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  1. Aug 24, 2012
    It's just amazing. Stunning almost next-gen graphic, fun gameplay, cool story, eastern mood, authenticity. It is much better than GTA4. Watch out, Rockstar.
  2. Aug 14, 2012
    Exceptionally good voice acting.The Hong Kong is really well designed.Driving is not that exciting but not bad either.Melee system is just brilliant.A must have if you like open world games.
  3. Nov 27, 2012
    Let me preface by saying that my actual score is 9.5. For the people who don't like to read, I can summarize my review by saying that Sleeping Dogs is an incredibly fun game with a gripping story, arkham city style combat, nfs style driving and gta style open world-ness (but better) - if you haven't bought it yet, then you should go do so NOW! Sleeping Dog's story revolves around Wei Shen, who is an undercover Hong Kong cop trying to infiltrate the fictional Sun-on-Yee - I'm not going to go further into detail, but suffice to say that it's a story that pays tribute to the classic Hong Kong flicks of yore, and has plenty of, "what a twist!", moments... The recreated Hong Kong feels bustling and alive - there's street vendors and whole bazaars, all of which you can interact with. I feel as though I should mention that as I looked at some of the stores near one of my apartments, they were literally cardboard cutouts, so while this is still one of the most interactive sandboxes out there, if United Front was given more time, they could have made the city even more alive. Even the side missions are, for the most part, awesome - the racing is expectedly great given that a lot of these guys used to work for Black box - you can bet on **** (get your mind out of the gutter), be IN fights, and clear out gangs (thought that does get repetitive). All of which fuels an upgrade system that has three branches; triad, cop and super awesome ninja stuff. That's not even mentioning the glorious amount of costumes! I also love the fact that they actually speak Chinese half the time (there's subtitles), and it further lends to the game's authenticity. The actors do an amazing job at portraying the characters as well. I have seen other reviews complaining about the graphics - I really don't understand that - to me, the graphics looked great, the animations where smooth as butter, the draw distance was good (little to no pop in), and the frame-rate was consistent. To me, this game is on par, graphically to red dead redemption, and certainly looks better than games like grand theft auto 4 and saints row 3. Maybe reviewers only care about particle effects and lighting... Also, I have to mention that the soundtrack is sublime; ninja tune and warp radio actually features some real dub-step and break-beat (not the skrillex style stuff) - here's a link to one of the songs - Overall, this game is a true underrated gem, it should be experienced by anyone who owns a gaming system or PC - I have not had this much fun with a game in a long time! Stop reading stuff on meta-critic and go buy this game now, you won't regret it! Expand
  4. Sep 2, 2012
    the best hand-to-hand combat you'll ever see on a open world game, gunfights are amazing and this game makes you feel human and not some rambo wich never can die. this game makes you feel on the skin of the character, story and all and not another game wich have shallow generic story but lives for the franchise name. tired of the same western car stealing cliché game? try this one, fresh and fun with the good old orient touch! if you don't buy, then you're missing a great game. word of advince don't miss a great game because of the trolls wich gives a 0 rating !! Expand
  5. Aug 29, 2012
    not as polished as GTA (newer ones). but does a lot of things better. hand to hand is better x100. context kills. slo mo. disarms. environment traversal. action hijack. weapons are infrequent and feel deadly. 2 chops from a cleaver and your dead. Hong Kong done well (not in america, yay!). particularly novel if you understand cantonese. you feel like your in a HK movie with all the kung fu counters, sliding across stuff into dudes and weapon disarms and kills. Expand
  6. Mar 14, 2013
    I haven't had as much fun with an open world game since GTA 3. Sleeping dogs had me invested from the first moment to the last. Everything about the game is well executed, from the fighting, to the driving, to the cover based shooting, it's all very well executed. The thing that really got me though is the characters, from the main character, Wei, to any of the other various characters I was impressed. The story is very well told and helps add depth to, Wei, as he goes deeper undercover. I came in alittle late on getting it, but I'm so glad I got this game! To sum it up, it's nothing short of amazing and deserves to be in everyone's library. It also had a butt load of DLC, all worth the investment. So of you haven't played sleeping dogs, go do so now! Expand
  7. Nov 9, 2012
    This game is so ridiculously fun....which is what most games are lacking nowadays. Its funny when I saw trailers of this game, it made me sick, I was just like o god, they are taking gta design and combining with hong kong, this is going to be atrocious, but this game is a definitely a sleeper hit...better than most of the hyped games this year. This game has top notch everything, controls, scenery, graphics, color, lighting, detail, design, hong kong vibe, music, dialogue, story, characters, voice acting. I've already played halo 4 and assassins creed 3, but this game is so much more fun and all around better game. I love when a developer just blows all of my expectations away. This is one of those games. This is what an open world game should be like. Most open world games have the graphics and real life feeling but the game is not fun to play and more like a chore. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a game eh? This is the best open world game I've played. Not a chorefest like Red Dead or GTA, or Assassins Creed. Expand
  8. Aug 14, 2012
    this game is great, the fighting is top notch, driving top notch, graphics better eway better than gta or saint's, great sound track, this game is the best open world game yet, esp combat, its like batman but more violent , graphics superb, almost as good as max 3, guess rockstar pays for reviews if reviewers give this less than a 8.5
  9. Aug 14, 2012
    The game is amazing!!! great hand-to-hand combat, driving is pretty good, and the gunplay is good. I don't know how they did it but they have amazing actors from both Hong Kong cinema and hollywood.(Emma Stone, Edison Chen, Lucy Liu and many more).Overall i would say go get this game now!!!
  10. Aug 14, 2012
    This game is an absolute blast! I love the fighting and driving. Normally I skip cinematics in games, but I'm getting sucked into the story. I want a pork bun now!
  11. Aug 14, 2012
    The fighting is awesome driving is a blast and everything about this game is just Brilliant! GET THIS GAME IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY! Its worth every penny and second of your time!
  12. Aug 31, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Biboran xyecoc! And Pidoras ebanniy маму его в рот ебал!Адепты пидарасы,мэддисон намба ван.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  13. Sep 8, 2012
    Is it really possible that someone made an open world game better than GTA?! YES!!! Thank you UFG! One of the best games I have ever played. Great plot, missions, soundtrack, cars etc. Must buy and play for everyone. GOTY 2012!
  14. Sep 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. When will the next generation console? Can no longer play this **** that is one-third the cost of the console itself! Enough to cheat on dollars people! Nice clean mushrooms machete than play this game. Expand
  15. Sep 24, 2012
    I can't believe this, but Sleeping Dogs is my game of the year so far and one of my favorite of the decade. It as one thing that most game lack and it's an amazing story. The action is great, you never know what is going to happen next and it keeps your adrenalin pumping. For me it's perfection!
  16. Oct 14, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs is a game that almost never saw the light of day, which is shocking considering how good this game turned out. The core gameplay in Sleeping Dogs offers a lot of variety. The driving is fun and arcade-like, so the handling is simple and intuitive, but it offers depth, like ramming your enemies off of the road or jumping from your car to another car and jacking it. The shooting is basic, so it doesn't offer much depth, but there is a bullet-time feature, a la Max Payne, which makes gun combat really fun, though it must be noted that gun combat is not the focus of the game. Now onto melee, which is the focus of the game, is similar to the combat in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, meaning it's a ton of fun and pretty stylish. In addition, you can use context-sensitive environmental attacks, allowing you to shove an enemy's head in a fan, throw him in a dumpster, impale him on swordfish, etc. It's all handled pretty gracefully and flows together nicely. Now onto the parkour, which is a real blast. Your character can climb, jump, leap, etc., so your character has real agility and makes you feel like you can get away from any bad situation or chase after those who are trying to escape you. Sleeping Dogs has a lot of talent, all lending to the story, voice acting, and the cast of characters. In many pre-release trailers and previews, they pointed out Hollywood talent like Emma Stone, but just about everyone here contributes their voice talents to make the story and characters interesting and fully realized. While the story isn't original, it's done so well that originality isn't necessary. This is a game that knows what it wants to be and completely succeeds at it. This is a top notch production from beginning to end. Without a doubt, Sleeping Dogs is my favorite looking game of this kind. To compare, you have Grand Theft Auto IV and the Saints Row games, and I believe Sleeping Dogs is the most impressive looking of the bunch. While the map is smaller and surely allows for more details, it's those details that make the world feel like it's living and breathing, which adds to the overall atmosphere of this beautiful world that is yours to explore and discover all of the little secrets it has packed within it. Expand
  17. Nov 9, 2012
    Great story, the best combat in any open world game, rpg style combat system, amazing graphics, and Hong Kong, A great new IP. Interact with the environment, grappling npc and smashing them into a car door or put them in a trunk. Shooting is very fluid also and driving is top notch. Way better than GTA IV buy this game, it really is a sleeper.
  18. Nov 23, 2012
    i re-write this review because i noctise that i rated it 7.5 but really, Sleeping Dog is the game that i played the most, i have got MW3, Assassin's Creed III those kind of popular games. If u let me choose i will play Sleeping Dogs. Good quailty, fun places, fun controls, hot charecters, excited street fighting, BOOM!!!!!
  19. Feb 9, 2013
