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  • Summary: [Downloadable Game] GripShift features enhanced HD graphics, refined gameplay and four player online multiplayer. Choose between six different vehicles in this hybrid stunt-driving, platform-action driving experience. Enjoy either single-player racing action or online multiplayer gameplay with up to three of your friends in head-to-head action. [Sony Online Entertainment] Expand
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  1. 80
    There is no excuse not to own GripShift.
  2. 70
    The more than 125 levels is a marked increase over the handheld, as is the sharper textures and the boosted soundtrack, but many of these courses feel like only minor variations on the same puzzle theme.
  3. If you didn't like GripShift on the PSP this version won't change your mind, but it's a good value and worth a look for anyone who hasn't yet played the handheld version of this driving/platform game.
  4. 60
    Gripshift is still an enjoyable game, it's just not as enjoyable as the PSP version which was released more than 18 months ago now.
  5. With some funky tunes and crisp 720p support and 60fps you have an almost perfectly formed online release. The one hundred and fifty levels (or thereabouts) will keep you going far beyond "MotorStorm" when its appeal has vacated your PlayStation 3. For less than a fiver that's great value, even if we did not enjoy the actual races themselves.
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