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  • Summary: How Far Will You Go To Save Someone You Love? Experience a gripping psychological thriller filled with innumerable twists and turns, where choices and actions can result in dramatic consequences. Spanning four days of mystery and suspense, the hunt is on for a murderer known only as the Origami Killer - named after his macabre calling card of leaving behind folded paper shapes at crime scenes. Four characters, each following their own leads and with their own motives, must take part in a desperate attempt to prevent the killer from claiming a new victim. [Sony] Expand
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  1. Positive: 99 out of 107
  2. Negative: 3 out of 107
  1. 100
    I have never played anything so momentous or revolutionary as Heavy Rain. In the coming years I expect the game's influence to be felt throughout the industry in terms of gameplay, storytelling and interactivity. This is a game that deserves all the plaudits it can get. So please go out and buy Heavy Rain and reward those that have made such a groundbreaking videogame event.
  2. Heavy Rain isn’t just a masterpiece; it’s an ingenious step in the right direction...This may very well be the most “human” game ever made, and an absolute triumph for the industry. Take from that what you will.
  3. Regardless if you like it, it's a must try experience for every videogame fan.
  4. 90
    Watching a robbery go down with detached movie-convention-predictability and suddenly realising you have to intervene can freeze you up like Paul Henry spotting a mustache on a lady. It adds the third dimension that makes this game a game. In any case, it's an entertaining variation on screaming, "Don't go in there!" at a flickering screen in the dark.
  5. There are some flaws, but taken as a package Heavy Rain is a remarkable achievement in gaming that creates an interactive experience that goes beyond the pages of a good novel or film noir. This is a game that needs to be experienced.
  6. Heavy Rain is fast, violent and very emotional. Every now and then the story stumbles over a tired cliché or a “No-o-o-o!” scene, but you try hard to ignore them, because you want to believe the heroes, to accept them with all their maladies and inner turmoil.
  7. The controls and interaction with the game world are suspect at best and downright awful at worst. And even looking past that I still come away disappointed. The script is weak, the characters' interactions/motivations are often left unexplained, and the voice acting is mediocre in some places and bad in others. The only thing Heavy Rain really has going for it is the composition of some of the individual scenes, and that's not nearly enough to carry the whole game on its own. So in the end we don't have much of anything except the spectre of what might have been.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 47 out of 369
  1. Feb 11, 2011
    It's difficult to comprehend how good this game is. Heavy Rain allows you to take on a completely new style of play so in depth and it is backed up with a strong plot to boot. Game of the Year by a mile for me because although not as immediately entertaining as say Mass Effect ,Call of Duty or God of War, those who stick with Heavy Rain will realise for a 10 hour game, it is 10 hours they have spent well on an experience like no other in gaming history since... well ever. Ultimately it is the way it grasps you from when your son is kidnapped at the start of the game that drifts away from 'just a game' to film-noire, and it is so excellently well done. It is very important that you play this game, because in 5 or 10 years time, game developers will attempt to copy Heavy Rain and most will most likely not hold a candle to it. Heavy Rain is the most innovative game of the 21st century so far and is going to be the prototype for the next step in gaming. Expand
  2. Mar 18, 2012
    I didn't know whether to give this a 9 or a 10, I felt that it should have been a 9 at first because there are many problems in Heavy Rain that are hard to overlook, such as the plot holes and technical problems but when I go back and play this game I can put those problems aside and enjoy this incredibly emotional and engaging game. I can't think of any other game that gets you so invested in its story and makes you care about every decision you make like this. It's not for everyone and improvements could be made but this is one of those cases where the good manages to out weigh the bad and as a result we can enjoy this fantastic, beautiful and immensely emotional game, and another game like this won't come for a long time. Expand
  3. Nov 22, 2013
    This game absolutely blew my mind! Never before have I ever felt so invested in a game and its characters. The story is amazing with an incredible twist at the end. This game had me hooked from the very beginning. I beat this game in a day because I just couldn't bring myself to put the controller down and almost felt like crying when the game was over. Not to mention the replay value is sky high with multiple choices and decisions you can make that really affect how the story plays out. But I think what makes this game truly remarkable are the characters. They are so well developed, they feel so much like real people you would pass by on the street, with real lives and histories. But the characters Ethan Mars and Norman Jaden, for me, truly stole the show. I found myself eagerly awaiting for the next time I would get to guide Ethan through his next trial or power up ARI with Jaden. My one and only gripe about this game would be the controls. While they weren't difficult to get used to, I found it pretty annoying having to hold R2 and turn your characters head in the direction you wanted to walk with the left stick. I often found the character not going quite where I wanted them to which could be frustrating, but didn't ruin the gameplay at all. Though if you're not quite familiar with ps3 controls I would definitely suggest playing on one of the lower difficulties as the QTE's can be quite tricky. All in all if you're looking for a completely immersive gameplay experience, get this game! You will NOT regret it. Expand
  4. Sep 25, 2011
    Heavy Rain isn't your average every day shoot em up. The creators of Heavy Rain took a risk making such a different game, and I must admit, I had my doubts about it. As many people have said before, this game is more of an interactive movie then a video game but this does not make it any less enjoyable. As you progress through the game, you get more and more sucked into the story as you meet new characters and get a step closer to solving the mystery. This game did not fail to please. The numerous different endings meant you could play over again several times, without the same thing happening again. And if you don't feel like going through the slow beginning again, you can restart from any point in the game. As much as i enjoyed playing it, it did have it's flaws. One of the most irritating had to be the game freezing at certain points, meaning I had to restart my PS3. Also at times the textures took a while to load, but I'm not too bothered about that. Heavy Rain is a brilliant work of art and it is definitely worth buying / renting. It sucks the player into the game a provides an experience that will leave you on the edge of your seats. For these reasons I am giving this game a 9/10 score. Expand
  5. Sep 16, 2013
    Un asesino serial, un agente de policía y un padre desesperado son los ingredientes que dan pie a la trama de Heavy Rain, un juego exclusivo para PS3 desarrollado por el equipo de Sony Computer Entertainment Europe con la colaboración de Quantic Dream.