    This game is amazing it has an awesome story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The game play is great the fighting system is great, watching Wei Shen fight is crazy. The graphics are good but some textures look bad like the blood texture. Overall the game is great and fun you will love. I got it for 20 dollars on sale but it is worth the 59.99 dollars price tag
  20. Mar 6, 2013
    great story ,,long ,great action,, nice visuals>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  21. Jun 18, 2013
    i played almost every GTA game and too many other sandbox games but sleeping dogs was different because the story was so damn good i even platinumed the game (which i dont do often)
  22. Sep 17, 2013
    One of the best sandbox games I've played, Sleeping Dogs is actually very realistic. If you steal a car in front of the cops, they try to arrest you. If you kill someone and then go into a building, they don't give up searching; they weren't born yesterday. I actually like that aspect a lot. It makes the playing experience seem very real and authentic. Also, the story is very engrossing, and there are a lot of options to do, such as change clothes. And best of all, it's FUN. Expand
  23. May 23, 2014
    These type of games are the only games real gamers want! And the only type of game a real gamer needs! Glad this game came to PC since Rockstar decided to deny PC gamers GTA 5 , I suppose Rockstar no longer has the skill to bring a good PC game anymore! We know how bad GTA 4 ran on the PC, Another testament to how far behind Rockstar is compared to others. I congratulate United Front Games/Square Enix for their job on this, They also did the game right. It runs very smooth with no bugs. Expand
  24. Jun 25, 2014
    It finally happened! They put Hong Kong in one of greatest open-world games of all time! They put so much work in to Sleeping Dogs. The focus on the Kung Fu was so crazy sick. Let me just say there's so much to do with this game and I should know cause I have 100% game completion & 20 DLC packs. From a great storyline to an amazing world where you can break Chinese bones. Honestly this is a pure masterpiece. Expand
  25. Aug 25, 2012
    AWESOME! The only thing that lets me down is DRIVING. Physics is awful, but all the other things like FIGHTS, story, rainy Hong Kong, variety of missions, great design, where all skills ore useful and really make you walk through mission, and clothing not only looks good but raises your stats.. All those things are truly awesomely made! Great job guys!
  26. Aug 27, 2012
    For a game that is unoriginal insofar as it borrows its elements from existing games, Sleeping Dogs has actually broken all my once immutable and sacred rules for what makes a 'good' game. For one, Sleeping Dogs lacks polish. If you've played Arkham City, Sleeping Dog's combat can seem clunky and at times unresponsive. Admittedly, most games' combat would pale in comparison to Arkham but nonetheless, that bar has been set and SD falls short. Secondly, wonky camera angles. This used to be a deal-breaker, more for me than for most I've been told but nonetheless, prior to SD, I would never have praised a game with wonky camera angles. Thirdly, egregiously outdated graphics. I understand that SD has been in development for a long time but it looks almost last gen. All in all, SD seems like a game for which I would wait for a huge price drop before buying (19.99 - 29.99 tops). But strangely this is not the case. In word, SD is just plain FUN. And in the end, that's why I play games. Every moment I spent playing SD was a moment spent having so much fun. I was immersed in the story and didn't feel side-tracked by the extra missions, mini-games, and side-quests. I almost never enjoy mini-games and here I was, hoping I was going to have to hack a camera, plant a bug, crack a safe, etc. I'm not the biggest fan of open world games but I loved exploring Hong Kong, which was not an accurate recreation but still far from a simulacrum. I had more fun fighting in SD than I did in Arkham City, I had as much and at some points even more fun exploring and playing mini-games as I did in Red Dead, and I was almost as engrossed in the story as I was in Uncharted 2 and 3. I really don't know how to score this game. From a "fun-factor" perspective, buy this game now; it's worth every penny. I suppose if I were a critic, I would have to point out its flaws and give it a satisfactory score (7ish out of 10, perhaps) but that score does not illustrate the enjoyment you'll experience playing this game. So I guess I'll just recommend that you buy it and buy it today. Other good points: If you're busy and are forced to shun long, expansive, open-world games, SD is strangely a game you can play--the way the missions are broken down, the way the side quests don't distract from the main story, you'll be able to play this game in 45-60min chunks instead of the marathon sessions usually warranted by games in this genre. Worth the 59.99 US price. Highly recommend, flaws and all. Expand
  27. Sep 14, 2012
    I would give 10 out of 10 but there's no such a thing as a flawless game. That being said, Sleeping Dogs is nearly there. It drinks from the GTA fountain, obviously, but it takes the original concept further. We all know what's there, we've all seen everything here, but it never gets old somehow. Better, it feels fresh. It has personality, soul, charm. The Hong Kong setting fits this game well and the [although a bit linear] story is interesting and engaging. There's a lot of violence, humour and fun to be had here. For many, many hours. This is a game no one was giving much credit and turns out it's simply one of the best games of 2012 and one that owns a solid ground on this generation's best titles. MUST NOT BE MISSED, even if you are not a sandbox fan. Expand
  28. Sep 7, 2012
    Great game for sure. I really have nothing to complain about with this game at all. The driving is excellent as is the hand to hand combat. The hand to hand combat is actually fantastic, as good or better than the batman games IMO. Plenty to do and see all throughout Hong Kong. The story is typical gangster stuff but who cares when everything else is so good. Just the fact that it is set in Hong Kong is a nice change of pace from some faux NYC setting. The gunplay is great as well...going on head shot rampages is great fun. Overall I highly recommend Sleeping Dogs, especially if you are a fan of GTA style games! Expand
  29. Sep 12, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs is an amazing game, very polished graphics, and fun varied missions. The story really draws you in, and the side missions are great fun.....if you like open world games in the mold of GTA then
    get this game
  30. Mar 6, 2014
    Really good open world game, take you to china and make you fell that is an authentic city, good story and a well made combat system, i prefer to fight people rather than use the weapons :D
  31. Aug 23, 2012
    Really want to give the game an 8.5 to be realistic. Its nothing new or ground breaking but it is a great story, great voice acting. You can unlock everything on one playthru if you want. The hand to hand is excellent, absolutely fabulous. It didn't need a lot of gun play since it was based in Martial Arts, which as I say was done very well. If you like open world games and you are looking for something a little different pick up Sleeping Dogs. The last third of the game is pretty buggy and there are problems with missions and cut scenes here and there but I could forgive that since the over all game itself really kept me involved. Expand
  32. Aug 24, 2012
    Great game! Has lots of depth, a gripping story and plenty of side missions and tasks to keep this neat package very entertaining through out. The GTA comparisons will be a given, but the hand to hand combat and shooting are far superior in Sleeping Dogs. The only downside is the driving which feels very ropey and can be a chore at times. But that being said I really can't recommend this highly enough. Expand
  33. Jan 19, 2013
    after a rocky launch squenix proved that they care about their customers and continue to patch the game (version 1.9 already!) its a great pc port with great performance, great voice acting, and good looking textures. and the melee fighting system is amazing.
  34. Aug 27, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs after over five years in production and changing publishers a few times finally arrives. and turns out to be pretty damn good. Great that square enix saw the games potential and decided to take a chance the programming team have done a great job on the mission structure and ingame graphics that it still looks good on a par graphically with gta4 for the main part. The combat is mainly unarmed close quarters with an array of martial arts moves to unlock as you progress by completing the cop/gangster missions and the side missions that give you a face bonus. face is a Japanese-Chinese for respect and it is very important in their societies that they must never lose face and strive to gain and keep face. the main story progresses thru completing the cop/gangster missions as you play officer shen wei who is an undercover cop entrenched in the triad gangs. you start out as a foot soldier and work youre way up the ranks. there are loads of mini sub challenges ie how many parking meters can you ram thru and collect cash from in arow, hijacking and robbing armored trucks for extra money,how many triads you can beat down with less than 5 seconds between the next one. car races in each area. some of these need unlocking by completing certain side missions. there are leader boards for the main game missions and side missions and you can replay them all simply by using your ingame phone to select a mission. there are also loads of collectables all over Hongkong to collect for the 100%achievement trophy. i completed the game in 35hrs main and sub missions but have still to collect all items and random face missions are still appearing. Sleeping dogs is one of the surprises of the year . yes you will have played similar missions before if you like open world games but sleeping dogs hong kong holds up well and its world is believable. Well worth buying if you love playing open world games at youre own pace. 8.5 but 9 for re-playability. Expand
  35. Nov 5, 2012
    When True Crime: Hong Kong was cancelled, I was really sad. When Square
    Enix picked it back up, I was jumping for joy. When I got the game (Now
    named Sleeping Dogs), I can't say I'm not impressed. From jumping to
    moving cars, to fighting in street brawls, Sleeping Dogs works. You play as an under cover cop named Wei Shen. Your objective is to explore
    the criminal underworld in hopes of
    creating a better tomorrow. Most
    people will have bought this game for the fighting. Easy enough,
    because it's really fun. It takes the fighting system from the Batman:
    Arkham games. Countering and combining moves is satisfying. I randomly
    join one of the various fight clubs when I think I have had enough time
    racing, doing errands, or busting bad guys for selling drugs. There are
    plenty of chases, fights and tension to go around in Sleeping Dogs. The
    game is open world, and features side quests and lots of activities.
    The game has also been said to be around 20 hours long without
    collecting the many collectibles, which is long for this type of game.

