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  • Summary: SingStar Vol. 2 features a harmony duet mode: a new way of playing that allows two players to sing different lines to a song at the same time, showing off their harmonising skills. This is your chance to showcase your talent and adds a new dimension to the SingStar experience. Special tracks have been included to showcase this new mode such as Kool and the Gang: Celebration, the Paul McCartney & the Frog Chorus: We all Stand Together and The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin'. SingStar Vol. 2 also includes Remote Play functionalities with PSP. Using PSP and a wireless Internet connection, players can access various areas of the game such as: SingStore: browse, select and download new songs, from SingStore remotely. This is your chance to get your favourite party tracklist ready before you're heading back home. My SingStar Online: browse and participate in all areas, rate media, leave comments, take part in polls, etc.). You can now continue to be part of the SingStar community on the go: share and show off your performances to your friends and family! Collapse
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  1. SingStar Volume 2 is the absolute epitome of what we think videogaming should be about.
  2. Overall, SingStar Vol. 2 is a tremendous improvement over its PS3 predecessors thanks to My SingStar Online and the SingStore.
  3. All in all, the list of songs tells the tale. If you like what you see, Vol. 2 for the PS3 is worth your money, if not I suggest taking a look at the first PS3 SingStar, it should be more in line with the readers.
  4. SingStar-Fans (and you know that there are a lot of them out there) will also be fond of SingStar Vol. 2. A good track list and easy gameplay guarantee lots of fun … especially playing together with your friends!
  5. The game’s familiar format means instant gratification, and the option to download new tracks is a major draw card for us… plus it’s excellent value for money and damn good fun, to boot.
  6. To the dismay of fans everywhere, here’s another Singstar-title with no ambition to innovate. Being able to buy songs through your PSP is a nice nuance, but the new duet-mode is the one great feature in an otherwise familiar package. A set of great and fun songs saves this title from earning a really low grade.
  7. When you get down to it, SingStar Vol. 2 just doesn’t make sense as a purchase if you own the original SingStar PS3 and have a broadband connection.

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