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  1. Oct 2, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is not a good game....there...i said it if you don't like that move on, if you don't mind then read on! Capcom said that survival horror is not profitable....well i can say one did survival horror a hell of a lot better than you do action games Capcom....well that is your Resi team does anyway.
    Resident Evil 6 tries far too hard to be everything and it just
    goes to show that you cannot please everyone, they try to satisfy Old School RE fans with Leon's campaign and also more casual Action fans with Chris' campaign and it just falls flat...with annoying Quick time events and bad camera angles thrown into the mix... Resident Evil... is not what it used to be. Expand
  2. Oct 2, 2012
    Far away from the Quality of RE 0-4 & Code Veronica, this is the worst game in the RE series not worth your Hard earned Money.

    Please Capcom Stop it, let RE dying with Honor.
  3. Oct 2, 2012
    This game was TERRIBLE! I played through it thismorning with some friends from my dorm who bought it as soon as it released. I am soo glad that I didn't go out and buy it immediately. I would have thrown a fit that I funded this **** heap. And that is really all it is, a **** heap. There were points that when I was playing the game, I wished that I wasn't. And there were other times when there were so many cutscenes, that I wasn't actually even playing a game. They said they were going back to their roots, and then **** us with this garbage that they call a game. It sucks realizing that you waited this long for a game, and they produced this steamy pile of crap. BRING BACK SURVIVAL HORROR! Expand
  4. Oct 2, 2012
    Welcome win! Ansha Abdul!
    Добро победит! Анша Абдуль!
  5. Oct 2, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is Terrible game in the world. Horrible game play and AI. unrealistic physics engine, cheap sound effect. dont buy this. waste of money and time.
    by the way dokdo is korean territory
  6. Oct 2, 2012
    This has to be one of the biggest pieces of junk that i have EVER played. The story makes no sense and is just plain boring, the controls are worse than a game made in the 90's i refuse to ever buy a capcom game again. Even the dedicated should stay clear
  7. Oct 2, 2012
    Just when i thought the series could not possibly get any worse, i would resell this game to get some of my money back but i refuse to let someone else waste their money on this garbage
  8. Oct 2, 2012
    Absolutely **** game developed by untalanted company. This is like MW with 3rd person. Very bad graphics, no physics, the plot is simple like a children coloring book. Ansha Abdul.
  9. Oct 2, 2012
    After 2 Hours of playing i can finally say i am finished with resident evil and from now on im going to boycott capcoms games. Just the thought of another capcom game makes me utterly sick.
  10. Oct 2, 2012
    Aside from the disjointed gameplay that is interrupted by cinematics quicktime events and opening a door at the end of a hallway every 2-3 minutes this game looks terrible. The MT framework is a blurry aliased mess on the Playstation 3. This is my least favorite RE game. It does the horror or action genre no justice, and looks terrible while falling flat on it's ambitions. Maybe there is really "No Hope Left" for the Resident Evil series. Expand
  11. Oct 3, 2012
    Totally disgusting. Shallow and unimaginitive gameplay, no backstory in this so called ten year gap, little to no innovation and incredibly frustrating game mechanics. Storylines are bland and dull and the whole game was BORING! Trading it in, congratulations on killing the king of survival stone dead! Forgetting the series heritage as the kind of horror, you turn the franchise into a bland action flick, reminiscent of films that shove explosions in for the fun of it and create nothing but a bad taste in your mouth. You might as well spit on the grave of the horror games, I hope they rise from their grave and develop future games, they'll be a damn site better than what you've done. Absolutely furious. Expand
  12. Oct 3, 2012
    This is very disappointing. I don't know why capcom tried to become more action oriented when games like call of duty and others to which capcom is trying to appeal to are being criticized by gamers as repetitive and boring. That's exactly what resident evil 6 is in spades. It wouldn't be much of a problem if the earlier games weren't successful because of their survival horror aspect but that's exactly what made the series what it is. The gameplay is boring and ridiculous to the point that my incessant roundhouse kicks do more damage than my firearms (because roundhouse kicking 23 times in a row doesn't make anyone tired either right?). Now for this gem of a quote: "Now, we do always have our ear to the ground and listen to what the fans are saying and we try to take that into account when we Expand
  13. Oct 3, 2012
    I don't like this game, so it's worth 0, cuz you know, games are like are always 10. Derpederp, this game is **** I really don't like changes made to gameplay, but if they didn't change anything I would've given it a 0 still. I'm like every elitist qqer out there! GEARS OF EVULLLL FTW!
  14. Oct 3, 2012
    You walk with the arrows and you shoot. No thinking, no ammo economy, no weapon upgrades, no puzzles. No Resident. Capcom failed. I hope RE7 is going back to RE4 gameplay.
  15. Oct 3, 2012
    Capcom lost its way and the hand in Resident Evil. Now it's just about money. Before, the games were made for gamers, now they are made aimed for mass market. It's not just sad, its a wrong step the series is taking. The gore is gone, there's no more tense, horror and thrill. Ctritics and gamers are unanimous in rejecting the game. I liked the franchise in the past, now not anymore. Sadlly, this is going same way hollywood alike movies are going, a merely summer blockbuster (thats what they think, cause for me is just a B- movie) that entertain only 12 y/o teenagers. Expand
  16. Oct 4, 2012
    Really the RE series ended in 3. Unfortunate. For me just in the RE code Veronica, The rest is just garbage. Dou nota 2 pelo grafico e som.
  17. Oct 4, 2012
    This game is Operation Raccoon City all over again. I have the feeling both games were generally "completed" around the same time but simply not released around the same time to avoid confusion and/or competition. I even feel like they re-cycled some of the same ideas and even animations (e.g. losing your footing, being knocked down and unable to get back up.) You have to constantly fight for ammo in a game where you're in a firefight. I understand the idea of conservation leading to tension, but this just gets frustrating. the devs ignored ORC's greatest idea: ammo boxes. You just click on it and refill and go. Instead I'm constantly chasing and smashing crates to unveil ammo (if you're lucky) running around hopeless. Like ORC, the camera and camera angles are awful. The game teases you with control then snatches it from your grasp during the heat of battle, only to result in your random, untimely death. The cut scenes and quick time evens are numerous and hurt the pace of the game. To constantly die because out of no where a QTE occurs, then having to replay the area is tedious. Beyond that, the death scenes are drawn out and can't even be skipped. Oh yeah, and you can't pause the game - ever. The skills are an interesting idea executed poorly. It takes forever to switch them up and should be hot keyed so you can change them up on the fly.
