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  1. Jan 4, 2014
    Gta V is a great game, you will play this game for much time, there is a lot of thing to do, it's also very funny and the graphics are amazing, you can choose a character to play and each one have different hobbies and personalities.
  2. Dec 10, 2013
    Most hyped and overrated game of the year, The first days were good until you finished the campaign. Multiplayer mode had its problems which R* took a while to fix. Then they lowered the amount of reward cash from missions. They still haven't published the heist for online mode like they announced before the game launched. This is easily one of the worst GTA games I've ever played.
  3. Mar 16, 2014
    The engine feels ancient and clumsy. The graphics are uninspiring, as is the music and audio quality. The game itself glitches, freezes, and crashes on an almost regular basis. The controls are so clumsy and non responsive that I've had to quit playing several times solely because the controls were so irritatingly clumsy and non-responsive.

    The solo gameplay is great for a couple of
    days. Once you beat it, there's really nothing left to do. Rockstar seems to have invested less of its time with fun gameplay content and more of its time with activities like golfing and tennis, arm-wrestling, and harassing your in-game cell phone with useless calls from equally useless NPCs.

    The online game is exactly the same, except without the day or two of storyline and mission content. It's basically just a sprawling plaza of uninspired mini games of "team deathmatch" and "Capture the briefcase" lazily laid out over the same world map. Playing GTA V Online gives you three choices: 1) Drive around the city and PVP 2) Do the same missions and quests over and over again for cash, or 3) play a better video game.

    I'm gonna go with 3 from now on.
  4. Mar 31, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Alright, so this game sucks monkey balls. I mean, you don't even have any super powers! I own all of the possible Superman and Spiderman comic books, so I totally know my comic book heroes, so don't argue with me! Rockstar isn't very clever for releasing this title. I mean, this is just a remastered edition of Call of Duty for the Nintendo Gamecube. I don't know why this is labeled as a PS3 game. I mean, that system is so ancient. I have a PS9, and I'm totally telling the truth. For every person that rates this game helpful, I'll give you a Lamborghini. FREE OF CHARGE! With limited entry. I'm totally someone you can trust. Thank you boo's. Good night. Expand
  5. Apr 2, 2014
    Im a huge grand theft auto fan but this is a huge disappointment in every way, they just spent all the money on the ads?!! how crazy is that?? Overall its not very good and doesn't live up to the hype...

    EDIT: Ok guys, the check from Rockstar finally came in. The game is actually a solid 9/10, please disregard the previous score. Thank you. - EyeOfTheTiger69
  6. Apr 29, 2014
    Terrible handling (esp. helicopters and planes), can make money only by playing story missions, no fast travel, optional objectives are shown after you complete the mission and you must unlock weapons by completing missions!! And a lot of the missions are very boring.
  7. Jun 26, 2014
    Does Rockstar send someone to your house to beat you up if you give their game a low rating? Admittedly, the game shows some technical excellence in graphics and sound. But the characters are drab and lifeless, the "storylines" are cliche, and it's so chock-full of juvenile subject matter, it's a depressing commentary on the state of gaming.
  8. Jul 12, 2014
    Overrated game. The world is fine, but then it remains. The story is mediocre. Multiplayer sucks.

    In fact, I pulled the story to force through. Since then, I have not touched the game.
  9. Sep 29, 2013
    Doesn't feel much different than GTA IV. Graphics are pretty outdated and the resolution is kinda low, gameplay is very much the same but the story is different and you have three characters to control this time around.

    All in all, a good game but it doesn't innovate, just a different wrapping to a familiar game. Still fun wreaking havoc.
  10. Sep 23, 2013
    While I did enjoy the exploration the story was at best, muddled. The game milks the initial conflict all the way through the end. There's no plot twists, no character development. My second gripe is that there's no vigilante helicopter missions nor ambulance missions, In short, after completing the game with all the side missions I don't feel compelled to play it any more at all. I really hope Rockstar doesn't try to charge me extra for content such as this. Expand
  11. Sep 18, 2013
    I try and make this as straight forward as possible and not come over as a fanboy, even though i have been a great fan of the series since they went full 3D with GTA 3. It's probably the most hyped game since the last GTA release, even people robbing people from their game when they bought it at a store! But beside that. Rockstar always tries to make their next GTA better than the last one, and they did! In GTA IV people were missing the huge map and fun activities you could do in GTA San Andreas, that is now returned, we have a huge map, allot of activities, you can just do a bike race, a triathlon or take your dog Chop to the beach and throw a ball. With the help of a real app for Itunes called iFruit you can make chop a better dog, like learning tricks and such that will benefit you in game as well! Only downside now for this app is that its using the Rockstar Social Club servers and they have been so busy since release it can't be used.

    The graphics look good, i did not expect a big improvement over the last GTA, but they sure did their best to make it look great and try and keep a stable framerate for a already outdated hardware. When you are driving real fast the framerate will take a dip down, but this was also present in the release version of GTA IV, they managed to fix that in a patch. I have no doubt we will get a patch soon. Only big downside on the graphics is the lack of Anti Aliasing so you got allot of jaggy edges going on. But for the current performance of the game i can live with that.

    The characters as always are very fitting for a GTA world, but this time they seem to be a mix of three previous GTA main characters, Michael look like a high roller from Vice City, Franklin like CJ from San Andreas, and Trevor more like Nico from GTAIV, only completely insane (how insane you might ask? He deviled a teddybear at one moment, thats how crazy!)

    The physics have been improved allot as well, cars handle more precise than in the previous GTA, where i crashed more than i wanted too! The rag-doll physics also are a great improvement and i can tell they used them prior in Max Payne 3. The fighting system also has gotten a needed improvement, and it can lead to funny scenes on the streets, especially when you cheap shot someone and knock him out in one punch.

    The missions are allot better, and they are allot more diverse than the previous GTA's, what i like the most was during the start of the game, when you start as Franklin, you are a repo men. Meaning you had to steal back cars from people who did not pay for them anymore! Basically making Grand Theft Auto Legal Theft Auto, but the main idea is still there! A funny addition to Franklin is Chop, that eventually becomes your dog, you can take him around for a walk, throw a ball around and when someone attacks you, he will take that guy out!

    Back to the missions, the big missions, are heists, they bring you more back into the heist instead of just go to the place and start the mission, like for the first heist, you rob a jewelry store, do you go in with allot of violence and witnesses? Or do you throw in sleeping gas in the AC and nobody will see you and escape quikly? If you choose the sleeping gas method, you have to a Exterminators fan and sleeping gas, choose the right crew for your mission, if you cheap out on one of your crew members, as i did with the guy who handled the weapons, you could loose a cut (of the profit) seeing he was very poor in his driving skills and crashed head on against a bridge while trying to escape on bikes.

    And there are of course more side missions from helping out strangers or mission that involve around the three main characters.

    The thing that stood out the most for me was how they made Los Santos even more feel like a real alive city than the previous GTA cities, when you are in Franklins neighborhood, basically a ghetto, you will see gang bangers around the corner, including with a guy on a small bike! Hookers,drunks and bums can be found in the alleys. If you go towards the beach area, that seems to be heavily inspireed by the area of Miami's Muscle Beach, you will encounter musicians, big muscled guys working out and people on the beach, and the beach really is a beach now, with towels, surfboards, lots of people sun bathing and the life guard towers are manned as well, there are even people swimming in the sea. If you walk across the beach shore, you eventually even come across a place where you can enter a triathlon! Where you start with swimming, than biking, and than running! your physical health also comes in play this time, run more, and you can sprint longer, shoot more, you get to become more handy with weapons!

    Overall, the game has been improved allot since GTA IV, and we havent even seen GTA Online yet with what looks to become very promising!
  12. Sep 22, 2013
    Best Game Ever Made Bottom Line.
    It's Sole Flaw is The New Rap Radio Station. Today's Rap Is Garbage Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, & All Of The Other Turds That Think They Can Rap Ruined The Soundtrack. The Classic West Coast Hip Hop Station Is Pretty Damned Good Except There Is To Much Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. GTA San Andreas Had The Best Soundtrack In The Series. GTA IV & Episodes Overall had
    a better soundtrack.. However this game is far better. GTA IV is a brilliant game especially for 2008 standards this game is well beyond it & the game of the generation. GTA V game of forever! Expand
  13. Jun 7, 2014
    PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!!PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! PC version now !!!!! Expand
  14. Sep 25, 2013
    What could I possibly say? Nothing, really. I just need to add my solid 10 to the table. It's another GTA and it's the game everyone expects it to be. The only major difference is the possibility to change characters, which is something very fresh and works well. This game is gorgeous, fun, hilarious, crazy, creative, and even though it's only out for PS3 and XBOX players, I guess PC players should prepare themselves because this game running on a PC is going to be epic. I read something on the internet that perfectly defines GTA 5: "it is so realistic it is almost boring". It's pretty much it. Expand
  15. Sep 29, 2013
    GTA V is definitely deserves a GOTY. There is so much to do, so many activities, random events and side missions. Story felt it a bit short, but it was probably because I played it way too much. What else... Graphics are good, not amazing, but still very good, voice acting is absolutely great, the characters are great and the game is actually really funny. It was also a great idea to bring a characters switching to this game. Pretty much the only thing they R* could improve is... Remove stupid glitches (there wasn't many that bothered me tough) and it would be nice if there would be more interiors and more things you could buy. No game is perfect, but Rockstar has made yet again an amazing game, with a amazing story and amazing graphics, so it deserves a 10/10. Expand
  16. Sep 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am at about 60% through the game, or game completion. No clue what that translates into storywise. I have been completing side missions and story missions pretty much evenly paced. Let me just say this, I love this game, it is one of the best, ever.
    But, there ARE some issues with it: First off, the graphics. They could be better, not on the PS3 or X360, then again my personal opinion is it should have been released for next gen, not current. The graphics are nice, don't get me wrong, but in this game the limitations of the hardware being used is the most apparent, ever.
    Second off: The map is huge, Ill give it that, but it I had been led to believe that there was more to be done. I don't know what I feel is missing, but something is missing, there are loads of side quests, I agree, but after one, two or three they all drop to a single common denominator, and it becomes just a thing to do. Entirely skippable, which I guess side missions would be, but I desired a bit more oomph.
    Third off: Controls; now for the most part the controls work, and work really well. But sometimes, and by sometimes it feels often since it is ALWAYS at the worst possible time it could happen, they up. Your character will spasm or do something you did NOT tell him to do, and then your dead. Not that dying really matters, 5grand and your good to go again, you'll even keep your weapons, but lose your car.
    Fourth: Cars don't get properly saved, so I have wasted a good 100k bucks on fitting and refitting cars, just to have them disappear, apparently rockstar is on the bug and will have a fix for it soon.

