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  • Summary: Release your inner rockstar or allow your friends the privilege of picking up guitar, bass, drums, and microphone peripherals to 40 rock and roll tracks. Online and offline multiplayer, versus, coop and band battle with rehearsal mode and career mode.
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  1. 80
    Its fundamental flaws and dearth of good music makes this also-ran even more pointless.
  2. Rock Revolution is basically what you’d expect from a musical game at medium level.
  3. On the whole, Rock Revolution just falls short on every level.
  4. The best way to describe Rock Revolution is like a Xerox copy of fine art. Sure, it looks like the real deal, but there is nothing unique about it and in the end it’s just a cheap imitation of something that truly is revolutionary.
  5. If Rock Revolution came out two or three years ago, it might have been revolutionary, but in 2008, it's not even relevant. Uninspired presentation, a tiny tracklist that includes no master tracks, a complete lack of vocal support, uninteresting gameplay, and a barebones Career mode are just a few of the many ways in with Rock Revolution fails.
  6. Rock Revolution is inferior to its competition in every single possible way. If you absolutely have to try it, we urge you to think of it as a track pack of guitar-only songs for Rock Band or Guitar Hero and buy just the game (instead of the drums-included bundle).
  7. Instead of trying to wrap my mind around this troubling cash grab, I'm going to move on and do my best to forget about Rock Revolution. I recommend you do the same.

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