    As with every game, It has a few weak spots. One of the things that
    stand out is the shooting. It's a little easy and stale, and some of
    the controls are slow to respond. The driving camera has become a
    bother because it wants to be behind you at all times despite your own
    wishes. But even with these things, Sleeping Dogs remains a blast to play.
    Anyone that is a fan of movies like The Raid: Redemption will want to
    play this game to get a small feel of what it's like to be the bad butt
    fighter that can't be hit.
  36. Sep 2, 2012
    SD is the only crime open world game were the shooting, driving and melee combat are done near perfection. The story is good and so is the voice acting but the story feels too short because I'm having too much fun with it. But don't think the game is short because it isn't, I just wish it was longer. The game includes some bugs some of which are actually funny and also the game looks good but it won't blow you away and it doesn't have to. This is a really, really good piece of entertainment. Sleeping Dogs is on par or even better than GTA IV in the gameplay department. Expand
  37. Feb 27, 2013
    Too bad a couple of trolls who are taking issue with one of the voice actors, are ruining the user score here.

    It is an exciting game with lots of depth, great hand-fights (the best in an open world) and better graphics than GTA. You reaally feel like the star in an exciting movie. Everything works well together, even the driving. You have to make moral choices, the characters are
    believable and everything is cool! Expand
  38. Sep 3, 2012
    i love this game so good action voice actor of emma stone which provided to be cool the car super fast which everything nice crime open world only thing is wrong bout it that i did not give it a 10 is fighting part is bit dodge in a meaning where i bout to fight another Ai Enemy wei stop and get into attack pose and he get hit before i can react
  39. Apr 14, 2013
    biggest sleeper and my personal favorite overall game of 2012. Think of a cross between gta and saints row, more gta-style gameplay, and the arcade style feel of saints row. I love the physical combat and interactive sets where you can drop a bad guy in. The story was pretty good and addicting although doesn't really bring anything new to the genre; but were anyone expecting anything else in this style of game? Expand
  40. Jul 23, 2013
    Terrific game and a pleasant surprise. I didn't think I would enjoy the Hong-Kong theme as much as I did.
    The biggest strengths about Sleeping dogs is the story and character development and the story missions are both entertaining and varied. If you have played GTA you know what to expect of this type of open world. You can steal cars, hire a cab, find easter eggs and so forth. Some
    things are better than GTA, like the obvious fighting mechanic but also the shooting feels more responsive and fun because of bulletime and that it doesn't get as repetitive. Graphics and especially lightning is very well done. The reason Sleeping dogs gets a nine and not a ten is because of some bugs and glitches, like the terrific "trapped on a bus" bug, as well as a few random console freezes. Also if you stop playing for a second and start observing the world its pretty clear the world doesn't move by its own. Cars can appear behind you on a closed road and emergency personnel never leaves a crash site. Some proper ragdoll physics would be appreciated too. Despite these issues, its a great action game with a proper story and interesting characters. A good buy! Expand
  41. Aug 26, 2012
    Well I wrote my PC review under the PS3 version and I have no idea how to delete a review. Great going, me! Regardless, the graphics may be poorer on the console w/o the high-res pack, but many of the bugs plaguing the port should not be there. A great game all-in-all.
  42. May 19, 2013
    If you played GTA IV and enjoyed it. Then Sleeping Dogs is for you. It's almost the same as GTA IV in terms of experience and content. But different story and different region of the world. Also here you are a cop undercover.
    Car handling is was better and GTA so I'm enjoying racing much more. Character animation isn't as good as GTA but it's fine.
    You got similar content like GTA. e.g.
    Stealing cars and deliver them, races, dating, favours etc....
    There is also new contents like fighting clubs.
    The story is cool. I liked it. And side missions is kind of connected to the story.
    Over all 9/10
  43. Sep 4, 2012
    This is a wonderful game! It is much more realistic compared to GTA IV! The storyline is fabulous and this time the characters are credible. The atmosphere is awesome, Hong Kong looks amazing and the missions are alternately. Driving is very smooth and shooting has a great, raw sound. There are different side characters who have a credible personality. A bad thing about it is the fact it is at some points an exact copy of GTA, sometimes i got the feeling the were too lazy to make some small changes. Like when you drive someone to somewhere. At one moment they say: ''OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING'' and the other moment they continue their scripted conversation, even if the car is spinning a 100 times around They were also too lazy to make a slightly different health bar, other place to put the mini map and so on. Other very good things are the ability to hijack cars when driving, to ram other vehicles, to shoot in slow motion while driving and not to mention the extensive combat system with a lot of upgrade possibilities. It is also great you gain more respect when the story goes on, which is a great role play element, just like the police upgradeds.
    The chases are also very spectacular and overall the missions are really originally and all have a connectedness, which all makes Sleeping Dogs an adventure to never forget.
  44. Jan 5, 2014
    Easily one of the best games on the ps3 and Xbox 360.
    A living breathing open world of crime, street racing and martial arts, what more could you want?
    From the seamless combat to the fast pace racing, united front games knew exactly what they were doing, and pulled it all off amazingly.
    If your a fan of open world sandbox games this is a must buy!
  45. Aug 27, 2012
    Me ha sorprendido este juego, no tendra lo ultimo en graficos como he podido ver en witcher 2 o skyrim pero si tiene una historia muy interesante, un modo de combate mejorado del visto en batman, con interaccion con escenarios y una jugabilidad que engancha desde el principio. Le ha faltado marketing o publicidad pero si le dais una oportunidad puede ser de lo mejor del año
  46. Sep 7, 2012
    There should be a rewind option during the credits, the people who made this are amazing. A good reason to buy or own a ps3. If you liked Grand Theft Auto IV and are waiting for V check this game out and be on the side of the law for a change. Ground combat system like Arkham games, solid vehicle mechanics too.
  47. Oct 15, 2012
    First of all I would just like to point out that in my opinion Sleeping Dogs is not better than Red Dead Redemption or GTAIV from R*. However is does run both games (especially GTAIV) very close. Sleeping dogs has a multitude of different play styles included in the overall package such as hand to hand combat, slo mo over the top gun play, high speed driving and small mini games. Each element borrows from other games (Arkham City, Max Payne 3, Need for Speed and Yakuza). None of these styles is better than what was in the games that clearly influenced Sleeping Dogs but neither are any of them bad, trumping most if not all other open world games. The missions are varied and the voice acting is superb (for the record the fact that Edison Chen has real world troubles should really not be used to criticise a game, if you really need to criticise the producers/developers for using him), the game is of a good length at approximately 20 hours but does fall short of Bethesda and R*'s open worlds for longevity. Another area where Sleeping Dogs falls short to R*'s recent titles is in the area of storytelling. Sleeping Dogs story is in no way bad and is entertaining throughout, however at times the plot is hard to follows and I occasionally felt as if I had missed something during a mission as I couldn't figure out why events were playing out the way they were. This occurred mostly in the middle of the game as the beginning and especially the end (which is a rip-roaring thrill ride like no other I have played in recent years) were very well paced and easy to follow. Despite its few flaws Sleeping Dogs is greater that the sum of its parts, Melee combat is intuitive and visceral with some truly gruesome moves, Shooting is a minor weak point but when transitioning from Melee to Slo-mo shooting while jumping off a flaming roof it can be exhilarating, Driving is fast, aggressive and easy to manoeuvre. If you enjoy open world games and need a fix before GTAV arrives (most probably in 2013) you really can not go wrong with United Front Games' effort. It imitates and in many ways eclipses its rivals and we should all be thank full to Square Enix for not letting this Sleeping Dog lie. Expand
  48. Nov 5, 2012
    I just finished this game and loved every minute of it! This game is my "sleeper retail game of the year" (no pun intended). This is obviously a GTA make-off, but it is done so well! I enjoyed this game more than the GTA and Saints Row series. If you are looking for an open world GTA, Saints Row, Red Dead, Max Payne type game... you have to give this a try. Here is what I liked most about the game:
    1. Fluid Combat - best open world combat system yet. 2. Engaging Story - This game is very story driven. I really got into the story and really enjoyed playing as an undercover cop. Great characters in the game as well as great voice acting.
    3. Great Pacing - This game has excellent pacing. In an open world, this is usually the struggle. Provide the ability to do anything, but still maintain direction for game/storyline progression. 4. RPG elements - I love that you level up your character! There are four categories to level up your character. Dojo Training, Triad skills, Police skills and building your "Health". Dojo training help you learn more combos and powerful moves in combat. The Triad and Police skills help you become deal more damage, take more damage, react quicker, help you shot better, slow down time while shooting, etc.
    5. High Replay - Even though I finished the main story line, I don't feel finished with the game. I am excited each time I re-enter the world of Hong Kong. There are still many things to achieve past the main story line. If you like to fight, there are always people to fight. If you like to race cars, there are always people to race. If you like to date, offer help to people in need (usually a chase involved), investigate murders or even gamble on **** fights... It's all there waiting for you!

