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  1. 83
    It won't light the world on fire, but this next-gen playground of destruction offers you tons to do (well, tons to explode), it's always enjoyable, and I dove right back in after the credits rolled.
  2. Only the unconditional fans of the most frantic and brainless action will find joy in World in Flames. Mercenaries 2 fails in its work to jump into the Next-Gen, and it´s because of repetitive and clumsy gameplay. Abundant Bugs, little difficulty and short term boredom are the main negative points of a game that only shines in the destructive way.
  3. AceGamez
    To both its benefit and its detriment it's an unrefined concoction of so many volatile parts that you're never sure whether it's going to blow your mind or blow your head clean off.
  4. Having to muddle through numerous menus to use the game's impressive airstrikes, travel all over the map to find work and shops, your inability to find a gun that fires straight, and a serious lack of challenge hamper what would otherwise be a fun and destruction-filled romp.
  5. If you’re a big a fan of blowing things up, then you’ll love this game. Literally everything can be turned into flames, but the longer you play the more you realize that Venezuela is not the real deal when it comes to “virtual paradise.”
  6. Blowing stuff up with a buddy absolutely rocks, but the AI is anything but intelligent and the graphics are a bit disappointing.
  7. Edge Magazine
    The good news for fans of 2005’s Playground Of Destruction is that Mercenaries remains an absolute blast. [Nov 2008, p.92]
  8. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    It won't light the world on fire, but this playground offers plenty of things to do and destroy. [Nov 2008, p.69]
  9. Overall Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is disappointing. There are a handful of noticeable bugs and glitches in the game, both in the cinematics and gameplay.
  10. 60
    Mercenaries 2 won't entice those expecting glitch-free gaming, diverse missions, gritty realism, and cerebral combat. Yet for the run-and-gun crowd, it's escapist entertainment worth seeking out just for the sheer amount of chaos you can create within the colorful jungle setting. It’s not long, it's not deep, but it's never boring, especially with a friend.
  11. While the games action and explosive atmosphere are fun to behold the repetitive nature of the missions and mainly the glitches keep happening so repeatedly that enjoyment is fleeting.
  12. I suppose it’s fitting that Mercs 2, like most topics bearing the weight of political posturing, is ultimately flaccid. But that doesn’t stop me from expecting more.
  13. All considered though, Mercenaries 2 isn’t a complicated game to assess. It’s a stupid action game in a long and storied tradition of stupid action games.
  14. Occasional hiccups or no, having this much open-world freedom to come at the enemy any old way you see fit is just too much damned fun.
  15. World In Flames has a satisfying amount of destruction, whether you blow up an oilrig with a well-armed helicopter or bring down a building with C4 and gas tanks. It's engaging and exciting, especially if you play co-op.
  16. While a disaster on the PC, this game shines on the next-gen consoles. It's a back-to-basics title that allows you to destroy pretty much everything around you, and you'll have no end of fun doing so.
  17. The game is worth a rental and a purchase if you want to keep your destruction going. So if you’re looking for a fun game, check out Mercs 2.
  18. Killing for money is almost as good as gaming for money. That's why Mercenaries 2 is in theory a great game. But three and a half years after the first Mercenaries there hasn't been much of a change. Even the same antique design flaws are still present. Nevertheless the sheer size of the game and ability to destroy almost anything makes up for a lot of ground.
  19. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a good game if you like to watch things go boom.
  20. Mercenaries 2 is filled with bugs and glitches that are unacceptable in a retail release. Even if it were possible to overlook the broken elements, you're still left with abysmal AI, repetitive mission structure, unsatisfying weapons, and a huge world without much to do.
  21. 80
    Mercenaries 2 is a lot of fun if you don't get bogged down by its rough-hewn minutiae and relish the simple pleasures of blowing things up.
  22. World in Flames delivers on what it tries to be--a high octane playground of destruction.
  23. There are not many surprises here, but there is a lot of action and a great deal of entertainment value. Bigger and more robust than its predecessor, Mercenaries 2 is a solid action-adventure ride that combines role-play elements, solid characters and a sense of fun.
  24. Mercenaries 2, much like their in-game avatars, succeeds by getting the job done with no frills and nothing more. To many gamers that just may be enough.
  25. 79
    For every time I cursed the stupid AI, I cheered at the demolition of another building. For every bug that got me stuck in some bushes, there was an attack chopper waiting to be jacked. If Mercenaries 2 had more polish, it would have been a great game. As is, it’s still worth playing – and enjoyable – but falls far short of its promise.
  26. Mercenaries 2 is arguably a bigger and more ambitious game than the original, but it feels less polished and less satisfying.
