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  1. Silent Hill: Homecoming is just an enjoyable horror game but, at this time, its also the best Survival Horror of the present generation of consoles. Easy combat, classic puzzles and extraordinary atmosphere for a game that obviously needed a deeper, not so simple, gameplay.
  2. The folks at Double Helix gave me the Silent Hill I wanted: a nerve-racking, scary as hell experience to hold me over this Halloween season. Any fan of Silent Hill should be checking this out, and anyone just needing a good scare can join in the Homecoming.
  3. We expected the worst, but in the end, we were pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the game's world and the depth of its story. We're glad to say that the little lakeside resort town of Silent Hill continues to be just as messed up as it always was.
  4. Edge Magazine
    This is a deeply flawed game, but a fascinating one which makes you think as much as wince. [Christmas 2008, p.99]
  5. Silent Hill Homecoming is a game more inclined to action than to terror. Although not the best in the genre, fans of the series will find a good experience here.
  6. 80
    Thankfully, the game manages to be worth more than the sum of its parts. The controls are the best they've ever been, and combat is actually tolerable this time. That said, you're still better off avoiding fights whenever possible, especially during the few annoying sections that continually respawn creatures.
  7. Fans will probably dig the game’s cool set pieces and the story, but the save points are placed too far apart, many puzzles require too much random experimentation, and the dialogue system seems like an afterthought.
  8. It never hits its stride, never find that sweet spot that makes for that great edge-of-your-seat survival horror experience.
  9. American developer Double Helix has managed to stick its landing—right in the uneasy, dark parts of the mind that define the Silent Hill experience.
  10. Unless you've got nerves of steel, this game will at least send chills up your spine and at most scare the crap out of you. Sure, it feels similar to its predecessors, but the familiar mechanics and scares still give us hours of monster bashing fun.
  11. If you are a survival horror fan or just a Silent Hill fan you will enjoy this game and it would be worth the buy, but it is not a scary game, at least for me. If you are new to the Silent Hill franchise, just rent this one as it is not a good starter for the series. If you want to be scared, Dead Space is your best bet or Siren on the PS3.
  12. GamePro
    If survival horror is your bread and butter, then Homecoming is right up your alley; otherwise, you might be better served waiting for Resident Evil 5. [Nov 2008, p.92]
  13. Homecoming doesn't recapture the essence of the Konami-developed games. The action-oriented approach leaves players with an awkward camera and less impressive plot, but the game is still enjoyable in its own way.
  14. Silent Hill: Homecoming may not be a great game, but it’s certainly enjoyable. For fans of the series, or just survival horror in general, this game certainly warrants a playthrough… after the crowded holiday season is over.
  15. Imagine the L.A. skyline during rush hour, condensed into the perimeter of a city block, and you have a good idea of how thick the trademark fog has become.
  16. 70
    Silent Hill: Homecoming is a very strange game, as its dual nature and oddly unsatisfying gameplay could likely turn both fans and newcomers away.
  17. Considering that Homecoming’s gameplay is a clone of its predecessors, this isn’t the sequel that every Silent Hill fan will want to own. But you should definitely play through it once, as the old gameplay style is still entertaining (minus the clunky combat elements), the music and sound effects are great, and the new story will keep everyone guessing.
  18. It was the game's storyline and characters that captured me versus the suspense this time around, but that didn't make the game any less enjoyable for me.
  19. It’s decent survival horror, but Silent Hill fans will be disappointed.
  20. 67
    A bit of a letdown. The gameplay has been reduced from a tense psychological experience fraught with spine tingling jumps and scares to a generic, predictable action title set in the location with good graphics and a great soundtrack.
  21. 70
    Scary it mightn’t be, but it’s compelling, unsettling and engaging in its own familiar, anachronistic way.
  22. When it was announced that a western developer was to take over the reins from Team Silent there were many raised voices of concern about what would become of the series. Silent Hill Homecoming is actually a classic Silent Hill experience, a bit too classic to be honest, with the game's formula sticking very close to the old Silent Hill games. The graphical upgrade works great, lending design inspiration from the movie, and the music and sound is phenomenal. The plot is also told very well. The modernized combat system unfortunately eliminates the sense of respect and fear for the enemies, the main gripe we have with this otherwise great survival horror experience.
  23. Several years have passed since the last Silent Hill game for home consoles, but the franchise is still scary as hell. The new gameplay is great, and it is faithful to the spirit of the series, but it's extremely simple and not as deep as previous entries. Also, it's not a great game on the technical side. Good game, but it could have been better.
