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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 66
  2. Negative: 1 out of 66
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  1. 91
    As a game steeped in immediacy, Mirror's Edge is an absolute must-play despite its idiosyncrasies. And as a pied piper for progressive design in first-person gaming, it's all the more important.
  2. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    You've never played anything like Mirror's Edge. It's a genuine original. When it's good - like when you're soaring between two rooftop cranes, pigeons scattering and traffic thrumming below, or dashing between roaming sniper laser sights, breaking into an enormous needle-shaped skyscraper - it's a total rush. And even when it's not quite so good, when you can't work out how to get through a particularly tricky section, the compulsion to keep trying remains strong. [Dec 2008, p.84]
  3. Not your average gaming experience - Mirror's Edge takes the FPS format and flips it on its head. A brilliant and unique experience, even if the small shooting parts aren't quite up to scratch.
  4. Combine a thoroughly entertaining single-player campaign with a stunning and challenging time trial mode and you'll soon forget that you managed to run through the story in six hours or less. There's depth here that you'll only discover hours into time trialling a single stage, and as we said, no other game released this year comes close to being as cool.
  5. Mirror's Edge is a videogame that definitely deserves a try. Its short length is the only complaint we can mention about the campaign, because its an incredibly innovative title with a very powerful graphical side and an addictive gameplay proposal. A nice launch for this new saga that replaces the word 'brief' with the word 'intensity'.
  6. We put on our trainers in order to start running through the skyscrapers of an enormous city. Mirror's Edge is an unique platforming game, very realistic, with a very special point of view in the genre. A huge experience, very different to what we have played previously, with an incredible gameplay and great atmosphere. It's the beginning of a brand new series that can provide us with many satisfactions.
  7. It's unlike any other first person adventure out there, and that alone earns your attention. It's addictive gameplay will have you coming back to it long after you've beaten it, even if the full quest only last six hours, thanks to a surprisingly fun Time Attack mode. It's superb visuals and presentation really make all the more engaging, as do the intuitive controls.
  8. 90
    The story flows too, as Faith unravels her mystery. Between the chapters, which are all go, are artfully animated cut-scenes, which explain what’s going on.
  9. Simply put, you must play Mirror’s Edge.
  10. Mirror's Edge is a unique experience. The controls work great and the visuals and music fit perfectly with the rest of the game. That such a unique concept contains a few flaws, like the short story mode and some frustrating gameplay moments, isn't a shame in the least. This experiment is a succes!
  11. Mirror’s Edge isn’t for everyone. The game has a lot of trial and error, which will undoubtedly turn off some gamers who simply don’t want to go through the same level for another shot.
  12. This is not a game for everyone, but a truly revolutionary title for the true believers. There isn't a wealth of content to be found here, but what you do get is wrapped in a beautiful presentation with amazingly fluid controls to boot. Controlling the protagonist Faith is as fun as it is rewarding. If you've got the patience for some serious trial and error gameplay, this is one of the most original games released in a long time and a revolution for the platforming genre.
  13. Despite basically repeating a lot of the moves seen in the modern Prince of Persia games, Mirror’s Edge’s distinctive, haunting atmosphere, immersive first-person perspective and completely intuitive controls make it truly outstanding.
  14. Despite the length of the adventure, Mirror’s Edge offers an experience you will not forget any time soon. Every time you put away the controller and turn off the console, you’re left wanting more. Everything, from the bright visuals to the fast-paced action, justifies the high score.
  15. The game does a terrific job in both challenging and entertaining. The story is solid enough to hold the elements together and the world that the game is placed in supports all the elements. This is a well-designed game.
  16. Because of the innovative gameplay of Mirror’s Edge, the user is able to experience catchy moves and thrilling action. Chases through the whole city and an interesting story guarantee long-term motivation.
  17. A new genre is definitely worth trying out.
  18. Mirror’s Edge is a title that I will not soon forget. In an industry full of sequels and non original ideas, Mirror’s Edge dares to challenge the way we experience first person titles as well as video games as a whole.
  19. 85
    It’s great to play a game that – in many ways – is so pure. It’s not about collecting. It’s not about leveling up. It’s not about getting a bigger and better gun. It’s about movement, style and momentum. Combat aside, DICE has taken a significant step forward for the first person perspective with this game, and you should all check it out.
  20. Even if the game is short and frustrating at times, we can’t go without saying that Mirror’s Edge needs to be experienced by every gamer. In a time where sequels and uninspiring titles are flooding the market, seeing this game hitting store shelves is refreshing. Now, we can’t wait where DICE will take the franchise as it has already been confirmed as a trilogy. Kudos!
  21. 85
    Mirror's Edge is a beautiful and immersive title that simply must be experienced.
  22. EA and DICE took a risk with Mirror's Edge, but ultimately it has paid off. This is an exciting title with a great premise, and despite a few minor issues we could be looking at a fantastic foundation for future sequels.