    Might seem overly critical, but in essence, these are minor things, at least for me, still felt they were worth mentioning. If you, like me, find that these things are minor, then get the game now. GTA V scores heavily on story, audio (VA included), gameplay (by and large, most control mechanics work really well, except for on foot and the ****ing choppers), size and scope, and also the idea of three protagonists. I have not at all regretted this purchase, and most others won't either. I will most likely get the game for PC aswell, when it comes out.
  17. Feb 17, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V is the most overrated game of the year, if not all time. Let me make clear, I don't think it's a bad game, it just an okay one. GTA V does nothing excellent in a game that does hundreds of things. Instead it does them average. From tedious driving to unresponsive shooting, GTA V is a bore to get through. Its story line is complete garbage and is a sad excuse of a story. While some missions are fun, particularly bank heist, most of them are just filler to make the game longer. Once you beat the game there is no reason to go back to it. Yea you can play golf, ride a bike, or skydive, but after a couple times nothing new is offered. GTA Online is also falls into its own trap. When you is a world with 12 others you get killed time and time again from guys with nothing better to do. When you decide to do missions, they get very old very quick, due to the fact that they are extremely bland. GTA V is worth a playthrough, but once your done with the main missions and spend a couple hours online, you will be glad its over. Expand
  18. Sep 29, 2013
    Pros: - Most playable GTA yet in terms of combat mechanics - Lots of fun missions - Great graphics (for consoles) - Great voice acting - Well crafted world - Rockstar are putting real effort into the MP this time (we'll see how they do on Oct 1st) - Very funny writing Cons: - I don't know if it's because I'm a PC gamer and not used to console controls, however I still don't think the combat is all that great, close combat sucks, it's hard to work out where people are also as often they're not shown on the mini map.
    - Stealth sucks, you cannot stealth anywhere with it really, again enemies don't have a cone of vision or often not on the mini map so it's hard to see where to stealth, the animation is also crap, hard to tell if you're even in it.
    - Radios suck
    - Lack of interiors
    - World feels smaller than they were claiming
    - The story is weak, it's not very well paced and individual character stories seem to end very quickly
    - Poor supporting characters, GTA 4 had Brucie and Packie who were amazing, GTA V doesn't really have anyone who is memorable, even GTA SA had a much better cast.
    - Damage is toned down, vehicles don't deform like they did in GTA 4
    - The driving physics are a step down from 4 IMO
    - You die too easily now, it's no fun to crash your car to destroy it or to run around causing chaos because you cannot take much damage any more.
    - Shooting from vehicles sucks, too hard to tell where you're aiming half the time.
    - Vehicles do not catch on fire to give you a warning when to bail anymore, they just randomly explode, again this makes it unfun to try to see how much damage you can cause to your vehicle.
    - slightest shunts can destroy a wheel making the car impossible to drive.

    etc etc.

    This is by far the world GTA released relative to the time released, it really doesn't feel much of an evolution over GTA 4, it's worse in some cases, I just expected more 5 years later than just better graphics.

    There are many more good and bad points, I'm just listing the ones that spring to mind.
  19. Oct 16, 2013
    Perfect in every way I can easily find myself lost in this enormous world in the months to come. My only complaint would be that it really wasn't challenging enough and the ending could've had more thought put into it. Too simple for my taste, but really it's insignificant when compared to the rest of what the game offers. Current gen games can't get better than GTA V. Rockstar outdid themselves once more Expand
  20. Oct 19, 2013
    It's a good game in every aspect except for the story.
    There's no catchy story, you just are sent somewhere to kill someone, then steal something in order to robe a bank, or assault a car.
    I feel a little bit disappointed now, because the game was getting almost perfect reviews everywhere and I think there are a lot of better games around.
  21. Jan 7, 2014
    This is just quite simply a remarkable achievement in gaming and one of the best ways for the PS3 to bow out.

    I could go on for hours about the look and feel of the game (driving along with them skylines is just incredible), how good the characters (Trevor is my favorite without a doubt) but its the overall scope of the game that makes it so immersive. It could have been a huge downfall
    combining so many different aspects into one game but even the mini games like golf and tennis play better then other games that are devoted to just that sport.

    I cannot wait to see what Rockstar do on the PS4, very well done to them.
  22. Sep 24, 2013
    Like others have said, GTA V is what GTA IV should have been. That being said, I wish it had been. I love GTA V. Everything has been improved and then some. Driving is more realistic. I can actually make turns going 25 miles per hour now. To add to that, Franklin's special makes driving even more entertaining. Motorcycles act like motorcycles now and can make pretty incredible turns and maneuvers. The addition of planes increases the wide variety of vehicles and machines to operate, much more than in GTA IV.
    The character animation also has been improved. There are now facial expressions and animation body parts (over-exaggeration). Even AI characters on the street look good.
    The world is also much bigger. When I say bigger, that is an understatement. The world is ungodly huge. Being bigger than San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA IV combined, no wonder this game received a 95 or higher from almost every reviewer. That being said, this game is one of the greatest ever made. If you don't like brutal murder and swear words every other word, then buy this game because it's so much more. If you do like those things, you should already own this game.
  23. Oct 15, 2013
    The buggiest game I've played in years.

    At its core there is a brilliant game in here somewhere. When it does work it's a great game that's great fun and far more so than any other open world game. However, this game is bugged beyond belief. Clearly it was rushed out to try and come out before people invested in next gen consoles and it really shows. The game crashes during
    installs, it crashes during loading, it'll freeze as your driving down the street, your character will carry invisible weapons, you'll drive through walls that shouldn't be there. And this is just the story mode, lets not even talk about the horror that is the online mode.

    It's the sort of release that I'm sure will highly benefit from the fact that you can release patch for consoles in the modern era. But if this game had come out on Playstation 2 like this, the franchise would be dead,
  24. Oct 5, 2013
    I've been playing video games since the mid 80's and have owned numerous systems. Whilst I'm not a hardcore gamer I have seen the industry grow over three decades to become the leading entertainment phenomenon. I must confess to never having played a Grand Theft Auto game until this one as the premise of the previous games didn't appeal to me. I'm no liberal, it's just that they seemed to try to shock for publicity sake and to attract a particular male demographic and in all honesty I found them somewhat immature and puerile. Well haven't I now eaten humble pie! Whilst I wasn't caught up in the years long hype surrounding GTAV that gameplay trailer released a few months ago peaked my interest so I preordered it. After playing GTAV for nearly 30 hours I can say without even the slightest reservation that this is the greatest video game I have ever played. Period. It's open world is by far the most astonishing thing I've ever seen in a game. I cannot grasp how Rockstar have created such a vast world that is fully explorable with virtually no boundaries. It's crammed with such astonishing detail it blows my mind. I am hooked, totally. I never want it to end and it's reset the bar for what games can be. Every other game pales in comparison. It took the open world style perfected in Red Dead Redemption and thrust it into a contemporary Los Angeles with a satirical twist. There's just so much to do, or not to do as you can just live in the world if you so chose, playing golf, driving around in fast cars or any number of other pastimes. Some of the mini-games are as polished as other full games. It's also the greatest looking and sounding game I've ever seen. The environmental effects are sublime and I defy anyone to find a better looking game currently available. The most important aspect of any game is the actual gameplay mechanic itself and in this respect GTAV has it nailed. Driving, shooting, everything feels just right. This game is polished and reeks of quality craftsmanship. It's addictive beyond belief and the hours you put into it just fly by. The three main protagonists are all superbly realised, scripted and acted. Even the wildcard Trevor manages to be equal parts endearing and frighteningly repulsive. The games sense of humour is spot on from character dialogue to the myriad visual gags, there's a scathing wit running throughout the whole game and modern Americana is the prime target. Hats off to Rockstar, they've stolen the crown and have my highest admiration for their ability to push both the medium and current gen technology to new levels. My new favourite game of all time. Expand
  25. Dec 8, 2013
    Not as great as everyone is saying. There is a lot to do but you will find the side missions repetitive, boring, or uninteresting. The big map is more than half countryside which isn't fun to explore. Online is okay though character creation is poor. Main story isn't to good.
  26. Oct 23, 2013
    I've completed 80% of all the challenges this game offers, and got the achievement for exploring all of the map. I was quite underwhelmed by the story. I expected something fresh. Like a sudden china town mission or catching a whale or something. But it stayed way within the GTA formula, using some non-exceptional settings spread around the map, and it never felt like anything was really at stake.

    The shooting mechanics are not deserving of a game world of this caliber. You can read about that before you buy the game if it matters to you.

    The side missions were often more 'wacky-fun' than the main ones, and they made me like the game more. The best thing about GTA V is the satire, which is uniquely expansive and cynical. Oh and the soundtrack might be the best GTA soundtrack ever. So many lyrics that comment on the game. So many hidden gems from recent music history.

    The worst thing about the game (GTA games infamously have one element that sucks) was diving for collectibles. Outside of the main missions, I spent one full hour diving for 30 x 'nuclear waste' and it might have been the most boring fetch quest I've ever played.

