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  • Summary: SCORE International Baja 1000 recreates the unforgiving conditions and blistering speeds that make this event the most recognized and entertaining off-road racing event in the world. Sporting over 90 vehicles across multiple classes in the real Baja 1000 – including trophy trucks, class I, motorcycles, ATVs and more – the game challenges players to not only be first across the finish line, but also keep their machine intact! Hyper-realistic dirt and damage modeling in the game means players need to be crazy enough to take chances, but not so reckless that their vehicle is destroyed before the race is over. [Activision] Expand
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  1. SCORE International: Baja 1000 is, quite simply, a waste of anyone’s time, and that includes fans of the niche off-road racing genre.
  2. 33
    The vehicles aren’t satisfying to drive, the overall presentation is poor and everything looks and feels slapped together. If you’re looking for just the barest of bare-bones racers, Baja 1000 certainly fits that description. But if you’re at all discerning about your driving games, steer way clear of this one.
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  1. ShaunTennant
    Feb 19, 2009
    Game is pretty terrible. Graphics look like a mixture of bad PS2 (the car models) and Low end PS3 (background/terrain). Search for Baja 1000 screenshots, and then search for Motorstorm Pacific Rift Screenshots, and you'll see why this is completely not worth playing.

    Control is pretty poor, i can't comment on the whole game - it may get better, because I only tried a couple races, but it was not worth my time, and I've played lots of bad games through.
  2. Dec 17, 2011
    Everything is terrible. The graphics are a disappointment and the vehicles are boring to drive. Don't buy! Absolute rip-off and I can't believe I spent $10 for it, used, at Gamestop Expand