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  1. Mar 6, 2012
    A fantastic fighting game with a solid engine with unique style bringing two vastly different graphics together. Gameplay is fast and fluid, but the tag system of one partner dies, the other dies too gets annoying and feels sorta wierd. The cast is huge and varied and there is lots of modes from story to scramble. Online sucks though and there is constant lag. A fantastic game though.
  2. Mar 12, 2012
    Thank you Capcom for putting content I cannot use on the disk! I will not pay more just to have all characters unlocked... seriously who cares about Pac-Man in a fighting game! But unfortunatly the DLC content is not just about characters, there is the gem system in that game and if you want to be competitive you will have to pay to get all the gems available in the game. The gem system is not even that interesting anyway. I understand that Capcom tried to attract casual players with this game and I think it's a good idea, but I doubt hardcore player will appreciate it. The one button preset combo thing is really retarded, it defeats the purpose of the game where all the strategy now goes into switching characters. Expand
  3. Mar 6, 2012
    This is a great game and all but seriously wait for the re-release. It will basically have all the downloadable content and more. Capcom already has a batch of DLC characters for which they will charge you. Capcom did the same with Street Fighter IV by releasing Super Street Fighter IV so wait for Super Street Fighter X Tekken. You will get more characters, costumes, gems and arenas. But if you don't care about additional content, I suggest you go ahead as this is probably the finest Fighting game of this year! Expand
  4. Mar 7, 2012
    10, 10, 10, and then some more 10. I'm not gonna diginfy the people (if that's what they're called) giving this a brutal score. To me, you could almost call this SF6 (yes 6, 2 up from 4, and 4 was awesome), because not only does it have new and better (faster/less recovery) gameplay. It also has a ton of new characters. And the fact that they're imported from Tekken doesn't really matter. In 2D, ALL of them feel new. I'm losing patience with trolls on Metacritic. I don't know what this great website plans on doing about it, but something must be done. Now on to my ME3 review, where the trolls are 10,000 worse than this game Expand
  5. Mar 16, 2012
    In the perfect world, this game would not being trying to over charge you for content NOT ALREADY ON THE DISC. What kind of ridiculousness is this? As for the game, it feels rush and re-hashed. Game feels borked and lag when online is so easily apparent and to top it all off the game feels like it is missing features though. This is a terrible game. It is nowhere near what capcom went w/SFIV.

    I say wait for the re-release if anything w/all the content unlocked and free like it should have been from the start.
  6. Apr 4, 2012
    ......IM SICK OF YOU CAPCOM!!! .......... Capcom FAIL in everything they do.. every single game they release is a failure.. They destroyed the RE franchise by turning RE in a action game because survival games are not so profitable as action game like COD.. anyway.. Street FIghter X Tekken shows us again that Capcom only want to make easy money with less effort.. by selling DLC that are already in the DISC! The DLC content is already finished and it could be in the game but they want to make easy money by selling it later.. so its not a DLC its just a locked content in the DISC you bought that will be unlocked for more money later on.. Expand
  7. Mar 6, 2012
    How could you hate a game which combines two of the biggest fighting franchises in one game! This is THE best fighting crossover game ever. I hate it when people moan about the dlc when we are to blame for a) asking for dlc instead of "super turbo" editions and b) buying dlc in masses so companies can milk ot
  8. Mar 20, 2012
    While single player is fun for the most part, it's difficult to believe how tremendously awful online is. The lagging sound still isn't fixed two weeks after release, while the game is completely devoid of any lobby or practical challenge menu. STXT would've done itself some good by taking example from Mortal Kombat (whose online lobby system is perfect for competitive play), but instead provides consumers with an abysmal and rather embarrassing online experience. Then of course there is the matter of the controversial choice to include locked content on the disc, which quite frankly is bad business practice. 4/10 is generous. Expand
  9. Mar 6, 2012
    I think people giving it a bad score are just haters...because it doesn't make sense to hate this game and
    I would honestly ignore the people that give it a 7 or lower...It's a fighting game with great production value that uses a lot of fighting mechanics. It has a large cast with a variety of personalities. The gems work really adds some level of customization. I'm sure through
    out the months Capcom will add some stuff. It's easily accessible to newcomers as well. Tekken characters blend really well. The only thing I hope is that they make the online connection better. It's not as bad as KOFXIII but it could be a bit better. Overall, alone or with friends this game is a lot of fun. Expand
  10. Mar 12, 2012

    Capcom announced the day of SFxT North American launch that there will be 12 additional characters available for download in the fall. They also announced that ALL of the downloadable content (characters, costumes, stages, gems, etc) is already completed and on the game disc. So, the customer pays the retail price for the game, but then has to pay more
    money at a later date to access the entire disc. This game is a rip off so obvious that Stevie Wonder can see it from a mile away. You have to pay twice to access everything on the disc. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.

