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  1. Nov 18, 2010
    I have to agree this game is excellent. I dropped Black ops and started playing this and haven't stopped the speed of this game is great zooming down the road at 253 miles an hour in a Bugatti V is simply awesome and mind blowing. Don't pay any attention to the haters and go out and try this one you will not be disappointed. Not to mention that the online has the best of any of the racing games i've played the Net code is brilliant no lag racing awesome. Expand
  2. Nov 18, 2010
    Simply awesome! Mass Effect 2 and NFS HP are my favorites game of the year i cant think of a better way to improve the nfs series, certainly this a prove of EA commitment to qualy
  3. Nov 16, 2010
    Multiplayer takes this from a 7 to a 9. If you like arcade racers to begin with, add the multiplayer and the game is definitely worth your time. The car choices are excellent.

    My only con, the fact that you have to have the vision camera to add a pic to your racing profile. It would have been nice if it would use Kinect or some upload method.
  4. Nov 18, 2010
    Well first of i dont think it's better then Gran Turismo or Forza 3,but it's the start of something good for the need of speed series the exact comeback in years.. Comparing it to the last installment it thumps it and leaves it as a wreck.. The game is a true improvement and this could just bring back the series but now has gotten competition so they have to pick up their game.. If EA sticked with this who knows where they could of been now!!! Expand
  5. Nov 19, 2010
    Being a fan of the older NFS games, this was nostalgia for me. Even with some of the new features, this game has proven to be a great buy for me. Autolog is a wonderful thing as well. It definitely spices things up compared to current leaderboard standings in other games. I don't buy many racing games, and I'm glad I got this one. Not a boring game by any means. Always fun, very addicting, and the online play is great. I have yet to play a game with any lag. Expand
  6. Nov 17, 2010
    Worthy of a strait 10. Its simply great fun and the options of playing as the racer or the cop is superb. Its easy to get into and hard to master. The graphics is wonderful and feeling of speed is just right. I love the intro to every car telling you a little sales talk of it, a nice extra! What am I doing here.... back to the console...
  7. Nov 16, 2010
    What a great game, fast paced, action packed and gorgeous graphics! This is a welcome return to the NFS series I love so much. Keep up the good work Criterion!

    BTW Autolog is awesome!
  8. May 16, 2011
    Sure, NFS:HP isn't Gran Turismo, but it's not trying to be. It's a great, diverse (and yes, occasionally boring) with a lengthy vehicle list, all of which are fun to drive. The graphics are phenomenal. The gameplay is easy, intuitive and fun. It's just a great (albeit very unrealistic) driving experience.
  9. Nov 19, 2010
    WOW! Quite simply the best arcade racer on the PS3. If you want realism then wait for GT5 but if you want a solid racer that puts you up against the people on your friends list then this is it. Solo play is good, taking on missions and swapping between both cop and racing careers, which you can do on a mission by mission basis if you want, but AUTOLOG turns the good into great. Every time you achieve in a mission is added to the speed-wall, a list of best times which is filtered by your friends that are playing NFS: HP. What can be more fun than firing up the game, seeing your friends best times and trying to beat them? The game even points out when friends have beaten your times and allows you to jump straight into a challenge. Who needs missions when there's the possibility of bragging rights amongst your closest rivals? OK, so that might not seem that attractive if none of your friends have the game but if that's the case then jump into the online and make some...

    I've so far only sampled the Hot Pursuit mode online, a mode than starts half of the lobby as racers and the other half as cops and lets you do battle on a random track. Cops have to take down racers and racers have to avoid the cops, oh and race against each other! This leads to quite a tactical race as points (XP which carries into your career) are awarded for team wins as well as individual wins, 1st place for a racer and most busts for a cop. If the other game modes are as good as this one (Race and Interceptor) then it adds up to a solid online package which will keep you occupied for weeks to come while waiting for friends to beat your mission times.

    Any negative points? Lack of split screen maybe but with the action as fast as it is and those absolutely gorgeous backdrops then this can be forgiven as you'll definitely want the whole screen to yourself when playing. Free-roam isn't standard while going through the missions but can be dropped into. Good idea as it's probably the only way you'll drive all the cars, the car list is huge, for both cop and racer.

