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  1. If you're a serious baseball fan then you may want to try MLB 10: The Show, but if you're looking for something to jump right into then this might be up your alley.
  2. 70
    MLB 2K10, despite its many flaws, is still a much better core game of baseball than the series presented last year.
  3. MLB 2K10 marks the 10th anniversary of the baseball franchise with a greatly improved game that's the best in the history of the series.
  4. There's nothing new or innovative to the genre here, but there is a lot to enjoy. The half-broken online play needs to be addressed before the series goes forward.
  5. It lacks a ton of polish in the visual and animation departments that are important to give the game all the details it needs to actually feel like you’re at the ballpark rather than just playing a game.
  6. MLB 2K10 is an improvement in many ways perhaps, most importantly, it won't be an embarrassing butt of jokes on the Internet.
  7. This is the first time in a long time that 2K has a viable baseball game in its stable, and while there remain many issues that need to be addressed either via a patch or for 2K11, at least now the developers have something real to build on rather than being forced to start all over again.
  8. I truly feel bad for all the non-PS3 owners who are also baseball fans who have no choice but to play this game if they want to play video game baseball.
  9. 58
    It's clear 2K Sports learned from their mistakes and have delivered a product they can stand behind. Now let's see if they can best this effort next year.

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