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  • Summary: Need for Speed Undercover has players racing through speedways, dodging cops and chasing rivals as they go deep undercover to take down an International crime syndicate. The game heralds the return of high-intensity police chases and introduces the all-new 'Heroic Driving Engine' -- a unique technology that generates incredible high-performance moves at 180 miles per hour during breathtaking highway battles. A mix of computer graphics and live-action movies immerses gamers in the rich world of the Tri-City Bay Area. The city’s open-world environment features over 80 miles of roads, including an enormous highway system that sets the stage for highway battles. These high-speed, high-stake chase sequences push players to the limit as they fight off cops and opponents while whipping through traffic at 180 miles per hour. An intelligent new A.I. mechanic delivers a realistic and high-energy action driving experience. Going back to the franchise’s roots, Need for Speed Undercover features more aggressive and intelligent cops whose sole purpose is to take down the player quickly and by any means necessary. Need for Speed Undercover also features the series' signature car customization, real-world damage and realistic driving physics. The game includes some of the hottest licensed cars such as the Audi R8, BMW M6 and Lexus IS-F. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 40
  2. Negative: 5 out of 40
  1. Adventure or racing? Definitely racing! The cut scenes are not suspenseful enough for an adventure. But I like Tri-City with its varied missions and the intuitive controls. Unfortunately the game sometimes drops to a low frame rate.
  2. 71
    It’s an entry-level arcade racer, with a range of fast and destructive events plus an open-world theme and a host of licensed vehicles. Need For Speed Undercover is fun and tailored to suit all tastes.
  3. For the second year in a row, Need For Speed: Undercover is not able to reach the so wished and awaited level. Although it is a good game it doesn’t stand out among the others of its genre like some old titles of these series being Most Wanted a good example of that. Thus it’s better to go with Burnout: Paradise or even Midnight Club: Los Angeles.
  4. 65
    The cities are bland and generally uninteresting, but the cars look good and they handle well. That's normally half the battle. If you haven't played a NFS title in the past four years or so, Undercover might be a good place to get back on board.
  5. From a technological perspective, Undercover is a humiliating installment in the Need for Speed-series. The frame rate stutters, the open world is dead, and the story is laughable. Even then, Undercover offers some of the same over-the-top racing fun we have gotten used to, and the game will surely get your adrenaline pumping when getting behind the wheel of some of the hottest cars in the world.
  6. If EA can patch the framerate issues and tweak the handling, Undercover could be a great game.
  7. Unfinished, underdeveloped racing efforts like Need for Speed: Undercover leave the acrid taste of stale engine oil and greasy do-rags in my mouth. Luckily, it’s nothing that a little time spent with Grid or PGR4 can’t wash away. Undercover attempts to return the series to its former glory, but it’s obviously lost that loving feeling.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 14
  2. Negative: 7 out of 14
  1. Jan 14, 2011
    This game is quite old but i still play it sometimes but once i used be addicted to it. what i love about it is the selection of cars on it especially the Bugatti Veyron and other sport cars and the muscle cars the graphics needed improvement the controls of it was ok but they could be a better a bit better. I just hope there will be more of the nfs series they are really good but need to improve on the graphics. Expand
  2. Sep 6, 2010
    Need for Speed: Undercover is a nice racing game. It isn't the best in the NFS series but it isn't the worst. The plot is interesting because rather play as a wannabe street racer, but (as the video game title suggests) as a cop. There is a nice selection of cars such as the mighty Bugatti Veyron and a nice selection of challenges such as police pursuits and bringing certain cars to your hideout for money. The graphics are nice and the car models look lovely but the game can feel too easy at times and the game feels like it was rushed in development. Some textures can take longer to load that it can slow the game down and some pop in occurs as well in the game. The gameplay is however, good. Resembles the likes of past NFS titles like Most Wanted and Carbon. Need for Speed: Undercover isn't as bad as everyone say's it is. It's a nice NFS for any NFS fan. Expand
  3. Apr 2, 2012
    Underground is from the bad times of Need for Speed saga, but is the best before the new Hot Pursuit, the beginning is repeatedly and too slow, too easy to play but throughout the game that changes, the races become more difficult and more fun. But still have that bad thing from that Need for Speed games before Hot Pursuit. Expand
  4. Nov 6, 2010
    Simply put, NFS Undercover is a broken game, the game was supposed to be an open world racer, yet you choose race events from menus. There are a host of visual and technical problems and the hollywood flavour is awful and absolutely nonsensical to the gameplay. To sum this up, this is perhaps the worst racer I've played on PS3 yet. Expand
  5. Sep 3, 2010
    This is the only game in my collection that I did not finish due to bugs in the software. The game itself is not that bad at all, it is at times rather enjoyable. But the rather enjoyable is overshadowed by the many many bugs and gameflaws. The things that occur frequently: * Wen returning from menu to game the game crashes and the console has to be restarted
    * every minute or so the frame rate drops and it "hangs" for a second. Very convenient while stearing at high speed.
    * Halfway a song the music suddenly stops for a few seconds and continues * NPC cars drive through barriers and buildings
    * You drive suddenly into a void of nothingness, the car starts to blink and it returns you to someplace on the track ... Do NOT touch this if you are looking for a serious game.
  6. Apr 1, 2013
    The game is bad and Black Box should feel bad. There is seriously nothing good to say about this game except for the fact that it has Maggie Q in it. Other then that: the graphics are horrible (considering Burnout Paradise is a year older, they definitely could have done a much better job), the cars drive like and the catch up mechanics in this game are ridiculous. Most of the times the random filler racers are actually harder then the "boss races" which tend to be a walkover mostly. BUT the most annoying part about this game is the engine... it is just so bad I have no words for it: massive FPS drops all over the place and worst of all sometimes you just reach the end of the road and you have to wait 5 seconds for the game to load the rest of the circuit (Yes, I'm dead serious).

    Terrible game, I picked this up for €6. A part of me would say, fine for some easy trophy's but please: do yourself a favor and save yourself the frustration... it's not worth it.
  7. Jan 20, 2014
    I bought this game when it's came out and it sucks! worst control, unstability cam! and too much bugs! this is worst series! even than The run! it's **** WORTHLESS! don't even take this game if it is free! donnot! you have been warned! Expand

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