    I especially loved heading into a group of 10-20 people knowing that I could most likely take them via "Kung Fu" and not guns. The combat in this game is the best I have played in an open world. I agree that the combat is very similar to Batman's combat system (Arkham games), but this combat system is even more fluid, faster and easier. Countering is brilliant in this game. The enemy will turn red when you need to counter. I loved how obvious they make it. When you have 15 people you are fighting, you will be glad the counter system is there to assist you!

    The only issues I had with the game were minimal:
    1. Depending on car placement, sometimes the door gets in the way. You can always climb on the car and usually overcome this.
    2. Main storyline was a bit short. I really liked the story and wanted more. As I understand there will be DLC to provide more story.
    3. When fighting "brawlers" there are often QTE (Quick Time Events). After awhile you realize it's always the same buttons based on a bear hug or a floor stomp.
  49. Nov 13, 2012
    This game was the biggest surprise of the year for me, I did not know it was coming out until a little bit before it released and picked it up shortly after and I can definitely say this is one of the best games of the year, The story is very interesting, the combat with both martial arts combat and shooting are both very fun to use, If you like games like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row, or the combat from Batman: Arkham City/Asylum you will probably love this game, it is very polished, the missions are fun and varied, the side missions are not amazing, but they are fun distractions and there is other side content like racing missions and so on. Pick this game up if you have not already. Expand
  50. Nov 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. With great visuals, excellent voice work, an amazing story and the best combat in an open world game, Sleeping Dogs is a game that anyone that loves open world games should purchase. The story is about Wei Shen, an undercover cop that is assigned to take down the Triad (basically the Hong Kong mafia) They gang is suspicious at first but as Wei advances up the ladder, the gang begins to accept him. The story is well told with excellent voicework from such notables as Tom Wilkinson and Lucy Liu. Even Emma Stone makes a brief appearance. The driving has an arcadey style that works perfectly is this. Wei is very agile and skilled in combat with and without a gun. Most of the combat is hand to hand based and allows you to grab enemies and perform brutal environmental kills which range from tossing a guy in a dumpster to throwing thugs in ice chippers. Like many open world games, Sleeping Dogs contains minigames such as karaoke and majong but some feel a little underdeveloped such as the dating system. However, these are just minor gripes in an otherwise amazing game. Simply put, Sleeping Dogs should not be left to lie on the shelf. Expand
  51. Jan 9, 2013
    DEMO Review the game is like saints row meets batman arkham city the graphics are really nice and the setting is really cool i also like how you get rewarded for hitting evil people and the asian accents r spot on
  52. Jul 21, 2013
    Combat is excellent and entertaining with simple upgrading system, to add some combat progression as well. Graphics are excellent. Sound track/radio is excellent. Extra mission system is exactly what I want in these types of game, has a good amount of stuff to go do but not so much you lose sight of what the actual game is. Glad i finally picked it up!
  53. Mar 2, 2013
    This game has a fantastic open world with plenty to do in it, but at the same time has an involved, engrossing story and excellent characters. The driving, fighting and exploration are well done, and I felt a part of the Hong Kong scene while playing this game. I highly recommend Sleepy Dogs to anyone who likes open world games with mature and often hardcore themes, and wants to experience gang-style life in the safety of their own home, with some wacky humour and crazy thrown in for good measure. Expand
  54. May 9, 2013
    Really awesome game!! I loved the the undercover cop story, it played out in a way where no two missions were exactly the same; they were always mixing it up! On top of the that, the hand to hand combat is some of the best and most brutal i've seen in a game! Definitely go check this one out!
  55. Jun 9, 2013
    Sleeping Dogs is a strange mix of Assassin's Creed, Arkham City, Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto and Yakuza. All this hodgepodge can be confusing reading it in a review, but trust me, this game is the surprise of the year. The parkour it's simple but fun, the combat is also simple, but can be complexed by improvements; the bullet time works great and the open-world gameplay is just really fun: you have tons of side missions and quests to do. The story is excellent, but the only problem I have with this is game is with the chinese that is spoken in the middle of an english conversation. What's up with that? It's just like the italian spoken in Assassin's Creed II! Why didn't they make the full game in Chinese? Is there a reason to put random sentences in another language? What's the point? Whatever, the game is great. Expand
  56. Nov 20, 2013
    Para ser un Sand Box a la sombra de GTA no tiene nada que envidiarle, Sleeping Dogs es un juegazo distinto, una jugabilidad exquisita, unos graficos bastantes buenos, divertido, te enganchara de principio a final, las contras: no esta doblado al español...una lastima, pasandotelo al 100% dificilmente supera las 25 horas, pero en definitiva es un gran juego, de hecho para mi es el mejor Sand Box de esta generación. Expand
  57. Sep 13, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs isn't a bad game. Fun gameplay elements GTA-esque with a more refined combat system. Story is decent basically it revolves around your character an undercover cop infiltrating Hong Kong triads. There is a lack of detail in the game however which didn't completely bug me but to some point it was kind of hilarious looking at some of the interiors of shops and seeing they didn't even bother trying to put any attention to detail sparring a few places that did have interior - mainly shops. Graphics other then that were actually good, your main protagonists and villains looked excellent but people walking around the city looked terrible. Cars and scenery were good and the occasional raining was nice. Voice actors ranged from ok to terrible. I was not a fan of the overly gangster dialogue it did get annoying. I hated My main problem was the game felt like it was missing something. The RPG elements were a one up, but they could have added more abilities, weapons and maybe different way to show off side missions. This is a good game. I only rented it so I feel like I got my money's worth out of it. Had I payed 60 I may be singing a different tune. Definitely worth playing or at least trying. Expand
  58. Nov 8, 2012
    if you liked grand theft auto this is basically the next installment ..... you get to play both sides as the cop and the gangster..... story was very well written along with the fighting mechanics..... the only down fall is there are basically no weapons ...... the few in the game are scarce at best......
  59. Jul 28, 2013
    This game was highly enjoyable and I don't know why I waited so long to play it. It is indeed a GTA clone but it has more life than GTA IV and more seriousness than Saints Row III.