    I've played the game for about 40 hours and I could still keep playing it for more achievements, not mentioning Online which is 'acceptable' despite crazy loading times and often mediocre sessions. A game that ticks all the right boxes but nonetheless plays like yesteryear's. A bit like a really big Fifa game with a new campaign and new amazing stadiums. It could just benefit from a game-changer, like when planes were introduced.

    All in all, a very polished and ambitious GTA game. Maybe the most ambitious, and certainly the most expansive and detailed. But also the one where each gameplay element doesn't feel as rewarding as back in the old days of difficult gameplay.
  27. Sep 22, 2013
    It just looks so good for console and the main characters are so awesome. The map is f***ing massive like there are tons of things to do. I only have noticed framerate drop few times in cut scenes but never in gameplay. Only downsides are aiming and poor antialiasing. Mouse aiming is just so much better. Still I give this game a 10 and it's hands down the best game this year. It is also in my top 10 video games of all time if not even in top 5. Expand
  28. Sep 21, 2013
    Its GTA its back and its definitely worth the purchase!
    You will cry you will laugh and you will be shocked through the 30+ hours playing this
    There is so much things to do and i swear you will never be bored playing this
    If it`s one thing i can think of that`s bad it`s the fist combat but it`s not really a big thing since the game does n`t center around it that much
    A lot of pc
    elitist are giving it a bad score so ignore all those 109 reviews.
    Get this game just get it you owe yourself to have this!
  29. Sep 22, 2013
    Ideal GTA.:)
    This should be GTA4. Five years ago. Beat sandbox. Best of the best :)
    One of the best game of this generation and its beautiful finish.:)
  30. Sep 21, 2013
    Rockstar has highlighted once again why they are the best developer in the business with their latest installment of Grand Theft Auto.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 excels in so many different ways its beyond belief its almost impossible to praise everything in this game because of the sheer amount of content and possibilities, and is fully deserving of all the positive reviews and scores it has
    achieved thus far.

    The story telling in this game is absolutely sublime, and everyone involved in the voice overs and acting has done an excellent job of portraying their characters in a way which other video games are unable to do.

    Improved mechanics in this game has given us many games rolled into one, the driving is superb and at one point blasting through the hills in Vinewood, it felt like the Need for Speed game we always wanted, but without the awful forced drifting. The shooting mechanics for GTA as always are fantastic, and at last have made it more of a challenge to shoot with the buzzards in comparison to TBOGT.

    There is a reason this game has becoming the fastest selling entertainment product to hit £1billion of all time, and its because quite frankly this is the greatest game ever created and puts the developers who rehash the same game every year such as Activision, to shame. Rockstar have taken their time and delivered on everything we wanted and then some, from owning pets in the game, to heists online and even rallying.

    The added entity of GTA Online isnt even out yet, and already GTA 5 has received worldwide acclaim, lord only knows the kind of praise it will get on October 1st.

    Overall, this game is a graphical masterpiece with everything we ever needed, from being able to hunt in the wilderness, to modding cars and having our NFS fun, to planning bank robberies and stealing fighter jets from the military, there really is very little left out when you fully play this game, and even after you think you've seen and done it all, the game throws something else at you.

    My advice, ignore the negative reviews from those Call of Duty fan boys, they will all run off this game when Ghosts drops later in the year, and read the reviews of the overall gamers who play all games to a solid level. GTA 5 is a MUST play game, just like Skyrim was a few years ago, and LA Noire a few years before that, its a game which yet again has changed what we perceive as great, in this constantly evolving industry.
  31. Sep 22, 2013
    Beautiful graphics, great game play. It's a great game overall, the open world is beautiful and also the largest map out of the franchise. After completing the game's missions, you can really feel the connection with the characters. There is always things to do; from exploring to activities. I honestly can't wait for the online aspect of the game.
  32. Sep 30, 2013
    Just immaculate. The characters are interesting, the missions are fun, and the graphics are outstanding. The game is just so addicting that you never want to turn it off, which shows just how good it truly is.
  33. Sep 29, 2013
    It's huge, detailed and beautiful. Excellent game before we step up to the next generation. The best GTA so far. There is so much to do in this game; long story mode, side missions, exploring, different activities like golf, driving, tennis and parachuting... Excellent pacing and great variety in the storyline. Improved and fun gameplay. Many radio stations to listen and other great music. This is the best sandbox game out there! Expand
  34. Jun 26, 2014
    I have considered that playing essentially the same game over and over has worn thin, or maybe it just isn't fun at all. We'll see how I feel when it comes out on PC.
  35. Sep 19, 2013
    Ok first off I haven't played nowhere enough to really review this game but it seems unreal in its quality. It is obvious Rockstar has been working on this since gta4 and it really shows!!! It is a template for them for next gen but they have gotten so much out of this game on this hardware I can't believe it and shows these systems in the right hands can still create something new and beautiful. They easily could have used the same graphic engine as gta4 or red dead or max payne and they have improved on them all. People saying this game is no good or either ADD kids who don't pay attention PC gamers people wanting the online portion(my son) or they are just so spoiled by the great games these days they aren't noticing the detail. Its great I was amazed last night when playing how the characters feet even hit steps just right Get this game and love it unless your a child or pro life woman those are the only people I can say wouldn't like this game. Oh and the soundtrack is great. Back to Los Santos for me!!! Expand
  36. Sep 17, 2013
    Best GTA yet. Best map yet. Best characters ever and you get to pick which ones! the maps so big it puts all other sand box games to shame and makes Skyrims map look puny.

    I just want to lol at all the PC users who are down rating out of pure rage right. How immature you guys are its hilarious.
  37. Sep 27, 2013
    Its definitely a game that should not be missed but by the end I felt my expectations were once again too high for the GTA series or that the game itself just started falling flat.

    I had a level of excitement I rarely have in games from the first mission to the last mission. However, when I finally finished the final mission I just expected...I don't know...more. It's really hard to
    expect more from a game that gives you so much but the game felt like a jack of all trades, master of none. everything from gun play, driving, flying, and sports all felt solid but none of them felt great. None of them felt like something that would be easy to learn and hard to master. Its like everything was fun to do but I always wanted a little more.

    My main gripe with the game was I felt like there was too much hand holding. The game was easy and rarely did I fail any missions. I suppose turning off the gun locking system could somewhat alleviate that but that't not how I want the game to be harder. I wish the game let me figure out how to do my own heists. Maybe walk me through the steps needed to plan it or to let me just try to go in guns blazing without a plan. Every step of the way you're just walked through how to do everything you need to. It wasn't that the heists weren't fun because they were. but like a lot of other fun games, they leave dreaming about how it could have been done better.

    My second gripe is that the city is huge and the story doesn't really let us get to know it like I had hoped we would. I hoped that more places would become familiar to me around the map. The map is so full and detailed that as the major character in the game, I wanted to really get to know it better. I do like the fact that the game doesn't force you to do much and lets you experience certain aspects of the game if you want to, but sometimes you really have to go out and look for things to do by yourself.

    My third and final major gripe is the story or more the end of the story. The story is fairly well written and the scripts were great and entertaining the whole time but things start to feel a bit rushed by the end and one of the final mission options is surprisingly anticlimactic. The other two options make absolutely no sense to the story line or the characters and frankly make a certain characters development pretty irrelevant by the end.

    I only wanted to share my gripes in this review because there is just too much to go over for all of my likes, Despite my gripes, this is a great game and I had a lot of fun playing through it. The music, the characters, the writing, the gameplay, the world, and just about everything else is just solid. I had no issues with bugs(although I did seem to lose a few cars that I thought would go to the impound lot) and the framerate was smooth. For some of the truly great games out there, by the end you want more but at the same time you feel complete. With GTA V I wanted more and more but I didn't feel complete.

    Who knows what DLC will bring to the game and I honestly hope R* plans to support this game with a lot of single and multiplayer content. Obviously GTA online isn't out yet so this review is focused only on my initial single player experience and I'm still anxiously waiting to trying it out.

