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  1. Feb 19, 2013
    this game proves once again that platinum can make an over the top crazy action game its a great spin off to a great series. if mgs fans dont like it there is ground zeroes to look forward to but in the mean time you can enjoy this crazy fuelled game
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    Long review incoming.

    First of all, ignore some of the reviews here, it's happening the same thing as DmC, but unfortunately the DmC fanboys are butthurt their game is "decent" at best so they have to come here and bash this game. Now for the review itself, the game will be worth your time. It is around 6-8 hours long, not too long yes, and you'll see around 4-5 hours total time in the
    end result, but that's simply because the game doesn't count restarts, so it's like you never died and did everything perfect, which is pretty impossible. So yeah, everyone is assuming, even "professional reviewers", that the game is only 3-4 hours long, when it simply isn't.

    The game runs at 60fps and looks really nice, visual wise the game is really good, nothing bad about it.
    Another point is the camera. It isn't that great, but people simply need to learn how to use the damn right analog stick, and it'll be ok.

    The combat is alright, it's fast and full of action. Combos aren't perfect, but they're good enough. There's a counter function, which works as intended, and a dodge, although it could've been better implemented. I don't like how once you get unique weapons, you use them with a dedicated button (as in, Square will light attack with the HF Blade and Triangle will use the unique weapon) and it's not a full replacement.
    Blade mode is fun, and a great addition. Who doesn't like to cut people into bits? :D

    Boss battles are amazing. They're really intense and the music in them really gets you pumped.
    Speaking of music, it is amazing. It's obviously different from past Metal Gear games, and as such, it fits in perfectly.

    The story is good, it happens 3 years after the events of MGS4, although I'm gonna be honest and say I expected atleast a reference to Solid Snake in a cutscene or codec, or maybe Otacon, seeing as Sunny is in. Some characters are interesting, mainly bosses, while a few others can be forgettable.