    In addition to the Hong Kong setting, one of the key differences in this game is the focus on hand-to-hand combat. You can't even buy guns in this game or carry multiple guns at once. I missed this at
    first but I realized that this helped limit the player going around the city causing random mayhem like you can in GTA or Saints Row because you're supposed to be an undercover cop. Expand
  60. Aug 14, 2012
    I like this game, but its very clear that it has a extended development cycle, additionally there are all sorts of hinky bugs that probably should have been ironed out during beta, hit boxes are funny, the cars and physics can often behave poorly. With that said though, its a great game the plot and voice acting are superb and when the game play does come together it does so very well. Any of the individual aspects of the game don't hold up to scrutiny very well but as a whole the game works much better than I expected. I have played the game for about 5 hours at the time of this writing. Expand
  61. Mar 4, 2013
    There's loads to see and do here. The graphics are last-gen, but I think the playability makes up for it.
    The fist fighting is full of Yakuza's crunch and easy combos. The gun play is perfectly solid, complete with Max Payne slow-mo 'bullet time'. And right now it's free on plus.
    I'm hooked.
  62. Aug 23, 2012
    Not only is this game a breath of fresh air, it's also pretty good too! You really feel like the star in an exciting kung-fu movie. Everything works so well together, I haven't seen such a complete open world game since Gta, the parkour works really well, the driving feels nice and responsive, the combat... Not only does this have enjoyable gunplay, the hand-to-hand combat is really the star in this game. It's cool, responsive and absolutely brutal! The story impressed me too, I was expecting something very cliche to be honest, but it's really good and you want to know what happens to the characters surrounding you. While some parts of the story felt rushed and could've used more development, it's still an enjoyable package overall. So yeah, I give it an 8/10 because while it was really good it could've used a bit more work, it looks good yes, but at times you do feel it's lacking something. It was also a blast to start driving on the left side as someone who's used to driving on the right, I hope this game spawns sequels or at least successors because it's truly an unique game which we need more of! Expand
  63. Feb 5, 2013
    Surprise of the year! I followed this game since it was sold by Activision under the working title "True Crime:Hong Kong", and it was an absolute to delight to play such a detailed and riveting game.
    The protagonist, Wei Shen, an undercover police detective, must infiltrate the Sun On Yee Triad organisation to attempt to bring it down.
    The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong is brought to
    life through not the biggest, but certainly one of the more
    detailed and vibrant sandbox cities of this generation.
    The combat is something spectacular, it simply utilizes button mashing with fluid combos that result in some the most fun fights you will come across in a game.
    Its got a solid story, albeit a short one for an open-world game, but this doesnt take away from the sheer volume of activities that can be undertaken here.
    Whether you want to suit up in a vast array of clothing, save up and buy an extensive amount of vehicles, or simply steal an umbrella from a pedestrian and beat up a bad guy with it...why not.
    Cons? Sadly, yes, the driving graphics arent the most solid, its hard to appreciate many driving mechanics in games after GTA IV, the island can sometimes feel too restrained and incomplete, and the Chinese that is spoken in the middle of an english conversation just feels out of place.
    All of that aside, this is certainly a stepping stone in the right direction, hopefully bigger and better things to come.
  64. Jul 30, 2014
    Tighter than recent GTAs, with more variety and more to-the-point action. Oh and it's set in freaking Hong Kong. Like, well-made open-world martial arts Hong Kong, with local radio songs and all. How cool is that? It works so well you'll wonder why Rockstar didn't attempt something similar.

    A tight campaign is something I missed in GTA V, but Sleeping Dogs doesn't make you walk a dog
    around or do in-game yoga. It has similarly weird activities, but the campaign itself is kept tight and fun, and with a relate-able and classically designed action hero rather than someone you watch from a distance.

    The whole package is well made, both when the fights make you feel like the star of a martial arts cult hit, when the driving makes you think you changed game to Burnout or Need For Speed, and when you're on low-key investigative adventures. It's more mature, brutal and serious than GTA, but also more fun and arcade-like. Each element seems built from arcade-inspiration rather than realism, for example the combo-based combat and the wild explosions when you shoot out a car's tire.

    But the game remains immersive and epic thanks to the varied side jobs that are original enough to make a new city rather than a rerun of other games. Melee combat is usually a weak part of GTA-like games, but Sleeping Dogs has a deep, thoughtful combat system with unlockable moves.

    The game is not super polished, but the glitches had me giggling, so I kept playing a non-patched, offline version. 18 hours in, I feel like I got my money's worth. I could play on for further collectibles or small tasks, but the meat of the game is done with after 17 hours or so.
  65. Sep 21, 2012
    Not a stretch of originality to be seen, but that's okay. It's fine if you blatantly skin your gameplay inspiration from some of the best games of the last three years, so long as you pull it off like Sleeping Dogs has. Combat is a simple, not-so-fluid, homage to Rocksteady's Arkham games. Free motion like a muscular dysfunctional Assassin's Creed and for transport/driving it rips a blank page out of Square Enix's own Just Cause's manual while the narrative is your average hard boiled vice story with an American protagonist. Individually they falter, but as one game they all succeed. I enjoyed it, and maybe you will too. Expand
  66. Feb 2, 2013
    Sleeping Dogs is a great game, but some glitches and dull moments prevent it from being an amazing one. The story in Sleeping Dogs is superb because of its uniqueness from other games like this (e.g., GTA, Saints Row, etc.). Play as Wei Shen, a character who truly sticks to you, as an Undercover cop in this fictionalized Hong Kong. The only real complaints I have of this game is that some voice acting seems sketchy, the graphics in some scenes really lack, and there are some minor glitches in the game. But overall, Sleeping Dogs is worth a buy and its one of those games where you truly crave that platinum trophy. Expand
  67. Sep 17, 2013
    Had a helluva time playing this game as a warmup before GTA V. It is a GTA clone but made with a nice sense of humour and also with the addition of a nice combat system where you dwelve in martial arts.