    Its a fun game and the sheer scale will make your jaw hit the floor. It looks and plays great but either my expectations were too high(likely) or the game actually could have been a little better in a few regards(also likely). Either way, it's definitely worth checking out.
  38. Oct 13, 2013
    This game is nearly perfect. So detailed and so magnificent. Gameplay is fun. However, there were several flaws in the game which I unfortunely had to take some points off and also confused me a little. Kind of away from what I expected. First, Some of the storylines are leaving me so many question after the credits rolled. The game left me so many mini cliff hangers and confuse messages. Trevor's apparently "love interest" just kinda...well I know she had to leave him because of her husband, but she often call Trevor once in a while and just wut. Am I the one missing something here? Or does the lady just want to annoy him for the rest of his life? (also he totally ignored Molly.) But enough about love, lets talk about the three main characters. Honestly, the pictures and the box art gave me a little bit of wrong idea of all three of their relationship, before I play the game. I thought they were like 3 best buddies and they all had big dreams and worked together since day one. So I thought they would be like super close. But I somehow could not feel the connection between the three of them. Especially Trevor and Franklin. I felt like they are just forced to work together and just all about business. Not just them, Franklin felt like he s kinda an errand boy and just want to get done. I think those two were the biggest flaws. Also, in-between the story, I thought there would be more. Like robbing the jewelry story I thought there will be more like that and Michael and Amanda's relationship. Rockstar procrastinate too long in the beginning. I thought there would be more right after he beat up the yoga I the only one? I think theres more but I don't want to point out all of them. But I did had a lot of fun playing this game, time went by like a jet. Expand
  39. Nov 3, 2013
    Is this the best GTA game? Yes, by an absolute long shot. Is this the best open world game? Yes, by an absolute long shot. Is this the best story in an open world game? Yes by an absolute long shot. Is this best game I've ever played in terms of fun? Yes, by an absolute long shot. Then why do I give it an 8/10? Because (since it is a console game) has a whole bunch of problems. For example, fuzzy graphics at times, low res textures in some models, weird pop in glitches, and stereotypical porno women. Expand
  40. Sep 18, 2013
    io penso che questo gioco sia il risultato giusto, ottimale di 250 mln di dollari spesi e 5 anni di lavoro
    e un gioco divertente longevo frizzante ricco di colpi di scena personaggi divertenti da potenziare auto di lusso barche elicotteri aerei moto d'acqua bici cani un sacco di attività ecc.. insomma il classico gta dei tempi di san andreas pero..quindi "IL MEGLIO". forse il fatto delle
    miliardi di cose da fare e una mappa cosi ampia alla fine ti lasciano un po interdetto sul "emmo che faccio??"
    Per chi come me nn ha piu 15 anni ed ha gia giocato a tutti TUTTI i gta si trova davanti un titolo fantastico divertente ma... sempre la stessa minestra (ovviamente se no nn sarebbe gta) ovviamente con aspetti diversi dagli altri (rapine sport mezzi ecc) ma pur sempre la solita faccenda..
    per chi invece magari ha giocato solo a gta 4 o (che a me nn e piaciuto: troopo lineare troppe poche cose da fare ecc..) a pochi altri titoli della serie, direi che e il meglio che si poteva aspettare il piu bel gta di sempre (con san andreas e i primi 2 gta)
    Una delle pecche e il SISTEMA DI GUIDA troppo arcade con macchine che sbandano a dx e a sx senza molti motivi ingestibili nello stretto e nel traffico intenso altra pecca magari un po la TRAMA E ALCUNE MISSIONI forse un pelo scontate e trama un po noisa alle volte
    Comunque questo e un gioco da comprare da tenere nn tanto per i voti che prenderà ma x il fatto che e un gioco eterno
  41. Oct 7, 2013
    I love this game. Perfect blend of open-world action-adventure and darkly comic social commentary. The three main protagonists were flawed but likable. Driving and shooting mechanics are flawless, and the stock market trading features are interesting. I've played my first playthrough in about 2-3 game days, but the checkpoint system is near-perfect. Lots of side quests, interesting characters and a story that is gripping and gritty with a touch of humor. I suggest you watch TV in your safehouses, especially the cartoons and commercials; they're a laugh riot! Recommended for someone new to the GTA franchise (like me) as well as veterans. Expand
  42. Oct 8, 2013
    Since the first time i have played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas i loved it and the open world games became one of my favorite type of games.

    Well everyone knows Grand Theft Auto so i won't talk too much about the basics and i will skip right to the game and what new features it brings.

    We have a large and interesting games that will make pass weeks or even months to explore it and
    discover every secret, stunt jumps and stuff to collect. The underwater/ swiming is perfect, the sharks are terrifying and will make you think twice before stepping in the water.

    We have TONS of activities, side missions and challenges to 'pro' (get a gold medal).

    A great story with 3 characters, something never seen in the GTA universe and a lot of crazy but awesome characters. The story involves drug and stealing that people are already used to see in GTA.

    Well i don't need to say much more. You have a game that you will play for a huge time (like Red Dead Redemption) and i great online mode.

    Great game, and one of the best games of this year! It's a must have for everyone that likes third person shooters, GTA games, racing and open world games.
  43. Oct 2, 2013
    Some people say that this didn't live up to its hype, if you know what they're smoking then I'd love to get some. Great game, but not perfect (that driving is not much different from GTA IV).
  44. Sep 19, 2013
    People have to remember this game is made on CURRENT gen.... everyone was expecting this amazing game with NEXT gen capabilities. For a PS3 game this IS amazing. My problems.... Car mods are VERY shallow... can't do nearly as much modding as R* led us to believe. No NITRO!!!!! WTF!!!!... No jetpack, no hydra, no Apache helicopter, no vigilante,fire truck, or ambulance missions. Al though they do have a fighter jet and a helicopter with missiles, so that isn't so bad.

    Air planes are way way too slow. I understand they couldn't make them real speed or else you would be around the map in 30 seconds... but my goodness they are SLOW (even the fighter jet)... not even close to what they show in the trailers.

    Basically any kind of modding is shallow (especially weapon modding).

    Even though I gave the game a 9/10... it's really more of a 9.8. And I focused on the negative stuff because that negative stuff only makes up about 0.01% of the game and there isn't enough room to list the other 99.99% of the game that R* got right.
  45. May 11, 2014
    What's unique about GTA 5 compared to any other open world action game is having 3 main protagonist come together in this engaging and branching storyline. You start off as Michael, a retired bank robber whose life is now miserable thanks to his family. Then there's Franklin, a former street hustler who's trying to escape the hood and make some good cash, but his friends keep
    bringing him back into trouble. Finally, there's Trevor, Michael's old Canadian friend and a guaranteed psychopath. You never know what he'll do next thanks to his explosive personality. All the other supporting characters (Lester, Lamar, Michael's family, etc.) are also interesting with their own stories as well. Thanks to some excellent dialogue and voice acting, all these characters really come to life, especially Trevor's character. Steven Ogg does an incredible job as Trevor. As for the plot, Rockstar does a great job branching the plot between these 3 characters. There are some twist here and there, there is an interesting backstory with Michael and Trevor, and it's cool seeing how all 3 protagonist meet up and get forced into all these missions. This is by far some of Rockstar's best storytelling yet. 10/10

    It's your classic GTA gameplay with the added feature of special abilities for all 3 characters. Michael can slow down time while shooting, Franklin can slow down time while driving, and Trevor can go into "rampage" mode and deal double damage while taking half damage. The biggest highlight of the SP is definitely the heist missions which reminded me a lot of Payday 2. The new in-game stock market is a nice way of earning some extra money on the side. The driving here is significantly better than GTA 4's realistic driving. Now it's back to the classic driving that's fast and sometimes out of control (in a good way). The shooting is still the same as in GTA 4, There are more weapons this time around to play with, San Andreas's skill system returns, and the map is way larger than liberty city. The only complaint I had was that the cops were too annoying at times. Overall, Rockstar did a great job improving on the classic GTA gameplay while adding some new things in as well. Also, the strip club here is vastly superior to any other video game strip club ever made ;). 9/10

    The game looks good on consoles (could look way better on PC), but I noticed some pop-ins that happened at times, and the frame rate also occasionally dropped when the action was heating up fast. Oh if only there was a PC version. 7/10

    All the gunshots, car sounds, and city sounds are really good, but the biggest shocker to me was how good the soundtrack was compared to GTA 4. The radio soundtrack contains rock, punk, pop, old school rap, hip-hop, techno, and other varieties of genres to choose from. I personally really like the rock, techno, pop, rap, and hip-hop stations (beats Russian stuff). Great job Rockstar on getting better music this time around. 9/10

    This is where everything falls apart. The Online was not only broken at launch (R* should've prepared for the high amount of traffic on their servers better), but the Online gets repetitive fast. after the tutorial, you're off to do missions, races, deathmatches, parachuting, and capture (CTF) jobs to make $ and rank up (level cap is technically 1000, but you stop unlocking items at 120). You can also try to interact with the other 15 players on the map, but most of them will just shoot you on sight for no reason (luckily, passive mode will help you as it makes you ignore player fire). Besides jobs, there's not much to do in GTA online. But there are some REALLY frustrating things about the multiplayer: The cops are more annoying here than in SP (their search times can take up to 1 MINUTE), most of the missions are fetch missions, the auto-aim makes shooting others more easier than in Call of Duty, and all the exploits (money and RP glitches) and hackers broke the game's economy and competitive circuit even more. To top it all off, R* SEVERELY reduced the amount of $ and RP you get from missions, making the game a chore to level up if you're an "all legit" type of player. This is still better than GTA 4's multiplayer, but because of the way R* marketed this, GTA Online is a MASSIVE disappointment. 5/10

    Verdict: GTA 5 has an amazing single player mode with a disappointing multiplayer mode. The graphics are good, the soundtrack is great, and the mission variety is large (with most of them being entertaining to play). If not for the mediocre Online mode, GTA 5 could've been a perfect 10. But just like with Far Cry 3 and the Tomb Raider reboot, a weak multiplayer is what ruins the whole package.

    Rating: 9/10.
  46. Sep 26, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V By Rockstar Games, is one of the Greatest games, of all Time, and one of the greatest games i've played in my entire life, Nothing more to Say.
  47. Sep 24, 2013
    Ahaha the very few negative reviews that there is have no warrant to them! LOL like almost 80% of the people don't agree. So i will go with the flow and mention that i love this game for what it is. San Andreas Meets Saints Row 2 Equal GTA 5 Level Awesome! I have no Issues with game-play i imagine someone complained about how hard some missions are but that is life of the open world games evil missions.
    The Way you switch between characters during missions is awesome as hell!
    Gun play is sort of like Red Dead Redemption meet GTA San Andreas.
    Entertaining to say the least of this game.
  48. Oct 7, 2013
    This game has everything we want from an open-world game. It took in all the merits from GTA series and RDR into one great game. Anybody who rates this game below a 7 is just trolling and doing it for the sake of pulling down the rating.
  49. Sep 17, 2013
    Felt like everything here was either a 10 or 0 so i figured I'd throw in my honest opinion on the game. Here we are. In three broad categories I've listed a bunch of random elements from the game in ranked order from good to bad. amazing, beautiful, awesome, great things: The world, obviously (size, detail). Driving Mechanics Characters Story Accessibility (in the most general sense of the word. You can do much more. Almost anything you can think of)

    Pretty good, but not that good ^:

    Fistfighting Mechanic
    Car Custumization
    Level Specialization
    Character transition
    Cop chases
    Only 1 or 2 glitches that made me lose cars and have to walk to new ones


    Ragdoll effect when you fall just looks ridiculous
    Shooting while driving is silly
    Auto aim is all or nothing. Either you literally scroll in between targets or have no aim assist whatsoever.
    The reticule. I lose track of it all the time. Think all gtas are like this so I'm probably just not used to it
    The garage system. I Feel like I'm losing cars I shouldn't be. And I don't think the map always shows the impound palce, although i've spent a good 10 minutes looking for it. Maybe I just haven't figured it out yet.

