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  • Summary: Taking advantage of new hardware technologies, this package presents a reinvention of "Escape from Butcher Bay", delivering 2004's award winning experience in high definition with enhancements. Also included is the Dark Athena chapter, an expansion of the original game with a new story and new gameplay features. With The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, players are not only be challenged to survive Butcher Bay, but also engage in a new single-player experience and, for the first time in the Riddick universe, take action in intense multi-player combat. The game introduces the ominous Merc-ship Dark Athena, which sits silent like a marauding spider, awaiting helpless prey in the dark reaches of the galaxy. Players must face a large, bloodthirsty operation led by the dreaded Captain Revas and her slaves-turned-controllable combat drones, storm though death-defying events and fight fierce enemies in a battle of malice and gore. [Sierra Entertainment] Expand
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  1. One of the year’s best deals in gaming.
  2. 90
    Players looking for a pure stealth game will be disappointed, but everyone else will find in Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena a healthy mix of action, stealth and heavy weapon gameplay.
  3. With the economy on the ropes and gamers finding it harder to purchase game, you will not find a better deal than Assault on Dark Athena, which gives you two single player campaigns and a multiplayer component for one price.
  4. A well-rounded, albeit somewhat conventional, package. [May 2009, p.80]
  5. Unfortunately Riddick hasn't evolved much in the years since Escape from Butcher Bay, while the genre definitely has. Five year old gameplay doesn't compete well with next gen games, though Riddick still copes well.
  6. 75
    Escape from Butchers Bay is still an excellent title, and it is therefore regrettable that the new game Assault on Dark Athena is not as good as the last Riddick game. Still there is an entertaining section, that makes the total package certainly worth buying.
  7. 67
    As a product, this package is recommendable to anyone who hasn't experienced the first game, or wishes to add it back to their current library. It also includes a surprisingly fun multiplayer suite, with the Riddick vs. Everyone Else mode "Pitch Black" as the main attraction. But as single-player games, the unsatisfying Dark Athena should be played as a curiosity and then put back where it belongs: in Butcher Bay's shadow.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Jan 23, 2013
    An excellent shooter with a great storyline and terrific voice-acting. "Dark Athena" is an exceptional entry into the Riddick mythology. The graphics and atmosphere are near perfect and the controls are solid. The only thing that keeps the score under 9/10 is the fact that the game is a little short. Another big selling point is the fact that a remastered version of the great "Escape from Butcher Bay" is included with this game - making it a two-for-one deal. Anyone who has never tried the Riddick games would do well to give this package a spin. Expand

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