    After awhile, just like GTA, it can get a bit repetitive but still a fun ride. Graphicwise it is not up to the GTA standard but does not bother the gameplay.
  68. Oct 9, 2012
    The center of Sleeping Dogs is Kung fu fighting with unlockable new combos that keep it interesting along with some kick @ss enviro kills. Driving and hijacking vehicles on the move ala Pursuit Force is fantastic, as is sliding over obstacles in slow mo and shooting baddies Matrix/ Max Payne style. The story is nothing new, It 's a GTA and True Crime L.A mixer about loyalty, revenge and a twisted sense of justice ,there are a few funny moments, but the hardcore R rated moments are a majority. Sleeping Dogs has unoriginal major components : Fighting, driving, shooting, story, characters, sidequests: it has all been expertly sliced out of other games and movies and put into place here, it blends so many different ideas Expand
  69. Oct 9, 2012
    Really enjoyed this game. The storyline is awesome. The hand-to-hand combat is very realistic going from throwing people into bins, hitting their heads of tables etc. The driving is not great after playing GTA IV
  70. Dec 3, 2012
    This game was generally great and a bit underrated. I can understand people being angry that it was not a shooting game (I had the same frustration at first). But this game was good partially because it was not the standard Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row. This is the first beat em up I have played in awhile and it was generally good. Not quite as good as Batman: Arkham City, but still good. Story could have used a little work, but not bad. graphics and sound were generally good. A lot to explore but never overwhelming. Once the kinks are worked out, truly worthy of a sequel. Expand
  71. Aug 21, 2013
    Despite not being able to carry all sorts of weapons on you at all times like in GTA IV, I did enjoy the game, good graphics, gameplay, story, it was definitely worth the $60 and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys an open-world shooter game.
  72. Mar 15, 2013
    Sleeping Dogs was probably one of the biggest surprises of 2012, It was a game that was fairly unknown until it's release where it turned out to be a great game with a great story, great hand to hand combat and a great open world to explore, It has a good amount of content. If you like games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row then you will probably like this game, It's by no means perfect with some things missing that would of been nice but it's still worth a play. Expand
  73. Jun 22, 2013
    I usually always hate sandbox games. This one grabbed me from the start and I loved it. I like the fact that in the game I get to drive on the left side of the road which I do here in Japan. In GTA I would always be on the wrong side and hit everything so that earned big points for me. Would have scored higher if there was a weapon upgrade system and a more about involved story. Great combat and plenty of outside things to do. Expand
  74. Jun 9, 2013
    Personally, i really like the idea of having this kind of chinese action movie's game. It's looks different with all the similar games out there, and giving "different" feeling to the players. Very strong game play mechanics, solid characters, and most important, fun. the game is long enough but not too long to finish.sadly i feel the triads is too shallow, (you jump around the hierarchy so fast), and you didn't "really" the have choices to be triad or the cop. i wish the game expanded more and more in the future. Expand
  75. Jul 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Summary of the Game
    +Great car and foot chase sequences that are a nice addition to the open world genre.
    +Nice use of RPG elements, through upgrading Wei (the main character).
    +Well executed melee combat system which while being too simple/easy, is a lot of fun and demonstrates originality within the game.
    +Interesting story, particularly through the use of cut scenes that are cinematic and demonstrate Wei conflicts.
    +Great voice acting
    +Good variety of side activities like Camera hacking, racing (which is better here than in GTA 4), fighting etc.
    -Some of the activities are not well polished like karaoke (which amounts to an easy matching game, with too few songs to choice from [8 in total]).
    -The story is too predictable and unfortunately lacks choice reducing replay ability.
    -The gun fights are too easy as the enemy A.I isn’t great.

    Full Review (I haven’t played any of the DLC)
    One the great things about “Sleeping Dogs” are its chases on foot, as you perform parkour to catch people. This is an iconic feature of the game, that I hope is to be a continuing presence in open world games. Unfortunately this isn’t exploited enough and you can’t actually catch the people your chasing instead you have to take them down after they get in a car. Therefore the on foot chase sequences are nice but not developed enough.

    Furthermore another aspect of the game that isn’t fully developed is the melee combat. It is simple, but still great. The variety of the combos, and the unlocking of new moves, and the variety of enemies (normal, brawlers and grapplers), help enhance the melee combat. The greatest enhancement though is the environmental kills which come in a wide variety, and a huge amount of fun, while helping to reverse these unfair odds. However where it falls down is how it fails to provide a great experience due to the tendency just to counter the enemies attacks which is too easy to exploit. Nevertheless the melee is great. Furthermore the lack of the use of gun fights in this game make the melee combat actually worthwhile, as you use it frequently. Such a balance between gun and melee combat is a great feature and is far superior to GTA4 and Saints Row 2 where you just shoot stuff.

    The other major great feature is the RPG elements of the game, via improving your character through both cop/triad/face/melee and health upgrades. These while not to the same degree as Saints Row, is much superior to that of GTA4 where Niko remains the same character throughout. However unfortunately this doesn’t translate into effect customisation, as the only real variation in Wei’s look is clothing, and the clothes aren’t the same level of variety that they are in SR2.

    The final thing that is a great feature of the game is the driving on the whole. It is far superior to Saints Row 2 and GTA4, as it is a lovely balance between realism and damn right insanity. The driver is definitely enhanced by the unique Radio stations that give it a more Hong Kong like experience e.g. the song Yellow Fever. This is particularly the case with action hijacks where you fling yourself onto cars and then clamber into the driver seat. Such driving is enhanced via the use of chase sequences with guns while driving, where you get to shoot out the tires of enemies etc. This is again a better feature of the game when compared to Saints Row and GTA (where the shooting while driving is less dramatic).

    There are only two major negative aspects of the game. The first is the gun fights, which are too easy and don’t offer much. While the cover system and aiming is well executed, enemy’s tendency to suicide charge and failure to fully utilize tactics like flanking, combined with the lack of variety of guns, remove tension from gun combat. Such drawbacks however can be somewhat forgiven by the fact that the games combat is focused mostly on melee.

    The second is the predictable nature of the story. Now Sleeping Dogs’ story is by no means a dull story, particularly with the conflict between Wei’s loyalty to the triads and his ever increasing conflicts with the police. Some of the more specular moments include (spoiler) the shoot out by a rival gang at your bosses’ wedding. Such moments in combination with excellent voice acting giving the characters real depth, help to progress the story, and make it more engaging than its competition. Unfortunately you see things coming from a mile away, and the ending fails to offer anything special, as instead of a choice between triad and cop, Wei just remains a cop but still remembered fondly by the triad.

    That said these drawbacks aren’t enough to prevent the game from being a great success, certainly more fun and more original than GTA 4 and more balances than SR3. However such drawbacks and lack of unique selling points prevent Sleeping Dogs from being as great as SR2, which for me (until GTA5 is released) will remain the king of open world sandbox games with a gang theme.
  76. Sep 13, 2013
    Open world game at it's finest. Many people say that it's a rip off from GTA series. So what? Many games use this genre and Sleeping Dogs does it perfect. A fast action game with tons of side quests like helping other people, racing, hacking and fighting. Repetitive in some parts but still a great entertainment.
  77. Oct 5, 2013
    Sleeping Dogs is True Crime: Hong Kong, as you may know it was sold by Activision and Square Enix bought the property, boy was that a mistake by Activision. I loved True Crime: Streets of L.A but i thought that New York City was disappointing. Sleeping Dogs is definitely a great continuation of the series. The Story of Triad/Cop is really good, the combat is amazing and fun as hell. The shooting mechanics are okay, the racing and car control are great, its fun jumping from car to car. I take this game as a reboot to the True Crime series and i cant wait for a sequel. Expand
  78. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: The graphics aren’t the best, some character models aren’t too detailed, the water in the game with the ripple effects from the boat look almost last gen. Honk Kong looks good, and so do the vehicles. 7.5.

    Sound: A nice soundtrack not a lot of variety but good. The voice acting is decent, and the gun sounds/vehicles are average. 7.5.

    Gameplay: An open sandbox game
    like GTA but with its own flavor. The game does an excellent job of mixing up the main missions so they never feel repetitive. The combat is great and you learn more combos. You also level up you’re cop status, and triad status which is done similar to a talent tree. Vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, and boats are drivable, and you can commandeer each. The gunplay is good but the aiming could be reworked to feel more realistic. The slow-mo effect is also very useful but without a limit it makes the game too easy. 9.

    Story: The story flow progresses great, keeping an interest, but there aren’t any amazing moments. It’s still a fresh story, and worth a playthrough. 9.

    Replay Value: The game clocks from 8 to 20 hours depending on how many side missions, and collectibles you go for. It’s definitely worth getting. 10.

    Overall Score: 8.6 out of 10.
  79. May 18, 2014
    As theatrical as gaming gets, Sleeping Dogs is totally engaging, expertly homicidal and brilliantly voiced, resulting in an enveloping free-roamer, equipped with some breath-taking visuals. The plot lowers the game's quality, as it is middle-of-the-road, standard, "Revenge against you!!!!" fare.
  80. Oct 26, 2012
    This game has a lot going for it in the first place - a fun setting, access to adult themes, interesting story (which a lot of it is based on real facts and real gangs in HK [10K is based on 14K, Sun Woo is based on Sun Yee On Triad]

    The game is good at everything it tries to do: racing, shooting, martial arts fighting, story telling - but it doesn't exactly shine in any of the aspects.
    There are games that are better at it in certain aspects, which make them stand out. This game doesn't stand out in anyway except for the fact that it is unique and takes place in HK and obviously caters towards gamers who understand the swearing, culture and setting - to make sense of the entire thing. But, it's still fun for people who do not know a lot about the 'gang culture' in HK.

