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  • Summary: KISS frontman Gene Simmons provides the voice for the next installment in Activision's long-running rhythm-game series.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 46
  2. Negative: 0 out of 46
  1. With a killer track list, exciting new Quest mode, social networking, and more challenges and star rewards than most of us could ever earn in this lifetime, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is easily the biggest and the best installment of the franchise to date.
  2. 86
    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is a great game with a brilliant soundtrack. You can play the Quest mode where you have to unlock special powers to destroy a monster that has locked away the demigod of the Rock. Completely nonsense story wise, but nice to play. If you like the franchise, you can't miss this one.
  3. Jan 12, 2011
    With any music, the tracks included are what can make or break a game and those featured in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock really bring out the best, and whilst the new approach taken by Activision and Neversoft doesn't really change the core gameplay much. The music helps make this one of the most compelling Guitar Hero games to date.
  4. 75
    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is a great game that introduces some new features. People that love rock music will love this game but most people will find that there isn't enough innovation.
  5. Jan 12, 2011
    GHWOR does little to change the minds of those who thought the series was past its prime. Frankly, GHWOR could have existed as a track pack, but for what it's worth, Neversoft still manages to squeeze out some fun gameplay even if it is to the same old tune.
  6. It's a title that packs a ton of content and gameplay onto a single disc, and its import options for songs from previous titles will pad your song selections nicely. But it's also an experience that feels remarkably similar to last year's offering, and that's unfortunate.
  7. 50
    It could have been made somewhat better by more accessible, easily relatable songs, but with an otherwise lacking career mode, everything about Warriors of Rock reeks of regurgitated design decisions and a desire to simply make as much money as possible without really trying to add anything new.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 10
  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. May 15, 2011
    although it has nothing new its quest mode is very fun but sometimes kind of stupid
    A LOT of songs to play and quick play+ just adds more fun
    to the already very fun game
    love it
  2. Jan 5, 2012
    Warriors of Rock is a very good game if you're a hardcore player of music games. The game has a great setlist consisting mostly of metal songs which are very hard but rewarding to master. The Quest mode gives you powers that make playing the songs easier and giving you a better score. In the end of the quest you get to master all the powers and dominate each song. Quickplay+ is completely redesigned to let you track and beat your friend's scores. You can also import songs from almost any of the previous games to Warriors of Rock giving you all the Guitar Heroes in one game. It might be hard for a casual player to get into the game but it is certainly a great game if you're a hardcore player. Expand
  3. Sep 30, 2014
    The best Guitar Hero game in my opinion. I know I'm going to get flamed for that, but it's the truth. The best setlist out of any Guitar Hero game and great gameplay makes for the best Guitar Hero experience out there, and one of the best rhythm game experiences. Expand
  4. Nov 26, 2010
    Fun, and there's a lot of things I like more about Guitar Hero than Rock Band (you only need to play a song both series have, like Bohemian Rhapsody or Whip It, and watch the performances to see the Guitar Hero devs cared about having shout-outs to the music videos for those tracks while Rock Band's band members do generic performances for everything and you can often see people playing their instrument while they shouldn't be doing anything). But the quest mode and powers, while an interesting idea, don't really do anything for me. Quickplay+ is good. On the whole, if I'm playing my GH library I will play it in WOR instead of GH5... but not by as big a margin as it should have been. And it's annoying that about 15 of the best songs in GH5 don't even import into WOR! Activision's legal team obviously did an appalling job on the licensing! Expand
  5. Nov 6, 2014
    This is a good game for those who want challenge on guitar hero. The quest was a little boring, because the beginning of the setlist was too easy, and most of the songs were bad (before the Lars chapter). But i liked these last chapters really good, because it was challenging and it was great metal/rock music.

    I was a little disappointed with the graphics, it looked so blurry in this game. Even Guitar Hero 3 was better with the graphics.

    This is a really good game if you want to play quickplay, but not the quest.
  6. Oct 30, 2010
    Wot is the point in quest mode why cant activision go back to the carrer mode style of Guitar Hero 3 Legends of rock where u or your band can just go from gig to gig very very dissapointed Expand
  7. Oct 14, 2010
    Sadly, the addition of a so-called "quest mode" does nothing to hide the same old flaws that have been present for the last several iterations of the Guitar Hero franchise. Activision continues to simply milk the brand name for all its worth, and does nothing to innovate, improve or expand the game into something worthwhile. If this has been their first release...perhaps the game would warrant a 5 or a 6, but they've been in the business of making rhythm games for too long now, and should know better. Their stunning lack of quality and polish, the narrowly-focused playlist, the overcharted tracks and general disregard for the music itself...not to mention the focus on nothing but getting a high score... This new Guitar Hero is just a sad copy of the last few that came before it. If you honestly enjoy music (and not just high scores), then save your money and pick up something like Rock Band 3. You'll be much happier for it in the long run. Expand

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