    I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things in all three categories, but off the top of my head this is what sticks out the most. As someone that has only played GTA games at other people's houses and never really wanted to buy it.. I can say I'm glad I did but all in all it's definitely got the feel of "just another GTA game" although it's way better than all the others. I think that might be what they're going for though. Because there are a lot of fans that want that I'm sure.
  50. Oct 5, 2013
    This is really a good game. A lot of people were starting to forget about the current Gen systems. But before you switch, PLAY THIS GAME. It's awesome.
  51. Feb 15, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V Review:
    Pros/ Good Points:
    + One of the biggest, most detailed and alive worlds ever created. Heists are amazing, with the developers letting you choose who to go with and how to do it. Diverse and completely fun missions. Character switching is an exceptional addition. A way more "consumer friendly" driving, and tons of customization. Cousins don't call you to go
    bowling. It has a lot of activities to chose from in the free time. Weapon wheel. Top-notch voice acting. Great flying controlls. Frame rate rarely drops. A long and enjoyable single-player campaign, but also a ton of side quests. Online is really fun with friends/ crew. Impressive graphics, not the best, but still very impressing. The sound of weapons, walking, sea and many others feel correct. Great Trophy list. Outstanding Ocean and what is to be found in it's depths. Mostly bug free during the whole experience.
    Cons/ Bad Points:
    - Though the missions are really fun, the story is weak and not very interesting. Really weak female characters. Controls haven't improved a lot. The Original Score is weak and only has a few good themes in it. The animals and hunting in the game barely gets atenttion, which is really wasted potentiall. No Animals in Online. The Online portion of the game has a lot more content than the singleplayer. Buggy and no heists at the launch of GTA Online.
    Final Thoughts and Score:
    Grand Theft Auto V was the most anticipated game of recent times. Unfortunately it doesn't fully deliver on it's promise. Some weak narrative and not very improved controlls make the game fail to achieve greatness, however, Grand Theft Auto V is a technical achievement and a worth playing game.
    Average Score: 8.8/10
    For Assassin's Creed Reviews go to:
  52. Oct 28, 2013
    This game is sick and not in a good way, the way it shows life is a sick and twisted look at the scum of the earth. Noone should play this trash and it should be pulled off the shelf and burned, who puts a torture section in a game then what sick person pays money to play it. There is nothing worth your time here in this sick sick waste of time and money.
  53. Sep 24, 2013
    After playing over 20 hours; I can safely say, this is one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. Makes me feel as if I'm inside of the movie "Heat" And hey, all of you fans of GTAV? Trust me, go watch it if you haven't seen it. You'll see a strong influence from this 1995 classic!

    And to anyone who'd rate this game lower than a 5? Is simply drinking their own haterade go back
    under the bridge, troll nobody is going to listen to your smear campaign.

    I keep asking myself the same question a lot of gamers are asking right now. Do I consider GTAV the best video game ever made? That right away speaks so much about this title. Truthfully, It's hard for me to say. That being said, I don't think I, or anyone else, has any business rating this game until they've finished it, it's THAT big. Theirs THAT much to do.

    But, it's also such a well made game, that I needed to get on here and give it my opinion especially when seeing 132 negative trolls.

    Witty humorous dialog, a blast to play, enthralling storylines that twist and turn, excellent graphics, and a huge amount of of things to spend your money on, makes for an incredibly addictive, if not memorable, experience.

    By far, the heists are my favorite part of the game. When that music starts up? (Again, go watch Heat. You'll see what I mean!)

    The only thing that encourages me more about this game is the door being left wide open for future DLC. I hope they add as much as they added with GTA IV, if not more.

    Listen, to me? A 9 is a masterpiece. 10? That'd be the best game ever made.

    My honest to god feeling is somewhere between 9 and 10. I do want to dock a half or quarter point, simply due to the PS3 literally being pushed to it's limit to run this game at a playable level. Make no doubt, it IS playable extremely playable but as someone who maintains a legit gaming PC? I expect sustained frame rates of 45 or better. Thats simply not possible on the PS3 with this game its too much (I'd be scared to see how the 360 is coping!) Nonetheless Frame rates of mid 20's to mid 30's? That's perfectly playable. You may not even notice if you aren't a big PC gamer.

    Is it the most enjoyable game I've ever played? Wow... Yeah, I think so. Honest to god I think it is. Does that make it the best game I've ver played? Well... if it ran a tad smoother? Maybe... Still the fact that so many of us are even having this conversation is incredible praise, considering I've been gaming since 2600 and C64.

    That's all irrelevant I'm giving it a 10 anyway; not just because it deserves a 10, but because at its LOWEST, it deserves a 9 but thanks to all the butt hurt crybaby's with sand in their vj's, with the gall to rate this title any lower than 5? Then I'm going to do my part, as a life long gamer, to balance it out.

    Literally; some of you need to take off your grandma's panties whats the point actively working a smear campaign? Has the press not spoken with overwhelming praise? Did you not think most of us already knew how well made it was? Or, we're you just offended somehow. By a video game. In the world of fantasy. Lol jesus, good luck in the real world; I'm sure your pastor is proud of you.

    Folks The developers spent $137,000,000 on making this game. This aint no racing game its not a yearly football roster they dont need to pay licsences for car logos or player associations.

    That went into the game your playing.

    And wow.... does it show.

    Excellent job Rockstar you did not disappoint. Considering how high my, nay, OUR expectations were? I think the crown of gaming belongs to you.... Again.

    My only caveat:

    I just want to say This is not a game for children you'd be surprised how many irresponsible guardians will buy this for a 11 year old.

    Parents? You know those stories you hear on the news when some mom or dad does something incredibly irresponsible; and then all the other parents who are watching, shake their heads in disapproval and mutter "no wonder that kid's so messed up"? Buying this game for a child? This would be one of those mistakes. Only you know where your kid is at on the maturity scale but buying this for a 13 year old? It aint the same as buying it for a 17 year old. Frankly, I'm not even sure some 20 year olds are mature enough for this game. That being said if you're messed up in the head enough to blame your twisted outlook on humanity on a video game? Then you're already lost. If there was no such thing as violent games? It'd be Catcher in the Rye or Joadie Foster messed up people are messed up. That doesn't mean you can discount the desensitizing effect this game can have on a young mind. This game is rated M. It earns it more so than any other game I've ever played.
  54. Nov 14, 2013
    I want to say at first, I dont hate GTA 5, its a really good game, but nothing more.
    It just made everything bigger, but it doesnt innovates the Genre (Gears of War 1) or tells an outstanding Story (The Last of Us/Bioshock Infinite).
    It is just bigger, better, and more spectacular, with questionable Charakters, a Story, that does not has a red line to follow and Gunplay that is just
    aiming, shooting, aiming, shooting, if they would have managed too get a better ability to aim without aiming help, that would be a 9 or 10.
    For the Pc Guys, dont buy a console for this game, this aint no systemseller
  55. Sep 19, 2013
    The city is top notch. Captures L.A. perfectly without being too exact. I was driving through Rockford Hills and it felt just like Beverly Hills in real life where I have visited a few times. I go into places that I figure the game designers wouldn't expect me to go to see if they detail everything in the world and they do. The storyline is seamless and interesting. The missions are fun and rewarding. The cars drive a bit more arcade like then the last GTA and I think that is a bad thing. I appreciate realism even if it more challenging. Some may like it. The PS3 has a hard time rendering everything smoothly all the time. You can tell this game is doing everything it can with the aging PS3's hardware. PC port may fix that for high end machines. I will probably purchase the PC port as well the game is so fun. Switching between characters is a really interesting addition. When I go from one to the other, the character I switch to is in the middle of something I didn't have him do. It makes the city and the characters feel more alive. I am having a blast with this game and the only reason I didn't give it a perfect 10 was because of the frame rate and rendering issues and the cars driving too arcade like now. Expand
  56. Sep 19, 2013
    When you spend you hard earned money on entertainment you want it to be on average good so that you feel as though you at least got you monies worth.
    Well GTA V will exceed every expectation you ever had.
    GTA V is everything that the entertainment industry should strive to be from this point on.
  57. Sep 25, 2013
    I hope most publishers take notes of this, if you make a game with great quality and giving developers sometime to accomplish it this is what happens.
  58. Oct 7, 2013
    I want to give this game a 10, I really do, but with the complete and utter failure that is this online launch I simply cannot in good conscious give it a high rating. I wouldn't have bought this game if it weren't for the online, and after losing my character 3 times and finally finishing the 4th tutorial, I now can't connect to my friend's games, until rockstar fixes their completely unfinished product, I need to leave my score for this game here, because this game is half online, and that half is a 0. Once it gets fixed, at all, the game becomes an instant 10 Expand
  59. Dec 19, 2013

    Not only did they decide that releasing this for PC would have been a stupid idea (I'm not considering this in my score however as this is a review for the console version) but then they told us that we would have to wait to play GTA Online and when it was released it was a buggy pile of crap that barely anyone could play. A much hyped feature of GTA Online,
    heists weren't even released with GTA Online...

    OK now on to the game which has some lag issues (Not too often or game breaking thankfully) as Rockstar decided to release this for current gen instead of you know... a next gen console like PC hint hint. And skills don't seem to have much of an effect on the characters at all, not to mention the stealth skill is pretty much completely useless as no missions allow for it and even if they did, you can't drag bodies because that just isn't important at all with stealth and the single-player heists offer you the bare minimum choice usually giving you the option to choose one guy to go with you and he will improve his skills but that won't matter because you'll never be able to use him again.

