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  2. Negative: 6 out of 93

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  1. Sep 30, 2010
    It's an arcade and a simulator, anyone will be able to fully enjoy the game's physics as it'll give you a fairly realistic feel while being easy to handle, and even though the Grid lacks of vehicle customization, you'll notice that it's not really required on a game like this!
  2. Jul 7, 2012
    I love the game Engine Codemasters uses. The lighting and bloom with the soft look and shine on the cars is a sight to behold.
    Now.....The game itself. It controls like a dream but there will be a little tweaking involved. Every car feels different. I do not think this is a sim based racer at all so I think it compares more to a Project Gotham instead of a Forza or GT. The handling feels
    like its own game and there is nothing wrong with that. The drifting is also the best I have seen. One problem......Because of the look of the game there are a few tracks where it is pretty easy to hit something on the side of the track. The soft textures are gorgeous but when there is bloom shining down onto the track you sometimes do not see the little things and like most racers you will stop dead in your tracks. Also this game tends to turn you sideways. They also need to fix a problem in the sequel. And that is the grass making you come to almost a complete stop. It is unrealistic and just plain stupid.
    Now- The car list is small but they have the cars that should be there and the look great. Codemasters always has the best in game liveries and this is no different. There is just enough customization to the look and parts for the cars but it is behind the competition. I personally hardly ever tinker in the garage in these games but for some that could be a drawback. The cars like I said before look great.
    The tracks- OK. I am sick of seeing the same tracks. Every developer used the same real world circuits and it is getting old. They are not really that fun to play on and every game ends up looking the same. Obviously, the soft look of Grid gives it a more unique look but how many times do I have to rave on these tracks?
    Thankfully, the fantasy tracks are second to none and Codemasters thankfully gave Grid more than the competition All are well designed.
    There is also a good variety of race types including a derby style race and drift racing including the Japanese downhill races which are my favorites. As for the sound I honestly can't remember the music but the cars sounded great and your team does not irritate you in any way.
    Codemasters has presentation down to a T and the career setup is wonderfully done and set up in a way it does not get repetitive and you open up cars or tracks regularly.
    It is not perfect but it is a worthy sequel to the Race Driver franchise and in my opinion the best street racer on the market other than PGR4. But there is a sequel coming and I expect it to take the crown from PGR4.
    I CAN'T RECOMMEND THIS GAME ENOUGH!!!! What it lacks in car selection it makes up for it with a quality instead of quantity battle. The tracks are also the best selection in the genre.
    The graphics and lighting could be considered a personal taste but I think they just stand high above almost every other racer out there. But the lighting is the best out there......No question.
    The best street racer this gen. Between Grid, F1, and the Dirt series, Codemasters is now the king of the genre.
    Highly recommended.
  3. Sep 2, 2012
    Grid Reloaded is one of the best racing games I've ever played and I've played a LOT of racing games. Each car drives like the real cars and takes a little bit of getting used to but once you've got the handling down it's time to learn the tracks and if that's not enough on your plate you also have to work your way up through the pack without smashing into the other drivers, including your team mate to take 1st and 2nd and rake in the maximum from your selected sponsors. Working out which sponsors to add and where to place them for maximum payouts is pretty fun to figure out as well as what colors or designs you like for your team.

    The replay feature makes it GREAT because you can smash into the wall or an opponent and hit select to back up to just before the problem, pause, change cameras for precise viewing and use one of 5 tokens to unpause the race and take another crack at that moment in the race. EXCELLENT!!!

    Stop wishing for everything and enjoy one of the best racing games of all time.
  4. Nov 20, 2014

    Race Driver Grid demonstrates how fun racing games can be. Codemasters have produced a racing game that many, many racing fans will enjoy, even those who want to take a break from simulation racing. Multiplayer is where Grid shines, 12-player touring car races can be extremely addictive and competitive.
    The graphics for damage are the best I've ever
    witnessed in a racing game & it could potentially be the best racing game of its generation. If you want a balance of arcade and simulation, Race Driver Grid is the definite answer. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 39
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 39
  3. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. GRID's jostling pack racing and slithery, varied events are almost entirely pure driving pleasure. And that's what it's all about. [June 2008, p.98]
  2. 87
    There are plenty of other racing games on the market, but Grid captures the soul of the track like none other.
  3. Race Driver: GRID is tearing up the tarmac this summer without a challenger in site.