  23. Mirror's Edge is a distinct game, both in playability and visuals and that's a major feat. Faith is full of character and her world is colorful and vibrant, although the adventure is quite short.
  24. Overall Mirror’s Edge is a game that should be experienced by anyone who enjoys adventure games.
  25. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Not perfect, but genuinely fresh - inventive, pretty and super playable. [Christmas 2008, p.62]
  26. First-person platforming is certainly nothing new, but an entire game built around it is. It works and comes across as a new beast, just don't expect a lot of play time from it unless you're obsessive compulsive. There's still room for refinement, but anyone who's curious, jump in.
  27. 83
    More than just unique, it’s a thrilling and stylish venture to untapped territory that’s assured in its firstperson take on platforming. Though an inane plot and limp combat see it falter briefly, the strong visual design and dynamic mechanic ensure it still emerges as a game to be celebrated.
  28. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The outstanding music and the tension of pursuit make this a first-person experience like few others. [Dec 2008, p.65]
  29. 83
    Mirror's Edge stands out for its impressive aesthetics and a gameplay concept full of potential and good intentions, that is executed in an irregular way.
  30. A valiant effort to revolutionize gaming by a courageous studio. Largely, DICE pulled it off. But, there are several nagging spots that hamper the experience; repetitive environments and interactive elements, touchy controls and occasionally poor detection, and an uninspired story leave a significant amount to be desired. Even so, I found Mirror's Edge to be a truly unique and rewarding experience that I feel fortunate to have played.
  31. 80
    A bold experiment for DICE. It's a dramatic departure from the "Battlefield" games, and provides a refreshing experience to those willing to invest the time in its strict control mechanics. The combat's unfortunately its Achilles' heel, since it lacks the spontaneity of the free-running and in many instances brings the action to a crashing halt.
  32. Mirror’s Edge’s gameplay is adrenaline-filled and beautifully tailored, but the experience does end up feeling a bit hollow as the game runs out of new tricks to show the player. In the second half of the game, I started second guessing if I had already run across a particular section. I also became so in-tune with specific challenges that I could do them with my eyes closed...Regardless, this is one of those genre-defining games that everyone needs to see. DICE has pulled off a miraculous feat that hopefully will inspire other FPS developers.
  33. GamePro
    If the level design had focused more on open environments and giving you the freedom to run, and if the combat wasn't such a roadblock, this would have been a near-perfect game. But it's still a great first step and I can't wait to see how DICE improves upon the formula for the sequel.
  34. 80
    The animated sequences are less than stellar, the plot is trite, and the game feels like it was pared down at the last minute. Despite all those flaws, the running-based gameplay makes you want to forgive everything else. No other game is quite as exhilarating and uniquely exciting, and it’s this part of the game you’ll remember most.
  35. This is a fast paced, high adrenaline experience that manages to really impress.
  36. Despite DICE's uneasy underhandedness to force players into more conventional situations that the game simply isn't built for, Mirror's Edge is an impressive experiment and a compelling title that revels in its unique mechanics.
  37. There’s not a single part of the game we didn’t enjoy replaying, it’s a visual tour-de-force (albeit a rather minimal, Designers Republic style affair) and the music is to die for (and has it’s own player in the options). Could have done with a co-op mode, perhaps, but the promised DLC will surely keep us going for some time.
  38. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Overall, however, the game does an admirable job of balancing the natural limitations of attempting to recreate parkour in an interactive medium. [Holiday 2008, p.76]
  39. 80
    The game length could easily be a deterrent for gamers not wanting to invest $60 for a mere five hours of game time, especially if they have no interest in participating in the time trial portion of the game, but I highly recommend everyone at least check out this inventive take on the genre.
  40. First Dead Space and now Mirror’s Edge. Kudos to EA for continuing to diversify their portfolio with more original intellectual properties, and hats off to DICE for showing tremendous ambition in creating this Parkour-inspired action game.
  41. Very stylistic, intense and creative, Mirror's Edge is missing the replayability to justify its $60 price tag, and it has a difficult learning curve that never quite levels out.
  42. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    One of the most original titles we've seen this gen. [Summer 2009, p.70]
  43. It’s easy to grow frustrated with Mirror’s Edge; the game doesn’t bother being that user friendly. At times, it might feel like pixel-perfect precision needed in old platformers is needed to complete the game, but it’s usually worth the extended effort to try.
  44. Games Master UK
    Old-style gaming in futuristic shoes: a thrilling experience that hides its flaws with style. [Christmas 2008, p.65]
  45. Impossible is nothing – After Dead Space EA surprises us with another highly innovative game. The developers have formed something that no one has seen to date.
