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  1. Feb 20, 2013
    What is with this installment of Sly Cooper? It's as if it's been made for a six year old child. I admit I'm only barely into it but I'm already considering trading it in because I can't see me spending too many more hours being held by the hand through a series of absurdly simplistic and boring missions only to end in a crazy, monotonous, suddenly completely difficult boss battle. It really shows that Sucker Punch was not involved this time around. There are way too many cut scenes and all the enemies are completely stupid with no AI whatsoever. If you aren't standing directly in the yellow circle caused by the lamp they are holding they don't know you're there even if you're jumping up and down smashing things making all sorts of noise. I hope this gets better and I can come back here and edit this review with some more favorable comments, but having played the previous three installments with much enjoyment, I'm really sensing a dud here. Expand
  2. Feb 23, 2013
    This game is complete garbage. and its getting 9's and 10's for no reason. most of the accounts that gave this game a review were all made on the same day and only reviewed this game. this game is crap. between broken AI and half asses levels i cant stand it. look i made this account just to point out the strange nature of the positive reviews but you know what? it. this game is not what the old sly game use to be. and by the way the worst final boss battle in history of gaming. so don't buy this if you are new to sly. if you loved sly like i did, you will most likely have to buy it, and be disappointed. YOU LOSE GOOD DAY SIR! Expand
  3. Mar 24, 2013
    This game sucks. I missed old sly games. They were better. This one so childish. Waist of money. Hope I did not get it. It is so over rated. Old school Sly was the best. I prefer Sly Cooper 2 over this.
  4. Nov 24, 2013
    The return of Sly Cooper was much anticipated by all fans, however, I feel that this game lack the liveliness of the previous games, Even though Thieves in Time presents some new concepts, such as the new costumes and playable ancestors, the cons outweigh the pros. The story is bland and repetitive, the graphics are too fancy, the hacking is strange and unlike the classic, the worlds have too many levels, the mission order is too straightforward, unlike the previous games, when you could choose what order you wanted to do the missions in; the binocucom controls are different, the game doesn't retain the comic book feel that Sly games are known for, the music is annoying, the menu themes are too uniform, and the game is overall too quirky rather than stealthlike and mysterious. Thieves in Time has lost the culture of Cooper thievery that was refined in Band of Thieves and instead left us with an empty shell of what used to be our favorite raccoon. Expand
  5. Jan 23, 2014
    What do you get when Duke Nukum Forever and Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts have a baby together? You get Sly 4: Thieves in Time (A.K.A) THE WORST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN MY LIFE!! I was a fool for ever thinking that this was going to be a great game from the start, I absolutely hate it! This abomination of a game has horrible loading screens, horrible writing, completely out of characters that CONSTANTLY told jokes to no end, had relentless hacking missions, the game was too easy, the game felt rushed, the plot twist was like a middle finger to the face, the final boss was a joke, and it overall completely ruined the entire Sly Cooper franchise for me! Sure the graphics were nicely detailed, it was fun playing as Sly's ancestors, and the costumes were okay...but that still does not save the game from its obvious flaws because in order to have a great game you need BOTH good gameplay and writing!!! How could you Sanzaru??? You single handedly ruined my favorite series of all time and my life!! I hate this game soooo much!!! If I must....I recommend this game to little kids who have no idea what Sly Cooper is about and as for anyone who has grown up with the series...... stay away as far as possible from this game and anyone who has this game should immediately burn it so it will never see the light of day!!!!! Expand
  6. Jun 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sly 4: Thieves in Time was develop by Sanzaru games and when i played this i was not happy with the results 1. The music is just annoying mostly the trumpet in the boss fight music 2. there's allot of collectibles im fine with that but they add a timer to all of them and in sly 2 the items never had a timer (besides the ones with bombs) 3. The boss fights are all the same: doge all the attacks which waste time and then attack for 8 seconds and back to dogging, the final boss fight is simple PUSH BUTTONS! THIS IS NOT THE STANLEY PARABLE! 4. the player models are weird, Sly is just a HD model of the original, Bentley changed to some sci-fi chair and Murray looks like a 80-year old person 5. Carmelita BARLEY DOES ANYTHING! she only belly dances at the second to final world and that brings me to 6. THERE ARE ONLY SIX WORLDS! AND ONE IS REPEATED SO THERE IS FIVE WORLDS! 7. the "special" ending that shows at the end (via collecting EVERYTHING) is sly waking up in a Desert and then...CLIFFHANGER! 9. the gadgets suck, you can't even call them gadgets, Sly gets costumes mostly, Bentley gets different element darts, and Murray gets elemental fist PLUS there's different types of weapon upgrades to Carmelita but you won't be playing as her anytime soon. in all the game sucks, ZERO out of TEN. Expand
  7. Feb 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers. I previously gave this game a 7/10 and here are my reasons for lowering it. I said I liked the mechanics of the game and it does have fun gameplay, but this game has some really annoying flaws, first off this game is too easy. I don't even have to sneak around due to the dumb AI who forget you existed after being out of their reach for 5 seconds. the enemies don't even alert other guards. so the roaming around isn't as fun as it could be. but the bottles and treasures are very fun to hunt for I enjoyed that. However here is another flaw that made the game worse than it could be. the textures and buildings are repeated so often it seems they just copied and pasted them, for example the Arabia level, please go play that and see what i mean. the levels don't have many landmarks so i often end up lost (the exception is the prehistoric level) basically the levels are dry and repetitive. here's another good thing. the missions are very well done, although very easy (the exception the archery challenge in medieval England). i find most of the missions fun but it can be repetitive. the black knight boss battle (Penelope)is very fun and had to retry it once. and that is another con the boss battles are a breeze the final boss battle is just hitting triangle square circle and X, the worst part of the final boss battle is you have too much time to hit the buttons, plus if you accidentally hit a wrong button it still lets you try to hit the correct one. just really disappointing how lame the combat is the enemies and bosses totally blow. this game is not all bad but it seemed lazy. i want a sequel that is not as easy please make another one and make it good. final verdict is a 4/10 but that does not mean you can't enjoy some of the fun missions, and cool cooper ancestors. so go ahead and get this game and make your own opinion. enjoy. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. Sep 17, 2013
    Sly is back and we applaud that, kind of. The game is outdated, too simple and too childish. It’s a good deal that you can buy the PS3 and Vita version for the same price, so that offers twice the amount of fun.
  2. The return of Sly Cooper not only signals the return of a classic franchise, but also the return of a classic, almost forgotten genre: the 3D-platformer. Fans can rejoice, because it feels like Sly never truly left the building. [April 2013, p.71]
  3. Apr 13, 2013
    Sly hits the current generation with charm, variety and humour in spades. An excellent return. [May 2013, p.80]