  27. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Non-stop action and an amazing destruction engine are the key elements in this sequel, even more ambitious than the original. And it’s true that a few flaws, especially in the graphics and AI, spoil the final result, but the mindless fun it’s all there. [Sept 2008]
  28. Mercenaries 2 states itself as a third person shooter with a heavy destructive component. Venezuela is the chosen scenario where each and every weapon available will be put to a test to destroy everything in our sight. Freedom of movement, driving and destroying is total. Despite the in-game missions and assignments become repetitive over time, the enjoyment the game provides is high. Technically a run-of-the-mill, has some memorable scenes nevertheless.
  29. 40
    It’s unfortunate that so much of the game world is so irredeemably broken.
  30. 78
    It’s a game with great intentions, but one that never lives up to its full potential. Nothing feels of suitable quality to really make the game world feel fantastic, and as such it falls short of all expectations.
  31. 60
    You can see the core of a decent game in here if you ignore the problems, albeit one that would be let down by uninspired mission design and a dodgy plot.
  32. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Fun. It's three little letters that seem to have been lost - Mercs 2 has it in spades! [Nov 2008, p.98]
  33. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    It's not brilliant, and it's not terrible. Instead, it hovers in a murky region between the two. [Oct 2008, p.90]
  34. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    It's an overly ambitious game that falls tragically short of its goals. [Nov 2008, p.76]
  35. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Technically weak and slightly scrappy but tons of simple fun. [Nov 2008, p.83]
  36. Mercs 2 is disappointing because its execution doesn't live up to its ambition. Though big and bold, There's a feeling that you've played it all before. And you have.
  37. It doesn't offer the most robust multiplayer experience, the visuals aren't sparkling, the audio is a mixed bag, and the gameplay isn't exactly cutting edge. But the scope of the game is commendable and there's certainly a ton of potential here - I just wish that potential received some polish before it was given to us.
  38. Mercs 2 turns out as a disappointing action game, weak in all technic departments, be it graphics, AI or the dead at birth multiplayer. So much wasted potential.
  39. 90
    Innumerable games strive for a cinematic vibe, but most fail to pull it off when they take themselves too seriously and overburden the gameplay with content better left in movies. Mercenaries 2 is the rare videogame that gets the balance just right.
  40. Once you get past the terrible opening missions and start blowing things up with massive explosions there's a game here that is worth a look, but it's criminally unpolished and as such will leave many gamers rather unsatisfied.
  41. It's a good game that's prevented from being great by sub-par graphics, a few too many bugs and an overall lack of any serious challenge. If you can look past these shortcomings, however, Mercenaries 2 offers a great deal of high-energy explosive thrills and seriously satisfying action gameplay that is well worth your attention.
  42. 70
    Mercs is all explosions with little care given to the wrappings. The lack of real story actually keeps the game playable and in the future Pandemic may be better off forgoing the pretense of plot.
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  1. Jan 30, 2012
    Maybe they closed the studio, but this game really deserved more. Maybe it wasn't the best game ever made, but if they could just make aMaybe they closed the studio, but this game really deserved more. Maybe it wasn't the best game ever made, but if they could just make a better shooting system, then the gameplay would be on the top quality. That's what ruined this game in my opinion, because it affected every single second of the gameplay. But it was actually good. So many hours of gameplay, so MANY unclockable cars and other vehicles, SO MANY NUKE BOMBS and so much entertaining. Don't say you didn't like it if you played it for 20 - 30 hours. It is addicting and bunch of fun. There are always something to do and the map is SO BIG. You have to try this game out before you die one day. Full Review »
  2. Mar 29, 2011
    I imagine this could be a fun game. Unfortunately it freezes up your entire system at the main menu as soon as the game attempts to connect toI imagine this could be a fun game. Unfortunately it freezes up your entire system at the main menu as soon as the game attempts to connect to the online servers. This makes mercs 2 the unquestioned definition of a broken game. Glad I picked it up from the bargin bin. Its now an expensive coaster! Full Review »
  3. JamesD.
    Jan 26, 2010
    If you can ignore some of the laughably stupid design decisions Pandemic have included, then this is one action adventure which deserves its If you can ignore some of the laughably stupid design decisions Pandemic have included, then this is one action adventure which deserves its attention. Blowing stuff up is the name f the game and although the game seems really dated, that is the AI is crap and the graphics are putrid Mercs two is still some highly explosive fun. I think mercs 2 has such an enthusiasm for air strikes that Mattias should be seen riding one, becaus he does surely think he's the hardest merc of the lot although he sounds like the bastard child of Al Pacino and Ray Liotta. Full Review »