    (hackers have already uploaded this game online, all extra content unlocked, so pirating this game will get you ALL the content...)
  11. Mar 13, 2012
    As someone has already mentioned, the game is incomplete. Capcom has again embraced downloadable content which forces the consumer to again pay for in order to unlock the 12 additional characters, content that is already completed and on the game disc. Essentially the game is going to cost you alot more than what you initially paid for. To counteract such unscrupulous business practices,I urge everyone not to buy this game until the price drops considerably or at which time Capcom re-releases the full version of the game for a cheaper price. Gamers nee to be smart consumers instead of making impulse buys that will cost them in the long run. Expand
  12. Jun 1, 2012
    I had high hopes for this game as soon as it was announced. Unfortunately it didn't live up to it's potential for me. I should say that while I have been a long time fan of both franchises, I am more of a Tekken fighter. That being said, if you are coming into this game from more of a Tekken may not like it too much. In taking Tekken into a 2-D plane, maybe there wasn't any way around it but they completely changed the button setup. It just didn't work for me. Also, being a big fan of Law, I was really disappointed with what they did with his character. He just came off as a desperate, money hungry bum. All in all, if you're really interested in the game I would say rent it or borrow it from a friend. Expand
  13. Mar 9, 2012
    A fun game with easy to get into game mechanics - maybe a bit to easy! Street Fighter x Tekken will be a little polarizing for those Tekken purists. SFxT uses the Capcom-standard 6 button layout for punches and kicks (L/M/H). This is different from Tekken's four-button layout, Capcom did a decent job adapting the crossed-over characters to fit their new molds. Graphics are detailed with a more cartoony look,. Backgrounds on a few occasions don't seem to quiet fit in with the game; esp when compared to the more down-to-earth looks of Tekken and early Street Fighter games. They just seem more akin towards Marvel Vs Capcom backgrounds with over-the-top ideas such as dinosaurs, mammoths chasing (which just don't seem right for this game). I do find the semi-2d quiet annoying at times, esp when pulling of special moves. Special Moves causes the camera to zoom inn-out and all over the place - making it fairly confusing to focus on what is happening. It's way too over the top and flashy for its own good. This does spoil the focus of the special attacks and can go on far to long. Pulling off specials can cause the game to become a bit tedious watching again and again!. Single player is as straight forward as most fighters. Matches are laid out like Tekken Tag Tournament matches instead of Marvel vs Capcom, meaning that instead of cycling out your characters when they get knocked out, you lose the round if one of your fighters falls. The action is fast paced and akin somewhere between the button mashing of MvsC, and the control of SF IV (not as deep as SFIII); with signature moves retained by characters from Tekken and SF games. Online, the game handles itself pretty well, with a very similar set-up as with SF IV. Added extra such as Gems that allow the biggest addition to Street Fighter X Tekken, allowing specific boosts to your fighters adding an extra layer of depth and skill. Overral a quality mix of of two well known games - not quiet as deep and elegant as the excellent King Of Fighters XIII game (PS3/360); which I do consider a better game. SFxT is still very enjoyable and easy to get into. A bit over-the-top at times and little to familiar if already played previous Capcom 2.5d beat-em ups! Online is a joy and with added extra added features. A joy to play and will probably please the SF IV fans more then the Tekken fans. Personally the I would say this is third or maybe fourth best 2d(well 2.5d) fighter available: 1st goes to Kinf Of Fighters XIII, 2nd goes to Street Fighter III: Third Strike, and maybe 3rd Blazblue: CS. Expand
  14. Mar 21, 2012
    Great job! This game makes come from a well forest of intention when you walk backwards, dont worry about the forest someone already wrote it. Great mix up gameplay, giant fun character roster. Cant wait great job
  15. Mar 11, 2012
    After spending a few days with this fighter, I can be safe to say that it is extraordinary. It accomplishes many feats: 1.) It successfully merges the Tekken and Street Fighter characters into a fighting game. 2.) The game feels like a fighting game that is unique, even when compared with past Capcom crossover fighting games. 3.) It is fun. The skill required to play the game is probably a little bit more than that which is required in Marvel vs Capcom 3, yet not so technically taxing, as in a game like Street Fighter 4, where timing seem like it takes center stage of every battle. SFxT is welcoming to newcomers, as well, because of Assist Gems in the new Gem system. The Gem System accomplishes two feats: it brings an added depth when playing a fighting game, and it also makes some commands for moves that may be daunting for beginning players a little easier. All in all, don't wait to get this fighter. Get it now. You will be missing on months of fighting goodness if you hold out. Expand
  16. Mar 13, 2012
    An incomplete game that has DLC on the disc... BUT YOU CAN'T PLAY THEM. Plus, the GEM system was nice to try, but terribly executed. Just another unbalanced fighting game NOT worth the money. Sorry.
  17. Apr 14, 2012
    Do you enjoy games that have not been play tested? What about games with almost 1/4 of the content locked away on the disc, but you have to pay for at a later date through dlc? How about fighting games with one move infinites like xiaoyu? If you do, then SF x T will be the perfect game for you. If you enjoy actual, solid fighting games, stay away from this one.
  18. Mar 9, 2012
    this is the game of the year as far as i'm concerned. great characters, great battle system and super smooth online play. i'm a giant tekken fan, so it was so awesome to see my favorite tekken characters in this new 2D fighting game environment. loving every minute of it!!
  19. Mar 9, 2012
    Street fighter x tekken is a fun game with a great roster, but has a tough learning curve for people new to fighters, and the gem system isnt much to write home about. The online is fun and seems to have consistant connection, but the system of losing because one fighter dies is very frustrating. IMO you should try it but dont buy this game for anything over $40.
  20. Mar 14, 2012
    Before anything else I will not criticize the fact that the DLC is already on disk, this kind of trading strategy existed and will always exist.
    In addition the pack of additional character is still not confirmed paying ;)

