out of 55
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  1. 100
    Clearly, the power of the PS3 has been successfully harnessed because the game's speedy gameplay does not come with any sacrifice to graphical quality. The cars, environments, and race tracks all look close to photorealistic.
  2. Rich visuals and loads of gameplay options ensure your experience will be a positive one, packed with simulated Formula One racing that is surprisingly accessible.
  3. Pure Magazine UK
    Even rookie racers can pick up and play without spending too much time getting frustrated at the handling. [Mar 2007, p.54]
  4. The collection of innovative features and seriously sweet eye candy in Sony's Formula One Championship Edition set a new standard in console-based racing games.
  5. Play Magazine
    Progressive damage, super real lighting and weather effects, and full surround audio make it the vision of next-gen; great gameplay makes it incredibly addicting fun, and six-axis control makes it unique. [Apr 2007, p.47]
  6. AceGamez
    The best pure racing simulation I've ever played - F1 is to Burnout what Microsoft Flight Simulator is to Ace Combat.
  7. Don't look for it to shatter any sales records here in the U.S., but if you're looking for a technical racer that requires attention to be placed on tire wear, rather than the unlocking of vinyl decals, you will be in for a real treat.
  8. Formula One Championship Edition is easily the best F1 racing game console gamers have had the privilege of playing. Thanks to the power of the PS3 and Sony’s painstaking attention to every last detail, the console is now capable of delivering a sim experience that was previously reserved for high-end PC’s.
  9. F1 fans will enjoy this game without reservation. F1 fanatics will love this game and want to take it to bed, with the profound amount of customizability that may find Fernando Alonso scratching his head in places.
  10. A superb racing game. Enthusiasts of the motorsport will eat this up and ask for more. Everything about this game is a quality product, from the visuals to the gameplay.
  11. The game’s graphics are great although not phenomenal when compared to upcoming PS3 games like "Motorstorm."
  12. This is technical racing at its best. Sure, it has an absolutely mammoth difficulty to overcome, but they're lessons that actually make you a better driver, and as one of the most exacting sims out there, it's like almost nothing else.
  13. This is one pure racing experience that will test your skill while dragging you deep into the detail and testing world of Formula One racing.
  14. It looks and sounds "next-gen," and the career mode is definitely deep, but it might be a bit intimidating for casual fans who just want to hop into a Grand Prix race and play. It could also benefit from more people actually playing online.
  15. The game is a triumph for simulation fans, and is moderately accessible to new players.
  16. These drivers get treated like absolute superstars, and ungodly amounts of money get poured into these racing programs, but that’s not conveyed enough here. I don’t want a caviar-eating minigame, but I think the series should reflect that F1 is about more than just fast cars.
  17. This is a game built for the driving sim fan that likes micro-managing car setup and doing a lot of work. The controls are responsive, and the AI is also very good.
  18. 80
    In the long run, we love F1's purity; while it can seem too much at first, the stringent driving model is ideally suited for Formula One racing. An arcade leaning would make the game more accessible for a broader audience, but would also sell short the enthusiast appeal of the sport.
  19. 80
    F1 is a tough sport, but it's a wonderful one. Championship Edition captures that astonishingly well, although it stumbles with fully implementing the online features, and the lack of force feedback is murderously noticeable.
  20. Formula One Championship Edition’s high-definition graphics, intense sense of speed and ability to be appeal to rookie and veterans alike makes me happy that the franchise finally reappeared in North America.
  21. While it's by no means a perfect recreation of the sport, it does a lot of things very well. Casual fans might be best advised to stay away though, unless prepared to invest a lot of time into learning circuits and how to drive the incredibly powerful cars.
  22. PSM Magazine
    Not to worry though, Formula One Championship Edition offers some of the truest-to-life driving we've seen, while also being the Burger King of F1 racers--you can have it your way. [May 2007, p.72]
  23. Formula One has steadily garnered some following, and Sony has finally done the sport justice with this realistically thrilling racing experience.
  24. A great recreation of the sport and a fine game to boot and is perhaps my favourite title among the PlayStation 3 launch line-up.
  25. A strong racing title for hardcore F1 fans or purists of the racing genre. While the gameplay is its strong suit, the problematic graphics, lack of good sound engineering and long qualifying rounds may have some gamers losing patience with this title.
  26. Games Master UK
    Technically excellent, if dry, representation of the sport. [Apr 2007, p.79]
  27. The most accessible F1 racing game to date.
  28. Formula One Championship Edition provides a good balance of arcade and simulation gameplay.
  29. 75
    Lovers of Formula One will get a huge kick out of the way it wallows in the culture of the sport...That said though, its biggest flaw is that, rather than providing you with an experience that makes you feel like a Formula One driver, it instead seems to require that you practically need the skills of one to truly succeed.
  30. The hyper-realism is impressive at first, but Championship Edition lacks the flash and fanfare of most racing games. The mild weather conditions and tiring voiceover do little to shake up the core game.
  31. It's an astounding racer that offers a lot of depth and reward to dedicated players, but might scare away the novices.
  32. 75
    The fact that it controls superbly well and contains some of the best tracks in the world means that if you’re a racing game fan you could almost completely ignore that this is an F1 game and enjoy it solely on its driving merits.
  33. 74
    Championship Edition is super-realistic. Perhaps too much so for its own good. For F1 buffs it is ideal, but if you want an adrenaline-pumping ride on PS3, there's another game, with a big desert and mad vehicles, which does it all much better I'm afraid. One for the fanatics, then.
  34. It’s great to see Formula 1 come back to the North American gaming scene, and Championship Edition is a very solid entry. But it’s a bit disappointing that, outside of the shiny new PS3 graphics, F1 still has all of the same problems we were seeing in these games years ago.