    All in all, a worthy addition to the Need for Speed catalogue and a definite improvement on some of the recent games, SHIFT aside, that had lost their way.

  10. Nov 21, 2010
    I hate driving sim games like forza, or even gran turismo because they feel slow...when i play racing games i want to feel like im racing, kinda like when i play cod i want to feel like im in a war...this is not a sim racing game..its an arcade racer, its supposed to feel fast and it does..if you were a fan of burnout3 or burnout revenge then this is the game for you after all it is made by the same people..its been a long time since ive had this sensation of speed, the last game was split second but it was a lot more one dimensional than this or try the demo before you do..either way you wont be disappointed Expand
  11. Nov 24, 2010
    Its strange that whereas most other gaming genres have evolved and innovated into new and uncharted territories, racing still seems to be stuck in its ways. How refreshing then that the latest NFS breaks the mold with some addictive Game-Modes based around a familiar theme (cops vs racers isn't exactly original); as well as adding the groundbreaking "Autolog" suite of features that really brings this title to life. Never before have I played the same race or time trial over and over to get top of my personalized Autolog Speedwall, just to do the same thing the following day after being beaten by a friend. Throw in some absolutely superb online multi-player and stunning graphics and you've got yourself a truely awesome game.

    The cons? Car Handling does takes some getting used to with a definite Burnout feel to it and an over tendency to need to drift in nearly every corner, and the constant unlocking of cars for just playing an event can get tiresome, but all in all this is an excellent leap forward for the otherwise lacklustre NFS franchise
  12. Nov 28, 2010
    There is nothing about this game that makes me happy that I purchased it. Taking the best from the NFS serious and the great developers of Burnout should create the perfect beast. Instead, the combination managed a product so pointless and worthless that I wish I would have bought some luggage instead... and I never go on vacation.

    Everything here has been done before, years ago. And I
    have no idea how a game developer can allow such a frusterating game to ruin our day. This has the worst cheating AI in memory. I don't mind if the AI cheats a little to keep things exciting, but this game goes out of it's way to make the extreme cheating as obvious as possible.

    And every event feels the same. All cars feels the same. And it feels the same as way older games: this game isn't as good as Burnout: Paradise, Grid, or (yes even) NFS:Shift. But maybe that's because Shift allowed me to use my Logiteck GT, which brings me to my last complaint...

    This game doesn't allow me to use my Logiteck GT!!! Someone must be playing a joke on me here.

    I had this rated a 3 but while i typed all this I realized it doesn't deserve a 3. Therefore...
  13. Nov 29, 2010
    Easily one of the best racers ever made. First you must ignore the negative reviews from all the GT5 fanboys who are crying because their game didn't get as high scores as they felt it deserved.

    Secondly, this game encompasses everything that is great, fun & exhilarating about racers with some of the most pin-sharp handling ever seen.

    Yes, it's an arcade style racer where slipstreaming,
    drifting & driving in oncoming traffic earn you nitrous which some purists may not like if they're used to the bland, sterile genre of racers found elsewhere, but that's never going to happen when the creators of the Burnout franchise got to grips with the the NfS series. You get exactly what it says on the tin a real need for speed and some crazy hot pursuits.

    With amazing graphics, pin-sharp handling, exciting races, duels, challenges and hot pursuits this game throws everything at you and then adds to it with Autolog, a genre-defining mechanism for bringing multiplayer competitiveness into single player gaming, so you can race against your friends and even your friend's friends even when they're not online.