    The water is fantastic and the huge map is cool but I can't help but feel it could have been put to more use. This game is nowhere near as good as the hype would have you believe but it is still a great game nonetheless.
  60. Jan 5, 2014
    This game is amazing. It's one of the greatest games of the last console generation. I'm giving this a 9 because of two reasons. First off, i encountered a ridiculous glitch which didn't let me progress further in the story, i couldn't even select Michael as a character anymore, so i had to restart the story all over again. The other reason is because there's alot of pop-in textures that occur when i drive really fast, and also in the GTA Online intro. I'm willing to let it slide though because the hardware is very dated. It's impressive that Rockstar achieved this much with such limitations. All in all great story, great gameplay, great soundtrack, must-buy. Expand
  61. Jan 5, 2014
    The best GTA since San Andreas. The city of Los Santos is an incredible place, and is really the greatest world ever created in a game. But GTA IV had a great story, and that is what is lacking in GTA V. I felt that the story was a bit forced, as when Michael destroys the home of tennis coach and eventually gets back to the assaults to make money, and from there the story involves well, but I really did not like the beginning and the end of the game actually, I hope they come up with a better ending next time, it was not bad, but it was nothing special either. The multiplayer is really good, but it constantly failing, but is actually a multiplayer that has never been done in any GTA game. Rockstar promised varied activities, but still does not reach the point of San Andreas, and even when we go out with friends, there is almost nothing to do with them. Overall I think it's the second best GTA game, and for me I would place it in number four on my list of Game of the Year 2013. Expand
  62. Jan 9, 2014
    Brief Summary (Can’t comment on online play as my internet is crap) +Lots of content +Great characters +Interesting World +Huge Improvement over GTA 4 (though in my opinion that isn’t saying much) +Fantastic Game Play ?Mixed Story -Repetitive at times -Perhaps GTA is lacking originality Overall I would definitely recommend this game it is a lot of fun. However I feel that it doesn’t play well enough, in order to definitely steal the Sandbox crown, as GTA 5 doesn’t completely over-shadow its competition SR4 and Sleeping Dogs.

    Full Review
    Perhaps the best thing about GTA 5 is how much of an improvement it is over it’s, in my opinion, terrible predecessor. Variety in the world; good customisation with barbers, tattoo shops, west coast customs; the ability to buy property; good driving mechanics etc. all make a lovely return. As a result of such polish, combined with really good graphics, make GTA 5 a very immersive game, in which you can spend at least 40 hours playing through the story and interesting side activities, while never looking back.

    The second greatest thing, in my opinion about GTA 5, is that of the amount of variety, of things to do besides the main missions. From interesting side mission that involve you doing crazy stuff like chasing down ‘illegal’ (they are not actually illegal) immigrants; to tonnes of vehicle types, from cars, bikes, helicopters, planes, boats, even a submarine (though it isn’t that good). While dating has been removed, mini-games are still present like shooting gallery (my favourite), tennis (bit easy), golf, parachuting etc. help to make it so the lack of dating isn’t an issue. Furthermore the internet actually is worthwhile in GTA 5, as you can buy cars, boats and even make money on the stock market through your phone/ a laptop. All this helps to break the monotony that in my opinion has been the Achilles heel of the GTA franchise.

    The third best thing about GTA 5 is the new features, in particular the introduction of three characters, as oppose to the tried and tested one. This bold move by Rockstar, in my opinion is really well executed, as each character tells a different story. Franklin is the hard-worker criminal desperately tiring to break it in the criminal world. Michael is the depressing family man struggling to live life in retirement. And of course there is Trevor, the psychopathic killer who takes no crap from anyone and who is unpredictable. Some have criticised these characters for not being that relatable or likeable. While the latter is true at times e.g. in particularly Michael who never stops complaining. That said though, I feel it works to the games advantage that the characters aren’t relatable, as it makes their actions more impactful, as you develop a love hate relationship with them in particular Trevor. What is also good is how, for the most part, you can switch between each character at any time, and they each have their own money, guns, skills etc. All these plus points in combination with the solid cover and shoot combat system, taken from Red Dead, make GTA 5 easily one of the games of the year.

    Now we get to the story. This is perhaps where GTA 5 begins to lose some ground. Now please note I am not saying it is a bad story, in fact there are some really interesting moments, in particular the revelation of the back story between Trevor and Michael. Likewise the choices throughout the missions, in particular the heist mission, further help make the story more impactful, as it prevents you from feeling you are just killing the same genetic enemies, something which I feel plagued GTA 4. BUT, I would say that the first two endings A and B and rather poor, so I would definitely pick option C. Furthermore what makes the story mediocre for me is how by the middle part of the game you are working for the F.B.I, which for me kills the emotion because it means that the story doesn’t focus on the conflict between the characters. And unfortunately this section I feel is made way too long.

    However in my opinion the biggest issue with GTA 5 is its lack of originality. This can be seen by how a lot of the apparently new features, that aren’t in GTA 4, are taken straight from GTA San Andreas/Vice City. This includes the upgrading system, planes, the customisation mechanics, the variety of terrain, the ability to buy property and earn money of them etc. All this repeating of content makes the core components of the game feel a little too familiarly. I guess what I am trying to say here is that the game lacks originality in my opinion, and is certain silenced by its competition in Sleeping Dogs and SR4 in terms of originality. However this doesn’t ruin the game by any means as there is still hours of fun gameplay to be had. I only wish that for the next instalment of the franchise that Rockstar push the boat out a bit more.
  63. Sep 21, 2013
    So far people hate the realism in GTA 4 well play GTA V when get to Trevor it feels more like old GTA, plus this world his huge compare to Liberty city. My only problem is the frame rate its stays at 30fps some times but it goes down to 24fps. This is the PS3 version. It looks awesome and make sure the put the brightness up to give it a better glare when your fighting on mid day. This is my Game of the year.. Much better then GTA 4. i got trapped in the world these past 4 days not even wanting to do the main missions so that is awesome Expand
  64. Sep 29, 2013
    Great game... a "must have".
    You allways have something to do in this game, the scores are great.
    Having several playable characters is very funny, specially when you change and the new character is in a funny situation.
  65. Sep 20, 2013
    I've been putting off making a review until I beat the game. It took around 40 hours to beat the game and I had fun at every moment. Grand Theft Auto 5 breathes new life into the Grand Theft Auto series. After Grand Theft Auto 4, I thought that Rockstar wasn't going to release a game that could beat San Andreas. I was very wrong.

    From the heists to the Strangers and Freaks missions,
    there are over 100 missions and activities to keep you occupied for well over 40 hours. Most likely more once Online launches. There were few faults that I could find with the game. Still, the main fault I had was enough for me to deduct 1 point from the score. When you redo heists, you do not gain extra money. This makes an interesting concept(Being able to replay missions) fall short of being perfectly executed. It wouldn't be much of an issue if you could do generic bank robbery jobs but the only other cash you can get is a few thousand dollars from sticking up gas stations or robbing people; both of which are time consuming and tedious after a while.

    The lack of generic bank jobs that you can execute whenever you feel like it makes the game fall a little short. Other than that, I have no complaints with the game.
  66. Oct 2, 2013
    This is the GTA that I've been waiting for. Complete freedom, Multiple likable characters, Customization... Just everything that fans asked for! Huge improvement over GTA 4, which felt more like a Tech demo compared to this.
    Seriously, this is the perfect GTA. If you don't like this... well, then GTA just isn't your thing.
    It's a fantastic game and I can't wait to see what more this can offer.
  67. Oct 7, 2013
    2 years waiting for this game, incredeble results, rockstar impressed me so much in this game, it just diserves a goty, why give a goty to a feeling game intead of this one?
  68. Dec 8, 2013
    One star for good but not great single player,actually missions in single player are based on 3-4 big heists, so story isnt great.
    But the worst pain is multiplayer.I just remind problem in multiplayers
    1.Loading times(sometimes loading taking more then missions or races)
    2.After mission when players choose free roam, they go to separate server(so annoying when u play with frends)

    3.Cant reply npc missions (u must go to free roam call npc wait form message, go to lobby loading loading etc, nightmare)
    4.Very small amonut of payouts in cash and rp after missions,deatchmatches, races (after patch 1.06)
    Rockstart wants ur real money, that u buy cash for real money, and ironicly they named it BALANCE
    5. No more boosting. So if u r trophy hunter u must spend a lots of hours to get 100 lvl so annoying, that boosting it shouldnt be a problem for nobody, if u wanna boost u boost and quit game, if wanna get fun u get fun.
    6.Wasting money too fast (cash cards again)Everythings is too expenisve, sticky bombs over 500 dollars, when u get 500 for 2 minutes racing plus 3 minutes loading, Dying cost 200 but even if u r in passive mode they cant easly kill u with cars etc

    this is only 6 annoying problems not all of them
    THis game is over rated, its created for stole money from ur pocket,DLC is useless, every patch is not fixing but makeing game worst and worst, apartments are empty and useless
    Just compare Red Dead Redemption multiplayer to GTA 5 Online, u will see which game is better
  69. Sep 19, 2013
    I am not kidding when I say that GTA V is the best GTA game ever. It's essentially San Andreas with prettier graphics, awesome heists, and 3 lead characters.
    I wont even say anything else you need to experience GTA V for yourself.
  70. Dec 15, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto is by far my favourite series type of game but, I have to say Grand Theft Auto V has really made an improvement! from driving or just walking around free-roaming, ect The single player of this game is really great, it has alot of potential and it is alot of fun and I loved it! Although, the online is not the best but, it's alright in my opinion, reason being is that random people randomly kill you for no reason, it takes too long to get an upgrade and in my opinion it's just too hard, and really? 16 player maximum in a huge fricken map? the only thing I really do in GTA Online is do Survival games, I do it mainly for fun when i'm bored and it actually is entertaining for me! and don't mean to alarm anyone but, I just don't know why people think that this game is really bad???? maybe it's because they never really give it a chance, they were just like yeah screw this game and left it at that, yeah that's real mature, I am just ashamed on how people can be so negative these days. Anyways, there should really be heists pretty soon tho, not next year, I just think that's ridiculous! The only reason I wanted to play GTA Online in the first place was to play heists in it but, since it hasn't even been released yet I guess I can't. plus I don't even play this game all that much anymore, some may say that it has got boring and it may be too good to be true but, it is in fact true.