    The voice acting is pretty good as well. I would say the game gets a bit repetitive when you try to do all the side quests. Once you get used to fighting (for example), the game ceased to have any difficulty at all. It's an interesting venture into a setting that not everyone expected - that's too be sure. It should get bonus points for that. I'm sad because the game could have been a lot better...Sequel anyone?
  81. Aug 23, 2012
    Under cover, and nearly under the radar, both simple to describe, as well as extremely difficult. Sleeping Dogs is one of those games that lands somewhere between the A list and that title you missed from last year, but it indeed belongs closer to the A list. Originally Sleeping Dogs was another True Crime game being developed by Activision under the title True Crime: Hong Kong, but after various ups and downs Activison jumped ship and Square Enix took over and long story short, it was a reason to rejoice. This game may come off as another GTA clone in the vein of Saints Row, Just Cause and countless others and well, it is just that, but what Sleeping Dogs has that the other clones doesn't is a lot of heart, and a lot of courage. It has an identity all its own, and while you wont find helicopters, jet packs, or an endless amount of outrages free roaming chaos, you will find character, believable settings, and a lot of intriguing fun. The story is the tale of an under cover officer in the seedy crime world of Hong Kong working is way through gang territory, while being choked out by the constant stress and suspense that comes with the job. Playing as officer Wei Shen, you work your way through missions for both the police and for the Triad gang. Working your way to the top of the chain you are faced with testing your loyalty, getting too close to gang members, and always wondering if someone is on to you. Watching the story unfold is one of the games highlights as it takes a more serious tone than most games of this nature. While Sleeping Dogs is no where near the size and scope of even GTA: San Andreas you will still find a lot to do as well as finding yourself wanting to often walk instead of run or drive through Hong Kongs crowded streets and alleys. The graphics are nothing to write home about, but they get the job done. The different areas of the city look great, though the population, while realistic in their routines are not much more than low resolution filler with very limited AI. Missions vary and are always fun, they range from silly, to exciting, to action, to mini games, to down right sticky wet violent. Being a mature crime game players are no stranger to violence, but Sleeping Dogs goes a few steps beyond just car wrecks and gun fights. It introduces a mechanic very fresh in the open world genre by means of a great combat system. Copying the homework of the Batman Arkham series it takes a few buttons and meshes them into a deep almost complex style of martial arts, often ending in blood baths. Aside from the bone breaking counters and the Bruce Lee like flat liners there are also environmental kills that are accessible at any point during a fight adding depth and allowing you to fight as dirty as you want. As if great fighting in an open world wasn't enough you can also free fun, jumping tables, rails, building ledges, and even cars and people. You can also tackle, disarm, and melee. Guns are surprisingly rare in favor of bloody hand to hand combat which is refreshing. Driving is a bit peculiar, it is partially arcade feeling, a bit like a racing game, but also feels loose enough to have you at home with your favorite Rockstar titles. Think of Sleeping Dogs as a melting pot of this generations greatest open world achievements but with a few rough edges and just short that extra coat of paint it so obviously deserved. Glitches are not absent but tend to not get in the way too often, and sometimes great ideas fall short by the time you see them to the end. But all in all Sleeping Dogs exceeds far more than fails. It is honestly a great game and just shy of biting the ankles of Rockstar's finest. If you are a fan of open world games, scorseses films, or kung fu movies, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to pick up this flawed but wonderful game. While Hong Kong is not Liberty City there is plenty to keep you busy, enough to where I would say this game is actually worth the full asking price. That is if you plan to carry on with all those extra features. Intriguing but not very surprising, a fun free roam but limited in many ways, a great investment of time though a straight campaign run ends too quickly. It wont live up to GTA IV, but the fix to that is to not expect GTA IV. Do yourself a favor a grab a copy of Sleeping Dogs, and enjoy your journey through the bloodstained streets of Hong Kong. There is nothing here that six more months in development and a couple more hours in middle wouldn't have fixed, so here is hoping to sequels. Thank God Square Enix saw the possibilities in this game. It has personality, heart, its not afraid to borrow, as even less afraid to improve. Activision, I'm afraid you will need to stay after class. Expand
  82. Aug 26, 2012
    This game is a really good rental at best, but I do not recommend you to buy. I see this game as a warm-up/filler game until all of the AAA titles are released this year.First off during the first story arc of the game, the gameplay was very generic and boring, and I almost gave up and shipped it back to gamefly. Though since I hate not finishing a game, I decided to see it trough (and Im glad I did). While this game isn't anything we gamers haven't seen before, that doesn't stop it from being fun. The story (while predictable) is very engaging, you start to care about and hate the characters around you(even the one-off girlfriends that come in the main characters life and leave randomly without rhyme or reason). And while the main story is only 16 hours, the missions are long and surprisingly aren't repetitive. The side missions are also well implemented and diverse. My only gripe about this game is that you have to level your face points up just to wear clothes and drive vehicles you already own! But all in all if you have weekend with absolutely no plans what so ever. Then rent sleeping dogs(you'll beat it in 3 days or more) Its a good game too keep you occupied. (Way more fun then Saints Row the Turd IMO).Hopefully they continue this franchise and go balls to the wall in the next installment, because Sleepy Dogs has so much potential to at-least become a trilogy. Expand
  83. Mar 11, 2013
    Unconsciously, I was comparing this game with GTA quite often while playing. It's natural, I guess. It has many weaknesses when compared with the referent title, like a simplified driving, or a less detailed and more simplistic city design. But it also has some remarkable strengths, in which it is superior to GTA. The cinematics are amazing, movie-quality. The melee combat is funnier and with greater possibilities. The brutality of the game, and the strong, tough story line, makes of Sleeping Dogs a solid game. Expand
  84. Jun 19, 2013
    Good game. Not what I thought everyone was saying from reviews. The game IMO just isn't that fun. Just hand to hand combat throughout and can't cause any crazy havoc or anything like that. Good game, but found it boring after a few hours of play.
  85. Nov 1, 2012
    I like Sleeping Dogs. But I can also understand why it was initally cancelled. Giant Bomb's review hits it on the head. It has some of the worst problems with open world games without really improving upon them. Where it does succeed is its enjoyable story, its great setting, and the brutal fist-fighting gameplay; a welcome change from the focus on shooting of most Open World games. Wei is also a genuinely likeable and flawed character and its always fun to have an Asian protagonist, somewhat underrepresented in games. It's not as pure fun as something like Saints Row 2 or 3 and it isn't the GTA Killer either. The collectibles and side missions are particularly terrible and not that enjoyable. People criticised Mafia II for having almost no side content and just focusing on the main story; but that was a great story with great missions. You don't need side content to pad out the game if the core is good.