    Overall, it is a nice addition to the Metal Gear series, a great game in my opinion, not without it's flaws though. Even so, I rate this game a 9/10, you won't be disappointed if you're a Metal Gear fan, or a HnS fan for that matter.
  3. Feb 19, 2013
    I had low expectations regarding this game, despite that it turned out to be amazing. 60 fps non-stop action has some never before seen features. It kept me hooked from start to finish. Story and characters belong in MGS universe. Cheesy but soo good. If you love MGS and open for a new slasher experience don't miss on this game!
  4. Feb 19, 2013
    Absolutely awesome when i played the demo of this my hopes where really high and they did not disappointing raiden is a great lead and he controls so well. Platinum games did so well and the sword gameplay is so well done. The game also still keeps the mgs feel.
  5. Feb 19, 2013
    a great game.gameplay is solid with very few minor can be an issue sometime but you can work your way around it.codec calls that disrupt your movement also annoyed me.other than these everything else was flawless.the game shines through its combat which is very smooth running on 60fps.combos,skills,extra weapons gives lots to experiment with. you really have to be on alert to block attacks or you will die, especially on the harder modes.You cannot button mash through this game especially in revengeance mode where one or two hits can mean is astounding and syncs with the gameplay so well in boss fights,the music amps up as the battles progresses getting you pumped up as the fight ends,wished more developers use music like this. after the main campaign there are plenty of extra unlockables,costumes,vr missions,harder difficulties,and unlocking concept arts.took me 7-8 hrs to beat without listening to the codec calls which will probably add a couple extra more hours as majority of the dialouge in the game is there. H&S fans will love this game and the challenge it brings and metal gear fans should give this a try. Expand
  6. Feb 19, 2013
    this game is just awesome. it is a brand new next generation game concept. it provides plenty of choices and customization. At first, I wasn`t very sure about this, but is KOJIMA, AND KOJIMA NEVER FAILS! Platinum Games takes Metal Gear to a whole new genre with this masterpiece. The blade mechanic is amazing (more accurate and precise than the one in the demo) and the combat is so intese. Also, the soundtrack of this game is one of the bes soundtrack I`ve ever heard in a game. JAPAN GAMING LIVES! Expand
  7. Feb 19, 2013
    This is a stylist game and i have think the kind of game platinum produces is both good and have the Japanese taste and story that I like. I feel you should definitely buy MGS rising
  8. Feb 19, 2013
    I like this game, this game is good. Bit short, but massive replay value. It is also fun. Very fun. Tell your friends. 'This game is fun' I like it a lot because there is a lot of fun in it. If you have not guessed, this game is fun. And I think it is fun. I'M GOOD AT REVIEWS!
  9. Feb 19, 2013
    At first, I wasn`t very sure about this, but is KOJIMA, AND KOJIMA NEVER FAILS! Platinum Games takes Metal Gear to a whole new genre with this masterpiece. The blade mechanic is amazing (more accurate and precise than the one in the demo) and the combat is so intese. Also, the soundtrack of this game is one of the bes soundtrack I`ve ever heard in a game. JAPAN GAMING LIVES!
  10. Feb 19, 2013
    This game is stellar. This may be the fastest action game ever created (and that's a good thing) The heavy metal soundtrack only intensifies this, but the real star of the game is the ridiculously triumphant boss encounters. These are so epic and insane that I found myself explaining each one to my wife (who could care less) pantomiming katana strikes and all. If you like feeling like the ultimate badass, are a metal gear fan, or just plain love good, old school action games, go get this now! Expand
  11. Feb 26, 2013
    It last "only" for 6 hours, but the whole game is packed with action, solid graphics, great sound and music, amazing fastpaced gameplay and a intresting albeit sometimes silly story with links to actual events.
  12. Feb 19, 2013
    this game is pretttyyy prettyy preetttttyyy good.... i usually dont go for these types of games but i had to get this one, and i do not regret my purchase
  13. Feb 21, 2013
    Awesome. Annoyed by the j-rock at times, and the villains are dumber than usual for this franchise (which is kind of saying a lot)... Really fun gaming, though. Fully lives up to the Metal Gear name. Don't listen to the hate and check it out.
  14. Feb 19, 2013
    WORTH EVERY PENNY! One of the best hack n slash games of this ganeration. So much fun with slashing enemies, environment with you katana blade. Although, don't buy Xbox 360 version if you have PS3. Microsoft console version have worse looking cut scenes than PS 3 version. In terms of gameplay they are the same. 60 FPS of instant action!
  15. Feb 22, 2013
    presentation: 10 control:10 practice perry -and you will love it Sound: it does not get better than this--the sound constantly adjust it self to your fighting style. gameplay:10 Fun -multiple paths, multiple options of fighting nice backtracking elements,fun score system hidden goodies, unlock ables, very nice replay value. Last comments:this is for MG fans and simply people trying to get a good action game-it offers a new unique style of game play that allows you to create your own fighting style in the most brutal way. Expand
  16. Feb 20, 2013
    Platinum proves that they can make games. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance seems like it would be a dud. But, this title is definitely worth playing. If you're not entirely sold, just download the demo! I quiet enjoy Raiden as a character and I think he deserved his own title to show a little more on his background. Gameplay Crazy, over the top and absolutely fun! Slicing away at will just never gets tiring.
    Story Raiden is "revealed" and his "jack the ripper" persona gets a little spotlight. A tad short and little bit rushed for me (As I wanted more!!) But, overall a satisfying story.
    Conclusion If you are a little disappointed because it's not a true "Metal Gear" game, well look again. It's not supposed to be true to Metal Gear as Kojima stated it's an entirely new package featuring Raiden. If you are a big hack and slash fan with and love action then this is the game for you!
  17. Feb 23, 2013
    MG Rising, the newest game in the Metal Gear franchise, is an amazing and fun title, standing out for both its unique style and gameplay within the series or out of it.
    Story and Presentation: MGR is set in the near future (2018), four years since the events of MGS4, with Raiden serving as the main protagonist. The story of MGR and its characters is nice and well written, though it is
    easily one of the game's weakest points, as the story becomes more and more confusing, but that only helps MGR to develop Raiden's character. The whole story was just made to make Raiden more BADASS, and believe me, it succeed. Some points do fall short because of the story's length, and it somehow make me feel that the game is rushed 9.
    Graphics: MGR looks great, although the graphics are not ground-breaking as previous MG titles. The whole environment is so detailed and the character models look nice. There are still some screen-tearing moments, but that's alright 9.
    Soundtrack: The game's soundtrack is top-notch. The game's rocky/metal music is fitting to the whole atmosphere of the game, and it helps making you feeling so pumped while playing. Voice acting is amazing. 10.
    Gameplay Awesome swordplay and fast-action moves, MGR is so fast and f*cking fun. Hostile AI is (almost) perfect, and the game's bosses are cool, though I can say that the sole reason they exist is to make the gameplay more fun. Blade Mode is a very fun feature. *spoilers*Reaper Mode is insane*spoilers* There are still several issues with countering (AKA Parring), secondary weapons, and camera angles, but that's not stopping me from giving a 10.
    Lasting Appeal: The game is short, with the story lasting for only 6 hours at the best. HOWEVER, there are unlockable VR missions to complete and the whole story combined with insane, f*ckin' fast gameplay is just so much fun that you must replay the singleplayer more than once. 8.5
    Final score is 9.3, but I have to go with "9" (damn you MetaCritic)
  18. Feb 20, 2013
    An amazing spinoff, with solid graphics, solid game play, and over the top action! A must own for any "true" Metal Gear fan. My dream of playing as a cyborg ninja has final came to fruition :-D Cut through the crap! Don't believe the haters and get this game for what it of the best action games ever made, with one of gaming's greatest characters. Thank you, Hideo and platinum games
  19. Feb 23, 2013
    A lot of fun to be had here. Finishing off enemies is satisfying. I started on hard, as I typically do with most games, and this game isn't too challenging yet, but that's not to say I haven't died several times. Obviously this is nothing like other Metal Gear games and it isn't supposed to be, so as long as you understand that this is a different type of game entirely you shouldn't be disappointed by that. I've seen many complaints that it is short, which may be true, but I've already put 10 hours into the game and I'm only on chapter 3. I like to explore, listen to codec conversations (not for too long but but I like to listen for a few minutes here and there) and play the unlockable VR missions as I progress through the game. If you play on a difficulty that's challenging for you and you don't speed through as quick as you can, I suspect the game will last you a good while. If you know that you really enjoy action games like Bayonetta, as I did, then there is a good chance that you will really enjoy this game too. If you're just a Metal Gear fan and are thinking of picking this one up just because it's a Metal Gear game, you might want to try renting it first to see if you're really going to have fun with this. I'm very happy with my day 1 purchase even though I know the price will drop after not too long. From an objective standpoint it's a solid game and worth at least checking out. Expand
  20. Feb 19, 2013
    First at all: Why are all the bad reviews like: "Buy DmC instead". Listen, the reason I buy MGR is because it's the next installment in the Metal Gear Franchise, a franchise which I love, and I won't buy it just to slash some cyborgs, event though it is an adrenaline boost sometimes But let's get to the game: It's good, I actually expected it already after I've completed the demo the 10th time. What I hate about other H&S games is that you focus on the battle, you want the perfect result with that one very difficult combo. It's not like this in MGR. The combat system is simple, but that doesn't mean it's not exciting, the Zan Datsu system is just epic. When you're fighting and you Zan Datsu multiple enemies, or an enemy on a special way (e.g. sliding with parrying) you are just feeling the adrenaline in your body and you will be like, YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. The bosses' personality is inspired from earlier MG games, but fighting them is, obviously, different. Fighting every boss is different because the environment, fighting style of the boss (and the soundtrack on the background is always different. The story is good as well, it's obvious that the ingenius mind of Hideo Kojima is involved with it. You will meet new characters, but encounter old friends as well, but I'm not going to spoil anything. I agree it's a little bit on the short side, but it was not reason for me to not buy it, nor it should for you. Expand
  21. Feb 19, 2013
    This is a spin off game in the Metal Gear universe. It tells the story of Raiden and his quest for revenge. If anyone has played Bayonetta then your in for a treat because Platinum Games are the developers of Rising. The gamplay itself is unique and awesome and the story is from Kojima. They kept the source material intact unlike what Ninja Theory/Capcom did with DmC, which they crap on it and threw it out the window and by the way is a terrible hack and slash game compared to MGR....lets just say it doesn't even measure up MGR.... Platinum Games should be the only ones developing Devil May Cry and get the fans what they want. MGR has tons of replay value and is the best hack/slash of it Ninja Theory/Capcom!! Expand
  22. Feb 21, 2013
    Been quite the year already for off the wall hack and slash games, and this one is closely on par with DmC. Like much of the other hardcore MGS fans, I found this new direction hard to choke back at first but it fits with Raiden and brings some really neat mechanics to the hack and slash genre in general. Graphics are decent but have moments of looking a tad dated and I felt Raiden looked different than in previous MGS games but meh not terribly important. The story slowy dilutes into your typical outlandish Metal Gear war theme and is quite linear which is expected. As much of the other reviews have stated as well, the environments are quite bland in most situations and the minor stealth aspects should have never been put in to begin with. Enemy AI is about on par with Turning Point and that is far from a complement. And if you haven't played that game, I envy you. All in all a bold attempt by KojiPro and Platinum and in the end it shaped up to be a lot better than what I think people had expected. Worth a rent or borrow it from a friend, an absolute buy for those who are MGS loyalists! Expand
  23. Feb 19, 2013
    Great hack and slash fun, great graphics and smooth 60 fps. I only wish they had stayed with the original project that was MGS: Rising but MGR: Reveangence is a a great game in itself. This is probably the best game that will come out this year.
  24. Mar 6, 2013
    As long time MG fan, i feel this is a very good entry into the series's already decorated history. Graphically, character models are top-notch. The Art style as intriguing as ever, boasting some of the most Uniquely designed enemies you'll encounter, visually and in function. Visuals are especially impressive in regards to handling the frame rate well despite the wild amount of accelerated action that takes place. As expected, the Action level is far higher than the Snake installments; even past Raiden segments are idle in comparison. Controls are solid, what you can expect from a Team Ninja action title. (Compare to DMC). This combat flow is definitely the fastest thus far. Love the Ninja-Run feature, as it allows Raiden to easily navigate all terrain and any geometrical obstacles, adding a necessary smoothness to his mobility. Weapons are fun to use and learning the combos is worth it. Upgrades are meaningful. Enemies are fierce and satisfyingly competitive. Hard Mode) The boss battles are the game's best offerings, providing rewarding challenge and visual spectacles that won't come close to disappointing you. The camera may only be an issue for the unsavvy.