    The only worthwhile thing to play for, unlimited ammo, can only be unlocked by accumulating enough skill points AND completing all four campaigns. That's right - 4. You have to beat the single player Ada campaign as well. It's excruciatingly painful and mostly not worth it.
    Although the story intersections and agent hunt are interesting ideas, they are executed poorly and unrefined. The worst part about the story intersections are that it's a rehashed boss fight. Fun the first time around, it's rarely worth waiting the extra minute for.
    As for agent hunt - it seems like it's only designed for certain areas, meaning you'll replay the same maps over and over again. Some of the monsters are cool, but most are weak and execute attacks slowly & poorly. They should have instead allowed you to just join someones game - following them on their journey and making it more difficult, chapter by chapter. Instead you have to find a new game once that area is complete. Speaking of screens there are a million of them in this game. At least 10 before you even start playing. More tediousness as you have to constantly go back a screen because you were unable to connect to a game.
    Most people would say this game is for the mercenaries now anyway - and sadly they are right. Available from the outset, I feel like they expected people to jump into mercenaries FIRST racking up skill points to purchase skills for campaign. That's a fail and also a cop out. What made the early games great was earning the achievements, by either beating the game in under so many hours, etc. Besides that the mercenaries is weak and can't save this pile of stink. You get very few maps, unless you get the sacred ones from your pre-order. The first map is even very small and confined. The unlockable characters are unimaginative, and the costumes suck (I'm not a fan of costumes anyway. I think it's a cheap unlockable.)
    To release this game in such a state is a slap in the face as a consumer, gamer and a fan. It's unfinished to me like RE:ORC was unfinished. It had so much potential, only to be wasted. This one's a hard dog to keep under the porch. Buyer beware.
  18. Oct 4, 2012
    ok so i rented the game before buying after seeing gamespot review. i have to agree with gamestops review it was a horrible game. if it wasn't a cut scene it was a qte. now im not one of those RE fans that are stuck in the ps1 era, but they really just jumped the shark on this one. they tried to copy other games and they did it bad. I refuse to give capcom any of my money with this abomination they call a game. its not just a bad RE game its a bad game in general. makes operation Raccoon City look like RE4. Expand
  19. Oct 6, 2012
    That's the worst game i ever played. The game makes no sense, and completely escape the terror plot. zombies with machine guns? I feel sorry for those who bought this game. Capcom, i expected more from you.
  20. Oct 5, 2012
    Like the movies, Capcom decided that money is more important than fan satisfaction. They strayed out of the original story line, puzzle solving, horror and ammo/herb management. All that is what made the old RE game unique, a gem at it's own right. RE4 was alright but you can tell this is where it all stated to go down. I played the new RE6 game yesterday, sorry to say but it was awful. It didn't feel like i'm playing an RE game. It felt like I was playing Gears of war, Need for speed, and Tom Clancy's Hawx. A horrible version of those games too ( if you played Chris's story line you'll know what I mean ). Resident evil became a C grade game if not worse, just because the graphics is good it doesn't mean that the game is good too. The gameplay was bad, the story line was poorly written and not a lot of thought was put into it. It felt like they were in a hurry to get it done. Expand
  21. Oct 5, 2012
    I hate Resident Evil 6 it plays just like Dead Space 2 and Gears of War 3. Halo and Call of Duty and Gears ruin games forever and EA made video company more greedier it just blows my mind
  22. Oct 10, 2012
    At first I thought that it was just bad design choices, but it is far worse than just bad design choices. This game is so bad I cannot believe all. If you are at all curious, then rent it, play Leon's campaign and then return it because it doesn't get any better after Leon's campaign.
  23. Oct 11, 2012
    I love Resident Evil. I even liked 5. What I don't like are forced, awful, obnoxious QTE's. Leon's campaign was the only tolerable part of the game for me and the only reason it gets a 3. You have to perform a QTE for almost everything. Dodging bosses, starting cars, climbing elevator cabling, and even fighting zombies. The majority of this game is QTE's and very poor third person action a'la Gears of War. The cover system is broken, worthless, and should never have made it past pre-alpha testing. there are several places where unskippable cutscenes will outright murder you if you are unprepared. Playing as Leon there were a few places where you need give Helena a boost to go perform some task while you hang out and maybe kill some zombies. She will invariably trigger an unskippable cutscene that allows anything you happened to be fighting at the time to walk right up to you and knock you down or trigger yet another terrible QTE. Your inventory is unnecessarily limited. You have to carry all your items at all times, but simply carrying a stack of each ammo type, and one of each grenade type will limit you to the point that you cannot pick up two herbs to mix. Forcing you to drop ammo or your last grenade just to mix an herb is a flaw, not a feature, in my opinion. Especially when you consider that this is not a survival game in the least, I never once ran out of ammo, or even had to change guns if I didn't feel like it. The upgrade system is an inferior replacement to being able to upgrade your weaponry. It functions like the perks from CoD. You may have noticed people constantly comparing this game to CoD and GoW in their reviews, it's not coincidence. They blatantly merged the two and liberally sprinkled with way too many QTEs so they wouldn't have to work on actual gameplay. Some of the QTEs are the most annoying things I've ever seen in a game. The way Leon has to climb the elevator cable in chapter 5... The icons telling you what to hit are so unhelpful as to actually be a hindrance. The one where you have to pan around repeatedly to start the car or to land a plane... It's really just abysmally frustrating and takes away from any fun you may have been having. I really wish I could like this game, but Capcom has shown me over the last year or two that they have forgotten how to make a game fun. At least the graphics are top notch so you can enjoy some scenery while you scream at your TV in frustration. Oh, the monsters are all pretty kickass too. Especially the bosses. Expand
  24. Oct 13, 2012
    Nice try capcom. See you in Resident of Duty 7...Call of Evil 7...Resident Evil 7...I GOT IT!
    Maybe Wikipedia help´s you guy´s out:

