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  • Summary: Guitar Hero returns with another band-focused title, Guitar Hero: Van Halen. The game features 25 classic Van Halen tracks, three signature Eddie Van Halen guitar solos, and 19 hand-picked guest acts. Play in eight original venues specifically designed for Guitar Hero: Van Halen. Rock around the globe, from a small club in Los Angeles to arenas around the world, including the iconic "S-stage" from the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s 2007 world tour. Play as one of the four members of Van Halen or create your own personalized superstar with Rock Star Creator and watch your superstar party on stage. Rock out with up to four players locally or battle other bands with up to 8 players. With tracks ranging from the high-energy "Jump" to the legendary guitar solo "Eruption," the easy to play, difficult to master game play that Guitar Hero fans have grown to love is back in Guitar Hero: Van Halen. [Activision] Expand
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  1. The steep cost of admission is the only real downside to this entire package.
  2. If you’re cool with just the DLR years and you can hang with the weird faces Dance the Night Away, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive VH compilation and accurate portrayals you might as well Jump, back into GH5.
  3. Guitar Hero Van Halen may not feature the greatest selection of tracks that will appeal to general fans of the franchise. However, it does provide those looking for a more interesting challenge, giving you access to one of the most intense collections of songs to grace a Guitar Hero game for sometime, definitely one just for hardcore Guitar Hero’s.
  4. Great for fans of the band, but for the rest it's better to buy any other game in the franchise. And even if you're a fan there's a bit of let down here.
  5. Plainly put, if you’ve played any other band-specific Guitar Hero games, you know what to expect, and that is a game that isn’t as good as the others.
  6. Guitar Hero: Van Halen is a step back for the franchise. [Jan 2010, p.80]
  7. In a world where The Beatles Rock Band exists, the paltry effort put into Guitar Hero: Van Halen is, quite simply, deplorable. If you‘re going to devote the time, money, and effort to developing a band-themed game in this franchise—then do it right. Don’t embarrass yourselves by passing something like this off as a legitimate, full-featured game.

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  1. Jan 5, 2012
    The game lets you play classic Van Halen songs and songs from other artists. The set list has songs from many different genres making it more fun to play for all types of players. The game also has some of the hardest guitar solos in Guitar Hero history including Eruption which make the game fun to play for hardcore players. However, the game uses the old Guitar Hero engine and doesn't have very much content to it. It feels like less effort was put into this game than the other games. Expand

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