  46. Mirror’s Edge isn’t just an incredible game it’s an outstandingly “outside of the box” experience. It’s amusing, attractive, intuitive and above all it is very rewarding. The campaign itself doesn’t win in the longevity aspect but it is capable of hooking the gamer with its beauty that sometimes seems like a riddle.
  47. Mirror’s Edge is not the fully-fledged Parkour game that I was hoping for, and it stumbles over and over in its attempts to be a shooter. It can be needlessly frustrating and begrudgingly repetitive, but equally and truly awe-inspiring. If you can trudge through the story, the Time Trials provide one of the most intense and liberating platforming experiences to date, and ironically, it just might inspire you to turn off the TV and get outside.
  48. Mirror's Edge does a wonderful job of doing exactly what it sets out to do, and while it may not do it all perfectly, it does do enough well enough for you to forgive the game's flaws.
  49. Mirror’s Edge is without doubt a beautiful game, that can both thrill and frustrate with equal measure. Those willing to live with the evils of pixel perfect button timings will get a lot of pleasure from the game.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 371 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 67
  2. Negative: 6 out of 67
  1. Aug 26, 2011
    picked this up for $10 at my local pawn shop and was intrested to see if it was any good. well it is abit differnt which isnt a bad thing .picked this up for $10 at my local pawn shop and was intrested to see if it was any good. well it is abit differnt which isnt a bad thing . its basically a FPS platformer for the most part... well actaully thats all that it is really with some minor shooting elements if you want it to be. it is kinda fun racing off the roof tops evading cops at break neck running speed. the controls are ok i found them to be abit unresponsive some times especially with the wall walking and jumping. the story is eh ... didnt really care or intrest me . the voice acting is solid though . the game is very very short though and only thing thats gona make it long is the trial and error of the platforming. its a ok game but im glad i waited on it and didnt drop $60 on it. its worth a rental if you want some thing to play thats abit differnt or buying it if you can get it dirt cheap. Full Review »
  2. Nov 16, 2010
    Bought recently for 15 dollars and, for that price point, it's excellent (especially if you spend almost all of your time playing triple-A FPSBought recently for 15 dollars and, for that price point, it's excellent (especially if you spend almost all of your time playing triple-A FPS games and need something to cleanse the palette.) An original effort, if shows the world that Dice's superb Frostbite engine does more than just shooters. If you liked Portal, you should look at this one. The original critical reviews seemed mixed partly on account of some bugginess, but I've not encountered anything serious or something that would require a game reload. A couple of things; 1) the main character and her story isn't a good fit - it's unbelievable that a small character like Faith can take on a SWAT. 2) This is not a shooter, but there are situations when you can use a gun and the controls in those situations are awkward and don't really work. Nonetheless, at under 20 bucks, this is a great addition to your library. Full Review »
  3. Jul 18, 2011
    Potential to be a great game but drops the ball in many areas which leads to distinctly average and extremely frustrating at time game.Potential to be a great game but drops the ball in many areas which leads to distinctly average and extremely frustrating at time game. You're a runner and you essentially run around, on paper it sounds like a pretty boring game but to my surprise it was actually pretty fun when you got to RUN. The game forces you into confined areas, which wouldn't be so bad the problem arises is that you can't run. These sequences inside turn into some of the most boring moments I've ever experienced in my life, simply because there's no sense of speed which seems to be the game's major concept. Another problem is how draconian the detection system is when interacting with objects, if you're off by a hair. You're dead. This becomes extremely frustrating when you're doing actions correctly time and time again only you didn't orient yourself properly during a jump or before the jump and you end up falling to your death. Another problem is some objects aren't interactable at times in the game. This tends to be very frustrating early on until you realize what can and can't be grabbed onto. The combat system is horrendous and coming from DICE that's a disgrace. For some reason they decided to include a aim assist while that works with gun, it's not so good when you're two or three feet from an enemy and are try to fight multiple enemies at one time. The combat is one of the game's biggest failings and make dealing with enemies one of the most painful portions of the game.

    The graphics/art direction are just horrendous. Whoever decided that making the color white a dominant feature throughout the game whilst turning bloom on full blast should be shot. It at times making lining up jumps difficult because you can't see what you're doing this coupled with the detection system can be troublesome at times. This is one the only game where I felt like putting on sunglasses just to dim the bloom.

    The sound is... pretty much not there. There's nothing really remarkable about it and the only time I realize there was music was during the elevator sessions. The game to me can essentially be summed up pretty simply as this, run around, get lost, get blinded from bloom and get crammed in an elevator. Rinse and repeat, the story is awful, there's not much variety in locales and other then the awful detection system the game has an interesting concept it just really doesn't do much to support it.

    And whoever designed the elevator sequences/loading screens should be fired. There's nothing to do but listen to muzak and read tiny newspaper articles and sit confined for 15-30 seconds while it loads.
    Full Review »