    "Survival horror is a subgenre of action-adventure video games inspired by horror fiction. Although combat can be a part of the gameplay, the player is made to feel less powerful than in typical action games, because of limited ammunition,
    health, speed, or other limitations. The player is also challenged to find items that unlock the path to new areas, and solve puzzles at certain locations. Games make use of strong horror themes, and the player is often challenged to navigate dark maze-like environments, and react to unexpected attacks from enemies." Expand
  25. Oct 13, 2012
    Developers Killed the game with aim while moving
    Its worste capcom work EVER i wery dissapointed!!!!!!!
  26. Oct 13, 2012
    IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH TRANSLATION: Capcom, for you to understand. Resident Evil 6 is a video game that except for the characters has nothing to do with the first titles? Well, I do not buy it. Is it a game that usurps the identity of Resident Evil? I do not buy it. Resident Evil 6 is not a survival horrror? I do not buy it. Is it a bad shooter with a bad control and coverages? I do not buy it. Resident Evil 6 is primarily intended to make money and not to please the true fans of this saga?. I DO NOT BUY IT. Is delivery no identity which tries to imitate (with bad results) to games like COD or Geow?.. I .... D O .... N O T .... B U Y .... IT ..........................................................................TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL: Capcom, para que lo entiendas. ¿Resident Evil 6 es un videojuego que a excepción de los personajes nada tiene que ver con los primeros títulos? Pués no lo compro. ¿Es un videojuego que usurpa la identidad de Resident Evil? no lo compro. ¿Resident Evil 6 nó es un survival horrror? no lo compro. ¿Es un shooter con un pésimo control y malas coverturas? no lo compro. ¿Resident evil 6 está pensado principalmente para ganar dinero y nó para complacer a los verdaderos Fans de esta saga?. NO LO COMPRO. ¿Es una entrega carente de identidad la cual intenta imitar (con pésimo resultado) a videojuegos como COD ó GeOW?.. N O .... L O .... C O M P R O Expand
  27. Oct 13, 2012
    RE6: The most disappointing video game I have ever played. It's not as if there are no redeeming qualities: the game is beautiful, the audio and soundtrack are nice, the improved melee, healing and aiming systems and the ability to move and shoot are very welcome additions, and the return of so many well-loved characters was quite a nice touch. However, the game is frustrating from the outset. Around half an hour of inane interactive cutscenes take place before gameplay begins and even once it does, it is immediately quite tedious. Once you finally get to the action (which, since action is the entire basis of this game, should not take so long) the enemies are far too often set on a predetermined course which, in order to pass you can just memorize. Although the environments are huge and spacious, there is usually only one path you can take through them, from which you can't deviate or backtrack. Simply put, it plays like a sidescroller, which in an age of games which offer greater and greater scope for how your gameplay experience can differ at each play through, seems incredibly limited and shortsighted. It doesn't matter how much content there is; if it is all predictable and uninteresting, there is no replay value.