    I have two views on this game, if you want a game to have fun and laugh with your friends, just take it, the four games is downright fun and you can find a bit
    of strategy.
    If you are looking for a game balanced, fussy, highly strategic, move along nothing to see there! The gem system is horrible and totally unbalances the game; it's a shame because the game without the gems has been a real pleasure for casual or hardcore gamer.

    Big plus for every gamer that played all street fighter: the characters of Tekken, I feel like full of new character and seen that it has been 10 years that we have the same. This gives fresh air.

    Sorry for my bad english.
  21. Mar 15, 2012
    This game is phenomenally dope!
    I love fighting games in general, Capcom fighters are usually ace. This one is no exception in face Street Fighter X Tekken is my favorite versus game yet. The tag element in a SSFIV like engine is pure gaming Nirvana. The hits are so Nirvana in fact that the impact animations & sound blast like a shotgun shell to the face! The Tekken characters really flow
    well with their combos but I must say Paul & Law are pretty weak in this WTF! Heichi & Kuma are beastly. As a Tekken fighter you must close the distance their are duck unders for fire ball attacks. At first the Capcom fighters appear to have an advantage we will see in the long run. the important thing is the the game play engine is rock solid. Me & my girlfriend local co oped much of the story mode together & she isn't a gamer. This game oozes charisma, I really love the backgrounds although in the heat of battle i tend to blur it out & focus on the combatants. I really hope that there will be a Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat in our future....

    While I hate the fact that we have a ton of finished characters on disk, (such as my SSF4 Main Cody) I cannot hate this game. I do hate Capcoms way of shaking down the consumer with price gouging tactics. It is pathetic. DLC could be the best thing ever to breathe new life into games months later. Yet companies would rather plan it while developing it & forget a game exists a few months after launch. Capcom loves to put out updated versions & sell us the same game time & time again. Why not just make DLC for one version of the game. I couldn't help myself buying this knowing a new version will be up the pipeline. I really can say I don't regret it one bit!
    You babies should enjoy the ton of content that is here. Still I applaud your complaints hopefully you complain directly to capcom so we can have these characters unlocked for free.
  22. Mar 20, 2012
    First off I would like to say that this is actually a really fun fighting game. That is no surprise considering Capcom makes some of the best. However I have to say that this game is a total rip off since Capcom has locked away about 30% of the games content behind a pay wall. If you don't know what that is then let me explain. You see all the content including the extra 12 characters and costumes are already on the disk. However if you want to unlock them, you have to wait until the fall when the Vita version launches and then pay Capcom and extra $20 for the 12 characters, and another $26 for all the costumes. Capcom claims this is to save people hard drive space, and its to ensure that people who didn't buy the content will be able to play those who did. This is a lame excuse at best and is Capcoms way of trying to milk money from people. I rated this version better then the 360 version since it not only contains 5 extra characters, but you can play 2 players on the same console vs people online as well. Do not buy this game unless you plan on buying it used. Don't support Capcom in any way until they give up these sneaky, greed inspired tactics. Expand
  23. Apr 4, 2012
    Between Capcom vs SNK, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and Marvel, we already saw associations of prestige in the world of the fight. But the point of marrying two series as diametrically opposed as Tekken and Street Fighter, the most popular in their register 3D / 2D, the gamble seemed daring. Yet this is the statement by Capcom with Street Fighter X Tekken, which benefits the comeback of the fight to impose its strike force. Enough to forget the big names like that?
    Street IV X Tekken Tag

    Loyal to one or the other franchise, you are entitled to ask you what game Tekken X Street follows the trail. No useless crap, the baby has inherited most of the X / Y of his great uncle, Street Fighter IV. Inbreeding requires, we find almost the same engine, the same six buttons, and hence the same overall feel, in the inertia of the characters as the game speed Moderately heavy, less air so less goofy than Marvel, the game are much less wise, others say less square than its illustrious predecessor. With a cast too bloated, it was logical, almost forced, to incorporate a mechanical Tekken Tag inspired. In Tekken X Street, it is possible to appeal to its ally in three main scenarios: at any time, at risk of being beaten up if timing is not right, following a basic sequence, the Cross Rush , a simple combo which concludes on a launcher, to keep the opponent in the air time of handover, and finally, more technical, Cross Cancel, which allows to switch characters in the middle attack, the sacrifice of one third of the gauge.