  24. Scary, dark and disturbing, Silent Hill is a classic title in the legacy of the Konami saga, everything fulfills the expectations of a true fan of the series. Otherwise a casual gamer or a freshman of the universe of Silent Hill, could find few issues, like a strictly linear progression and old gameplay mechanics.
  25. Double Helix has given it a sorely needed overhaul while retaining what's made it great, and even though newcomers to the series may not love it as much as the regulars (for them, I would recommend try before you buy), there's still a frightful time to be had for all.
  26. 75
    Viewed as a standalone title, Silent Hill: Homecoming is extremely competent, but as a sequel, it falls short of progressing the series in any meaningful way.
  27. 65
    While Silent Hill: Homecoming is a decent survival-horror romp, the series has seen better days. It's a bit stale, a bit easy, and a bit light-on in the scare department.
  28. 64
    Ultimately you're left cursing at almost every turn. [Issue#174, p.88]
  29. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Konami will want to get Team Silent back for Silent Hill 7, we think. [Apr 2009, p.74]
  30. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    A solid tribute act, then, but the handling of the series is too timid to be truly great. [Dec 2008, p.120]
  31. It has its flaws, but Silent Hill: Homecoming is a solid entry in the franchise that any self-respecting horror fanatic should snap up.
  32. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Plan frequent breaks. Your emotional well being will thank you for it. [Dec 2008, p.64]
  33. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Suitably atmospheric psycho-horror with a couple of flaws. [Dec 2008, p.72]
  34. Despite its flaws, it has the desired impact, and that’s the best that can be said about this particular game.
  35. Despite some big flaws, every Silent Hill fan out there will find in Homecoming some of the old (black) magic. Gameplay feels old, and the same goes for visuals, but the atmosphere is still intact. If you love Silent Hill, this is still your game, but starting from next chapter we all need something new.
  36. Silent Hill: Homecoming feels tired. The series is past its best and is in need of a complete re-work.
  37. 75
    Despite its flaws, we have to say we have a more than decent title here, heir to a legacy of classic survival horror elements and an example of what Silent Hill should be in this generation. Although the final result is not so awesome, this is a good opportunity to return to that silent village.
  38. Homecoming isn't pure Silent Hill, but it offers a Highly Recommended restructuring of the series that keeps up with the speed of a more inventive gaming universe while staying very true to the brand's core visual and thematic essence.
  39. Despite these impressive production values, Homecoming ultimately fails to achieve greatness.
  40. 70
    For what it is Silent Hill: Homecoming truly does fit its namesake in bringing the franchise back to its roots.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 165 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 80 out of 165
  2. Negative: 31 out of 165
  1. Mar 18, 2011
    No! You just can't decently mix all that makes good adventures to create a fresh new one. But unfortunatly Double Helix did that for their SHNo! You just can't decently mix all that makes good adventures to create a fresh new one. But unfortunatly Double Helix did that for their SH Homecoming. The result of this? An untasty adventure guided by soulless protagonists, a nurse here a Pyramid Head there without any explanation.
    And how can the developpers explain the huge gap between the quality of the ordinary monsters design (the modelization of dogs and nurses was better on PS2... that's a limit for the first and big return of the series on new gen!) and the one of the different bosses (only good point of the game, maybe the best bosses of the all series! The most difficult to get rid of too...)? How can they explain the awful fight system (unplayable! In addition, the hero can't run away anymore...) and the level design coming from the age of the first 3D games on PS one?
    Shattered Memories gave me hope in the future of the SH license. Homecoming sank me back into despair...
    The Vatra Team will have to be careful for the chapter to come. SH Downpour is seen by lots of fans like me as the last chance for the series to recover even just an ounce of glory.
    Full Review »
  2. JonathanH.
    Oct 2, 2008
    as a pretty big fan of the silent hill series, i'm very satisfied with this game and it's improvements over previous silent hill as a pretty big fan of the silent hill series, i'm very satisfied with this game and it's improvements over previous silent hill titles. the storyline is great, the atmosphere is just as frightening as any of the other games, and the combat system is much improved and not as clunky. for a survival horror title, you can't ask for much more in my opinion. Full Review »
  3. Dec 9, 2014
    Even with a dramatically improved fighting system over the previous games in the series it keeps the fear up by making encounters moreEven with a dramatically improved fighting system over the previous games in the series it keeps the fear up by making encounters more dangerous than ever. Unfortunately it feels more like a imitator than an actual Silent Hill game. Full Review »