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  • Summary: Known for its signature beauty and precision, the highly anticipated racer showcases new jaw-dropping cars, real-life tracks, and diverse racing styles. Gran Turismo promises to deliver exciting advancements to the series in the most comprehensive racing experience ever. [Sony]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 82
  2. Negative: 0 out of 82
  1. 100
    Kaz Yamauchi's passion for the racing sphere shines through every aspect of the game. The incredibly-detailed cars, the slick presentation, the spot-on physics. Polyphony Digital brought its A-game. Nothing else on the market can come close to the realism and immersion you feel throughout. Gran Turismo 5 is virtual racing at its very best.
  2. Dec 6, 2010
    Uncompromising in design and steeped in car loving snobbery, GT5 is a petrol head's dream. For gamers it's good, for car enthusiasts it's quite brilliant.
  3. Jan 2, 2011
    GT5 may have taken a lifetime to release, but it delivers on its promise of being 'the real driving simulator'.
  4. Jan 1, 2011
    I never thought I'd see the day I gave a Gran Turismo game less than a 9. And then GT PSP happened. The disappointment continues, but it's abated by what I can only hope are continued, frequent updates.
  5. Dec 12, 2010
    GT5 lives up to "the real driving simulator" tagline, but in almost every other respect, there lies a sense that the grandaddy has been lapped by the competition.
  6. Dec 6, 2010
    Considering the time it took Polyphony to complete what we believed would be a masterpiece, we really can't hide our disappointment. Although the number of cars, events and play modes on offer is surely impressive, Gran Turismo 5 is far from that level of perfection that the development team promised us during the last four years.
  7. Dec 6, 2010
    Gran Turismo 5's core problem is that the broad scope of all these game modes diminishes the polish of the general product. There's no denying the feel of the actual driving, but everything else that makes up the game feels tedious and half-baked.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 77 out of 373
  1. Dec 6, 2010
    This game is simply amazing, not usually into driving sims however this time i am onto a winner, amazing depth, and physics etc. Buy it, love it, live the experience. Expand
  2. Nov 26, 2010
    This game gives you so much in depth and hours of game play. Nascar included in the game, so many cars and online play. Just amazing!! The game has lived up to it's hype Expand
  3. Nov 24, 2010
    While it is easy for developers to create a game surrounded around sex and violence simply to cash out on a quick buck, Polyphony Digital does the exact opposite. They spend 5 years making one single game that does not involve anything the current videogame industry is obsessed with (zombies, apocalyptic environments, open world gameplay, first-person shooters, etc...) and it does is executed in an extremely classy way. Gran Turismo 5 couldn't feel more refreshing to the gaming-enthusiast, especially when a market is saturated with macho-men titles. Yes it is a blockbuster sequel, but that does not make it feel any less awesome. Expand
  4. Jun 11, 2011
    I'm not even going to try and deny that GT5 is massively flawed: it's graphically inconsistent, ranging from unbelievably beautiful to downright embarrassing at times, navigating the menus is a chore and the game seems strangely lackadaisical in terms of imposing some structure in the racing events, so nothing prevents you from leaving a pack of Nissan 350z's choking on the dust you kick up in a heavily modded Murcielago. But the only thing i really have to say, and i know a lot of people feel the same way, is that, to this day, I feel compelled to play this game for at least a couple of minutes every other day. maybe it's precisely because it is so devoid of personality and goal-oriented 'videogaminess'; it invites you to set your own challenges, create your own experience. To this day i still discover cars that i didn't know were in the game, and it appeals to me on an aesthetic level, to discover a classic car that you had forgotten about, buying it up and trying it out on a track. For me this game is less about the Veyrons and Zondas than about the Giulias and E-types, or trying to get every TVR in the game. Automotive Pokemon, if you will.
    The handling model is, to be frank, the yardstick by which i judge all other racing games, it feels incredible to drive, and while the racing may feel boring at times, i dare you to try and do a lap around the Nordschleife in the Suzuki Escudo Trial car without peeing in your pants a little.
    This is the thing, it doesn't try and stylise or embellish anything, if a car is boring to drive, that's probably because it really is. As a music fan, the fact that i can bypass the lamentable in game music and use my own playlist is bliss, even if the funk that plays in the used car dealership has become a running joke in my household, with everyone playing air slap-bass when it comes on.
    So, yes, it's a flawed, insipid, inconsistent mess of a 'game', and every so often i wish some kind of expansion would come out that would make it as perfect as it wants to be - i wish damage was a thing in this game, i wish the track editor wasn't such a pointless waste, i wish the standard cars just got a minor touch up - but ultimately GT5 is like a family member that you still love despite knowing how they lame they can be.
  5. Mar 1, 2011
    To make it as plain as possible, GT5 is a great racing game that should've been better. The cars handle well, the physics are great, and there's plenty of fun to be had in the special events. The problem is that this game is terribly uneven in itself. On onehand, the city maps and premium cars look stunning. On the other hand, regular terrain maps look generic and even bad at points, and standard cars aren't much better off than the old cars from GT4. Not to mention, even in premium cars, the shadows on the dashboard are extremely choppy. So what you get is a game that from certain angles looks breathtaking, and from others looks.. well.. bad. Another problem that's been brought up quite often is the menu system: the first time you load up GT mode, you'll feel intimidated and lost. Sure, you get used to it, but it was quite a hassle on day 1 trying to figure out how to play with a friend. The lounge music isn't all that bad and I prefer it to the heavy metal we're often littered with, but it doesn't really fit. There are plenty of events in GT5, but only a few "special events". These include things like NASCAR, rally, and kart racing. They're all extremely fun, but have very little in the way of variety. It almost feels like an incomplete DLC at times. My biggest gripe with the game has to be the collisions. Commercials led me to believe that the collisions in GT5 were extremely realistic, and I imagined damaged tires, dended fenders, oil leaks, the lot. Instead, what I get is a little bump to the side and some off-steering for maybe 10 seconds. The standard cars suffer no visible damage, while premium ones can get their hood dented after a couple 100mph crashes into barriers. The actual recoil from hitting another car is minimal. This was extremely disappointing. Some write this off, saying that you shouldn't be crashing to begin with. Maybe so, but in that case this should NOT have been a feature to "hype up".
    I've been focusing on the bads for a while, but there are plenty of goods. The game has a LOT of content, and is a genuinely fun driving experience. It's just that, given the wait/hype/etc., it could and should have been better.
  6. Mar 22, 2011
    I was once an amateur street racer and sometimes autocrosser. The problem with racing games is that they're too realistic and not forgiving enough. When I'm on the street I can hear my tires squealing when they're reaching the limit, I can feel my back end getting loose in the corner which encourages me to mash the gas. Without the car telling me these things I feel blind, but the excellent physics of the game demands I respond to this information that, if it's giving it to me, I don't understand. The tires squeal all the time, I can't ever look into turns to see where I'm going, and the mod prices and custom options are ridiculous - the same for every car. If you want a good racing game there is still no game better than Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. If you have a panoramic TV a racing simulation pod, this is probably one of the better racing games on the planet . . . if you don't it's merely a fairly interesting romp through flash cars and bad ass tracks. Expand
  7. Nov 12, 2011
    I was a huge fan o gt series, but GT5 just sucks hard. The car sounds like a vacuum cleaner, many cars dont have interior view... omg. They just arruined the game. Expand

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