    Open world games are often considered too long for a rental, but in this case, if you have a week free and no other games, Sleeping Dogs is a good choice, especially if you love open world games. Otherwise, you're probably not missing out.
  86. Aug 2, 2013
    Sleeping Dogs 7/10....................................................................................................................................
  87. Jan 28, 2013
    Melee combat and graphics are both very strong. All of the gameplay elements are similar, or quite possibly the same as other AAA titles. That is ultimately the games weakness, as none of the features really stand out. A fun game regardless, but it feels like it could have been a more well-rounded experience.
  88. Feb 8, 2014
    It's pretty good. The scenery is great and the hand-to-hand combat system is excellent. There's also much to do even after finishing the main story - collecting statues, completing favours, etc. However, certain aspects hinder its potential. The vehicle controls are somewhat clunky, the weapon system is odd, and many features and events in-game seem to contradict the intended realism...
  89. Jul 25, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto in China was what I expecting. But, the game is different than that. The shooting and driving is terrible. But the hand to hand combat system is great. The story isn't going to win an Oscar but it is more interesting than the GTA games. Overall, I had fun from the game and some glitches made me even have more fun.
  90. Sep 13, 2012
    I thoroughly enjoyed this game, though parts of it could have been more polished, I found it to be a lot of fun overall. Unfortunately not as good as its competition, though comes pretty damn close. The combat system is, although satisfying, not as well executed as Batman: Arkham City. The driving is fun, but not as crazy as Saints Row. The story however, is quite intriguing, and the characters you meet have huge personalities. The soundtrack is just incredible too, and fits perfectly with my musical taste. Lets hope to see more of this franchise in the future, where they possibly have worked most of the kinks out. Expand
  91. Aug 26, 2012
    Pretty average all round.The melee can't hold a candle to either Arkhams,the driving is miles off GTA IV,the gunplay is by far the weakest element in what is a mediocre title.Even a story taken from numerous crime movies can't save this travesty.The graphics are so poor that it even makes Saints Row 3 look good.If you're so desperate for an open world GTA clone,then enjoy this as much as possible while waiting for the King to return. Expand
  92. Dec 5, 2012
    A mostly average open-world game that fails to engage the player. While it does innovate in a few ways, such as the hand-to-hand combat system, overall it's a retread of what you've come to expect from a game like this. Not bad, but not great.
  93. May 15, 2013
    As a fan of Hong Kong action films and kung-fu flicks, I was excited about Sleeping Dogs. Open-world environment GTA style in Hong Kong instead of the same old stuff in America or the UK, I was totally sold at launch. The game revolves around an undercover cop, Wei Shen (Will Yun Lee) who is tasked to join a local gang to bring down the entire Sun On Yee from the inside. Overtime he grows attached and the line between his true friends and foes becomes blurry to Wei Shen. Nice idea for a story but how exactly does the game turn out? Let me put it simply, Sleeping Dogs is mediocre at best. Here are the problems: 1) Story is short and feels rushed. The sudden and abrupt ending was an insult to my face. 2) Wei Shen lacks character in terms of looks and personality. Someone random. 3) Shooting gameplay is terrible. Guns don't feel or sound real at all. Shooting from vehicles is boring because it slows time down automatically. 4) Side activities are plenty but are very repetitive and boring. Chasing, arcade style racing, fight bet, street fight, karaoke... 5) Graphics are terrible, facial expressions are missing.....Come on Square Enix! 6) No Multiplayer. 7) Finally, even though Wei Shen climbed his way up the Triad ranks and practically owns a territory and has his own turf, you cannot bring along soldiers to join you in battle, you don't see your gang hanging out in the streets. You can't ask for protection money from stores and street vendors. All in all, I still managed to sink over 20 hours into this game. The story and environment kept me going and I'm glad to have give this game a shot. Just regretted getting it full price on day one. Guys, buy Sleeping Dogs only when there's a big price drop, otherwise there are plenty of better open world games out there... Expand
  94. Sep 25, 2012
    Gets old fast. At first, the martial arts fighting keeps you interested, but as the game wears on, you notice that the missions are embarrassingly linear for a sandbox game. The camera-hacking is a joke and seems incomplete, and it has the same problem as every car-based sandbox--there is no incentive to immerse yourself in the character of a neighborhood when you can wiz by it at 90 miles an hour. Expand
  95. Aug 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I found it very difficult to have fun with this game. When I play sanbox games, I at least want to be able to complete missions and do other things the way I choose, but the game forces you into melee combat all the time.

    Although there are guns in the game, they are very rare to find. When you do find one you can be very powerful. The setting is original, seriously. How many games are actually set in Hong Kong? .... Not much. So it's fresh envrionment, the city doesd actually feel alive as you'll see pedestrians doing things other than walking.

    The RPG elements are at first confusing, and sadly limited to level 10 on all experience meters. Which is very lackluster considering the level caps of todays RPG's. This limits replay vaule, and ruins the overall fun, as once you reach the high level there's no real objective to the game, which is story missions.

    There are tons of collectables, however only Jade Statues, Helath Shrines and Lockboxes actually reward you. Hacking cameras, and doing drug busts yeild very little if any reward at all, I completed all drug busts in North Point which was by no means an easy task, yet I wasn't even rewarded for this? The Cop missions are shockingly NOT OPTIONAL. Which goes against the whole point of a sandbox game. In order to continue the story you have to complete certain cop missions, which is confusing because these were marketed as being optional, when they are not. Again this goes against it being a sandbox game. Graphically the game does well in some areas, but not in others. The cars and the city looks great, but character models and animations are a mess. Honestly they look like 2006 era graphics. A very lackluster GTA/Saints Row rip off with crap graphics, and less guns.

    I gave this game a 6 because the developer "United Front" has never made a game like this before so I am inclined to cut them a little slack.
  96. Aug 28, 2012
    It feels like GTA (Grand Theft Auto), the only problem is that, it seems like it's GTA for the PS2.
    1. Graphics: Generic and Mediocre. It seems that they didn't put too much effort on the facial expressions.
    2. Combat system: It's okay because there is an interaction with certain objects in the game but it's not as fluid and sophisticated as with other games of the same genre.
    3. AI
    interaction: Pedestrians aren't responsive to specific stimuli. They will just either run away, stay in place or retaliate. So, it's almost terrible.
    4. Environmental interaction: Nothing special as there are only few particular items or objects that would react to a certain action.
    5. Voice acting: It's good but nothing unusual
  97. Oct 11, 2012
    Why all compare it with GTA? hmmm... Because it is a desperate try of GTA Hong Kong. I enjoyed graphics and the Martial arts. But that's all. If you play it around 4 hours you guess it could be a glitch or Déjà-vu. The Game even and even repeat. run, fight, eat, crack a crate, drive, run, fight, eat, crack a crate, drive, run, fight, eat, crack a crate, drive, run, fight, eat, crack a crate, drive, run, fight, eat, crack a crate, drive, run, fight, eat, crack a crate, drive, run, fight, eat, crack a crate, drive, run, fight, eat, crack a crate, drive............. And sometimes will there will be no more missions... WOW??? No show down? no big happy end. You just receive a phone call. "bla bla bla bla its done" But never mind. It's a open world game, now you can explore the city and do some fancy stuff... haha or un install the game to keep your disk clean.
    Sorry for this rating. I hope Sleepig Dogs 2 shows us more innovation.
  98. Feb 14, 2013
    It pains me to give this game a 6/10. Despite enjoying the game's fighting mechanics, i felt there was just too many features, instead of just a few awesome ones. While it at first can seem awesome, later you just wonder why they are here. And when you complete the game, there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO!

    The only thing keeping this game from being any worse is the fact that i had so
    much friggin fun with it. I played for hours and i never wanted to stop.

    "Sleeping Dogs" gets my 6 out of 10, it's above average. I honestly can't recommend this game at full price.
  99. Oct 24, 2014
    I was hoping a lot from this game. good reviews and it used loads of features from other sandbox games and put it into one. the fighting is awesome and you use the environment around you. good and bad mechanics was always good in the games I played and works very well here.
    However I just found the driving complete **** so all the chases in car are a bit arcady. foot chases are good and
    you get a host of neat little alley ways and places to climb on with actually makes a good chase but the environment after a while looks a little dull and boring(I think that was the atmosphere they were trying to create but hey) and the side missions are good but get really repetitive and that's the best way to sum up this game REPETITIVE. I do like it a lot. cops and robbers. kung fu. but it feels a bit limited compard gta and sr3. the map isn't the biggest as well. if I give a 6 I feel im doing a big injustice but if I give it a 7 I feel it bit too much cas I didn't really make me love it. I mean if u see it cheap for a fiver, have a go. it a good game but I felt it could have been more. oh the story for these sort of free roam games I couldn't give a flying **** its the free roaming aspect I like from these games and well this game was just a little repetitive. still good but not great. to be honest I might give it another go and well that says It all. oh yer I a threw a guy into a tank with a octupuse that face hugged the **** of his face. Expand
  100. Oct 26, 2012
    I'm sad. It starts off as a love story between me and the game. I love everything about it, the grapichs, the dialogue, the feel. But when I've played for an hour, I realize that this game is going to give me absolutely nothing. If you like driving RC-cars, you're gonna love the driving, because it litterally feels like driving an RC. The fighting is really cool, for 1 hour. EVERYTHING in this game is awesome for an hour. But after that its just one long repetition. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. Oct 14, 2012
    It's hard to imagine, that Activision let this one go. Sleeping Dogs is action packed sandbox shooter, which - in many ways - does things a lot better than GTA. Parkour, shooting and hand to hand combat are wrapped around a stunning virtual version of Hong Kong. The story isn't quite Rockstar, but it keeps the action going. The bar is set for the fifth Grand Theft Auto. [Sept 2012]
  2. Sep 17, 2012
    Sleeping Dogs will quickly gain the attention of those who enjoy a good open world with infinity of missions to complete.
  3. The reason why we go into so much detail about the fighting system is because we've never seen such deep and expansive mechanics in an open world game. You will fight until your knuckles are covered in blood and still won't have had enough of it. [September 2012, p.72]