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  • Summary: Featuring several innovations to the core gameplay experience and online game modes, NBA LIVE 10 is bringing a renewed focus to the long-running EA SPORTS basketball franchise. The groundbreaking Dynamic DNA service, driven by Synergy Sports Technology, makes a return in NBA LIVE 10, with significant improvements that allow players to connect their game to the NBA season like never before. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. It shows just how much the company cares about this series, and the hard work and dedication have paid off in spades. All I can say is even you have played or preferred the 2K series in the past; you owe it to yourself if you are a fan of the game, to take this one to the hoop.
  2. NBA Live 10 looks great, and finally plays great as well. The Dynamic Season mode is the highlight of the game, and is worth the price of admission by itself.
  3. There’s just a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes with the perfectly executed offensive play, or when successfully defending a tough player.
  4. Basketball gamers know what they want and it seems like the step back taken by EA Canada last year is making sense this year. Improving on last year’s new features, refining the gameplay mechanics, not adding anything major and removing what wasn’t necessary, it resumes what NBA Live 10 is. Fans of the franchise will certainly love this year’s game and basketball gamers in general will spend a few quality hours with it.
  5. NBA Live returns to the court with a solid outing this year
  6. As a NBA fan I nearly felt like home. If there wouldn’t be an alternative game I would recommend this game to everybody – but there is an alternative one called NBA 2K10.
  7. A perfect basketball game for newcomers thanks to the easy controls and the high quality graphics. The only main problem is the lack of gaming modes, as there are far too few of them for the game to last long enough.

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Score distribution:
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  1. IshunV
    Dec 17, 2009
    NBA Live 10 the best live game ever made so far. It moves realistic, looks real, sounds real, and feels real watching like a real life nba game. 2k10 models got square backs, everyone has the same body only difference is tall and short. All 2k10 basketball games have small nba ball n small court. Their fingers are really small and the feet is huge it doesn't match their bod. The players aren't even touching the ball when they dribbling and shooting ball and their hands don't even flick when they release. Jerseys and shorts are to baggy, arms, legs, fingers, feet, back, neck, and more look the same on each player. Most of all It doesn't look like the nba players. Live really won this year. Expand
  2. NathanB
    Oct 12, 2009
    First off I was a big NBA LIVE guy back in the day. I switched to 2K in 2007 when live had become garbage. I can now say that LIVE is back & better than ever. The graphics are amazing & the level of detail will suprise you. However suprisingly the best thing is the gameplay. The off ball control makes the game completly addictive. I switch to other players to come of screens & get good open shots. You can even throw yourself alley oops. It is a lot more realistic than 2K because if your good you can get lots of open shots & defensive stops. In 2K your rarley get open shots & the computer throws alley oops out of nowhere making you feel helpless. This game at least warrants a rental. Expand
  3. Fredd
    Oct 18, 2009
    Live 10 is a great game. 2k is still slightly better but for some reason I have more fun playing live. 2ks framerate issues are to much for me to enjoy a single game. Expand
  4. BorisR
    Jan 20, 2010
    Realy have any of you seen NBA 2k10. The graphics look as if you are watching a real nba game (nba 2k10.) Many of my relatives come in and say "i didn't know their is a game on." A month ago i got NBA live 10. The game movements are good but the players are realy dumb. Its also to easy to get a foul, i found myself getting fouled every time i went inside... In NBA 2k10 you at least get a few no calls... The graphics in Live 10 look as if you are playing a video game, not watching a real life NBA game. I give Live 10 a 1 beacause it is not worth playing if you can get NBA 2k10 FOR THE SAME PRICE!!!!!!! Expand