    The story is as cheesy as every other Metal Gear. Still, fun and masterfully written. Codec conversations provide interesting dialogues. Neglecting those would mean missing some of the best writing in the game. Great game overall for fans of the genre and should satisfy most Metal Gear enthusiast. 9/10
  25. Apr 6, 2013
    Short... Biggest downfall. But with that said. Take an action game of 10 hours shrink it to 5 and make it non-stop go go go... Add in insane fights and a psychotic hero makes me smile inside. Riaden has redeemed himself and for the first time a MGS game spin-off that is enjoyable.
  26. Feb 27, 2013
    i feel sad that real gaming critics rate this game so low because they think its broken, the gameplay in rising is leaps and bounds beyond anything else this generation except for platinums bayonetta. I might actually follow the websites that are honoring this game, thank you platinum games along with from soft ware u show me that hardcore gamers will always be appreciated :D
  27. Mar 6, 2013
    This is THE game to get for the best action hack and slash this year!
    Yea it might be a little short but within that short time you will be cutting up enemies upside down, battling big ass crazy mecs fighting robotic killer dogs with chainsaws and jumping on missiles to shred choppers. Not to sound like a deranged psycho but It just never gets old cutting enemies up to tine bits and
    ripping their spine out before they hit the ground. Just get this game! Expand
  28. Feb 24, 2013
    So, Platinum Games doing a spin-off of the Metal Gear series, and doing it in a rather controversial stance (as much action as stealth, and even more!!), and for what seems like a game stuck forever in development hell it doesn't really bode well for this game, if you believe the history. So its refreshing then, to find out that Revengeance is not only Platinum Games' first classic title since the mighty mighty Vanquish, its possibly the best title to have come out this year so far!! The graphics are a mix, in that the characters and effects are beautiful, but the backdrops are rather drab, and there are also some moments of pop-in and framerate loss on occasions too. The sound veers between the rather good music, which is standard j-rock, and very good effects. However, the gameplay is where its at!! The gameplay can be played mainly to your desires of out-and-out carnage or stealth (there are moments, especially the bosses, when this cannot be avoided however), and the campaign isn't really that long but in the best traditions of Vanquish, its whats achieved within that short time, and it never bores!! Couple this with the VR missons a clever mix between gradually learning your abilities, and beating your friend's times, and upping your characters stats (surprizingly compulsive might I add), and you have a game that has a genuinely breathtaking amount of depth at times I found myself pondering over my character's abilites in a way similar to Demon's Souls (and thats a compliment by the way). Raiden's first solo spin-off is far from the disappointment that was feared, and Platinum Games have delivered magnificently. It may not be (quite) the visual powerhouse that many may have expected, and no, its not Metal Gear Solid 5 (by any means at all), but its a fun powerhouse of action, and Konami were right in doing this. Severely, recommended. Expand
  29. Feb 24, 2013
    This is the Vanquish of 3rd person action games. It will be equally hated by those ignorant gamers that play a game for 20 minutes and say "this sucks" or those that have a hard time learning new skills.
    The real action gamer will discover what its all about, and know its another great Platinum game that will be played many, many times.
  30. Feb 28, 2013
    This game represents what the current games industry lacks. Everyone is making games more and more mainstream, they take no risks. With Rising, Platinum games went all out making one of the best looking, controlling, sounding (the soundtrack is amazing!!!), and story driven games of quite some time. As a Metal Gear Solid fan this feels true to the Metal Gear universe as well as Raiden. Anyone who complains obviously forgot Raiden's fight scenes in MGS4 as well as the lack of Solid in the title. I would love to see a sequel to this, it is one of the few games in recent memories that was actually fun to play. A lot of games feel like a chore, lacking inspiration and you just keep pushing yourself playing just so you feel like you don't waste your money. Rising on the other hand I just kept playing, wanting to hear more of the amazing music and take part in more boss battles. The length was also perfect as well, the story kept progressing and didn't outstay it's welcome. Great work Platinum Games and Kojima Productions for making this game come to life. Expand
  31. Feb 20, 2013
    Quality vs Quantity?? We will see how Metal Gear Rising holds up ups.

    First off, Metal Gear Rising: Revengance is the best action game I have ever played. I went into the game withfairly high hopes and expectations, expessally since I heard Platium games was taking of the project. The gameplay is fast paced, fluid, exciting, and engaging. I there so little to be said about the game with
    giving way huge gameplay spoilers. If you like fun games, Metal Gear fan or Metal Gear fan (everyone likes Metal Gear!). You owe it to yourself to play through this. I felt it was worth the full price tag. I start the game on hard, and it took me about day, clocked at 7 hours (not including my deaths). and the game was actually hard.