    Furthermore, despite the fact that the Resident Evil series has always been known for having cringeworthy dialog and voice acting, there had been a marked improvement in both in the two most recent installments. RE6 on the other hand seems to have regressed considerably in this department. What saved previous games from becoming intolerable cheesefests (except, arguably, RE5) was the fact that the protagonists were relatable and interesting. Well; Leon, once an levelheaded smartass has become an idiotic idealist with no common sense; and Chris, once a somewhat naive everyman has become an idiotic meathead with no common sense. They feel like Expendables characters.

    Finally, the buddy system, while greatly improved since RE5, removes a lot of challenge from the game. Every time I'm near death, if I can keep going long enough, my partner can come to my rescue and keep me going. In fact, I often used this trick to not bother healing myself when I was low on supplies. Some may site this as a good thing, but I guess everything is a question of opinion. However, it's hard to feel frightened or isolated when you always have a lifeline standing by your side. For me, this ruined any chance Resident Evil 6 had at making an impression on me: every time a hoarde of enemies was hurtling toward me and I wondered, "How the hell am I going to get out of this?" my partner answered my question with her infinite ammo and I felt like I'd been taken out of the experience.

    In all ways except the most superficial, this game is a colossal failure. Considering what the series has done to innovate video gaming, that is a sad thing to have to say.
  28. Oct 15, 2012
    This game is ok at best. The online crossovers where you join up with two other players for a boss fight are really about the only good part of the game. The throwback to RE 2 in Leon's campaign with the gun shop is nice but that's where the good in this game ends.

    The QTEs are a mess. Sometimes they fit with what's going on in the scene but many times they make no sense. The ones
    where you have to hit the button multiple times in one prompt don't make any sense. They don't reflect the situation your character is currently in.

    The forced camera changes to focus on certain things (door, event, objective, etc.) while you are playing are awful. If you're mid fight it's easy to get taken down by the enemies that you can no longer see because the camera moved. Same with the fact that when it cuts to a scripted event during play, your character can still get attacked if you were mid-fight when the event happened. This is unacceptable.

