Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank PlayStation 3


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. Though Heavy Weapon may not a fresh, new title for PS3 owners to play, it’s still a fun, simple experience that is worth the $10 price tag, especially if you have friends with which to tackle the survival mode.
  2. 73
    Heavy Weapon is a fun little game that gets a bit too repetitive for its own good.
  3. A surprisingly challenging shooter, but not necessarily the best looking one out there. My only real gameplay issue with the game is that it's almost too slow and easy at first, and the plodding pace that the auto scrolling levels go by can start to bore a player before you get to the harder stuff in the mid-game section.
  4. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Essentially good at what it does. [Christmas 2009, p.90]
  5. If Heavy Weapon feels like an online Flash Game at any time, you’ll be happy to know that it basically is. There’s fun to be had here for sure, but it’s not the same type of fun that you get from a long epic story.
  6. With trophy support and some decent game modes, Heavy Weapon is entertaining and fun.
  7. Heavy Weapon is fun in short bursts, but just doesn't give you enough bang for your buck.
  8. Ultimately, it’s Heavy Weapons quick decision to leave all casual players in the lurch that leaves it scoring lower than it should.
  9. The ease of play, robust upgrade system and mindless shooting should provide plenty of fun if you choose to download. But like my scuffed and worn loafers, the game is showing its age.
  10. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    A cheap and cheerful arcade shooter. [Sept 2009, p.112]
  11. This is a perfect time killing game. It is simple and relatively minimalistic, yet strangely entertaining if you overlook its core gameplay. Heavy Weapon was originally designed for the web, and it shows as it utilizes very little of the power the PS3 has to offer. Sadly, the web is really where this game belongs, not on a cutting edge gaming machine. Save your money, pal.
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  1. Apr 23, 2017
    I did not like the game very much at the beginning, but then I gave it a second chance and realized it is actually a fun side-scrollingI did not like the game very much at the beginning, but then I gave it a second chance and realized it is actually a fun side-scrolling shooter. Heavy Weapon offers simple but enjoyable action, and a decent challenge if you want to get the 100%. It is particularly entertaining if you play it together with a friend, either offline or online. Full Review »