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  • Summary: Known by fans for its superior gameplay and incredible realism, PES 2009 further bridges the gap between PES and the real thing. The game has undergone a graphical update to ensure its players look more like their real-life counterparts. Similarly, all-new options allow users to tailor the game to their own tastes, while new stylish moves, innovative control schemes and key online elements further the realism. [Konami] Expand
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  1. "FIFA 09" feels like the better representation of actual football, while PES is the more fun, accessible game. And the end result is a score draw. [Nov 2008, p.100]
  2. Sterling footy action but the lack of new ideas is starting to grate. [Nov 2008, p.62]
  3. In this effort to regain the title, PES plays it safe and recovers the classic gameplay that conquered the players in the last decade. But while it can be enough to hold on the fans, the reused formula and the comeback of the same old flaws can be a growing problem for the future. [Oct 2008]
  4. It still isn't quite sure if it's arcade or simulation, but at least the players aren't racing through the field like in last year's edition.
  5. It's sometimes strange to consider how quickly the two main performers in the world of football videogames have changed their styles. FIFA is now the American Smooth of the genre, classic, elaborate and elegant, while PES is like a Cha Cha Cha; faster and livelier but also seen as somewhat outdated.
  6. When put up against the competition PES feels outdated and crude, crumbling under the weight of expectation that each annual iteration brings. The additional modes may make it the best PES on the current crop of consoles, but the rigid animations, pathetic commentary system and shoddy online component all add up to a game that just hasn’t progressed since the PS2-era as much as it deserved to.
  7. PES fans may get a lot from this as they’ll selectively ignore some of the glaring issues, but if you’re only going to buy one football game this year, make sure it’s FIFA.

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