    My biggest complaint about the game, however, is the skill system. Many of the skills are pointless and just a waste of time. The main thing is that this only allowing 3 skills at a time is completely stupid. What is the point of only having 3 at a time? This idea that you have to set up 8 layouts of skills that you can change on the fly is annoying. Perhaps if you could change the skills in your layout on the fly then I could get behind this system a little more. All in all though, the whole system needs to just be dropped. The upgrade system from 4 and 5 were infinitely superior to this garbage. Instead of just having this "Firearm power increased" where it's some sort of generic power up, the progressive system where you could pick which aspect of each firearm was improved was so much better. You actually felt some sort of accomplishment whereas in this, I never once felt like I really earned anything because it didn't translate into the gameplay. You couldn't see the improvement.

    Overall the game is ok with a mediocre story and some "neat" action/cinematic scenes. Being able to join up and have 4 player boss fights is fun, but there are too many elements wrong with this game. A broken camera, worthless skill system, a loss of sense and feeling of what made Resident Evil, Resident Evil. Even with the massive change that 4 brought to the series it still had a feeling that it was Resident Evil. The only thing this has in common with Resident Evil are the characters. Hopefully RE 7 will if not go back to being more like the original games, at least be more like 4.
  29. Oct 16, 2012
    Everyone is writing reviews of how the game failed and lost its horror aspect. If you really want this to change you are going to have to stop purchasing their games. If you want big changes hit their pockets. If a game sells mass units they are going to milk that system until it can't produce nice profits. This is like people giving WoW mysts of panderia or whatever its called an average score of 4.4... what the hell does blizzard care? They have 11 million people online. These companies are getting away with releasing **** games these days cause people are dumb enough to buy anything that is hyped. How about forcing change by forcing their pockets to thin out. Don't buy another resident evil until Capcom personally states "we have addressed the issues fans are having with our game and have gone back to our roots." You look at all these game titles that have been released lately, its 95% **** Let's change that. Expand
  30. Oct 31, 2012
    Stupidest game ever Capcom mad orac and now re6. Both complete fails! I liked re4 but it got worse from there, now u can't even buy new guns!!!! I hope they dont make another one cause I'm not getting it. Total wast of my money and weekend. There now just rushing more re out to get money and they are getting worse! Take my advice, don't even rent!!!!!!!!!
  31. May 28, 2013
    Simply worst games of RE.Conami is a bunch sinful maslatays that care only about money.They will burn in Abdulovhell for ruining RE series.
    Story is driwel,gameplay is horrible and coop-oriented,graphics is washed and tasteless
  32. Nov 3, 2012
    Let's start by saying this game is produced for being played at PC. Why? Because the cinematic controller dosn't fit PS3 or XBOX gamepad. And on PC it will be awesome to controll it with the mouse. (0/10) Is the story any good? connected to the series? The game itself did a really bad result by pumping tons of action in the beggining. I couldn't stand that and started to press select in every other video. You lost me there

    (0/10) I do not care if the game has lost its horror. If u copied the control from RE5 had the game had probably received more positive criticism. One may as well not grasp everything that happens on the screen while pulling the angle 360 degrees to the left or right. It feels like you tried to do too much and missed all the little details that make a game great. In Leon's campaign there are doors you will find a key to but there is no key hole. Since the characters are too close to the screen it gets very frustrating to play. However, The game has lost the its horror but its probably not the biggest reason why the game got so low rating. The controls are the worst in the decade for a company like Capcom who should focus on making games for console.
  33. Nov 6, 2012
    Okay, let me start with the fact that I've played most Resident Evil Games, including RE1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Zero, Outbreak 1-2, Code Veronica-X, Operation Raccoon City and the all new Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil is the longest franchise I've played. I started playing it since I was 7 years old. In other words.. I know Resident Evil very well and I love it. Its one of my favorite franchises, if not my favorite. But getting to the point.. 11 years of my life, I've played every Resident Evil game that looks interesting and I've never been bored by a single game. Until I played this one..when I finished Leon's campaign I had to see the ending again because the first time I finished it I fell asleep. The game has too many unnecessary QTE's (Quick time events for those who don't know), The story line was dull and silly, Annoying slow motions, Outdated graphics, Not scary at all, Easy gameplay... etc, etc. I could point out flaws all day. It probably is one of the longest RE games ever made and it does have its cool moments but a long campaign doesn't justify boring gameplay. I just wish Capcom would pull their sh*t together and go back to the way they were. The direction they're taking with this game is not too good..and this is coming from a hardcore fan of the series. I even had more fun in Resident Evil 5 than all of the campaigns on RE6 combined and RE5 is not the best of the series in my personal opinion.. so that's just pretty sad. I wouldn't recommend this game to new comers of the series but if you're somewhat a huge fan of the series I guess you could rent it or borrow it from someone because this game is definitely not worth paying 60$. Expand
  34. Nov 18, 2012
    Made by zombies for zombies

