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  • Summary: Based on James Cameron's film, the game takes you deep into the heart of Pandora, an alien planet that is beyond imagination. Gamers encounter the Na'vi, Pandora's indigenous people and discover creatures and other wildlife the likes of which have never been seen in the world of video games before. When conflict erupts between the RDA Corporation, a space-faring consortium in search of valuable resources, and the Na'vi, players find themselves thrust into a fight for the heart of a planet and the fate of a civilization. [Ubisoft] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 44
  2. Negative: 6 out of 44
  1. Avatar achieves something unusual: a movie-based game which is not disgusting. It is actually an interesting and very compelling title, offering a good third-persona action proposal which excels in its atmosphere.
  2. Jungles of Pandora offer a nice setting for an action game, but unfortunately the game itself fails to deliver. The mission structure is stolen from MMOs, the storyline devolves to preaching and the game is very easy. The graphics are beautiful and there would have been a lot of potential, considering the PR. Now the game is nothing more than an average license product. And that is a shame. [Jan 2010]
  3. 68
    The gameplay feels like it needs more work. Loose controls, bad melee combat, weak mission design, and a wonky camera dull the experience.
  4. James Cameron's Avatar: The Game can not stand out, both in quality and originality, to the remaining supply of games that you can find on the market.
  5. 55
    The setting and world of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game is great. Unfortunately, that doesn’t count for the gameplay and story!
  6. It's not as if previous game adaptations have set the bar high, but this manages to fall below even those minimal standards. [Jan 2010, p.116]
  7. 40
    Simply a rather dull experience, which could be the worst thing you could say for any piece of entertainment. From my time with it, James Cameron's Avatar: The Video Game only furthers the point, rather than dispels it, that the movie-to-video game genre is as treacherous as the planet of Pandora itself.

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Score distribution:
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  1. DamarisA
    Dec 2, 2009
    very good graphics fantastic online lag free more info visit youtube ubisoft channel, but yeah fantastic ...also it's a 12
  2. Dec 11, 2010
    For the first 20 minutes of gameplay, I tried so hard to like it, but failed. But after picking it up again and putting a few hours into it, i found i very enjoyable, ESPECIALLY for a movie-based game. This may not be the best 3rd person shooter, or even xclose to the best RPG, but if you want a game that you'll get six or seven hours of singleplayer linear MMO-ing, and maybe even a multiplayer match, this game is a good choice. Expand
  3. Slick62
    Dec 7, 2009
    Don't let the "critics" judge this game for you. Judge for yourself. Avatar has wonderful graphic. The world never feels the same. The game play is enjoyable and different, depending on which side you are playing. You can play as a soldier or one of the natives. I have two saves going, one of each. Lots of replayability. If your looking for something different, with a pretty good story, give this game at least a rent, it"s worth it. Expand
  4. camW
    Dec 28, 2009
    or 8.5/9. this game is very under rated and is probibly the best movie game i have ever played! the first 40 mins is slow and boring after this you are given a choice. navi or human rda. either campaign i fun, challenging and rewarding. the critics are are way too harsh on the navi campaign the gameplay is still solid and requires more brains than the rda campaign. overall a great and fun experience, you wont regret this esspecially as i found it for £25 Expand
  5. Dec 19, 2011
    Well, Avatar was a good movie, but the game was pushed out way too early. The game had great potential, but you always know what's gonna happen with Ubisoft. I expected this game to be a freeroam RPG game with many quests, gear and enemies, but no, I was disappointed. You should just rent this game or try at friend's. You really can't give a score on this game. You either like it or not. Expand
  6. DanaO.
    Dec 4, 2009
    Wow, so many negative reviews of the game up there right now... I found it was a very enjoyable experience, and I played through both campaigns. It's not going to be my first recommendation this holiday, but if you could find it for, say, $39.99, it'd be a pretty good deal. There's a lot of content on the disc, and I had a great time, especially for a licensed game. Expand
  7. James
    Dec 22, 2009
    I seriously can't believe the positive public reviews here, THE GAME IS S**T! Makes me think that the games developers have posted comments so they can make the game look better than it is. It's boring to play, the combat is repeditive and feels broken and the two races are exactly the same only with different skins. It's the worst game I've played this year, DO NOT BUY IT! Expand

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