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  • Summary: [Playstation Network] Polar Panic has you playing through 50 challenging levels to battle Mr. Big in Story Mode. Or work your way through all 50 of the fiendish block-based puzzles. Survive against never-ending waves of trappers in Survivor Mode. Play on your own or with two to four players against the trappers and each other in Kills, Points, or Last Man Standing variations. [Valcon Games] Expand
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  1. A competent Pengo-clone. You don't see much of those, so that's a plus. [Mar 2010]
  2. Polar Panic is a charming PSN game that shows how much you can get from a simple puzzle concept.
  3. Reminiscent of Pengo games from the early eighties, Polar Panic does a good job at bringing back an arcade feel of gameplay that can be picked up and played for short bursts, provides shallow short based enjoyment and has an emphasis on hitting high scores be it alone or with friends.
  4. 65
    There's just not enough to keep you entertained. [Issue#190, p.65]
  5. Despite some clever game mechanics and levels, Polar Panic fails to engage for more than short periods at a time. Better controls and a bit more charm could have made this a really fun game, but in its current form it just feels like a competent near-miss.
  6. Turgid stuff. [Oct 2010, p.77]
  7. The game is fun when you first begin, however loses that fire when you get further into it.

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