    The reason being that I give this a 9 is that I love GTA for life, I will never hate on it. but it was a bit disappointing, but if you knew me you would know that I am absolutely abscessed with GTA, I have been playing GTA ever since I was 4 years old, and that was when the very first GTA game was out at that time and I have been playing GTA ever since. I have played all GTA games and beat pretty well all of them.
    The activities in this game are, meh some are fun some are not as fun but, that's just my own opinion. Now when I play GTA V, the only thing I do is either beat people up or kill people, just for the heck of it. Sometimes I do an activity if I'm bored of killing people.
  71. Sep 25, 2013
    I feel I have to write this review for this game because how great it is and to help combat the "Haters" on here. I haven't felt this way about a video game in a long time. The one where you're reaching the end of the game but you don't want it to end. Red Dead Redemption did this. Far Cry 3 did this. And now GTA 5.

    The people complaining about graphics are PC-Fanboys who are upset that
    they don't have it on PC. They were either forced to buy it on their console, or saw it up a friends house. The graphics are great and one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen. A much bigger step from GTA 4 so there's nothing to complain about there, but since when did graphics was all that mattered in a video game? You can't just look at a game and because it would look a little better on a high-end PC go and give that game a 0.

    Also, some people who give this game a zero literally have merely experienced an hour of it at a friends house or observed them playing it. A lot of the people who give this game a 0, give other high-quality games a 0 too. Look at their profiles. These people are trolls.

    Never have I played a game of this scope and detail. Never have I played a game this addicting. If I could, I'd give it an 11 out of 10.
  72. Sep 18, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto has definitely gone back to some of it's roots with this addition. I never thought the day would come when we would have this game in our hands, but my it's finally here.

    R* are the sole developers I trust and have blind faith in to make a good game and Grand Theft Auto V is exceptional. The more you play, the deeper you get into the story, the more features you unlock,
    the more you realize just how much time and effort R* put into it. And it paid off. The world feels alive, the characters are very enjoyable and will make you laugh over and over again.

    And this isn't even it, when Grand Theft Auto: Online launches on October 1st, it will push boundaries even more. The more I play single player, the more I want to play GTA: Online, which I never thought would happen as I am more of a single player type of guy and enjoy making my own fun.

    R* have hit it out of the park with this game and it's sad that PC gamers come into this thread and give the game a negative review just because it's not on PC yet. It will come, I game mainly on PC and I definitely want it on PC. The fact that people come on here just to write a negative review because it isn't on a platform is exactly what proves just how badly you want this game.

    R* I bow before you. Grand Theft Auto V lived up the hype and even exceeded it.
  73. Sep 17, 2013
    GTA V is a pretty awesome game. The first few missions are kind of boring but stuff starts to get interesting. It isn't as fluent as stated, found Michael's wife floating in air and his daughter too but that's minor. Story line is great.
  74. Sep 17, 2013
    best game ever well worth the wait. I like the graphics gameplay and best of all the action. Three main character definitely works for this game. Dont miss out
  75. Sep 17, 2013
    Sad that you have so many idiots writing posts that are ridiculous and are intended only to try and hurt the brand name. GTA is amazing. Graphically it is light years beyond GTA 4 and while i have noticed a few very minor glitches, the mechanics behind every aspect is innovative and fresh. The shear magnitude of not only the map, but the progression of your character. Everything you do is constantly being evaluated, from decisions you make in heat of the moment situations, to simply running on foot, everything plays a part of development. The way Rockstar interweaves each characters story into another's is magnificent and keeps players engaged, without the sense of repetitiveness. I found it easy to wonder off and want to try something new, and the fact that side missions are player specific, you need not worry about losing interest. Greatest game of all time? Its definitely on the list, and any other open world sandbox should be very concerned if they want to compete with this heavy hitter. Expand
  76. Sep 17, 2013
    Buy this game. Dont listen to the haters. This game i much to do. Its just insane. Pick it up asap. Dont stall. I played for 8 hours and i only at the tip of the iceburg Go get it u wont be disapointed
  77. Sep 20, 2013
    What else could a gamer wish? Nothing. GTA V is why I like playing games. Is was 5 long years waiting but every minute was worth it. Eating? sleeping? Not important any more as long as you can slide your copy of GTA V in your console and play the best game of the last 5 years.
  78. Sep 25, 2013
    One of best games of this year so far. GTA is back and better than ever. From a great story, to many side missions, and fun activities, and a huge city to explore, this game has almost everything. You'll be putting a lot of hours into this game is you really enjoy it like I have.
  79. Sep 21, 2013
    Well....That's what I call perfection.Grand Theft Auto 5 gives us a big map to explore Mini games that actually look like full games Great Graphics Action driving its Realistic It has a Great storyline with Great Characters who have different and interesting personalities and of course countless hours of fun.
    I can't really find anything wrong in this game.

    10/10 and deserves it.
  80. Sep 22, 2013
    I can't believe this game has a user rating below 8.5, it deserves much higher. Let me say this first, GTA V is one of the best games of this generation and deserves all the 10/10 reviews that it has been getting. Now everyone has been complaining about the graphics but honestly I think they are fine, yes there are muddy textures but the draw distances are impressive to say the least. Also, some of the vistas you can get are simply beautiful, especially involving water and sunlight.

    The story is long, well written and full of varied and fun missions, you will never get bored of the same mission being repeated over and over again, a common trap of most open world games. The shooting feels great, cars drive much better now and the map of Los Santos is enormous, a huge dense city and a vast countryside full of huge mountains to drive up in sweet cars and enjoy the magnificent view from atop. There are tons of side missions, properties to buy, vebicles to drive and fly, activities and sports and races to partake in and collectibles to find. Heck even button cheats are back. This is a GTA game through and through. You can literally do anything and Rockstar have pulled out all the stocks, if you are giving this game below an 8/10 you simply have not played it, end of story. Overall, just go out and buy GTA V, so many fun things to do and stunning vistas to enjoy and you will not regret it, brilliant game.
  81. Sep 22, 2013
    best game i have ever played. fresh story although could have been a little longer in th back story of some characters. no mission main story mission felt the same. all round best game
  82. Oct 6, 2013
    best game ever gta 56 and shenmue and zelda dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  83. Sep 22, 2013
    This game is the long awaited apology for GTA IV to the fans from Rockstar. Apology accepted :)

    Note: Pretty smart and succesful move to combine the best features of many R* titles flawlessly. This is called hearing the fans. All gaming companies should do that. A job well done!

    Note 2: Score is heavily underrated. This is probably the best Gta game to date.
  84. Sep 23, 2013
    As someone who has been playing Grand Theft Auto since GTA I on the Playstation 1 back in the day, it's hard to see GTA V as anything but another formulaic sandbox game fresh off the assembly line from rockstar games. As someone who has played every grand theft auto game except for the London expansion packs it is quite clear that every entry post Grand Theft Auto 3 is essentially the exact same game. You run, gun and carry out generic formulaic missions. Grand Theft Auto is nothing but a generic and formulaic series now. With all that said I feel that even though Grand Theft Auto V doesn't offer much to the series, it is still the best entry since Grand Theft Auto 3. This game is what GTAIV should have been. The voice acting and characters are excellent. Los Santos is the most alive a city has been in a sandbox video game. Unlike GTA IV where everything felt like a cardboard toy town, slightly empty and lacking in depth, GTA V Los Santos feels alive and bustling. The ambient sound work is excellent and helps to truly give a feeling of populous and activity. I will continue playing this game for the side missions and exploration but I can't help but be bored to death of this series. Expand
  85. Sep 27, 2013
    Great game! Cool physics, interesting story and characters. Car's physics is easier than in GTA 4, but driving is very funny. You always have something to activities. Control is simple when you are driving or walking, but hard when you are shooting. Best of series.
  86. Sep 23, 2013
    Jump into the world of the huge and beautiful world of Los Santos, a world that makes you feel like you're in Los Angeles. This immersive masterpiece completely deserves a perfect score. The characters look and feel real, as well as the cars. The cars handle just like they do in real life when you drive, you feel like you have that much control. The missions are fun yet challenging, it's everything you could want from a game. Expand
  87. Sep 23, 2013
    If their was one word to describe this game it would be a masterpiece. First off the story is good and the levels are different and refreshing (except for the 1st couple of hours where not much action takes place.) Unlike GTA 4 where it was do a drug deal, get over, then escape. Switching between characters in game is fast and a great new addition. The gameplay is very good even though it does kind of get annoying when your screen flashes for a split second every time you kill someone. And the 3 characters are likeable even though hearing or n***** in almost every sentence does get tedious after a while its not bad enough to take away form the experience. It is one of the greatest games EVER. Expand
  88. Sep 24, 2013
    you can immediately tell that it's the most expensive game ever produced. the details are amazing and realistic and oh it's a cartoon-like satire- can't imagine what next gen will be like once it gets going, but this game was delicious
  89. Sep 25, 2013
    Has gone beyond what anyone could have expected from a game on this generation of consoles. Amazing story and game-play with a brilliant variance in each mission, you won't find yourself repeating gruellingly boring tasks as it was in GTA IV. With so much to do off mission you will find be mind-blown by the huge array of activities! Rockstar has produced a pure masterpiece! (Please ignore butthurt PC gamers, they are only giving poor ratings because they can't have it like a crying toddler in a supermarket.) Expand
  90. Sep 25, 2013
    When this game was announced I was instantly excited. Up until it came out I was extremely anxious. When I finally got my hands on it, I was instantly impressed. The controls are in every way improved, with vehicle handling at an all time high, and shooting physics that are mechanically flawless. The story has it's minor flaws, but the big picture is captured through the eyes of the 3 main characters, and with humor, precision, and great acting, this games flaws are quickly forgotten. Some of this games missions are so unforgettable, and Trevor is the best character in GTA history. With all the new features, and online sure to be an enthralling and addictive experience, GTA V sets the bar for open world games. Expand
  91. Sep 25, 2013
    I think this is the best games ever but it still need some improvement like more weapons, more health more property to buy more activities like bowling
  92. Sep 25, 2013
    Can not see how this game has people rating it a 0. you have to be a brain dead noob who does not know how to scratch your own arse to rate this a 0. The game is fantastic you get to play as 3 intense characters with an amazing story line. i for one could not put this game down and i have been hooked non stop. slightly disappointed that it still has the whole jump completion thing but not a big issue and does not ruin the game.

