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  1. Nov 11, 2014
    For me, I felt Soul Suspect had potential. Unfortunately it was let down by it's lack of true open-world, annoying navigation and it's reliance upon it's antagonists, the Demons, to step into your path as an obstacle when you were making progress.

    Relic and object finding was a chore and the lack of red herrings during investigations was another let down.

    The story was great and the plot twist unforgettable, but that doesnt carry well with too many gamers in an age where games like GTA V and Halo are brought back on next-gen consoles to blitz titles like this.
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  2. Sep 11, 2014
    This game had potential. But a lot of bugs make of it a frustration. First I got it on PC but it was so much full of bugs till the moment when my controls become unresponsive. I was stubborn and than i got it on PS 3. Must admit that PC version is very superior regarding graphics :).
    Game is OK, I like the atmosphere of Salem ( reminds mi somehow on Thief ;) ). Story is the main thing here and it was the story that draws me to endure trough all those bugs. Investigations are interesting, and that chilly atmosphere of surrounding death add to the enjoyment. Main and almost all side quests are good.
    Demons in my opinion are unnecessary ( feels like filling the gap ) and in my opinion the game should be just investigation oriented. Stealth segments are clunky and annoying.
    So it is good game until before the very end my PS 3 version of the game did not allowed me to trigger one cut scene. Another bug ( I was mad ) .
    Somehow I manage to go trough that part and I solve the Bell murders. Salem is now peaceful place again even if i am frustrated.
    Game is not bad just unfinished and unpolished.
    So I think that I am generous, because it has it good sides
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  3. Aug 26, 2014
    A really nice game with some great ideas. Yet feels a little unfinished and bare at times.

    Visually it looks great. Backgrounds are
    stunning, animation is good and characters detailed. However, the whole world feels a little lifeless (excuse the obvious pun, considering the theme.) It almost feels like a story board with moving parts at times.

    Story is great, nice nice twists and was fun to see what happens next.

    Gameplay was a little barren and I found it a little cheap that the most of the collectibles were just needless back story and filler documents, that were in text form only. It would have been nice if each piece would have been narrated.

    It's a nice fun game that feels a bit incomplete and lacking in the grander scheme of things. Definitely worth a try for the story alone, but don't bother paying full price. Rental, discount or used should suffice. Only took me a weekend to get 100% completion.
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