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  • Summary: Battle Royale is a brawler featuring a broad array of PlayStation characters and worlds. From Kratos to Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth to Parappa the Rapper, Sony characters from throughout Sony history are brought together in a brawling adventure that's simple to pick up and tough to master. Bring the battle online for competitive multiplayer fury, or go head to head with a group of opponents at your pad to prove who's the top dog. Expand
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  1. Positive: 43 out of 69
  2. Negative: 1 out of 69
  1. Nov 27, 2012
    Playstation All Stars Battle Royal is an amazing fighting game wrapped in an idea we have seen before. When it comes down to it, what makes a great game in any genre is balance and All Stars has it in droves. Although some will never see its brilliance, I would maintain that once played it could change the mind of many a sceptic. Add to this a return for some of Playstation's well missed characters and awesome value for money in Cross Buy and you have one of the most refreshing fighting games in years.
  2. Nov 20, 2012
    As a tribute to the PlayStation family it could have been better, but as a fighting game it's outstanding. Loads of fun based on a great multiplayer will have us playing for a long while.
  3. Nov 20, 2012
    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has a lot going for it. I find the single-player a tad disappointing, the learning curve can actually feel too steep for certain characters, and you may start hearing about various combat balancing issues (I'll bet money on that). But the control is rock solid, the entertainment is always of a certain quality with virtually no glaring flaws or drawbacks, the diversity and variety of the roster is absolutely fantastic, and the multiplayer could definitely attract a great many people.
  4. 80
    A tribute to the PlayStation fans that have supported the brand over the years, and whom have been eagerly awaiting a game like this since the advent of Smash Bros. SuperBot has delivered a game that embodies everything these iconic PlayStation franchises and characters offer, and it will surely make PlayStation fans proud.
  5. Nov 20, 2012
    All-Stars is clearly similar to Smash Bros., especially because it's far more fun to play with friends. Solo, it quickly becomes repetitive and doesn't give you much reason to continue. If you have company over, however, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale can be a lot of chaotic fun.
  6. Battle Royale is an otherwise tightly designed and technically accomplished fighting game. Consulting our crystal balls – not a euphemism – we see it acquiring a small but dedicated following on the tournament scene. It'll never be as big as Street Fighter or Tekken, but it'll always be present on the periphery. [Christmas 2012, p.70]
  7. Dec 21, 2012
    The constant parallels to Super Smash Bros. eventually undermine Playstation All-Stars, which has nowhere near the generosity, enthusiasm, or longevity of a Super Smash Bros.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 27 out of 194
  1. Nov 20, 2012
    For real, give this game a chance. if you go in with the mindset of playing this like super smash, then you will only lose every match. This game plays different and is different. The combat system is slick and very fluid. The roster is great, though it leaves a bit more to be desired. In all you will be getting a game that has many unlockables, is a great bang for your money, and is very polished. Get this game. Expand
  2. Apr 14, 2014
    This is definitely one of the best games on the PS3. Before the game's release I heard about the combat system where you do not dish out damage, but instead build up AP (All-Star Power) for what resembles a "final smash" and I was really disappointed. When I actually bought the game I had no problems with the gameplay and combat system. Online matches aren't very fun, everyone wishes characters like Spyro and Crash could appear in the game, and there should be the option to play Smash style for the people who wanted just that. Still, this is easily one of my most-played games and totally worth the money. Expand
  3. Nov 20, 2012
    I'm the biggest Smash brother fan, and I gotta say this game is 10000000000% better than Smash Brother. Nothing in that game can beat this one. It's just so amazing! Supers check, amazing characters check, awesome stages check. It's the whole package. Expand
  4. Jan 18, 2013