  35. The online play is fairly impressive, with a field of up to 11 human competitors that’s rounded out by another 11 AI opponents. The only real problem with this game is that it’s just not fun.
  36. 72
    Things aren't perfect. The Career mode requires that you leap over a rather large hurdle before you can jump into a race, and things like the collision-free online play may irk some.
  37. The game doesn’t feature spectacular crashes or a significant ability to modify your vehicles. Instead players are forced to perfect laps and drive very accurately meaning the title is either a hit or miss, there’s very little in between.
  38. Though its presentation is rather dry, Formula One Championship Edition is a good racing game that straddles the fine line between being accessible to newcomers yet deep enough for longtime fans of the series.
  39. Play UK
    Whilst playing it on the hardest difficulty seems pointless to anyone but the most hardened of fans, the game has seen a significant hike in quality and fun since the last one. It's just the balance of the difficulty that isn't quite right. [Issue #150, p.76]
  40. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Yeah, F1 looks great, but I felt more like I was guiding the camera around the track on a flyby than driving a 19,000-rpm racing beast. [Apr 2007, p.84]
  41. Championship Edition is super-realistic. Perhaps too much for its own good. For F1 buffs that's ideal, but if you want an adrenaline-pumping ride on PS3, there's another game, with a big desert and mad vehicles, which does it far better.
  42. 70
    The biggest downfall is the racing itself. Aside from Quick Race, you have to do more solo practice laps than I cared to do. I wanted to fight for position and not try and constantly beat my old time by me being the only car on the track. When the big race finally came, I was bored of the track and wanted something else to do.
  43. F1 Championship Edition will only disappoint those expecting a quick and easy ride. The game was built to challenge throughout each lap, with a demanding Career Mode and its uphill learning curve. On the other hand, those who want something more out of their racing games should find it a valuable investment.
  44. Formula One: Championship Edition is clearly aimed at real racing game fans and those people, whether they're playing a simple quick race or time trial, in career mode, Grand Prix Weekend, World Championship or with others online, should certainly be satisfied here.
  45. Formula One Championship Edition is a weak debut for F1 on PS3, trying to hide its complete lack of progress and innovation behind a high-def exterior; but it’s not all bad.
  46. 60
    The tweaking and decent gameplay salvages things, but the caps the game's developers put on things leaves you struggling to have fun instead of it coming naturally.
  47. It doesn't contain any real surprises and it does exactly what you'd expect a Formula One game to do. It's a faithful simulation of the sport: just like the real thing, it's mildly diverting, good for soaking up a hangover at the weekend but goes on far too long.
  48. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Formula One is far from terrible, but it simply can't compete with the balls-out brilliance of "Motorstorm." [May 2007, p.88]
  49. Players who put in the time and effort will receive a stimulating and demanding experience.
  50. Fortunately, if you are an F1 purist, you will discover a comprehensive and challenging simulation that offers long-term appeal.
  51. games(TM)
    It’s tedious to keep referring to this latest F1 release with the words, 'as in previous versions', but unfortunately that’s the generic and clichéd approach that has been taken with the latest in the series. [Mar 2007, p.121]
  52. How well can you follow a big green line? The game shows you the shortest distance around the track -- a green line to follow. The line turns briefly red when you come to a turn, but don't ease up on the throttle, because the game slows your vehicle down for you. How boring is that?
  53. There's a bit of a high learning curve to get over in order to find much enjoyment or excitement in the game, although fans of the genre or sport in particular will likely not mind at all.
  54. This really very attractive game is hand-wringingly dull. Here's why: the handling is terrible. In fact, it's so flawed there's simply never a time when it's fun, or even satisfying, to drive these cars.
  55. Edge Magazine
    As far as either an authentic simulation or a fun re-imagining goes, it’s like some strange negative of the emperor’s new clothes; the pretty wrapping is there but the body is not. [Mar 2007, p.83]
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  1. JamesJensen
    Nov 11, 2008
    The reason the "professional" game reviews are relatively low is because this game is HARD. Guess what? So is driving an F1 car. This gameThe reason the "professional" game reviews are relatively low is because this game is HARD. Guess what? So is driving an F1 car. This game appeals to die hards like me who enjoy having to run an error free race just to barely win by 2 seconds. Career mode is fun, but full of conceptual errors, such as when you are promoted to first driver, the original first driver is relegated to test driver (why would Renault bench Alonso rather than Fisichella???). During the race, it's also annoying how you are the only one who will ever spin on oil. And in the rain, it's aggravating how all the other drivers are only a few seconds off the dry pace while remaining on the dry racing line. But all in all, this is a great driving game, and a must have for anyone who takes their driving seriously. Full Review »
  2. ScottR.
    Mar 31, 2008
    I wasn't totally sure what to expect from this game as I had never played an F1 racing game before. I chose to ignore the critics I wasn't totally sure what to expect from this game as I had never played an F1 racing game before. I chose to ignore the critics reviews and base my decision to purchase the game on the user reviews which scored the game 8.9. I am very glad I made that decision. I am practically obsessed with this game. I love the realistic driving physics and damage. The visuals are incredible and the difficulty has so much customization that you can keep turning off the driving aids as you get better at the game so the challenge is always relative to your skill level. This is the best driving I have ever played. Full Review »
  3. Sep 12, 2010
    This is one my all-time favorite racing games. In fact, I had never even watched an F1 race prior to getting this game. I enjoyed it soThis is one my all-time favorite racing games. In fact, I had never even watched an F1 race prior to getting this game. I enjoyed it so much, I actually now follow the F1 series in real-life and enjoy it.

    If you are into "simulation" type racing you will not be disappointed with this one. I would recommend that you definitely use a racing wheel however as that is much better than trying to control your car with a regular controller.
    Full Review »