    Una vida perfecta……
    Despiertas en tu recamara, el sol entra por la ventana, te asomas al jardín, tomas una ducha y recuerdas que es el cumpleaños de tu hijo Jason, el mayor, tu esposa lo llevo de compras junto con su hermano Shaun, para cuando regresan a casa ya es hora de la comida pero te das tiempo de salir y jugar un rato con los chicos.

    Así es como comienza todo en Heavy Rain, un juego con un estilo muy diferente a los demás, que bien se le podría llamar película interactiva antes de considerarlo un videojuego pero eso sería muy poco para describir todo lo que en realidad es; una experiencia inolvidable.

    Tratando de evitar los spoilers les puedo contar que la historia gira entorno a un asesino serial que azota la ciudad, todo esto visto a través de 4 personajes diferentes que en algún momento cruzaran sus caminos para darnos los diferentes ángulos de esta trama y así poder llegar a resolver el caso del “Asesino del Origami”.

    ¿Porque no corre?

    Lo primero que notaras al tomar el control de alguno de los personajes, es que no puedes correr, ni saltar, ni golpear, tan solo se limita a caminar, observar e interactuar con algunos objetos, pero aquí es donde está el detalle primordial de Heavy Rain, en todo momento estarás decidiendo si hacer o no diversas actividades, las cuales pueden tener consecuencias en los sucesos posteriores tratando de darte esa sensación que se tiene en la vida real al momento de tomar decisiones, estas van desde que tu personaje se bañe o se ponga a trabajar o ambas o ninguna y la historia continuara sin mayor problema hasta llegar a algunas más complejas donde estará en juego la vida de los personajes.

    En algunos momentos del juego tenemos la libertad de explorar diferentes áreas, en estas tendremos la posibilidad de escuchar los pensamientos de nuestros personajes con solo presionar un botón, para así entenderlo mejor y saber cuáles son sus reacciones ante las diferentes situaciones que se le presentan.

    Necesitaras buenos reflejos

    Existen varias secuencias de acción en donde tendremos que ir presionando los botones que aparecen en pantalla o realizar ciertos movimientos con los Sticks para que nuestro personaje en turno realice diferentes movimientos, en algunos incluso se utiliza el olvidado sixaxis y hace ya algún tiempo se agrego la compatibilidad con el PSmove para tratar de dar una mejor experiencia al momento de estarlo jugando.

    Se puede llegar a pensar que es un juego lento pero debemos de considerar que es el ritmo en el que estuvo pensado para que podamos asimilar todo lo que está pasando en esta historia tan compleja y así lograr obtener esa sensación de drama deseada por sus creadores.

    Realidad o Realidad Virtual

    Algo sobresaliente es el aspecto grafico, que si bien no es sorpresa al ser desarrollado por un estudio especialista en captura de movimiento, lo que lograron hacer con los rostros de los personajes dentro del juego fue lo que los llevo a ser considerados de los mejores en el mundo para la captura facial y de sentimientos en modelos virtuales.

    Durante las pantallas de carga entre las diferentes escenas nos muestran los rostros del personaje a controlar en un primer plano y es aquí donde podemos apreciar la cantidad de detalle con la que fueron hechos.

    ¿Por qué jugarlo?

    Como lo dije al principio, mas allá de un juego es una experiencia de vida, solo necesitas dejarte llevar por la historia de este fantástico thriller psicológico la cual te mantendrá enganchado y no te dejara soltar el control, el juego está hecho para que lo disfrutes como si fuera una película solo con el pequeño detalle que dura de entre 8 a 10 horas según tus acciones, por lo tanto creo que si lo terminas en unos 4 o 5 días tendrás toda la información aun fresca en tu memoria.

    ¿Por qué NO jugarlo?

    Para empezar, ¿se juega?, hay varios momentos en los que seremos simples espectadores de una película en HD, además de varias partes medias flojas en donde la historia va avanzando a cuenta gotas y en mi caso que lo jugué en español, de castilla, varias animaciones no van en ritmo con el sonido.

    Este es MI final

    La verdad me hice un fan del juego desde que lo terminé, pero no me animo a reiniciarlo para no perder esa historia que me toco y quedarme con esa versión como mi Heavy Rain, platicando con otras personas que lo han jugado nos dimos cuenta que todos teníamos un final diferente y creo que eso es lo que lo hace especial, el sentir que cada quien tiene su desenlace personal.

    Les recomiendo ampliamente que lo jueguen y no importa si solo lo rentan un fin de semana, lo que importa es no perderse la oportunidad de disfrutarlo.
  6. Aug 18, 2012
    Heavy Rain gives you a great experience (if you are not hoping to play a game where you blow things up), the storyline is breathtaking and superior than the ones in many games around, the gameplay is slow and all about the storyline (despite having some action parts) and the game isn't very lasting, so I would say, rent it. Expand
  7. Dec 11, 2013
    There is one word that popped up in my mind after playing this game: Cheesy. I can see how shallow people would enjoy it, but halfway through I just wanted the game to finish already. It was just dragging along and the gameplay is just terrible. I would seriously prefer to go back and play some point & click adventure games by LucasArts. There is nothing revolutionary about these games, actually I believe it's going a step backwards instead of forwards. Cage needs to ring Naughty Dog for some lessons on how to write a compelling story. Expand

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