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  • Summary: How Far Will You Go To Save Someone You Love? Experience a gripping psychological thriller filled with innumerable twists and turns, where choices and actions can result in dramatic consequences. Spanning four days of mystery and suspense, the hunt is on for a murderer known only as the Origami Killer - named after his macabre calling card of leaving behind folded paper shapes at crime scenes. Four characters, each following their own leads and with their own motives, must take part in a desperate attempt to prevent the killer from claiming a new victim. [Sony] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 99 out of 107
  2. Negative: 3 out of 107
  1. 100
    I have never played anything so momentous or revolutionary as Heavy Rain. In the coming years I expect the game's influence to be felt throughout the industry in terms of gameplay, storytelling and interactivity. This is a game that deserves all the plaudits it can get. So please go out and buy Heavy Rain and reward those that have made such a groundbreaking videogame event.
  2. Heavy Rain isn’t just a masterpiece; it’s an ingenious step in the right direction...This may very well be the most “human” game ever made, and an absolute triumph for the industry. Take from that what you will.
  3. Regardless if you like it, it's a must try experience for every videogame fan.
  4. 90
    Watching a robbery go down with detached movie-convention-predictability and suddenly realising you have to intervene can freeze you up like Paul Henry spotting a mustache on a lady. It adds the third dimension that makes this game a game. In any case, it's an entertaining variation on screaming, "Don't go in there!" at a flickering screen in the dark.
  5. There are some flaws, but taken as a package Heavy Rain is a remarkable achievement in gaming that creates an interactive experience that goes beyond the pages of a good novel or film noir. This is a game that needs to be experienced.
  6. Heavy Rain is fast, violent and very emotional. Every now and then the story stumbles over a tired cliché or a “No-o-o-o!” scene, but you try hard to ignore them, because you want to believe the heroes, to accept them with all their maladies and inner turmoil.
  7. The controls and interaction with the game world are suspect at best and downright awful at worst. And even looking past that I still come away disappointed. The script is weak, the characters' interactions/motivations are often left unexplained, and the voice acting is mediocre in some places and bad in others. The only thing Heavy Rain really has going for it is the composition of some of the individual scenes, and that's not nearly enough to carry the whole game on its own. So in the end we don't have much of anything except the spectre of what might have been.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 47 out of 368
  1. CharlieF.
    Mar 2, 2010
    This game is downright incredible. The bad reviews you see are...ridiculous. Any of the reviews that give this a 90 or lower I just cant respect. I know we're supposed to respect other people's decisions (and i normally do) but in this case, I simply can't respect anybody that reviews Heavy Rain and doesn't give it a "good" score. This game deserves all of the praise it gets. Congratulations, Quantic Dream. You have made me feel more emotional about a video game than I ever have before. Expand
  2. Aug 3, 2011
    This game is nothing less than revolutionary!Are you kidding me,this is the future in gaming.At the same time Sony is showing us how powerful it's system is and kinda a"put it in your face 360"kinda way.I'm honestly more of a 360 gamer but The PS3 has some of the best games period.See the PS3 has games that are so evolutionary that we can't even see the whole picture right now,seriously!LBP2 is a game that contains millions of games within a game,pure genius but I'll stick to this review that saying,you will pop this game in in 2015 and still get goose bumps and experience something different.Some choice different to change things.That's how good this is.It's not a game or an interactive movie its a evolution of life.Think about that. Expand
  3. Mar 18, 2014
    I like this game it has a really interesting story and depending on how you play the game and the choices you make you will get different endings so you could play it more than once and still have a different story at the end I like the mystery and how you have to find out where your characters son is and the challenges you have to do to get clues to where and who took your son. I also like how realistic the characters look. Expand
  4. Chris
    Feb 25, 2010
    Brilliant game, the story is original, and the decisions affect you more than you could ever think. You feel apart of the story and its intriguing, and you want to know who the killer is. I can't see how some people think this is bad or average, brilliant. Expand
  5. Aug 23, 2013
    This is similar the Virtue's Last Reward in how it technically isn't a game. I understand people not liking cutscenes, but please, this is a mature game, not an all out action Capitalist 'GO AMERICA' FPS. The story is very well written, and the multiple choices/ ending are fun to earn. There are 4 main character, and all are fairly interesting (Madison was maybe kind of generic). The graphic are great, but sometimes the animation can be a bit off (Awkward love scene anyone?).
    The gameplay is a bit of walking around, but mostly QTEs, which some people will not like.
    This game is one of the best games on Playstation, and if you're into a good story, it's a must buy.
  6. RubenK
    Mar 6, 2010
    Er werd aan dit spel toch heel wat ruchtbaarheid gegeven en Sony zelf beweert dat dit hun beste spel ooit is. Eerlijk gezegd kan ik dit slechts tot op een bepaald hoogte volgen. Grafisch en game-technisch gesproken is dit inderdaad een game van de bovenste plank en boeit de story line tot op de laatste seconde. Bovendien wordt er toch op de emoties van de gamer gespeeld. Ik heb zelf het spel 2 keer gespeeld om even te testen of de intelligente story line ook werkt en inderdaad de tweede keer lag de uitkomst van het verhaal toch helemaal anders. Naargelang je keuzes speel je ook meer of minder verschillende scènes. Los van dit alles zijn er toch een aantal minpunten die het vermelden waard zijn. De game komt in het begin nogal verwarrend over, het verhaal op zich is niet helemaal duidelijk en het helpt dus zeker niet dat je met 4 totaal onafhankelijke personages speelt. Verder duurt de overgang van één speldeel naar een ander (lees van één spelkarakter naar een ander) toch wel soms tot 1 à 2 minuten wat een beetje de atmosfeer breekt. Ook werd er reeds bij andere gamers vastgesteld dat het spel crasht, iets wat toch niet zou mogen bij dit soort hoogstandjes. Persoonlijk heb ik dit een 4-tal keer voorgehad, niet zo leuk dus als je net midden in een spannende scène zit. Ook de manier hoe de controller gebruikt moet worden in deze game, bracht hier en daar wel wat ergernis. De manier hoe je je personages moet laten lopen is verre van handig. Ook het feit dat je hele toetsencombinaties moet gaan gebruiken (al dan niet vasthoudend) om je personage bepaalde activiteiten te laten uitvoeren maken deze game niet erg gebruiksvriendelijk. Als laatste punt toch ook even aanhalen dat indien je een paar foute beslissingen maakt of één van je personages sterft, tja dan heb je echt wel pech want dan speel je dit speel op een regenachtige namiddag in één ruk uit. Je kan er natuurlijk voor opteren om het spel opnieuw te spelen en proberen beter te doen of andere beslissingen te nemen, maar dan nog speel je het spel in een mum van tijd uit. Ik had toch verwacht dat dit spel langer zou meegaan, zeker voor het prijskaartje wat er aan vasthangt. Besluit: al bij al zeker geen slechte game als je van adventures houdt, maar toch nog heel wat ruimte voor verbetering. Expand
  7. Dec 11, 2013
    There is one word that popped up in my mind after playing this game: Cheesy. I can see how shallow people would enjoy it, but halfway through I just wanted the game to finish already. It was just dragging along and the gameplay is just terrible. I would seriously prefer to go back and play some point & click adventure games by LucasArts. There is nothing revolutionary about these games, actually I believe it's going a step backwards instead of forwards. Cage needs to ring Naughty Dog for some lessons on how to write a compelling story. Expand

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