    It's true it doesn't support steering wheel accessories yet, but for those people that don't mind looking like a 5 year old whilst they're gaming, steering wheel support is being patched in shortly
  14. Dec 1, 2010
    What a great game,whith gorgeous graphics! I love so much is Autolog and the emotion of race against your friends is awesome! this game is perfect for this winter season, the unique fault is that not compatible whith G25/G27 10.0
  15. Jun 5, 2011
    This game is amazing. I have shift, burnout paradise and motorstorm pacific rift; none come close to Hot Pursuit. It's always a blast to play. Difficulty, graphics, sound, longevity, online... Flawless.
  16. May 8, 2012
    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is one of the best Need For Speed game ever made. I'll say it shortly: - It's fun; - The gameplay is awesome: fast paced and dynamic; - The graphics are stunning; - The soundtrack is killer, plus the sounds inside the game are well made. - Multiplayer is the sh*t. It's gonna keep you playing forever. Long story short: if you like the arcade style of Need For Speed series, this is your game.
    Definitely a 10 out of 10.
  17. Dec 2, 2012
    I'm not normally a massive fan of driving games but I thought I would give this one a go as I did enjoy the need for speed games on the ps2.. I brought the game just last week 29/11/12 and have been blown away by how good it is. It may be 2 years old but it's still better than anything else out there on the ps3. Graphics are top notch and the gameplay even better.. If your looking for a new game to get into this is it.. You'll love it!!!!! Expand
  18. Jan 4, 2011
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (3) is a really well put together racer. This game brings the Need for Speed franchise back to its roots with wild police chases and driving exotic super cars. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous with detailed car models and lovely scenic environments. The game play feels like a cross between a Need for Speed game and Electronic Arts other racing series, the Burnout Series. Cars handle not too realistically but not too light. Unlike past Need for Speed games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed Underground 2, events in the Single player campaign are selected from a map in the campaign menu (sort of similar to the layout of the event select screen in Criterion's Burnout 3: Takedown) rather than going into a sandbox style map and driving to events located on the map. You can free-roam in this game but doesn't really offer anything other than just cruising and taking in the sights in the fictional district, Seacreast County. A good thing in this game is that it gives you the choice to play as a cop or a racer (like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2) and this takes you down 2 different career paths. When playing as a racer, the Hot Pursuit events feel exciting (especially later on when you have access to faster cars) and adrenaline pumping. There are other events like the traditional race events, time trial events and gauntlet events which are cool but I do find the Hot Pursuit events gives me more thrills. The cop events are also enjoyable with you working as a cop to take down the racers in any means necessarily. The introduction of weapons that both the cops and the racers (in Hot Pursuit events only) which add an element of car combat style game play to the experience. Weapons include EMP, Spike strip and more and can help either side take down the opposition if used correctly. They don't require too much skill to use but at least it adds a bit more variety to the game play and to keep Hot Pursuits exciting. None of the weapons feel overpowered and most of them can be evaded easily. Overall, the game play in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is smooth and the sense of speed is certainly there and thankfully not as realistic than previous Need for Speed game, Need for Speed: Shift. It does feel like a mixture between Need for Speed and Burnout like the look of the crashes when you smash into something at high speed and the cutaway camera when you "Takedown" another racer or cop. Oh another good thing is that the soundtrack is great to listen to (beats Burnout Paradise's soundtrack any day). There are a few problems with this game though. As with all of Criterion's racing games, the rubber band AI is annoying and will always keep up with you regardless of how fast you go and one slip up (or one crash) can prove fatal later in the race. I know they did this to make the races feel more challenging but I just hate it when the AI can easily keep up with you but makes things harder for you to catch up to them. I know this is a game that's not trying to be realistic but I don't get how ramming a racers car (when your a cop) and then sending them flipping 20 feet in the air or crashing into a barrier busts them. Judging by the look of the crash, I would think they would be dead rather than busted. These are only minor criticisms and they do not spoil on what is a brilliant game that returns Need for Speed to its original roots. This is a game that is captures the spirit of the old Need for Speed games and updates it with a few neat ideas. This Need for Speed game is probably the second or third best Need for Speed game I've played. A must buy! Expand
  19. Dec 13, 2010
    this is an excellent game...... the graphics are awesome and the game play is excellent as well. The option to play as the cop or the racer is another added layer to the game. The online portion of the game adds a whole new layer of excitement..... you can play with 7 other people in multiple different classes.
  20. Jan 26, 2011
    After getting banned from the EA forums only having an account for an hour, shouting how bad army of two the 40th day was i sworn never to buy an EA game ever again.