    Probably what ninja gaiden 3 should have been, But over all, great game. And enjoy
  32. Feb 23, 2013
    It`s very important to understand Metal Gear Rising as an autonomous Universe and not as a part of the Metal Gear Solid Saga himself. That being said, Metal Gear Rising is an outstanding Hack'n'Slay with lots of Action and humor, combined with an awesome Soundtrack for the fluent fighting system and the beautiful visuals. Neither doubt nor fear is left Hideo Kojima still is one of the biggest Masterminds in video game history, who was created a great game for Raiden which he deserves. Expand
  33. Feb 21, 2013
    I think this game was a wonderful piece once again confirming the idea that games are art. The design is flawless. The graphics and gameplay are very well polished. The animations are excellent. People here are just whining because it's too hard for them. I haven't had this much fun in a Metal Gear game for years, and I've been an MG fan for almost 15 years.
  34. Feb 26, 2013
    An amazing spinoff game of the legendary Metal Gear series. Has great boss battles, some are easy but some are very challenging, it also have an great battle and boss soundtracks that makes the battle flow better, the graphics is also fantastic and the codec convo's are also pretty interesting. Zandatsu mode can be repetitive but it has its moments. The only downside is the camera, which can be sometimes be annoying but in overall a terrific game. Expand
  35. Mar 1, 2013
    the best sword game this gen so far one word describe this hilarious epic game LIGHTNING BOLT
  36. Feb 24, 2013
    Metal Gear rising is almost perfect for what it is. There were only a few issues with the game. The camera could be really annoying at times, the length was far too short for a metal gear game and the story just didn't hold as much weight with you as a metal gear "solid" game. As far as positives go however, this game was so fun I'll actually play through it again and i never do that with games. The graphics were cool, the soundtrack was really unique and i promise you have never played a sword game like this before...ever. Platinum Games did an awesome job with the blade mode.

    I'm personally not regretting my purchase of this game. It was exactly what video games are supposed to be; clever ideas and tons of fun.
  37. Mar 1, 2013
    This game is straight to the point, without much ado, like ninja gaiden in their glory days, the story is not as impressive as that of MGS4 but it's a good excuse to get out slicing everything.
  38. Feb 25, 2013
    Metal Gear Rising is a great addition to the series. platinum games have done a great job of creating a first class game based around sword skills and martial arts weapons like Raidens default nano energy sword, sai swords, 3 section staff/ long pole and more than likely a few more i have not yet seen. The game allows you too upgrade weapons armor and skills by using the points scored in a mission too buy the upgrades. The better your score the quicker you can upgrade. Metal gear rising is a challenge even on normal difficulty at first you will die a lot especially on boss fights but as you learn and progress when you finally beat the boss or enemy that was causing you all the grief. you feel you have mastered raidens skills and this is were the addiction factor kicks in trying to beat previous area best scores. Some reviews said the game was very short but its actually not that short and with different weapons to collect as well as battle armors/cyborg suits that have different skill stats attached the replay value is high. The story is one of political intrigue mixed with raidens back story and the morals of war. (No Spoilers) The graphics look great and the game runs at a smooth 60fps. This is a next gen game running on this gens tech. The destruction engine that is used to count how many pieces an object gets cut into works great and you even spend time chopping wood just too see how many pieces you can cut it into. Metal gear rising game of a thousand cuts. Platinums best yet. if you like swordplay games with a decent story this game is highly recommended there is nothing else like it available this gen. Expand
  39. Feb 25, 2013
    I start with bad sides:
    1. Camera. luckily Lock-On compensates it somewhat but not enough to make it good. 2. Side Characters. Sorry, they are not very interesting or appealing. Luckily their impact on story is very minor.
    3. Humor. I loved over the top stuff. I loved humor in Bayo. Here it felt somewhat forced. Now those 3 thing aside, I try to describe good sides. 1. Combat. It's very
    intense and fun. I don't understand how some people called it shallow or whatsoever. Experimentation with unique weapons adds depth and customizable moves add sweet flavor to it.
    2. Enemy variety and AI. The game isn't very long, but enemies are coming in many different forms and are far from being shallow shells, staying and waiting on your punishment.
    3. Difficulty. Maybe I'm not as good in this game Back than I was able to make it through Bayo without much trouble) but here skill is required on different level. IT's mix of NG and Vanquish. NG's combat and Vanquish's speed.
    4. Eye candy. Game looks awesome with non stop effects and cool animations. And what's really made my day: no pixelated shadows by PS3. Pixelated shadows nowadays is common in many games, but here they managed to avoid them altogether. 5. Story. Behind absurd over the top story hides pretty thick and engaging story that I haven't expected at first.
    6. BOSSES! Yes, they are the kings of this game. I haven't enjoyed boss fights so much for a very long time. And they really made it more than worth. 7. Exploration. Hidden areas, collectibles and funny nods to MGS made it re-playability even more engaging. In the end it's 9/10 for me. Aside from 3 things I mentioned at the beginning, 2 of them pretty subjective, I found game is more than enjoyable and I'll be glad to see sequel to it!
  40. Mar 6, 2013
    This game deserves a second slice! Metal Gear Rising is pretty fantastic. Boss fights are insane for me, so as VR missions. The graphics looked very sharped! What a Perfect Weapon out of this world! It was very insane for any Metal Gear fan!
  41. Feb 20, 2013
    An awesome game. 1. Awesome hack n slash gameplay with plenty of stealth segments that pay off if you go through with them. 2. AMAZING SET PIECES AND QUICK TIME EVENTS THAT DONT SUCK. 3. An incredible soundtrack especially for the epic bosses. 4. Likeable and crazy/funny characters and villians(typical of a metal gear game) AS a huge MGS fan, i love this game. Its awesome being able to control every slice of Raidens sword and the over-all high quality of this game is something that you should really check out for yourself. Like hack n slash action? THEN THIS GAME IS A MUST HAVE. Expand
  42. Mar 5, 2013
    Honestly at first, I only considered getting this game to spite Capcom and Ninja Theory for DmC. Then I actually watched a preview of the game. Let me tell you, I've never played any of the other MG games, So I can't speak from a hardcore MG fans perspective. But I can speak from the perspective of a hardcore hack n' slash fan. Metal Gear Rising is amazing, it has everything a hack n' slash game should have. The gameplay is fluid and fun, tons of action, the soundtrack is amazing, and I know a lot of hardcore MG fans don't like him, but I freakin love Raiden, My only criticism is the game's a little short. But whatever, it has replay value Expand
  43. Aug 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am currently in the mists of playing this game and from what i have seen it is a revamp version of metal gear, in the cool way featuring cyborgs, and a hack and slash ninja theme. the graphics are immense in my opinion the game play may feel a little repetitive to some with only having a few attack combos to choose from but that's all made up for with the gore and violence of the new and improved raiden :D. I played metal gear solid sons of liberty and when playing as raiden i was so bummed out i felt i would have been better playing a female character as she would have been more macho, but after playing this game i have total respect for him now he comes across so much more confident and more prepared for battle. From the story aspect im a little unsure its a little hazy to start of but as i progress the story is starting to unfold so i can not really comment much. but over all a visually stunning, hack and slash ninja game that is enjoyable by new to the metal gear series as well as metal gear followers looking for something new. Expand
  44. Sep 5, 2013
    This game is not perfect, I am only giving it 10 to offset those idiot who gives it 1 because they judged this game as MGS stealth game. Seriously? You got to live under a rock to not know this is a spin-off action game. And really? You expect a spin-off action game to have an amazing plot?