    This game, is really good for a game. While we all know it's based of Super Smash Bros, this game is good in it's own right. While the game has it's own bad side (under powered characters to overpowered characters, no actual cut screens in story mode, Toro with that flying glitch that flies your character to the top of the screen and be unreachable). This game is also good too. It is both a clone of SSB and not a clone of SSB. While it copies the four-player fighting style, items usage, etc, this game is also unlike SSB. It replace the % damage meter, and replace it with its own Super Move Meter, it also remove the death by flying off screen that annoyed us for ages. True, they don't add the PSOne mascots like Spyro and Crash, but have its own great roster (Spike, Jak, PaRappa, and Raiden), and unlike SSBB, which it barley any third-party characters (only Snake and Sonic), All-star has a good amount of third-party characters ( 8 of the 20 characters are third-party), with more characters yet to come. The stages on All-stars are not too many to most people liking, it is a good amount. The Stages of this games did a good job with combining games together, like "Dreamscape" (based on LittleBigPlanet and Buzz!). The Stages of All-Star, like SSB, have stage dangers, but unlike SSB, the stage dangers aren't needed to be forced on too much, and will not present danger after awhile (you can even turn of stage dangers). To sum it all up, All-Stars might not beat SSB, but if All-Stars becomes a series, it would eventually past the SSB series. Expand
  5. Nov 20, 2012
    Ok ok it's not a 10, but the very low scores are really trols. Easy to see because all those are telling it's not as good as SSBB. It's easy to tell if these are trolls because if they would have played the demo they would already have seen the gameplay is different, the graphics are 10000% better and if they are really enjoying SSB, they should enjoy this game because it's better then SSB. The only bad thing is that there are not as much characters (but be honest, which characters did you all played at SSBB, for certain you concentrated on only one and not all) and not much stages. But for the rest it's really a much better game. This doesn't mean that SSBB is a lot of fun, but why troll when you haven't really played the game or when you are offended that there is a game which is a bit like SSBB!! All games are inspired by other games and also SSBB. Expand
  6. Apr 8, 2013
    Super Smash bros melee is a lot better with regards to the controls and responsiveness of the characters.
    Good music. The level design may
    seem a bit distracting at times. Zeus is overpowered on multilayer since its hard to 1v1 him. More DLC characters are on the way. Expand
  7. Jan 2, 2014
    I personally disliked this game to no end. Although, I did give it a chance and for a while I could manipulate its character unbalance and the broken game mechanics and overpowered moves to actually be pretty high on the leader boards. This never took away the air of a genuinely underdeveloped game idea though. It is almost as if all of the time it took to come out was spent completely on just getting it done and not spent at all on play testing. The characters move well and the moves come out well and interact with the world well and all of that, but that's just the basics of the basics in any game type. This was meant to be a multi-player brawler between friends on a singular system or online with leader-boards because no game can survive without it these days. And in that way, they achieved their goal. But the environments were genuinely frustrating and badly interfered with the game-play by zooming out so you cannot see where you are and what you are doing. And that's before they hit you like they are supposed to. Literally any movement from a background obstacle would cause you to lose track of your progress towards defeating an enemy. Unless you have an insanely large television. This game is most fun when you get together with a few close friends and all have a pact at the beginning not to put each other into endless, unbreakable combos until death. This of course is lost with any online play, due to the way many new age gamers are. Items are a nuisance that can be turned off while you play by yourself and if you get your friends to agree. But, once again, the online aspect takes that away brilliantly with settings that can change constantly and almost immediately. Take the latter, and all of the interference's causing visual problems and add crippling lag and unbalanced character moves and specials, along with the demeanor of the online play and you have a lovely spam fest of What in the literal Christ is going on and how can I execute myself as quickly and painlessly as possible so I no longer have to play this sodding game". They were trying to make something different. Or so we were constantly reminded while the opposite is very apparent. Even so. Does not make it any better. Does not make it playable. Does not make it enjoyable. What they made is barely a game. It played largely on the nostalgia effect to no end and it became the only good part of the game. The characters move and feel the way they do in their games? Well how about that. Were we expecting them to destroy that expectation too? Not worth buying it when it just came out and not worth buying it period. Do yourself a favor and pick up a largely more retro fighter and you'll be better off. Expand

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