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  • Summary: NBA Live 09 is back with new features like Pick and Roll Control, Defensive Lockdown Control, Signature Playcalling and Quickstrike Ankle-Breakers. For those in need of some extra coaching, NBA Live 09 takes you to training camp with the NBA Academy that gives you a chance to hone your skills. Now featuring 24 authentic FIBA teams with realistic team play styles and rosters, NBA Live 09 features a FIBA World Championship Mode using FIBA tournament structure, rules and court dimensions. Take your game online with 5 vs.5 team play, where 10 people can play together on 10 different consoles around the world. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. NBA Live 09 is the real deal when it comes to a great video game basketball experience.
  2. 85
    The inclusion of Dynamic DNA and NBA Live 365 are two of the most important innovations in sports gaming this year. Combined with all of the other enhancements EA Canada has provided and you are looking at the most feature-rich basketball title to come along in some time.
  3. NBA Live 09 isn’t quite as good as NBA 2K9, but EA’s effort will appeal more to those who aren’t so interested in a steep learning curve, and you won’t sacrifice much in the way of realism.
  4. NBA Live 09 is not a bad game. In fact, it's a relatively good game, if a bit incomplete.
  5. Some elements seem to finally be "complete" for the Live series, but for everything the game does right, four things are in obvious need of more work. On paper Live 09 sounds great; in execution it's the same story as usual.
  6. Though EA is doing all they can to create a realistic basketball sim, there are far too many blatant errors in their formula that make it far from perfect. The inclusion of new online features may not be enough to make up for repetitively frustrating mechanics.
  7. Measured against the rest of EA's high quality pro sports line-up, NBA 09 looks and plays a distinctly amateur game of B-Ball. [Oct 2008, p.103]

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