    I still went out and bought Medal of Honour (took it back for a refund) and i even crossed the line to buy this knowing that Need for Speed was digging a grave for itself after playing shift, pro street, and even most

    However i bought this after christmas and credit to EA i think it is really good, i dont know how the online servers are still working with no problems so far, being an EA game, but this is really fun.

    I cant help but replay a race over and over untill i beat all of my friends times, yes the drifting and top speed round corners is fake but thats why i love need for speed, IT ISNT a simulator its an ARCADE style racer.

    So for eveyone saying "drifting is forced" yes but so was need for speed know the game we all want need for speed to be again.

    For this reason alone i think alot of the bad reviews are either CoD fanboys or hate EA for bad games they have sold us in the past, but like me i have gave EA 58465168658465845 chances and this time they have made me smile. AND it was the only game sold out everywhere where i live so cant be bad.

    Its about £25 now brand new so do yourself a favour and pick up a copy, play online hot pursuit and have fun!
  21. Dec 4, 2010
    A great looking game and with a feature that will have you play for hours at a time: AUTOLOG. The multiplayer feature is what makes the game. Racing with your friends online, compare times and let your friends know when they have been beaten by simply sending them a automated message ingame or use AUTOLOG to make new friends. I put it on 9 instead of 10 due to the lack of story and since you cant costomize your cars, but it is still a fun, easy to play, social game. Expand
  22. Dec 8, 2010
    A pretty good game after all. In the beginning I didn't like the game at all. Just race and getting a new car. But after a few days a few friends started to play the game as well. Then the magic part of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit comes in: Autolog. Racing against your friends is a lot of fun and adds a new dimension to the NFS-series. Still playing and beating my friends on the Wall!
  23. Dec 21, 2010
    This is a very nice palate cleanser if your tired of free running on buildings in the 1600s or saving the world (again) from a Russian bomb that creates zombies (great games). I loved the burnout series the arcade style hooked me instantly and then paradise and I went nuts the game is beautifully done the cars are very "realistic" and the controls take some used to but it is solid. The reason I give it a 9 out of 10 is the name "Need For Speed" imply customizable cars and open world areas that is not the case that is what I believe is the problem. Expand
  24. Dec 26, 2010
    An almost perfect racing game. Just about every negative review here gives 0/10 for the lack of racing wheel support only. The events can be pretty challenging, especially time trials. The Autolog feature is awesome. Constantly receiving updates from your friend's games so you know if someone passed your record time so you can try to reclaim your top spot on the speed wall... I spent 146 attempts to overtake one of my friend's times on one time trial and finally got it and it felt good afterwards to post to the wall that I took over 1st place on the speedwall amongst my friends. Music in the game is nice, plus you can use your own music on your PS3 instead of the in-game soundtrack. Online is lag-free and fun to play! Only thing that would make this game better is offline split-screen multiplayer since a lot of people were upset about that not being there. I personally don't have people to play with at home so online only is fine with me. Plus Criterion released 3 free cars recently from a contest they ran within the game to get a certain number of hits to their youtube trailer. Must play for any racing fan who likes fun over realism/sim. Expand
  25. Dec 30, 2010
    I have played every NFS except for Shift, which I didn't buy after the car bouncing and car tuning freezes of Shift, the bad performance and freeze ups of Undercover, and garage and raceday lockups of Pro Street. So lets talk about whats great here, NO FREEZES! I did have one race freeze up, I couldnt pause or anything. I was about to reset my ps3, but the race restarted on its own. It has not happened again.

    Graphics and cars look great. The cars have summaries you can read or listen to. The music has some good songs, and some I just skip past. Since music is a taste thing, that doesnt mean the selection is bad. However, other NFS games have had an option to turn off tracks you dislike, and this game needs that bad. Other things this game needs, a big list. We need a garage. I can't even view all of my cars at the same time. No car modifications. No designs, brands, rims, or even any parts. This was what made other NFS games so great! Big mistake leaving this stuff out. Also, no money. You never really buy the cars, and every car is just gave to you. Big minus in the replay area. You dont make money, buy cars, parts, or anything. Other NFS games gave you a handful of cars in various events, and you bought everything else by choice. That system was fine like it was.