    Tekken The inspiration is not limited to changes in characters full combo. Could focus on the lack of stun or raised to the game a little more varied, with rolls forward to free it. One might also focus on the correct integration of Tekken characters. This is true, passed through the mill Street Fighter, can not be found or their inertia, let alone their entire range of shots. But given the magnitude of the task, we are pleased to see some specific gameplay kept in the timing of shots or projections: between the sequences of syncopated blows low / medium (Lili, Xiaoyu) who are ravaging the melee, the manip 'rarely seen in Street (the Mist Step Kazuya / Jin) or the mugs in three stages (Nina), the winks are still numerous. More generally, it is mainly the desire to make the game accessible hyper reflected this association unlikely.
  24. Apr 15, 2012
    I'm very disappointed and I will not get this game or probably will just get it used. no money for a company that has no respect for their consumers.
  25. May 29, 2012
    The game just dosen't play right. It def dosent feel like street fighter. I do not understand why they thought that including stupid fighters from Tekken was a good idea. If it played like street fighter it would be much better. Also, all the fighters that are on the disk that you aren't allowed to play is an insult. It does look good though and is really smooth. I cant say that it feels like it is broken or anything, it was just the wrong path to go down. Expand
  26. Jun 5, 2012
    Street Fighter X Tekken is a great, well rounded fighting game and one of the best games in the genre. The game got me excited even before the fighting began with the epic intro cinematic and then the roster from both franchises is perfect, every character that i imagined would be in the game were except from Blanka though i expect to be released as DLC. SFxT provides long lasting appeal which its numerous and various modes though not as deep as Mortal Kombat. The new gem system is pretty cool as evens out fights so that novices have a chance when they play experienced players. SFxT is just great fun and there are only a few flaws holding it back from being a masterpiece and i feel this game has gotten to much hate from the issue with DLC being locked on the retail disk. Expand
  27. Mar 15, 2012
    For all the negativity this game gets it stands to reason that this is actually one of the best fighters Capcom has released in the last decade. Much better then the mess that was and currently is Marvel vs Capcom 3. The roster is huge in this game and while the mechanics take some time to learn and get use to it is nothing to difficult. As for the dlc content on the disc, yes it is a shame that it's there and yes I wish I could have it too but to give this game a low score because of it is not fair. As for the people telling others to boycott Capcom and to not buy this game are in fact astronomical idiots and are probably the same people who think COD is the greatest game around. All in all this is a solid game and it is worth the purchase, whether you buy the dlc is your own issue but you will not be impaired either way. Expand
  28. Mar 18, 2012
    Street Fighter x Tekken may be one of the most notable fighting games of the last decade. Its smooth, fast gameplay is some of the most fun Iâ
  29. Mar 19, 2012
    Street Fighters It's Good Game & Tekken So So Good & If We Mixed It Together We Will Find Thin Game In Our Way Street Fighter Cross Tekken That's Amazing & Incredible Game I Try It With My Friends I Think It Deserve 9 Out Of 10
  30. Apr 22, 2012
    The only thing everybody should know about this game is that is a SCAM! Terrible on-line gameplay, the gem system ruins the game, the time is to short to play against two different characters and worst of all the "DLC" fiasco, everything is already on the disk.
  31. Jul 14, 2012
    A gem system ruins what should really be quite a solid fighter. However, somehow Capcom thought this long awaited cross-over would be a great time to experiment with P2W concepts in fighting games. Truly a shame.
  32. Aug 17, 2012
    After playing this Game for fun i thought it sucked as I dove deep into its core I realized that at the Tourney level it is even worse. Its clear that Capcom made this game to attemp o draw out Tekkens fans but as someont that accells in both I would say that this was huge mis-step for Capcom. To be even more clear I'd sat that Capcom Failed is fans as well as dissapointed Tekkens fans. By attempting to merge both gaming styles Capcoms designers failed to recognize how it would hurt gameplay. The point of both games is to Showcase Tekken characters on a 2D Stage playing like streetfighter not street fighter characters playing like tekken. I just hope that Namco doesn't make the mistake of having streetfighter characters playimg like Street Fighter EX2, Expand
  33. Aug 29, 2012
    I really wanted to like this game, I tried so hard but the balance is totally unforgivable. For example you will face 4 primary characters that have moves you simply cannot avoid. Hugo, Kazuya, Heiachi and Jin, you hear lots of people complaining about time running out and its usually because they are avoiding these characters. Thier moves take priority and seem to cancel others out they can even cancel a special with a regular weak punch. I actually like the specials, the combos are nice to execute and watch but the problem is the juggling. You can get juggled once and the player can continue until all your life is gone, so one mistake can cost you a match.