    p.s. if you have a brains you will not play it
  35. Nov 19, 2012
    I've been an avid fan of RE since the beginning. This is by far the worst game I have ever played. After I made it through Leon's campaign irritated at the QTE's and ridiculous rope climbing sequences, I tried Chris. It's obvious Capcom wants to go the action route,(which they suck at) but I miss the good old days of actually being scared. To all of your who are saying Leon's campaign is scary, it doesn't even compare to the originals. I can tell you from experience the only people actually giving this game a positive review are the ones who HAVEN'T even tried the original games. Once you guys try the REmake, then play this. This is disappointing. After about an hour into the second campaign I literally was so disgusted I turned the game off and haven't touched it since. I probably won't even beat the game. Capcom ruined one of my favorite franchises with this. Till they go back to the roots, I'm done with RE. Expand
  36. Dec 6, 2012
    This is the first and probably only review I will ever post. I feel the urge to so so for RE6 because I am angry and cheated out of an installment I was looking forward to.
    Resident Evil has been one of the greatest franchises, some episodes are spectacular (re4, re1), some a little less original, but, on the whole, each game succeeds. I bought RE6 expecting the same, but all the good
    stuff has been discarded for nonsensical horror action that means NOTHING. Resident Evil games were all about contrast. You spend some time haunting the dark corridors, checking your map to access rooms and find hidden goodies and then you have a nice set piece against a boss or a horde of zombies. But when it's constant frenzy **** with bad camera work and few weapons, annoying partners and repetitive situations, it sucks. Gamers do not want to be babysitted, they want to figure **** out, they love being offered different possibilities to complete a level or destroy a boss. They want to choose, to think, not to suffer a stupid tunnel game that that feels you were not even a part the adventure. RE is no sandbox, but it had a great balance of action, horror and customization.
    The reviewers here are right. They are not haters. IF YOU LIKE RE, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. This is a botched job. Too much time and money were put on QTE, cinematics and map diversity, not enough on gameplay, plot and exploration. You can't even visit the great-looking maps, you just speed through them not knowing what matters or not. No mysteries, no characters, no tension (constant tension = no tension, you GD morons), no fun and no satisfaction. They managed to make the game as bad as the films. There was ways to go but they closed the gap with just one episode.
    I am older now, I have kids, I don't have a lot of time to play, and I always look forward to a little RE quality time. But I won't finish this game, I stopped in the middle of Chris and retard's campaign (why so many new characters if they're all so bland and idiotic-looking? Who cares?). Why waste precious time when you can get other good games or watch good films. I'll sell this game and buy something better, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3 or just a bunch of DVDs. I hope video games developers stop being obsessed with this type of gameplay and stick to what works.
    If it's not broken, don't fix it. If it works, don't change it. Improve it. Keep the game's identity.
  37. Dec 19, 2012
    Oh my, where to begin with the newest installment in the Resident Evil series. Let me just say that this game makes me nervous for the future of Resident Evil games. The developers have strayed so far from the games roots, it's almost as if Resident Evil is trying to be something it's not now.

    I personally do not enjoy war type shooter games, and aside from Leon's campaign, that's
    pretty much what this game is, an all action shooter that looks like it was made by Michael Bay. It's just TOO over the top. Resident Evil is no longer the game I knew and loved. However, the developers straying too far from what the series is meant to is far from the only problem with them game.

    Let's just start with some of the game glitches now. One of the most notable is in Leon's campaign where he's in the subway and has to avoid an oncoming train. Even if you're not even close to the train, a lot of the times you'll die anyway. One time I was playing and the train had already passed me completely and a few seconds later a cutscene showed of me getting hit by the train. And it sometimes happens over, and over, and over again. Very frustrating to say the least.

    Then there's the customization in this game. I thought Resident Evil 4 and 5 handled this perfectly. Why they felt the need to fix something that wasn't broken is beyond me but they just ruined it in this one. You're allowed 3, yes, only 3 customization skills for your character, even though there's a ton to choose from. Sure you can make multiple sets for your skills but having to constantly swap them out gets very annoying after a while.

