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Summary: MLB 08 The Show promises to provide fans with the most realistic baseball experience to date with innovations such as a more immersive Road to The Show mode, enabling gamers to play both offense and defense from the created player’s perspective. Providing players with some additional performance incentives, the MLB franchise introduces the new Progressive Batting Performance feature, which both rewards players for superior performance and penalize them for hitting slumps. Specific to each individual batter, players are rewarded with slight contact bonuses, or punished with slight decreases in contact, based on how that batter that performs beyond his "natural ability" while under user control. Adding to the online feature set, which includes customizable Online League Play with up to 30 teams, scrolling MLB Score Ticker and more, MLB 08 The Show introduces SCOUT (SportsConnect Online User Tracking), which allows gamers to set and store their game preferences on the MLB server, and enables the system to look for a Quick Match with opponents that fits similar competitive criteria. [SCEA]
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Rating: E
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Developer: SCEA San Diego Studios
Genre(s): Sports
Number of Players:1-2 Players
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1
License:Major League Sport
Number of Online Players:2 Players Online
Cast Credit
Thomas Jung Senior Lead Interface Artist
Doug Batson Interface Artist
Mike Jones Character Artist
Dale Sedenquist Environment Artist
Tawn Kramer Senior Lead Motion System Programmer
Dave Herman Front End Programmer
Ed Brady MLB Script Writer
Ed Brady Senior Designer
John East Senior Graphics Programmer
Brian Ma Senior AI Programmer
Thai Tran Senior Environment Artist
Tim Monk Senior Lead MLB Franchise Programmer
Josh Wirth AI Programer
Tim Flier Senior Graphics Programmer
Jeff McArthur Senior Lead AI Programmer
Mike Burton Senior AI Programmer
Brian Hendley Senior AI Programmer
Leo Mortero Senior AI Programmer
Stephen Conrad Senior Audio Programmer
Chris Braymen Senior Audio Systems Engineer
Jeff Lillman Senior Lead Front End Programmer
Ben Hulse Senior Front End Programmer
Dave Hoffman Front End Programmer
Patric Hager Senior Lead Graphics Programmer
Jon Ramsey Senior Graphics Programmer
Chris Fodor Senior Graphics Programmer
Phil Van Valkenberg Senior Graphics Programmer
Lee Blum Senior Motion System Programmer
Omar Canon Senior Motion System Programmer
Mike Copley Senior Motion System Programmer
Joe Wilkerson Senior Motion System Programmer
Chris Clements Senior Lead Animator
Weon Ju Senior Animator
Donny Sorvala Senior Animator
Emerson Johnson Senior Animator
Gil Garcia Senior Lead Character Artist
Christine Dekhi Senior Character Artist
Robert Fitzgerald Senior Character Artist
Eric Heim Character Artist
Walter Stuart Character Artist
Joel Benjamin Character Artist
Shawn Robles Senior Lead Environment Artist
Franz Borowitz Senior Environment Artist
Bryan Paquette Senior Environment Artist
Kevin Weinstein Senior Environment Artist
Sito Francisco Environment Artist
Anton Napierala Environment Artist
Ashley Kim Interface Artist
SungHyun Baik Interface Artist
John Giordano Interface Artist
Steven Abbott Interface Artist
Christina Liu Interface Artist
Chris Rogers Technical Artist
Chris Gill Senior Producer
Jody Kelsey Jr. Producer
Jason Villa Producer
Clayton Read Associate Producer
Kolbe Launchbaugh Senior Lead Designer
Eddy Cramm Senior Designer
Lorne Asuncion Designer
Greg Batalucco Designer
Aaron Luke Associate Designer
John Gizzi Front End Scripting
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