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  • Summary: Skate 2 picks up five years after the original Skate, a period marred by an unspeakable disaster that left San Vanelona in ruins. Within that time, Mongocorp rebuilt the city but their zealous protection of private property has put a damper on the once thriving skate population. Equipped with double the bag of tricks, gamers are tasked to rebuild their career and revive the New San Vanelona skate scene. With their ability to get off-board to move objects around and with help from a crew of locals, players embark on a mission to take back the city, one spot at a time. Along the way, they need to get coverage, earn sponsorships, own challenges and enter contests, including a coveted invite to etnies GvR competition. [Electronic Arts] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. Skate 2 is a must buy for fans of the first, and a give it a try for fans of Tony Hawk. Love it or hate it, it's the only game in town.
  2. 90
    It's difficult to say whether or not Skate 2 is better than the original -- it lacks that game's moxie and swagger. It's no longer that up and coming superstar that demands your attention. This time out, it's more comfortable with what it's doing, and it achieves its goal of reproducing the feel and culture of skateboarding exceptionally well.
  3. If you have played the first one, there are many reasons to play this second entry on the series. The game is better in almost all aspects, and the great amount of content will keep you playing and coming back for more, for a long time. Plus, the Online mode is great and there is plenty of unlockables. Annals of Meat mode is stupidly awesome.
  4. SKATE 2 is great fun, and fans of the original will no doubt love it more than the first. Yes, there are still some gripes to be had, mostly dealing with control issues, but they don't hurt the game nearly enough to damage the experience significantly. With a larger campaign mode, a better playground, more tricks, the Hall of Meat mode, and enjoyable cut-scenes, SKATE 2 is worth the price of admission.
  5. For hardcore Skate players the new moves, altered city and new features (getting off your board, moving objects) will make Skate 2 essential, but at the same time perhaps not as big a leap over the original as they'd have liked. For everyone else, if you've got time to kill and fancy yourself as the next Tony Hawk, Skate 2 is well worth it. It's hard and often punishing to the point of frustration, but the rewards make up for all the effort.
  6. Whilst Skate 2 isn't polished to a gleaming shine, sporting issues with the environment, both getting stuck on it and manipulating items within it, it is an accomplished game.
  7. The camera is one of the most immediate problems that needs to be fixed, but Black Box has done a good job with the title, and if they can keep making substantial improvements with each title in the series, then they'll be the undisputed frontrunners for the new generation of skating titles.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 14
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  1. Sean
    Jan 28, 2009
    Surpasses it's predecessor in every way possible.
    Flows like the old one (still a minor frame rate issue though :(., Controls feel
    natural, not too overcrowded and overwhelming.
    Best Online i';ve seen in a sports game, varied challenges, freeskate co-op activities.

    Camera i luv, but TH fans may not like it.

    10/10 a truly brilliant and thought out sequel
  2. RobinN.
    May 22, 2009
    I think this game is the best Action sports game because the buttons are so sensitive and the gamer has to practice doing a certain trick like in real life . But there is one minus in this game : because the off board and moving objects is new to EA Games its pretty stiff but i guess in Skate 3 it will be perfected if there even going to be a Skate 3. Expand
  3. Akseli
    Dec 23, 2009
    I loved the game and i say that game was bit too easy.. Only bad things at game were short, nothing to do after complete, easy, sometimes camera jumping, moving objects and offboard . And i think that Skate 2 buttons and tricks are easy to learn. Expand
  4. RobertN
    Mar 10, 2009
    I played SKATE (at my mates house) , and i loved it so much i went out and bought SKATE 2. And i can say it is just as excellent but with loads more excellent features thrown in. OK, this game can be very infuriating due to some solid challenges, and annoying pedestrians. However the satisfaction and pure joy you can squeeze out of this game make you forget all about fact you just lobbed you controller through the window. Best skating game i have ever played, period. Expand
  5. Jan 16, 2013
    Skate 2 improves on all of the great controls of the original. Unfortunately is worse in terms of story and open world. Both lack the depth of the original. While the original had a satisfying conclusion of winning the XGAMES this one doesn't have anything as fun. Your last task is to win an event you created for the skatepark you made for the city. The customization of the original is also back, which is great. The best thing here is the controls which are flawless. Allowing for crazy stuff to happen that seems believable at times. Its amazing. This alone trumps any issues with the story. The open world also has a police/guard mechanic that means you'll be able to be chased and have fights. This is all possible due to Skate 2's ability for you to separate your self from the board. Truly revolutionary. I just wish there were guns. Expand
  6. Aug 2, 2013
    Skate 2 7/10..........................................................................................................................................
  7. TomW.
    Jan 22, 2009
    Hands down, the worst and most FRUSTRATING game i ever played. I LOVE skate 1, but they messed up in skate 2, here are reasons why: 1. The challenges are way too hard, you have to be an expert to complete them, its like playing veteran mode on call of duty: world at war, its too hard. there aren't even any difficulty modes 2. Pedestrians - they are most annoying when you are doing a challenge, THEY ARE ALWAYS IN THE WAY!!! 3. Ollie North - whenever you are in the air, you always keep your thumb on the X button in skate 1 right? Well in skate 2, it does an Ollie north, and mostly you don't realize it, and if you hold it the whole time, YOU BAIL!!! 4. Timers - some challenges have timers, and some don't...what's the point? Just to be annoying and lose your patience. 5. Flipping - When you do a front flip or back flip or whatever, you have to be EXACTLY accurate just to land it I can keep going on, but not feeling like typing all about why i hate this game. Why did I give this game a rating of 2? because i might play it again, and i love skate 1. Expand

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