    Then there's the gameplay itself. What was Capcom thinking while making this game!? This game is FILLED with way too many quick time events. Now if you're a fan of quick time events, this might not bother you as much but for me, it drove me nuts. And I'm not just talking about the QTE's when an enemy grabs you. You have to do a QTE to do almost everything in this game. I honestly don't mind a few here and there in a game but in this game you were doing one every few minutes or so. I mean really, is it necessary to have to do a QTE to open doors sometimes? Then the gameplay is always being interrupted by tiny little cutscenes every so often and really takes away from the mood of the game. This is especially most notable in Leon's first chapter.

    After the first play through of this game I was severely bored of it. And I usually enjoy playing through the Resident Evil games multiple times because they're usually so fun! Perhaps it's because there's really nothing special to unlock in this Resident Evil unlike the older ones where you could unlock special weapons and costumes, so there's little to no motivation to play through the game a second time. That's right, even the signature infinite rocket launcher is absent from this game, for the first time in any main Resident Evil game. And there's no alternate costumes either.

    The gameplay in my opinion, was just too dull, and yes too over the top at the same time.

    Now the game isn't complete trash, but it's very far from amazing too. It's better than Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City at least. I do however regret paying the full $60 for this game when it was first released. I wouldn't pay any more than $40 for this.

    It's a real shame too. When I had learned that zombies were making a return in this game, I thought for sure this would be the ultimate modern day Resident Evil game but unfortunately not even the zombies return could help this game too much.

    Overall, I give it a 4/10. It's just not what I would expect from one of my favorite video game series, and an AAA series at that. Better luck next time Capcom. You guys have some serious planning to do if you don't want to run this series into the ground. Take my advice Capcom, stop trying to cater to the people who feel every game should be an over the top michael bay war shooter game.
  38. Feb 12, 2013
    Personally I thought the game was whack. This is just one of those games that doesn't need enemies with assault rifles. Playing the part of chris was lame and playing the park of jake was whack too. The only decent part was leon. But even then the story is nothing special
  39. Mar 22, 2013
    Just simply horrible game. There's long time I haven't felt so disgusted with a game. I am in love with the series, RE4 and RE5 had a pass, they still had those small scary moments (Specially the Regenerators in RE4) but now... it's a GENERIC action game.... For this I play other kind of games. And the story isn't good enough. It's sad to see how big franchises always get destroyed by their sequels. I'm sorry Capcom, you shouldn't not destroy Resident Evil Series..... Expand
  40. May 28, 2013
    I loved this game! The mix of action, adventure, and mystery was so well thought-out! I've beaten the game and gone back for more at the harder levels (which I rarely do!) I'd recommend this game to anyone looking for a perfect mix of gameplay! And the move and shoot aspect, Wahoo!!!
  41. Nov 3, 2012
    Let's start by saying this game is produced for being played at PC. Why? Because the cinematic controller dosn't fit PS3 or XBOX gamepad. And on PC it will be awesome to controll it with the mouse. (0/10) Is the story any good? connected to the series? The game itself did a really bad result by pumping tons of action in the beggining. I couldn't stand that and started to press select in every other video. You lost me there

    (0/10) I do not care if the game has lost its horror. If u copied the control from RE5 had the game had probably received more positive criticism. One may as well not grasp everything that happens on the screen while pulling the angle 360 degrees to the left or right. It feels like you tried to do too much and missed all the little details that make a game great. In Leon's campaign there are doors you will find a key to but there is no key hole. Since the characters are too close to the screen it gets very frustrating to play. However, The game has lost the its horror but its probably not the biggest reason why the game got so low rating. The controls are the worst in the decade for a company like Capcom who should focus on making games for console.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
  1. Nov 16, 2012
    Capcom continues to thumb its nose at long time series fans. Not only have they abandoned any pretense of tension and fear, they've dredged up tired old storylines and shifted the game solidly into Gears of War territory. Let the series die!
  2. Nov 4, 2012
    It's expanded beyond any plausible scientific explanation, with what is left being a cumbersome, grotesque mish-mash of disparate elements, barely strung together and about as subtle as a hammer to the thumb.
  3. Oct 30, 2012
    Resident Evil takes another step towards the action genre, and by doing so loses even more of the atmosphere from the beginning of the series. It's an ok action game, but the lack of focus is the real problem. Probably not for fans of the first games.