    HAving played street fighter and tekken all my life I can tell you this game sucks from both of these players perspectives, it's laggy and all you have to do is footsy your way to victory, continous footsy until you gain a hit then follow with a cheesy infinite combo. This go is just terrible, I only gave it a 4 because I like the way they did my girl Juri and some of the combos are nice but this game plays more like an early prototype than a finished game. If you play on a pro level you will hate it even more.

  34. Sep 11, 2012
    This is a ok fighter. It really doesent have many modes decent amount of charecters and even though the whole dlc on disc its still ok. Not really worth buying wait for super street fighter x tekken gold championship 3d edition.
  35. Sep 24, 2012
    Probably fine if you're a Street Fighter fan, but this game is haunted my it's SF mechanics. The game is quite simply boring, it's basically Street Fighter 4 with some added features and Tekken characters. As a guy who have played every major Tekken game ever (even Death By Degrees, which sucks) i didn't feel compelled to play or unlock all the endings at all, and i am a Tekken Junkie, it's one of my favorite games and childhood memories (first playstation game i ever played, was obsessed with Tekken 2). I even used to like Street Fighter back when i was a kid, but doesn't interes me. Expand
  36. Sep 27, 2012
    My expectation for this game was hoping to see something pretty much similar to Street Fighter II or IV fighting style with certainly adding on to the improvement on the back end engines. Unfortunately, this game is in between Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom (series). It didn't live up to its potential for me. The entire method of the game switched from one of mastering special moves to learning how to cheese with unblockable combo chains, with or without special moves, that would juggle your opponent to the point where players COULDN'T do anything. The whole idea is juggling your opponent(s) into combos that can't be blocked and can't be broken and then unleashing a series hit strings that takes down their life to near dead. As a result, the "X" factor excitement that exist in Street Fighter series are gone. With the new addition of partner/tag systems, all the strategy now goes into switching partners/characters and more IRRITATINGLY, the tag system of one partner dies, the other dies too. Capcom really need to learn more from SNK in this department. Another new addition to this game is the gem system. I must give this credit to Capcom with this new creative ideas. However, the main problem with the gems are uncontrollable. It is not like I want to execute the gems when I need them; but rather, if it met certain criterias, then the gems is activated automatically. It beats the purpose of having them in the first place. I have also never like them because of the neon color (red, yellow, or green) is activated depending on which gem is activated and it makes eyes very uncomfortable. But if you want to be competitive, you have no choice but to own and to strategize all those gems. The best part is you will have to pay to get all the gems available in the game. When you are in the middle of fight you could not even remember how many times you blocked or attacked. You hardly could monitor this; in the end, it won't matter anymore. It will be a different story if it can be controlled and executed when you want them to be executed according to your own timing. Graphically, the game is OK. It has humorous characters' acting and decent story modes, but meaningless trial challenge. I'm sure people who only started playing Marvel vs. Capcom (series) will be in love with this game. But as someone who grew up with Street Fighter, who remembers learning the moves, the skill and timing of how to deploy them, this game is a much disappointment especially to the Street Fighter II and IV fans. Expand
  37. Nov 18, 2012
    Two completely different fighting inputs put into one game is a bit difficult at first, but you get used to it. However I'd rather play Street Fighter or Tekken as its own game
  38. Aug 9, 2013
    Street Fighter x Tekken is pretty.... different. Here are the things: Pro: - Fast and easy to learn/hard to master gameplay. - Some cool customiations options. - Gem system is a welcome change, if a little lacking. - Pretty stable roster from both worlds. - Story is actually interresting and compeling. - Megaman and Pacman are just awesome (Make this megaman canon to Street fighter universe Capcom plz!)
    - Great Graphics.
    - ALOT of humor, specially Kuma.

    Now on the cons:
    - Some combinatons are kinda.... off like Kuma and Heihachi... what? i know he trained him but isnt there any better choises?

    - Some exeptions that may make angry fans like Blanka is not here (Capcom's DLC crap all over again) and they add Ogre but not Jinpachi Mishima?? i would prefer to fight him that Ogre personally and that take me to my other point.

    - Some characters feel weak. Ogre's fighting style feels odd and not as powerful as it should be. Hell hes easier than any other char you will fight in Arcade. Ryu and Ken also feel a bit off power wile Akuma is just outright OP if used well. That wouldnt be sso hard to SF fans.

    - Normal dificulty my I usually play my games in Normal just to get use to the gameplay but somehow normal dificulty is incredibly punishing specially after the 3 fight.

