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  1. Sep 11, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. "Tekken 6" is, overall, a great gaming experience, aside from some slight drawbacks that I'll go over in this review. The story-line mode is a fantastic and exciting experience, as it hearkens back to the days of "Streets of Rage" and other beat-em-up games. As you progress through the epic story mode you can unlock almost hundreds of items; customizable outfits unique to the story mode that you are able to use while fighting online, and money you can use to acquire other unlockable items. Story mode can get very addicting. However, the final two stages in story mode, which involve the spiteful character Jin Kazama, can become very difficult - depending on which character you choose. Overall, the story is very interesting and engaging. But most of all, the game is just pure fun! Although, I think I should mention that the online experience can be very frustrating, as I've had some people actually turn off their PS3s on me before I would win a match - a b**** thing to do. All in all, and being an avid follower of the Tekken series, I love this game! I give it a 9 out of 10. Expand
  2. Feb 28, 2013
    Despite the several bad changes made in tekken 6, in its core this fighting game has still the best fighting mechanics with a huge choice of characters.
  3. Nov 1, 2011
    A great fighting game, the best out there in its genre. Very good improvements and I like how the character customization is expanded even more to give you, the gamer, a feeling of "ownership to a fighter." Overall it is a fighting game to get and play here and there with your friends. This game is one of those games that binds friends to even closer ones, and makes your enemies despise you even more. Its a community based game which makes it so fun. To me, FUN is what matters, the only element that matters. However, a con is the long loading times. This quirk can be fixed by going into the options menu and installing the data, but the loading times will still feel incredibly long. Its basically reducing a minute from an hour. (Bad analogy, insert criticism for my analogy here). My patience is not to be tested thats why Tekken 6 only recieves a 9 instead of a 10. Everything else is just fine though. Expand
  4. Nov 14, 2011
    Tekken is my favorite fighting game, and this title did not dissapoint me, i love the new Scenerio Campaign mode, only thing is I wish that would've did what the did in Tekken 4 when you played Arcade/storymode there was a Intro, and mid story and an ending, instead the whole game revolving around Lars, and Alisa when most people didnt know them, or care for them.
  5. Feb 7, 2012
    This was the first Tekken game I have ever played. I was blown away by the gameplay in the Scenario mode. The graphics are good. While the story in Scenario mode is nonexistent, all other fighting games don't have much of a story. Another problem is the final stage of Arcade mode where Azazel is impossible to beat. Still, this game is well worth your money.
  6. May 2, 2012
    Tekken 6 is the most fun I've had since Tekken 3 in a fighting game. This is quite possibly the most balanced roster of fighters in the genre. I commend the dev team for spending so much time making the game incredible. Some gripes: online play will d/c you randomly. I would say it happens 2-3 times an hour for me at best...4-6 times at worst.. The story is...confusing at this point. I would like to see Tekken hire some writers and start fresh.

    Other than that, it's fighting perfection.
  7. Aug 10, 2012
    Tekken 6, one of my Favorite game. It has rich graphics and good control over the players. I gave it 9 out of 10 because just one thing I feel that is bad in the game. It take some time to process things. Before launching a new games it first take 10 to 15 seconds to thing... or i dont know what is it but that delay is not good. Besides this games is very good.
  8. Jun 6, 2013
    Solid gameplay, amazing graphics, pretty decent soundtrack... it's highly recommended for fighting fans around. It's not the best Tekken but it's up there with the best. The story may not be all that good but its something to get your mind into with it going back to the Tekken 4 Tekken Force style, which I enjoyed. If you havent played it give it a shot.
  9. Dec 1, 2013
    This game was the sole reason i actually bought an Playstation 3. Since i always considered the Tekken franchise to be the best on the fighting genre market. And finally we got net play. Some stages have dull music though. It has some flaws. But to me its still the best fighting game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 63 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 63
  2. Negative: 0 out of 63
  1. 94
    There are flaws that hurt the experience, but nothing, nothing stops Tekken 6 from being an intense, tactical and utterly brilliant fighting game, perfect for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the genre. [Issue#184, p.60]
  2. 88
    Tekken 6 has a lot to offer, including a massive roster, refined gameplay, plenty of modes, online multiplayer and an absurd amount of character customization options.
  3. 90
    It is slick in production, providing a lot of what one could reasonably ask for in a fighting game. The game is as accessible as ever, pretty to look at and arcade-perfect to a T.