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  • Summary: In Last Rebellion, assume the roles of Nine and Aisha who share a single body in the cursed world of Junovald, a land where two gods govern life and death. Decimate your enemies using an intuitive, turn-based battle system which allows you to target individual body parts, as you protect the world from demons and seek revenge for your father's death. Junovald's forsaken landscape truly comes to life through this title's beautiful artwork and its morose, gothic soundtrack. [NIS America] Expand
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  2. Negative: 16 out of 30
  1. Although Last Rebellion feels dated with its still images in place of animations and abysmal voice and dialogue direction, the intriguing storyline and challenging battles make for a fun experience. This is a definite rent-it situation.
  2. 68
    Last Rebellion is a game that will likely become a niche title down the road, and for good reason. The combat system is definitely something special. If only everything else had come together this game could have easily been a must-own.
  3. There's not much more to say. Pass on this one unless you are the most hardcore of RPG players. Even then stop and reassess if you're really sure about this. Maybe go for a walk and clear your head. If you're still determined, have at it. You are one of the special few.
  4. If this were a PSP game I may be able to overlook a lot of these short comings, but as a PS3 game, Last Rebellion is disappointing.
  5. It’s quite hard to recommend Last Rebellion to anyone but some insane hardcore RPG person, certainly after the recent rush of decent titles that have arrived for the genre. The game is full of so many decisions that hamper the experience and fun.
  6. It doesn't help that the game goes from mildly challenging to ridiculously easy within the space of a few hours, and once you hit level 50 nothing in the game will pose any kind of threat.
  7. Last Rebellion tries your patience at every turn. The combat is repetitive, the story is obtuse, and the graphics are primitive. It’s as if Hit Maker aimed for total mediocrity on the PSP and hit an abyss of obsolescence on the PS3 instead.

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  1. Jan 31, 2012
    I have to agree with Mattaclysm on this one, as much as I love NIS this is a disgraceful game that shames the industry we know and love. For a start I beat the game in 7 hours, and there is NO bonus content, I admit I used a guide (lazy sod I am) but most people seem to complete it within 15 hours, needless to say its very short. Its also brutally difficult at times with mammoth difficulty spike every time you move to a new area (until the last few dungeons where this game is a cake walk) and the combat is flawed to the point to controller breaking frustration. You have 2 characters in battle (both so unintersting I don't know there names) but in one gets paralized, they both do, if one gets poisoned... they both do etc which is particularly brutal during fights against 7 trolls and its taken you 15 minutes to get to the last one and you're both paralized. That said the battle system has some redemtion, I quite like choosing limbs to hack at in order, orcourse picking the order which to attack 9 seperate limbs for 7 enemies in one battle takes the bulk of you're time during battle, I seriously spent most my time sticking numbers beside limbs of all things. The graphics are, well, there just awfull, the textures are fairly decent res but they are so bland and lifeless, characters models suck, and the artwork is even worse. In LRs defense I must say some enemy models are quite well drawn to be fair, a few of the smaller ones in particular are done in a cell-shaded style that actually looks rather good. The music is flat-out the very worst music I have heard in my life, 'cept for one battle theme, its hideous and always sounds like you're under a motorway... yes Hitmaker and NIS call that "music" and the voice acting is bad, the story even worse. I should also note that the map is useless on a SD TV, you NEED HD for this game to read the words on the map, the enviroments are really difficult to navigate as they are. One redeeming feature (to some of us) is this game has the easiest Platinum trophy ever, even more so than Megamind (I'm ashamed to say I have both) and thankfully this game has no DLC, so you can't get ripped off twice. I'm actually amazed at how possitively this game has been recieved, it is far worse than Sonic 06 and Hyper D, not equall, NIS should be ashamed to still have this tripe on there online store let alone there name on the box. Expand
  2. Feb 24, 2011
    Without a doubt one of the worst jrpg's I can personally say I've ever played, takes maybe 20 hours to complete has no replay value either to make things worse. The cutscenes are still non moving pictures. Graphics and visuals look like they would be good on the PSP, however they are some of the worst I've seen on the PS3. Battle system is creative but not very fun. Story fits well with it's voice acting, which is also terrible. Another miss by NIS. I normally don't really look to critic reviews for a game but I can honestly say this game wholeheartedly deserved every low score it received. Expand