    Anyway, the game itself is just so entertaining. The parry system feels very natural to me. For
    those of you say you just need to mash button, you suck. Every boss will destroy you if you don't learn their moves time your parry and attack. Button mashing only works on those normal enemies. The game itself is not that long, but there are tons of VR mission and a lot of replay value to unlock all the enhancement and upgrades. I never expected this to be as good as Bayonetta, but I was pleasantly surprised. (Not saying it's better than B, but it's a joy to play). This is a game that everyone should at least try. Well, worth every penny for me (bought it used for $15). Expand
  45. Mar 5, 2013
    the real name for this game should me "fruit ninja 2 mariachi murder town", honestly i really like this game but i just cant take it seriously, nor should it be. anything platinum makes is a work of art in terms of gameplay but even with konami's help the story falls a bit flat. but then again the gameplay is action perfection. so its a trade off. if you love the mgs series story and its realism and hate the away from this and never look back. but if you dont mind ridiculous and and want to have a great time with gameplay i highly reccommend this. Expand
  46. Apr 21, 2013
    A worthy addition to the metal gear solid franchise featuring Raiden from MGS2 and 4, living proof that you really can polish a turd with the right materials.
  47. Sep 17, 2013
    The perfect character-action game. The game is short and sweet with the best third-person melee combat that I have experienced in the past 3 years. If you liked Bayonetta (or Vanquish) then you NEED to play this game now.
  48. Aug 19, 2014
    As stupidly hilarious as this silly, yet awesome story is a game about a cyborg ninja killing cyborgs in the future starting as comical and ending... Well it's fun. You can't help but feel engaged and even proud as you play, and the combat is surprisingly really, really creative. This game needs its sales to encourage the trend of smarter combat it has started. I would love to see where this goes, because the more I learned to abandon my older god of war tactics and learn the tricks of the trade the more I found myself loving it. Simply put, a somewhat short, enjoyably stupid, admittedly bad-ass and curiously intelligent game. Turn your volume up. Expand
  49. Apr 13, 2013
    The game is attempt to see what if Hideo Kojima have a lower participation in Metal Gear games? The answer is: Good a breathtaking action/adventure game with very hard bosses and enemies, many secrets and extras doings, but that does not last long, and is far from be a Hideo Kojima's game, don't meaning that the game is bad. The plot of Rising is great, and nothing more than that, comparing with MGS1, MGS2 or MGS3, for don't be too complicated and interpretative, but contents a theme to debate: the Revenge. The graphics are not too good, having a lot of knurled images and animations, but the CG is from a good quality. The game's duration takes a place in 7-12 hours of game-play, depending if you want to make 100%, if you want to take the Platinum Trophy, you can do it within 17, being very determined. For the MGS fans, is a must buy, for the Hack n' Slash fans, play the demo, and make your opinion, and for anyone looking for a good plot, buy, I can ensure that you are not wasting money. Expand
  50. Oct 13, 2013
    The Best Hack n Slash game of 2013. This game is much more accessible to the ones new to the genre and the boss battles make god of war bosses pale in comparison. Sure the graphics may not be high end, but the gameplay is so satisfying and the soundtrack is amazing. After playing the game, my workout playlist were filled with MGR's soundtrack
    The game may not be as intricate and in-depth
    as DMC4 and Bayonetta, but what it aims for it totally nails it. The game is a little short but the added difficulties and VR is quite good addition.
    This spinoff to MGS is totally worth your time and money. This game is the very definition of hype.
  51. Apr 11, 2013
    First of all, no, this is not the Metal Gear you are used to. No Tactical Espionage Action. But this doesn't mean it's a bad game!

    I really enjoyed the game. It's nice to see a game that challenges people to use skill instead of button-mashing the hell out of the controller. Really liked the cinematic feel of the cut-scenes and i especially enjoyed the boss-battles.

    The shortcomings
    of the game is maybe that it is a bit short. Still, a enjoyable experience that gets your blood flowing and puts your skills to test.