    i can understand those who wait for the price to drop but this is a MUST BUY!!! GOTY contender for sure.
  93. Oct 8, 2013
    This game along with The Last of Us are the games of the year. There's nothing you can't do in this game, it's just so much fun. And it will be hard for you to finish it soon because there are SO many things to do that you just get side tracked. If you haven't bought it yet, there's something deeply wrong with you.
  94. Sep 25, 2013
    This game is dope. If anyone says otherwise, they need to not be so damn needy and uptight about a video game. Definitely a must buy. The different aspects of the game are fun and you can never get tired of playing. I beat it the story mode but there is always something to do.
  95. Sep 26, 2013
    GTA V falls just short of Game of The Year but boy is it a contender. The new iteration of Los Santos is absolutely gorgeous with great sun and weather effects and rich environment. GTA V features a city and a desert that feels alive almost all the time. Although some random encounters can get pretty repetitive, the main story is where it's all at. My only gripe about the main story is the minimal amount of heists in which you undertake. I was hoping for more from Rockstar considering they hyped it up to be a major heist game but I guess that is where GTA Online comes in. Expand
  96. Sep 26, 2013
    The best GTA? Why? Beautiful detailed graphics. Huge scale diverse map (including mountains and ocean floors) Countless activities to take part in. Three very different playable characters and ability to switch between at almost any time. More user friendly driving (better handling) Police are relentless! Tonnes of different vehicles from tractors to sports cars to aircraft and boats
    Weapon, car and character customisation
    and GTA online hasn't began yet...

    I wouldn't usually give a game 10 but there is just so much high quality entertainment in this game.
  97. Sep 26, 2013
    The Best Game of Year!! Congratulations RockStar!! and Thank very much!! This game really is wonderful, the story is very intense and you really felt within the game.
  98. Sep 27, 2013
    Good, but not the best Grand Theft Auto, the gameplay sucks, driving a car is a mess and fly a plane, is worst. But let's see the bright side, GTA V has an awesome storyline and a decent variety.
  99. Sep 27, 2013

    GTA V is one of the best games ever made, but it is not perfect.
    Since this is the PS3 version review section, let's compare it to another possible game of the year, The Last of Us. To see every single corner of TLOU being so well thought and detailed was amazing and people must understand that to make those incredible details it takes a lot of
    money and a lot of incredibly talented people. With that been said, GTA V, in every corner, has that uniqueness.
    Everything has been reworked from GTA IV incorporating some of the traits of Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, Manhunt.
    Ok, that was the basic approach of Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto was never great for the story they told. Grand Theft Auto will never have the same level of emotional connection with the player like The Last of Us or Heavy Rain. But that is not a bad thing. With it's three characters, Rockstar tried to do exactly what Resident Evil 6 tried, diversify the boring gameplay of its predecessor (everyone knows GTA IV was basically "go-kill-comeback"). Now, GTA V is "go-dosomething-comeback". If you liked GTA IV's version of driving fidelity, you're gonna be disappointed, cause everything is way easier when it comes to cars. Shooting is easy and responsive, exactly like Max Payne 3's. Now let's get back to what really matters.

    If you're reading this deciding to buy GTA V, here's what you need to ponder.
    Do you care about story? What kind of story? Do you want to connect with the characters or just have a little laugh here and then?
    If you're looking for deep, emotional story, GTA V is not for you
    Do you like complex characters? Or you rather have them all figured out from the gate?
    If you like predictable characters. GTA V is for you. (ps: that is not a bad thing, it's just a way to the a story. If you like Harry Potter, to Lord of the Rings, to Batman, most of its characters are predictable)
    Do you like possibilities? The ability to do the same thing in a variety of ways?
    If so, GTA V is your game.
    Do you care for multiplayer online?
    GTA Online will be a huge part of GTA V and it looks awesome.
    Do you have enough money to buy every single game you want to have?
    If you have enough money for one game. GTA V is your game.
    It has everything.
    It's a shooter, with a fun yet sometimes a little shallow story, it's a racing game, a tennis game, a golf game, it's got everything from flying and skydiving to riding a submarine, from playing darts to banging hookers. You can buy cars, jets, boats, bikes, stocks, bars, movie theaters.
    If you're a looking for the perfect metaphor for a game like GTA, you can find it in RPGs.
    GTA never wanted to be ONE thing, a wizard or a warrior, GTA tries to be everything, never being perfect in those things, but they have such talented people, time and a lot of money to be very, very good in those things.
    So if you, like some people like to do, strip it down and analyze it piece by piece, GTA V probably will get poor grades. It is a lousy tennis game, a pathetic racing game...but GTA V is not anyone of those things. We are limited by the technology and the market to have a perfect game.
    There will never be a game with open world meticulously created, that is also the biggest map ever, with deep, complex characters, living the greatest story ever told, while also being a Gran Turismo when you get a car, a Battlefield when you pull your is impossible.
    GTA V is a game that does nothing perfect, but trying to do everything it creates its own category, and even if it doesn't succeed at being perfect, it is so well thought and made, such care was put in every detail, that every other game could learn from it. GTA V is a 10/10 not because it is perfect, but because its flaws are the gap between genres. GTA V can be the single point from where all the other games branch out in a single direction and the others that try to compare and be everything just can't match this level of care.
  100. Sep 30, 2013
    no more no less than the best open world video game of all times. nuff said.

    no more no less than the best open world video game of all times. nuff said.
  101. Oct 3, 2013
    To nie to, czego się spodziewaliśmy. TO ZNACZNIE WIĘCEJ. Gra jest tak niesamowita, że pisanie o niej pozytywnej recenzji nie ma tak naprawdę sensu każda zwykła recenzja wychwali tą grę pod niebiosa. Nie bez powodu jest to najdroższa gra w historii (265 milionów dolarów) i zarazem najlepiej sprzedająca się w pierwszych dniach po premierze. Widać olbrzymią skalę tego przedsięwzięcia w każdym momencie gry. Przejdźmy zatem do rzeczy.

    grand theft auto v

    Już przed premierą Rockstar Games powiadomił nas specjalnym filmikiem, że do dyspozycji w grze będziemy mieli nie jednego, a aż trzech głównych bohaterów. Każdy z nich jest pod wieloma aspektami unikalny, lecz nie wszyscy są dostępni od samego początku. Zaczynamy grę Franklinem, czarnoskórym, hip-hopowym młodzieniaszkiem, który zajmuje się drobnymi przekrętami, pali trawkę i reprezentuje młody, skromny tryb życia. Dużo czasu nie mija jak w pewnej misji pojawi się dużo bardziej doświadczony Michael, z którym szybko się skumpluje i zaczynają współpracować. Na końcu tej drogi gra przedstawi nam Trevora... Szalony psychol, który robi okrutne zamieszanie i z niczym się nie cacka. Masakrator.

    Jak jest to zastosowane w mechanice gry? Gdy poruszamy się swobodnie bez misji po mieście, w każdej chwili możemy przełączyć się, na którąś z pozostałych postaci. Jesteśmy wtedy świadkami świetnego odbicia do widoku satelitarnego i przeniesienia nas w miejsce aktualnego przebywania drugiej bohatera. Co on w tym momencie robi? Zostaniesz zaskoczony! Będziesz świadkiem tego, czym się on zajmował w wolnej chwili i przejmiesz nad nim kontrolę! Możemy trafić na moment, gdzie Trevor budzi się nachlany w śmietniku, Franklin załatwia interesy na dzielni lub gdy Michael pije whisky i pali cygaro oglądając tv w domowym zaciszu. Wygląda to mega realistycznie i jest świetnie zrealizowanym pomysłem zresztą nie tylko to... Gra jest na tyle rozbudowana, iż pierwszy raz muszę odejść od konwencji wymienienia trzech najlepszych zalet, a zaprezentować Ci ich aż pięć. Zatem do dzieła:

    Więcej na

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  1. Nov 14, 2013
    The best way to bid farewell to the retiring consoles is to spend dozens of hours having fun in Los Santos: robbing, abusing illegal substances, breaking all laws and enjoying everything else that GTA V has to offer. And after we finish the game, we should all say loudly: ‘okay, Rockstar girls and boys, it’s high time to make a truly new GTA, not just a gigantic DLC’. [12/2013, p.36]
  2. 100
    GTA V fulfills the idea of a gaming sandbox, where you can entertain yourself in many different ways - and also experience a superbly written story of three gangsters, if you want. [Issue#234]
  3. Oct 16, 2013
    Gigantic and stupidly detailed, GTA V is everything we hoped it would be. Individual components could be a touch better, but when a game does literally everything, nobody can expect perfection across the board. That it even comes close is incredible. [Issue#236, p.62]