    - this game has a serious balance problem. Akuma as a boss is irritating as in Normal dificulty he will dodge, block and infinite combo you until you die. Ogre is underpowered compared to other chars, Bison is incredibly annoying using that lame slide attack over and OVER and OVER again. m not kidding in any dificulty Bison's strategy is basically sliding to you, grab if you get too close then the soul pierce or however is called that pink spiral of doom. and he wont change it at all.

    - WHY the sub boss due before the real boss is always the same? if your using a SF char your sub boss and boss will be Jin and that girl that is always whit him charged whit Pandora, then Orge. If you play as a tekken char then its Bison and Juri then Akuma. Its sad because the Rival mach is always cool but out of place most of the time.

    - Online game while solid it will constantly put you against enemies WAY STRONGER THAN YOU.

    There are many others but i would make it too long.


    Its good to play against or whit friends but otherwise try something else.
  39. Apr 17, 2012
    The game is not important to the required level never AND REAL JUNK GAME 2012 A CANT PLAY TIHS GAME ON MY PS3 OR XBOX !!!! BEC JUNK
  40. May 18, 2012
    I love Tekken and was really looking forward to this release, but when I found out about the DLC I didn't bother. $60 is too much to be trying to sell me such weak additional content. Tekken tag had so many characters and Capcom didn't need to rip us off. Or should I say couldn't?
    Anyway, I spent the $60 on ipad games instead, and while I would have loved to play the latest release of my
    favorite fighting franchise, I feel like I got much more than my money's worth rather than ripped off by some greedy company. Expand
  41. May 20, 2012
    Balanced? Are people here really suggesting this game is balanced? They must be Street Fighter fans, because as a Tekken player, I can tell you that this game is far from balanced. It's about as well balanced as SSF4AC. If you're a SF player, you'll feel at home immediately, as very little has really changed - Just hold Down+Back to win the game. If you're a Tekken player, you're probably used to actually fighting... Good luck finding that here. The CPU offers some fun, but come up against a human who has had any SF experience ever, and you'll find out just how useless the Tekken characters really are. With a good selection of Tekken characters on offer, you'll have hours of "fun" trying to find which pair works well against the army of Ryu clones on offer, and even more fun working out where all your favourite combos have gone. Then once you've gotten over the fact that not all characters can punch AND kick (I think Hwoarang's arms are just for show), you'll have even more fun still attempting to go online and fighting in the lag-tastic arena. If you're a Street Fighter player, this is probably the fighting game of 2012. If you're a Tekken player, avoid it and wait for Tekken X Street Fighter. If we're lucky, Namco might make a balanced game... Shame Capcom failed to do so. Expand
  42. May 21, 2012
    This game was rushed out the door. I've been playing Street Fighter since the original but in recent years, Capcom has really let their standard of quality slide down the crapper. The game lacks any semblence of "balance" and the online play is so poor with lag and other glitches that it is nearly unplayable. Don't waste your money on this failure.
  43. Jul 14, 2012
    I am not even gonna bother with a review. Capcom and it's business practice with this game is terrible for the industry. If you buy this game you will open up more $20 DLC on the disc in the future.. Just pass on it and hopefully Capcom will suffer enough with sales that they will change their practices. As for me and Capcom ore relationship is over.
  44. Sep 25, 2012
    Really wanted to like this game. Huge fan of both franchises. This game doesn't play like either one, which would be fine if they came up with a quality original feel...which they didn't. I'll be honest, it only took me a few minutes to realise that this game was a flop, less than 20 minutes of game play total.
  45. Apr 26, 2013
    There're some people with mental illness or something very large stuck in the anus. NO GAME ON EARTH HAS A NOTE 4/10; 3/10; 2/10; 1/10 OR 0/10, NEITHER AN AVERAGE WITH SAME SCORE. The graphics aren't a note less than 8/10, the game-play is not a note less than 10/10, the soundtrack is not a note less than 9/10, but the multiplayer isn't perfect, I admit, but it's better than MK 2011, and is a note higher than a 4/10 or 5/10. The Question of DLC INSIDE THE GAME, it's just an additional-content, IF YOU THINK THAT YOU'RE WASTING MONEY, DON'T BUY THE DLC, OR WAIT IT BECOME FREE. SF X TK IS A WONDERFUL GAME, AND IT PLEASES FANS OF BOTH FRANCHISES. Expand
  46. Mar 24, 2013
    Street Fighter X Tekken is a crossover fighter that a fair few of us have all waited for since the late 90’s when both games really changed the fight scene forever; Tekken with its true to form moves and use of controls (with some wacky exceptions admittedly) and Street Fighter with its special abilities and out of this world character roster (with some normal exceptions). This couldn’t possibly go wrong, right?