    Hoping for a second game of the series!
  52. wou
    Jul 20, 2013
    melhor metal gear de longe
    amantes do antigo metal gear podem falar oq for.. mas esse metal gear mostrou oq um jogo de verdade.. sem blablabla, sem enrolação, sempre indo direto ao ponto
  53. Apr 9, 2013
    Hands down, we already know the name of the best action game of the year. Exaggerating much? I'm not. This game, although not following the same concept as the Solid Series, managed somehow to feel in essence like a metal gear game. Codecs? You got it. 540 of them. Stealth? Not as deep, but it's there nonetheless. Silly humor? You got it. All in together with a fresh action packed experience, making of Rising unique in its own rights.
    The fast paced gameplay may not be as deep as the likes of Bayonetta and the old DMC games, but feel fluid as much. Te story is silly, unnecessary even. Hm, what's about again? I can't tell, but I don't care. The game kept me busy enough with the awesome bosses fights followed by a KICKASS SOUNDTRACK.
  54. Mar 28, 2013
    Bottom Line: This is the answer to all of those suffering with ADHD out in the gaming world. Revengeance is a comical hack and slash that has addictive combat mechanics and a high paced story line that is just as over the top as Raiden's high heels. The good: I went into this game expecting a fun experience and what I got was a high paced action packed thrill ride roller coaster that had me glued to my console for the next 5 hours, which unfortunately means that I finished the game. However, despite its short story I never felt like my time was wasted, but more so time well spent in what was a beautiful mix of over the top action with enough of a serious tone to make you actually believe that raiden is trying to do the impossible even if you think the plot is as silly as this game's name. Another praise worthy note for this game is that there is not much hand holding, your success as Raiden is completely dependent on how much time you take to learn how to combo and link attacks, parry and dodge in what is a master mix of violence. The bad: I mention this in the good section, but this game is just really short, which is a disappointment, but then again I certainly can't imagine how any game team could successfully maintain the type of pace revengeance sets. All good things come to an end. In addition, while the box was a nice touch to fans of the franchise it didn't fit well with the pace of the story and if Kojima was trying to set a different tone with this game I have to question why they decided to add stealth elements. Expand
  55. Mar 4, 2013
    Introduction: Metal Gear Rising has so far been met with positive reviews from critics and fans. The average critic has rated the game an 8.3 and fans have rated it an 8.2. I (being a fans of the Metal Gear Series since Metal Gear Solid 3) rented this game to see if it would live up to expectations. It did this and so much more.

    Presentation: Metal Gear Rising is a hack and slash
    game which branches off from the traditional stealth action of the other Metal Gear games. Although it may be deceiving (Metal Gear hack and slash?) this game is presented in a cool way. You take control of Raiden, the cyborg ninja from Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4. The events of this game take place after all of the other games and the story is a bit random. Although the story was a bit random, the story is told in an amazing way. The story draws you in and makes you feel for these characters. The story and its presentation as a whole were perfect, keeping me playing from beginning to end. 10/10

    Graphics: Metal Gear Rising had some good graphics. The problem i had with the graphics is the fact that they didn't not seem to be any better then the amazing graphics of Metal Gear Solid 4 a couple years back (2008). Since Metal Gear Solid 4 was made 5 years ago near the beginning of the Playstation 3, I expected these graphics to be top notch. I was disappointed that they did not live up to that expectation. With that said, the graphics were by no means bad. Graphics were very good any many things looked real but it didn't reach my expected expectations. Characters for the most part seemed to look real and Raiden looked very cool. 9/10

    Sound: The Soundtrack to this game deserves 11/10 just for how cool it was but because of other aspects of sound, it doesn't receive a perfect score. Every song used in this game was absolutely flawless. Each song made each battle (especially the battle against a electronic wolf) seem more intense and fun. The music makes every battle seem more important then the last. The negativity against the sound comes from the voice acting. Some voice actors just sucked. To explain, some characters just seemed like cliche remakes of other characters from the series. Only a few characters had great voice actors such as Jetstream Sam, Raiden and BladeWolf. One of the worse voice actors was the voice of a young foreign boy who instead of sounding foreign, just sounded really stupid and ignorant. The sound was the best and worst things of the game. Bellow is an example of the awesome music but bad voice acting. 9/10

    Gameplay: The gameplay for Metal Gear Rising is fantastic. Every fight feels new, refreshing and so entertaining. I felt cool fighting in every battle, whether I was fighting giant metal gears or small hand machines (no way to describe). The only thing one has to do to have a perfect gameplay experience is to get past the learning curve. The learning curve in this game is learning the parry system. It may take a few minutes to learn but once it is learned, parrying makes the game not only fun but a lot easier as well. If you cannot learn the parry, then let the raging begin. I suggest downloading the free demo and testing the parry system before playing the full game itself. Once learned, the gameplay is perfect. 10/10

    Entertainment: This game was extremely fun. I experienced high levels of rage during 1 particular boss that I continued to die against but besides that, the game was one of the most entertaining games I have played in a long time. 10/10

    Replay Value: Like my last game I played (devil may cry) this depends on the kind of person you are. To me, the story was better in Metal Gear Rising but had less things to offer replay wise while DMC offered many different difficulties. Metal Gear Rising gives you more weapons each time you play but like DMC, it is always the same thing again. Although I loved this game and personally could play it again, I would not want to play it over and over again. 5/10

    Verdict: Every fan of the Metal Gear series and hack and slash fans: PLAY THIS GAME NOW. Call of Duty fanboys: AVOID THIS GAME. If you have patience, this game is an absolute play. Total rating 8.5/10

    Suggested Price: Walmart offers this game for $60 dollars and it includes the game soundtrack. That is defiantly worth the price. If you buy the game from gamestop, wait until it goes down to $40. If you only want to play it once for the story, Rent It. I rented the game and beat it in a days time. This game is worth a try.
  56. Apr 8, 2013
    Great game! Very addicting! There really is not much to criticize about it except that the camera angle can sometimes be in your way during boss battles. I would categorize the game as one of those more challenging games which is one of the reason it always motivates me to upgrade my weapons to conquer the enemies with a sense of accomplishment.
  57. May 2, 2013
    Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance is one of the most epic games of 2013 and my entry into the Metal Gear franchise, even though Metal gear Rising is shorter than i expected it is a awesome game worthy a purchase and also slo-mo slice and dice, if you want a great hack and slash game i recommend this game
  58. Apr 12, 2013
    Platinum games does it again, this game demolishes DmC in terms of combos, variety and fluid action.
    The new zan-datsu mechanic is amazing. Can't wait to see what they do in MGR2.
  59. Apr 27, 2013
    The game is fantastic, if a little short. It is what it is, simply an action game, the dialogue/story is hilariously bad, but it didn't bother me too much as i'm not a die-hard fan of the franchise. 1 major gripe, which is absolutely, categorically, giving me the is the camera. I H-A-T-E the camera, majority of the time the camera is more dangerous than the enemies are (other than the Mastiffs... those things), otherwise, it's a TONNE of fun, slicing up in blade mode never gets old, heaps of upgrades to keep you replaying it, vr missions are a good challenge, boss battles are loads of fun. Thoroughly recommend! Just try not to break your controller when camera ****s you in the ass Expand
  60. Jun 30, 2013
    The Good:Graphics,Jack The ripper,enemies,bosses,story.,music!,ending.
    Bad:George style,PC release..