    Handling, its fairly bad. As the in game summary says, the Mclaren F1 has no power steering, yet handles like a dream. Of course all of the tuner cars turn like DUMP TRUCKS, big minus there. The drifting around almost every curve is unrealistic and childish, feels like some other game where you race around ridges instead of NFS. This game needs steering sensitivity adjustments available, as well as a full tuning set like Pro Street. Tuning is what makes the cars even better, and makes online play worth the challenge, to see just how far each car can go, seeing some guy with a faster version of same car, and trying to find out how he did it.

    The autowall challenges are fun, and beating your friends to master tracks and set unbeatable time is fun. Good move there. The back of the box says you need the redemption code to play online, which I have. It says it isnt transferable, so does that mean a guy buying it used wont be able to play online, even if the number is still in the case? Thats very bad.

    I think an add of online drag racing would have been nice as well. The rest of the list is a garage, parts, more tuning than just 8 colors or so, sensitivity adjustments, music track adjustments, money, and less free cars to increase replay value. Many complaints about support for steering wheels, which EA calims they will patch. The crashes were enough to stop me from buying other NFS games, so overall, its an improvement. I'll add a few days ago, EA released a free patch 1.1 with some more tracks, I think 13, and 3 more cars. Free patches are the way to go, like this one. Too many games these days with short games, full $60 price, and a $20 "add on pack" released later. You know, stuff they left out of the full game just to charge us a second time for the complete game.
  26. Feb 8, 2011
    great graphics, great gameplay, great online. There isn't that much long term appeal though. After around 25 hours my in game stats said I was 99.2% complete, and with a platinum trophy to boot. I would give it a 10 if there was more to do but honestly, I returned it after I was done. The DLC I played added some extra time also though and if it continues to get that kind of support it could be a justifiable long term purchase. Still an absolute blast while it lasted though. Easy to recommend. Collapse
  27. Jan 30, 2011
    It's a perfect mix between need for speed games (arcade) and burnout games, but there also is a little of simulation (because is not totally arcade).
    I don't know what they whant those who say this game is bad, this is a very good game, it's really awesome and everyone should play it.
  28. Feb 1, 2011
    Best racing game on the market. Multiplayer ist full-on. It almost feels like 2-3 Games in one package.The only fault is not having a internet connection & filtered F*** Words.
  29. Mar 27, 2011
    Great NFS game that goes back to the roots of the franchise! Superb sense of speed, minus all the unnecessary fluff from some of the previous NFS games (..cough! underground) a worthy successor to the first Hot pursuit game. Quite possibly the best arcade racer money can buy currently.
  30. Jul 16, 2011
    After the NFS series' decline in quality with ProStreet and Undercover, Hot Pursuit finally brought the game back to the roots of what made the series remarkable in the first place. The graphics are fantastic with tons of detail and gorgeous lighting all around, and the cars look the best they ever have in an NFS game. The gameplay is great fun with players having the choice between playing the cop or racer throughout the entirety of the game's career. The only complaint I would have is that there is a somewhat noticable delay in the time it takes the player to push a direction for the car to turn, and the vehicle actually doing so. All in all, Critereon Games was the greatest thing to happen to this series in years, and for those people who didn't find SHIFT to be what they wanted out of NFS, this will certainly be it. Expand
  31. Nov 20, 2011
    This is easily the best racing game I have played in years and is now my favourite Need For Speed game (it used to be Underground). The single player is extremely fun and has amazing graphics, the online, while not as good as the single player, is still enjoyable. The choices between so many different race types, and being able to choose to be Cop or Racer are the main reasons why this Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is so much fun. Expand
  32. Oct 28, 2011
    While some games may strive for more realism, more cars, more tracks, Hot Pursuit clearly has its aim at being more fun. And it largely succeeds at that. The game handles great, the races are fun and the game has a good variety of events and vehicles. I highly recommend it!
  33. Jun 6, 2012
    Awesome game. Graphics are great- you can every tell the detail on every single car while racing. Seacrest county is an awesome world to drive in. The best part is that you can easily choose between racing and pursuing. If you get tired of racing, switch back to hunting 'em down. Cars are accurate and very up to date as of today (6/12). Each one seems faster than the next. Each race gives you a few to choose from... I often have a hard time picking one because there are usually a lot of awesome choices. You can also learn lots of facts about any car you choose, a nice lady even narrates so you don't have to read it all.