    So after revisiting the game after all the hype on the vita version, I started to take the assets of the game apart and really summarise their uses. You see the game on a base level is as seemingly solid as street fighter 2 in its play style, as was street fighter 4; but it’s unique ability usage this time round isn’t. For instance, Pandora mode is not only time consuming to pull off, but you have to be in a perfect situation to use it, completely defeating it as any kind of game changer; it just puts too much danger on an already failing player and on most occasions subtracts balance further.

    The gem unit is actually okay, I don’t really have a problem with it, as it works to your play style and can somewhat be rewarding to use; it’s not terribly useful at the start, but it does grow into one of the games nicer assets if you’re able to invest your time further after witnessing the base level.

    A big problem with the play style though, is the fact that the cross over combo practically becomes repetitive and “OP” in the right hands; In single player, matches can be dominated with this one feature and a few low “H-kicks” thrown in for good measure.

    The gameplay somewhat eliminates inputs for special moves altogether, and more often than not in a common CPU based situation, you’ll be allocating the use of special moves simply to collect a few trophies on top. That said though, Street Fighter X Tekken is still a fun online game, and there is still a major challenge against the world’s finest players, but it’s no wonder as to why a lot of the most die-hard fighting game fans would rather stick to UMVC3 when it comes to cross overs.

    Street Fighter X Tekken has a fair few problems that stop it from being a seriously competitive game, but if you’re a general fan of both series, the game will provide hours of fun with your dream team match ups. Apparently there is supposedly a Tekken X Street Fighter somewhere in the making, and to some extent, this would be the much better mechanic for both worlds to dive into if it does ever come to light; after all it would most likely be able to use the successful Tekken Tag mechanic and simply add to it.

    Here’s hoping that we possibly see an interpretation from Namco sometime in the coming year or so.
  47. Mar 25, 2013
    SFxT is a really good game because it can be played co-operatively, and the customisation of characters along with a good tutorial make it easy to pick up. Game mechanics are quite good and make for much more satisfying matches compared to SSFIV, but the PS3 version is not the best I'm afraid. The framerate seems slightly lower than PC version, and there is noticeable input delay. However, the main problem is not this, but the online. Unless you play with someone on full connection in your region it will be the laggiest game you will ever play. If you want a good fighting game which has a large selection of characters to suit everyone, satisfying, nice to look at and has trials, missions, arcade mode etc. then you won't go wrong with this. Just be wary of the PS3 version if you're planning to play online. Collapse
  48. Jun 15, 2013
    It's not fair that people make bad reviews about the policy of Capcom with the DLC. So I'm about to criticize the game for its content playable.One of the best games that have been made, a game that exceeds SSIV in frenzy, because the SF series is defined by its focus too technical. Now thanks to inclusion of combos, from the Tekken series, now you can chain attacks making it more accessible, a few exclusive modes and characters belonging to the complement PS3 this year as one of the best. Few scenarios but varied and changing scenarios, a scenario can have three variants so we could say that 11 is enough. And throwing electronic soundtrack but turns epic and raucous, soundtracks possibly more motivated me to play, really, excellent issue if not for that you have to pay 12 extra characters 19.99 USD. Despite this burden, a great game to enjoy with colleagues. Indispensable. Expand
  49. Sep 19, 2013
    Street Fighter x Tekken is the holy war of fighting games, we can finally determine which of the two fighting games is the best, in tekken characters were adapted so haughtiness in this game that allows an excellent gameplay and hours of fun. After playing it I noticed the following ... Unfortunately those who complain about this game for the most part are the TEKKENEROS (read terminology for TEKKEN LOVERS), who say that unfortunately they can not move sideways and the gameplay is not equal to that of Tekken, which is a lie, as there is the possibility of playing with style command tekken thanks to the gem "MOVEMENT EASY" which allows to play tekken style, the adaptation of the characters in tekken street fighter style is also good, so it must be understood that the graphics should be the style capcom and namco so this is also critical of but, the TEKKENEROS should stop complaining and afontar the challenge, or will be true what they say that there "is a game tekken botton punchers that ever won in a fighting game! ...

    The Street Fighter fan also made ​​their criticisms because it was not Street Fighter 4, it was clear that it would neither be because thanks to the style of play so open any win is conditioned very spite of being an expert or not in the game as in Street Fighter 4

    The gem system does not determine either a fight, help at any given time if you know activate, and are not prolonged use, so also accuse it of advantage is absurd

    the only thing regrettable is the few stages and of course the policy of the DLC that tarnish much the game, but in spite of that is a fully featured game, so I say let's cut the crap and fight.

  50. Jun 21, 2012
    On disc DLC that capcom is going to make you pay through the nose for. This is a really disgusting money grubbing move. The game isn't really that bad overall but don't let companies who do crap like this get away with it.
  51. Jan 30, 2013
    This is NOT a Tekken game. It's a poor attempt to throw Tekken characters into a SF fighter game, without the balance and playtested compatitive nature of SF4 (which I dislike because of the more unnatural and epileptic overall).

