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  1. Batman Lego is awesome, simply awesome. It’s great to play alone or with a friend in the story mode or without restrictions in free play.
  2. A thoroughly entertaining game that has a wide appeal for young and old. The low level of violence and simplicity of challenge makes it easy to play. A good solid family game that we highly recommend.
  3. With a unique plot, great characters, and gameplay that’s fun for both kids and adults, Lego Batman continues the sheer fun of the series and is a great game on all available platforms.
  4. This game has a fresh new angle to it, letting you throw batarangs and use different suits to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Villains also have their own missions, which are just as entertaining as the hero ones.
  5. That the game feels overly familiar is undoubtedly a good thing.
  6. 80
    Not only does the beat-em-up nature of the game provide countless hours of fun, it does it in a unique style that only LEGOs can achieve.
  7. Whether you’re playing with your family or just looking for a change of pace, LEGO Batman: The Videogame is a thoroughly entertaining entry in the series that’ll have you hooked for hours attempting to unlock everything it has to offer.
  8. 80
    LEGO Batman continues using a formula that has been tried and tested and proven incredibly successful time and time again. That said; it would have been great to see some of the problems encountered in early titles remedied or improved instead of perpetuated.
  9. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    It may not break new ground, but LEGO Batman is a total blast anyway, for both newbies and veterans. [Holiday 2008, p.80]
  10. If you are looking for a family-friendly action-platform game, Lego Batman is sure to please.
  11. LEGO Batman: The Videogame isn’t anything new, which means two things: 1. fans of previous LEGO games will certainly enjoy it, and 2. those who have never found an excuse to pick up an entry in this franchise still don’t have one. Basically, we’ve played this before.
  12. 77
    LEGO Batman is good fun, but it's really just the same thing we've seen before. I don't think the LEGO formula needs much of a change, but certainly the common issues with the series should no longer exist.
  13. With Batman, the Lego saga achieves another new episode of pure fun. Perhaps the puzzles are easier this time, and the action of the combat isn´t satisfactory at all; but it continues being a remarkable entertainment, and a recommendable videogame to play with friends.
  14. The charm of LEGO blocks is exploring your creativity and building new things, so Traveler’s Tales’ habit of sticking to one formula stands in stark contrast to the entire LEGO philosophy. We’ve had fun with this series, but it’s time to dump the franchise out on the floor and start piecing it back into something new.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 30 Ratings

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  1. Sep 17, 2015
    I wasn't very impressed by this Lego game, yes it's still a very cool game for children and co-op gameplay, the lego style design is prettyI wasn't very impressed by this Lego game, yes it's still a very cool game for children and co-op gameplay, the lego style design is pretty cute and the humour effective. The game is also pretty long (12 hours campaign and more than 20 hours for the 100%) those are all very good things, but there's also a few down sides.
    The main one being in my opinion that the story is too simple, the absence of dialogues and the fact that the game is not based on a particular story, just the universe of batman (which is respected), gladly the sequel will be the beginning of dialogues in Lego games, but for this episode you just go forward through levels without real purpose except catching the bad guys. The other one is the absence of difficulty, yes the game must be available for children but they could had options of difficulty for other players.

    But overall it's a good game, but as far its the worst Lego game I've played and will not be my first recommendations to get into those games, except for Batman fans.
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  2. May 15, 2015
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I do not have to say anything more. But i need to write one hundred and fifty characters. i think my score can describe it............................ Full Review »
  3. Apr 12, 2015
    LEGO Batman The Videogame
    Boring and Basic
    Much Like Sly 2, I just don’t understand the praise this game has. Lego batman takes you through
    LEGO Batman The Videogame
    Boring and Basic
    Much Like Sly 2, I just don’t understand the praise this game has.
    Lego batman takes you through 30 levels, half you play as batman and robin, the other half you play as villains .
    Every single level it lego batman feels like a repetitive grind.
    Not a single moment did I find myself having fun with this game, and im a mild batman fan.
    Even the license wasn’t enough to bring me joy.
    Every level stars a new villain, whether you are playing the batcave side or the arkham asylum side.
    Batman and robin have various suits that can be found throughout levels that are used to progress and each villain has a perk of their own for level progression, but neither side feels the least bit satisfying to progress through or complete levels.
    The game is far too basic to bring joy,
    You mash a button until you see lego pieces bouncing around and then you hold down another bother button to build whatever it is you need to go to the next section and do it all over again.
    That’s all there is to the game.
    There are tons of progression annoyances that you will find if you play by yourself instead of co op which is clearly the better option.
    Too often I would find my AI partner stuck or not following me when I needed them to, and by time I realized it I was too far to swap so I had to walk back and find them, and at points where im trying to position other characters and don’t want to be followed, I would annoyingly be followed.
    At the end of the batman levels there is a boss
    Boss battles are pretty basic and boring too, much like the rest of the game its mashing buttons until you can build what you have to or until the enemy is vulnerable.
    I was greatly disappointed in LEGO batman the videogame, especially after hearing people rave on about the humor and charm in these games.
    There is none, theres just mumbles in cutscenes and subtleties that may or may not give you a mild chuckle, but I just don’t see the praise.
    There are a few vehicle based levels thrown in there to attempt to mix things up, but they just dnt, they follow the same structure of just break stuff to continue.
    Lego batman the videogame feels lazy to me, I didn’t enjoy my time with it even a little bit.
    I cant find it in myself to recommend this game, not even to batman fans,
    for what it is
    Action Adventure: 6.5/10
    Overall: 6.5/10
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