    There are only 3 real problems: 1. The reward system for obtaining cars is lame. You level up by attaining "bounty" for various things. This "bounty" comes quickly, very quickly. You get a new car after only a few races, only one race in many cases... even when you aren't passing certain levels and know you are doing terrible. Some people like that, but I think it does make it feel kind of bland at times.

    2. When you do obtain rewards (such as a new car or tech), YOU CANNOT PRESS SQUARE TO RESTART and try the level again. You have to go back to the menu and load it all over again, even if you didn't even get the bronze to move on. Frustrating, but you can get something to sip on while loading.

    3. The traffic in the races can be rough and near impossible to avoid at times, but you can learn to anticipate it if you can keep a cool head after crashing a few times each mission.

    Even with those 3 flaws, this game is awesome and well worth a buy. I got mine at GameStop for like $23. Graphics: 9
    Sound: 9
    Gameplay: 9
    Fun: 10
    Replay value: 8
    Soundtrack: 7
  34. Jan 6, 2013
    so fun amazing graphics great cars great multiplayer and great replay value buy its better than all need for speeds except for undergournd 2 and most wanted ( original 2005)

    but im starting to think this may be the funnest racer ever alongside gran turismo 3
  35. Aug 30, 2014
    This is my favourite racing game. There are two sides to NFS: HP : the casual side. Most people will play the game for like 15 hours, really enjoy it (cause it's really really fun) and move on. However this game also has a side that'll appeal to all hardcore racing fans; completing all of the missions (golding them, not just passing them) is insanely difficult but very rewarding once you've done it. Personally it took me 50 hours and I spent only a minor portion of them being frustrated. Most of the time the game is challenging but fun. The reason I'm not giving this a perfect score isn't because of the difficulty (rarely seen in any video game), it's because there's no split screen (which would have made this timeless). Otherwise great gameplay , great graphics, great music, best racing game I've ever played. Expand
  36. Jun 29, 2014
    This, and Need For Speed Rivals are the best racing video games ever made. The graphics are great, a wide variety of cars, great handling, a huge map, good soundtrack, and unique game play. There are also a wide variety of races to choose from. There are little or no bugs in this game. Levelling up is a lot of fun. A MUST BUY, even though there is no customization except paint jobs.
  37. Feb 8, 2011
    great graphics, great gameplay, great online. There isn't that much long term appeal though. After around 25 hours my in game stats said I was 99.2% complete, and with a platinum trophy to boot. I would give it a 10 if there was more to do but honestly, I returned it after I was done. The DLC I played added some extra time also though and if it continues to get that kind of support it could be a justifiable long term purchase. Still an absolute blast while it lasted though. Easy to recommend. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
  1. Feb 23, 2011
    Hot Pursuit is not the most feature-rich, realistic, or deep racing title available, but it certainly is one of the most exciting and enjoyable ones.
  2. We suspect that last year's excellent Shift didn't make as much of an impact as EA anticipated. That semi-serious sim has given way to a positively Burnout inspired iteration that liberally takes the better bits of old NFS titles and makes this gorgeous fast paced treat. [January 2011 p70]
  3. Jan 16, 2011
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit reminds me of the first part of the assassin's creed-series. In general, the game is great, but it's missing variety and long-time motivation. Especially the number of time trials shouldn't have been this high. Races and pursuits are much more fun. The small amount of about 100 cars doesn't really matter, because all of them were done well, although some them have only 300 PS. Altogether, it's a great action-racing-game, but there is maybe more potential for Hot Pursuit 2.