    'Tis *nothing* a Tekken fan or more experienced player of (balanced) fighties' would be interested in.
  52. Mar 8, 2013
    I really looked forward to this and was very disaointed with Street Fighter X Tekken. The grahics to SF4 have improved but the rest is average. Also i did not like the gem system and didnt like that the best gems are only dlc only. Bought it full price played it for 10 hours and gave it u.
  53. Jul 1, 2013
    Street Fighter X Tekken is a brilliant fighting game that has gotten so much hate just because Capcom is charging players for access to characters locked on the retail disk, That doesn't ruin the whole game! In short, don't buy the DLC and just play the game then you'll see how good it is.

    If you've played a decent fighting game, then the fighting mechanics should be familiar but the
    game takes a few risks of its' own. It's unique features, Gem System and Pandora Mode, does have some balance issues but it gives novice players a chance to fight competitively with more experienced fighters.

    Just like SSFIV, the combat is fast-paced and fun. The rosters are impressively huge and varied with all the SF as well as Tekken favourites, complementing each other well, although Blanka is missing. In short, Street Fighter X Tekken is a fun game that moderate and hardcore players can both enjoy.

    Newbies will find that some of the best moves can be pulled off much more easily than other fighting games, such as SSFIV, while the game does offer the complexity that hardcore fighting games fans would expect from a fighting game such as this one.
  54. Aug 21, 2013
    I have recently been getting into fighters, and as a Tekken fan, I can say, this is NOT a Tekken game. It's a Street Fighter game with Tekken characters. So, fellow Tekken fans, please stop whining.
    Truth is, it's a very good fighting game in it's own right. Assuming you pick the right tag partners, each two characters have their own reasons for getting Pandora's box, with their own
    rivals and (Beautiful) cutscenes.
    There is no real bias towards Street fighter in terms of characters, All character have good movesets, assuming you know how to utilise it The stages are dynamic, but you can't interact with them, which is a shame.
    The gem system isn't as needed as it should be, I managed to do fine without altering them.
    I really enjoy this, and I'm hoping to get the Vita version eventually.
  55. Oct 8, 2013
    When announced the release of this game, there are many people that they had had in expectations (now everybody say that is NOT true because they know and are clear that this would be a great game, unfortunately and THAT CHANCE when approaching the eve of the Video Game Awards (VGA KOTAKU.Com was who announced that Chance a group of hackers got inside the disk and found that the DLC was inside the disc, this made a great black campaign against the game came ensim, but not equally to treatment Mortall Kombat who did the same Mortal Kombat not reviewed hackers to find what the DLC that Chance truth In short in spite of that he made ​​this black campaign and say that this game is supposedly a review of Street Fighter 4 characters from Tekken Street Fighter x Tekken gives a clear indication that it is not, because when play this game really flaws Street Fighter 4, believe me here are quality guaranteed, we set aside the bad practice and venture to a game full of fun Expand
  56. Oct 27, 2013
    Geez the critics have been extremely harsh to this great game...I get the impression it has been played by the wrong type of gamer that didn't get into the complex but easy to get into game with a simple button layout.
    Please give SFxT the chance it deserves and you will discover one of the finest fighting game experiences to be had from two great franchises.
  57. Oct 29, 2014
    This game was awful for me. Graphics are nice (not excellent, thought), and the gameplay is fast. Too fast. No tutorials and a very pronunciated difficulty scale. Annoying arcade mode, with online people interrupting your progress. Stupid final videos with almost no effort in doing them nice.
    But, the worst of all, is that the content the game have is only unblockable paying it, up to
    150$! Even the colours have to be bought... Expand
  58. Mar 25, 2013
    SFxT is a really good game because it can be played co-operatively, and the customisation of characters along with a good tutorial make it easy to pick up. Game mechanics are quite good and make for much more satisfying matches compared to SSFIV, but the PS3 version is not the best I'm afraid. The framerate seems slightly lower than PC version, and there is noticeable input delay. However, the main problem is not this, but the online. Unless you play with someone on full connection in your region it will be the laggiest game you will ever play. If you want a good fighting game which has a large selection of characters to suit everyone, satisfying, nice to look at and has trials, missions, arcade mode etc. then you won't go wrong with this. Just be wary of the PS3 version if you're planning to play online. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 47 out of 51
  2. Negative: 0 out of 51
  1. May 19, 2012
    Street Fighter X Tekken isn't as ground-breaking as Street fighter IV, but it offers a wholly different and most of all innovative look on a well established formula.
  2. The Tekken draftees are the new Street Fighter characters you don't want to go home. Apart from integrating them visually into Ryu and co's saturated universe, each has had their exhaustive move set refocused to align with Capcom's different play style. It doesn't just work, it's brilliant. [May 2012, p70]
  3. 80
    Maybe it's not the fighting game of the century but it still has its appeal and magical mix of two distinct worlds which works great. [Apr 2012]