    This game is nearly perfect finally Raiden unleashed his true nature self Jack the ripper,we play an anti hero this is actually a pretty fantastic! and rare! and it would be greater if he later change to be a same as Solidus snake was until jack die.George was irritating by the way of
    he speaking.PC release a big negative this game should exist only for consoles.The ending was perfect. Expand
  61. Jun 9, 2013
    I was very happy with this Metal Gear spin off and hope to see more installments of this game from Platinum Games. To me the game play and story over powered the negatives such as the game being too short and the camera angel at times being unpredictable. Although the game was short, with the reattempts in each chapter had it actually last about the length of any other game. The game keeps track of the time spent playing, but doesn't take into account the time of failed attempts in chapters or checkpoints, and it does not include the cut scene in that time. Once I finished the game it said I beat it in 5 hours but reality was that it took me closer to 10 hours to complete. As far as the camera angle being sporadic, it only behaved that way when too close to a wall and would do a 180 degree turn to look at the character but at the wall as well. This was only a problem when i was hugging the walls in attempt to stealth at certain parts. But once I realized and understood what caused this was able to adapt my playing to prevent that camera behavior; and did it without sacrificing the experience of the game. Overall I loved the game and beat it three times in a row and still am trying to unlock certain collectibles and new weapons so continue to replay certain chapters. Now I have about 20 hours of gaming attributed to this game, and don't regret a moment of it. Plus the DLC's available are short but give great insight into the world and help expand the experience that most people complained was too short. The mechanics and the game play are so amazing to me it was effortless to forget or not noticed any shortcomings. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys hack'n slash, and are Metal Gear fans looking for something different in the beloved universe. Expand
  62. Jun 24, 2013
    this game was awesome it is challenging and is as good is easily one of the best hack and slash games this year and is on par with the new Devil May Cry
  63. Jul 24, 2013
    Definitely one of the best hack'n'slash I have ever played! The story is engaging and interesting. The Blade Mode is Awesome! Hard difficulties are actually hard. The Graphics look great. My only gripes are: somewhat glitchy camera and a short Story.

    IMHO, this is a must-have for all the Hack'n'Slash fans!
  64. Jul 25, 2013
    First of all this isn't a MGS game. This has nothing to do with rifles,pistols or stealth. This is a well made hack and slash game. The game is a bit repetitive when there isn't a boss fight. But those 5 bosses are extrelemely well-designed. And also cutting an enemy in a blade mode is hell of a fun. Hack and slash lovers DO NOT MISS THIS GAME!
  65. Jan 9, 2014
    I have played this game, way too much. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is one of the most satisfying hack 'n' slash game I have played. Not quite as good as DMC4, but still amazing nevertheless. You play as cyborg Raiden, which was one of the things I wished was in MGS4, and it is a truly great game. First visuals, it looks great. Controls are really good. My only complaint is when you're playing on higher difficulties you'll feel that some of the controls (mainly blocking) are poorly programmed that can lead to some really cheap hits if you're attempting you're Stormbringer playthrough. Combat is satisfying because you have a sword that can actually cut through stuff. This idea is made more noticeable through Blade Mode where you can slash any enemy into nothing, or rip out their spines, either or depends on your preferences. The soundtrack is the best thing to come out of 2013 in terms of music. Each song is fitting to each scenario. The boss themes match the fights exactly and each make the fight more memorable. Boss fights are still top notch, maybe even a little better then the MGS series because of the emphasis on sword play. My favorite boss is easily Monsoon, a magnetized cyborg that appears in chapter 3. As an introduction to Platinum Games, I am thoroughly impressed and will now be keeping a close eye out for Bayonetta, all thanks to the combat system. Now for the plot. It has its problems although minute in some cases. The plot follows Raiden as he goes to stop one private military corporation from training children's brains to become cyborg soldiers. This then leads into a conspiracy that leads up to the US Congress. The plot didn't come around until chapter 2. Despite this, it does look into the issue of child soldiers, which is still a pressing issue. People complain about how long the MGS cutscenes are, but I think they would agree that MGRR could use some long cutscenes as well as more. It could easily use an additional 2 hours in cutscenes, that way, it can really flesh out the characters. One example is the rival called Jetstream Sam. He disgraces Raiden in the prologue chapter, disappears, reappears in chapter 3 , disappears again, then you fight him in chapter 6. I feel that if they gave him another 30 minutes in cutscenes in other chapters, it would add to the fight with him and make it a more satisfying fight. It's also a short game, ranging to between 6 and 8 hours of gameplay. I felt as though they should have expanded the gameplay by up to four hours, making it so that you can enjoy testing the new skills you've earned against tougher scenarios. It would have fleshed out the combat a lot more too. The game also includes easily one of the hardest difficulty setting that I have played on, Revengeance mode. That mode, will teach why the game is called Revengeance and it will put your skills to the test. Overall, I'm giving this game 8.7/10. It's a good game, but die hard fans of Metal Gear may not like the heavy combat, so to them I recommend borrowing or renting the game before buying it. To hack 'n' slash fans, enjoy cutting through everything. Expand
  66. Mar 28, 2014
    I was afraid of the story, everywhere you read that it isn't that good, but trust me it's fun. The fights are brilliant, parry or die, use your brain or your lightning fingerreflexes. It's a smart game that demands mastering. Now I feel a little bit like the good old Gray Fox.
  67. Nov 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Word Cannot Describe This Game. Its Full Of Fun, The Cut-scene Animation Is Great, Definitely Recommended For Those That Like Movies And The Game play Is Excellent Too As Well...All Of That "Zandatsu" Thing Is So Cool! I Already Beat This Game 9 Times Already! You'd Better Buy It As Soon As Possible! Expand
  68. Nov 10, 2013
    I have to say, I have yet to enjoy a game as much as I've enjoyed Metal Gear Rising. After seeing it and wanting it for months, it was more than worth the wait. So where should I start? Well for starters, the game is beautiful and polished very well. Looks fantastic, plain and simple, and runs smooth as silk. The story is actually very deep once you play through it, grasp it, do a little searching within the game itself and are familiar with (or read about) the Metal Gear Solid games. But even if Metal Gear Rising is your first entry into the metal gear series, as it is mine, the story is plenty standalone to be enjoyed.

    Raiden is one HELL of a bad-ass in MGR. The game is one insane ride of pure adrenaline pumping fun; you will most likely be resisting the urge to go "WOO!" many times from your first play-through. The combat is fun, flashy, incredibly skillful and fast paced, even on easy you'll feel it's not hard but enemies won't just roll over and die. The difficulty curve as you progress is very well done; you can't rely on the same button mashing combos for everything or you're going to find things getting tough. And of course there's the nod to the good old cardboard box of metal gear solid. Stealth is an option, but not at all necessary; it is never required to go undetected during any part of the game. But there are some areas that are emphasized to be stealthy. Usually that area will have a lot of tough enemies and be difficult for your first time through. Of course you could just have fun walking around as a cardboard box and laugh at the guys who don't think it's suspicious a box wasn't there 5 minutes ago.

    The soundtrack? 11/10. MGR's soundtrack could not be any better. I've yet to see a game with such an amazing and well done soundtrack. Each song will be pumping more of the oozing epic of this game into your mind.

    Enemies are pretty well done. They feel as they should; the regular grunts stand no chance, and the stronger enemies can be brought down fairly easily with proper skill or just hitting them enough if you want to go at it like a barbarian. Hey whichever way you enjoy the game right?

    Each boss is a masterpiece. They each get their own personalized theme for battle music, as well as all having different 'feels' to the battles; each one will feel like a different kind of battle. The final boss I would say is probably one of the greatest, maybe top 5 ever, of all time in terms of game-play, design & personality, and music.

    And of course even if you beat the main game, you're going to spend a lot of time replaying and searching the levels for the many hidden extras, items and such, or just trying to S-Rank everything.

    In all good conscience I cannot fault this game for anything. The ONLY things I would like to see was the game itself longer, I beat it in about 4 hours on easy my first time, and the camera. The camera angle isn't really a big deal itself too, just don't get up against walls too often. And for tracking enemies it's not even an issue really. And while the game is short, the amount of time you'll spend hunting the hidden items, S-Ranking battles, and collecting all the collectibles will keep you playing for a lot longer, if the already insane game-play and wonderful boss-fights aren't enough already.

    And if all that isn't enough, the price? A new copy is $40, $30 pre-owned at your local Gamestop. You will not regret buying this game if you're a fan of the metal gear series or bayonetta, or just love a good insanely fun hack&slash action game.
  69. Jan 17, 2014
    I loved it, this is such a well created hack'n slash game that i can't even describe how impressed i am of it. Well done Platinum Games!

    Now, i am just waiting for the Solid series to come on the PC platform as well, Kojima.. i'm waiting.
  70. Dec 12, 2013
    A very undervalued game in my opinion, it is really incredible why some magazines give so low score to this hyperdynamic and epic game, some parts of the game are great, the parrying system is superb, the effects are great and the pace is crazy,I think they would give him more score if any other company would have produced it...
  71. Jan 8, 2014
    Metal Gear Rising is an amazing game. High intensity action, absurdly addicting gameplay, an above average story, amazing boss battles (some of the best i've ever played in a game) and topping it off with possibly the best soundtrack of any game this year. This game is meant to be replayed so the game being short is not a concern, at least for me anyway. While the game is not perfect (that camera), Rising deserves a spot in your library. I give this game a 9 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions (woulda given it a 9.5, but the rating system won't let me). Expand
  72. Jan 21, 2014
    When Metal Gear Rising was first announced, my reaction was basically, "So?" Having never played a Metal Gear game before, I really didn't care much. I decided to check it out of sheer curiosity, and my mind was irrevocably blown out of the back of my head. I was amazed at the graphics, gameplay, and music. Graphics first. You actually felt like the characters and locations were real, like you could stick your hand through the TV and grab Raiden's shoulder. Lip syncing and vocals are SPOT ON PERFECT. I was shocked. While gameplay can get repetitive at times, you never feel like you've had the same fight. Combos and "Zandatsu" are welcome additions to combat. Music... This music deserves awards on its own. A great mix of Techno and Heavy Metal, its sure to make you orgasm in your pants from how awesome it is and the music will stay with you. The lyrics during boss fights are not only catchy, but they describe your opponent indefinitely. Story is probably the best I've ever seen. Not gonna spoil anything, but get ready to think about your morals and who is really in charge. If your looking for a game that really makes you want to play again, feel like your REALLY SLICING THROUGH YOUR ENEMIES, then this game is for you. Enjoy guys. Expand
  73. Feb 9, 2014
    platinum delivers once again... and what can you say? it is of course a master piece. Combining the goofyness and seriousness of Metal Gear and the awesome gameplay by platinum, this is one of the most satisfying games with a high learning curve. i love it
  74. Feb 15, 2014
    I honestly love this game, Platinum did very well for what was only a year of production on this game, I have spent 100 hours easily on this game attaining secrets and getting S rank. It is very huge on re-playability which excuses the 2-3 hour game completion.

    Screw the VR missions though, what the hell, no mortal human can gold rank that ****
  75. Jul 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i love the game but the story line is not the best u have too fight a president or something and i tought it should end after u kill sam but is]t did not and how did wolf not die Expand
  76. Aug 22, 2014
    This game has amazing over-the-top action that deserves any hack and slash fans attention.
    It is challenging, has tons of unlockables and encourages you to replay levels to get a better scores.
    If it had a better camera and better stealth gameplay this game would be the BEST hack and slash brawler ever.
  77. Feb 20, 2013
    Platinum proves that they can make games. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance seems like it would be a dud. But, this title is definitely worth playing. If you're not entirely sold, just download the demo! I quiet enjoy Raiden as a character and I think he deserved his own title to show a little more on his background. Gameplay Crazy, over the top and absolutely fun! Slicing away at will just never gets tiring.
    Story Raiden is "revealed" and his "jack the ripper" persona gets a little spotlight. A tad short and little bit rushed for me (As I wanted more!!) But, overall a satisfying story.
    Conclusion If you are a little disappointed because it's not a true "Metal Gear" game, well look again. It's not supposed to be true to Metal Gear as Kojima stated it's an entirely new package featuring Raiden. If you are a big hack and slash fan with and love action then this is the game for you!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 61
  2. Negative: 3 out of 61
  1. Apr 9, 2013
    Improvements need to be made, but Metal Gear Rising has already established itself to be an action game well worth buying.
  2. Fact is, when Revengeance is firing on all cylinders it’s a great, albeit short (six hours, tops) action game. [April 2013, p78]
  3. Mar 24, 2013
    Its shortness will dissuade many, but cut deeper and an innovative parry system impresses. [Apr 2013, p.70]