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  1. Dec 3, 2011
    It actually pains me to give "Skyrim" a higher score than "Dark Souls," particularly after being one of those snorty know-it-alls dismissing "The Elder Scrolls" and other Bethesda RPGs as bland excuses for a game. But I can't deny how INVOLVING this bland excuse for a game can be! Yes, the battle system is godawful compared to that wonderfully intricate hack-slash-block-dodge system in "Dark Souls." (Would it kill Bethesda to add a lock-on system so the fights don't feel like a floaty slap-fest somewhere three feet ahead of my player?) And yes, this game is as glitchy, if not more so, than "Dark Souls." (My personal favorite was a fight with a dragon who decided to fly right through a cliffside and kill some villagers on the other side like a sandworm.) Now here's what they did right with this game- they filled it, and I mean really filled it, with stuff to do. Confession - I've never been able to play more than five hours of a Bethesda/Elder Scrolls game before. Even "Fallout 3," one of the most critically acclaimed games of this generation, just felt like a whole lot of walking through the desert, talking to people who don't have anything interesting to say. In Skyrim, not only does every character have a hundred neat little quests to take on, they're actually DIFFERENT from each other. I got a fetch quest early on and had a sinking feeling I'd be collecting wolf pelt from respawning enemies WOW style for the rest of my life. But no. They really vary it up. And Skyrim,though large, is simply packed with unique moments. You can't walk for more than a minute before some new adventure begins. Admittedly, the game starts to gloss over after your 40th hour, but for once I can honestly say that my loss of attention was because of too much stuff to do, as opposed to samey grinding. I'm not giving it a higher review than 7, because the glitches really do ruin some of the immersion, and the battle system could do with a lot of work. But, unlike Dark Souls, none of the glitches felt game breaking. This is probably because it's practically impossible to do something wrong with your character, but hey. It's an adventure. You won't be challenged by this game, only immersed in it like a grand painting. And that's really not so bad. Expand
  2. Dec 5, 2011
    It's tought to rate Skyrim in a fair way. All these 10 points (or 100 percent) reviews implicate that Skyrim is THE perfect game. It is far away from being a perfect game. On the other hand the 0 point review indicte that Skyrim is a terrible game but again: It's also far away from being a complete malfunction. So, here are my 2 cents: Skyrim makes fun, lots of fun, and has a huge )ingame) world but it also has some problems. First of all there are - of course - the problem nearly every Bethesda RPG has. Lags and Freezes. It's unbearable what Bethesda does to the PS3 community every time they release a RPG. It's nearly a fraud that they get our money with games that a obviously just ported to the PS3 without much work for the actual PS3 version. But besides technical issues the gameplay also has some flaws. The Smithing & Enchanting skills are way too overpowered. With Smithing & Enchanting at 100 each, you easily get the best weapons and armor in the game. It's pointless to play Quests (which often involve boring tasks like "FInd item x", "Kill enemy Y" or "Bring item Z to person A") and get an item as a reward if your own crafted weapons are waaaay better. At least Bethesda knew beforehand knew that this could lead to problems. That's why they introduced for example an armor cap at an armor rating of 567. Brilliant idea, Bethesda.... now, tell me why I should use a Heavy Armor if I already an reach the cap with a Light Armor? The Light Armor adds less weight to your inventory and it needs less stamina and you're able to move faster. Why should I use a Heavy Armor with an armor rating of 1170 if only 567 armor rating are getting calculated in fights? That's strange....

    Nevertheless, I spent 94 hours in Skyrim so far and I didn't even finish most of the side quests and even with its lags, freezes, overpowered weapons, a bugged patch and the stupid AI (you'd come to the conclusion that every second room in Skyrim was designed intentionally the way so that your AI companions are able to block the doorway) it's still a fun game.
  3. Dec 23, 2011
    Lets start with the bad. the lag kicks in around 40 hours in, gets worse from there, but it is not to the point to where it breaks the game, i'm in around 80 hours, beat the main story (kinda short by the way), done at least 50 side quests, And explored most of skyrim. The lag seems to spike at a point or two between every 2-4 hours or when you enter a city. When there are many things popping up around the same time, the lag might, but usually will, kick in. When you are attacked by a dragon the game may lag again. sometimes when i entered a cave or a dungeon the game would lag. The lag spikes can last from a few seconds to three mins. Its very annoying, but if you can get past that, then you can deal with the game bugs which hopefully will be patched in time. sometimes I found myself falling though the ground and dying, sometimes the dragons fly backwards (Freaking hilarious), and many more problems. IF you can get past ALL of that then you have I really fun game with Lots of stuff to do. Basically though, It's just Oblivion with a Graphics upgrade, More stuff to do, Dragons, and Marriage. And that is good if you liked Oblivion, Which I did, And they really do need to Patch this though. Expand
  4. Jan 3, 2012
    Revised: Really buggy. There are a bunch of missions I can't finish because of bugs. These missions wont prompt you to do anything further and allow you to move on. These are minor side-missions however so the bulk of the game is still awesome. Although, the bogging down/fame rate issue on PS3 is really frustrating. My advice would be to buy this game on Xbox if you have the option. My score went from a 9 to a 7 because of some of the mission crippling bugs. Expand
  5. Nov 14, 2011
    First off. The setting. It evokes classic Tolkien literature... and also Star Wars. I will get to that in a minute. Beautiful, with just a hint of mourning, of... shattered glass as it were, reflecting the blood of fallen men, men who sacrificed much for very little. It seeps into you, but alas, this world is... provocative, in an almost childish, demeaning way. I brought up Star Wars. The reason is thus- the game is... spacey, for lack of a better word. As the combat take place in zero-g, you are reminded of weightlessness... the kind Luke Skywalker must have felt when he became Darth Vader. The swords also glow, reminiscent of the glowing beams of the revered franchise. This lack of originality is simply stunning. On to combat. As my (many) fencing lessons have taught me, sword-fighting is an art, an art that this game fails to adequately replicate. It lacks... the feel, the- dare I say- sensual nature of clanging metal and dented armor. There is no "Riposte", no "Taliae", no "Pos Wershe" as it were. Instead we are left without the proper... tools, as it were to properly execute a more daring style of fighting. Graphics now. Chop, chop. They are pretty, but only insofar as a beautiful, but aged woman is while gazing into her rippling reflection on a cloudy summer evening. Much like this game, she pauses to reflect, as the game pauses with lag. Her movements are stilted, like the movements of NPCs in the game. She also takes up a lot of space... All in all, I dare say... this game is like a martini, without the olive, or the umbrella... a travesty, as it were. A beautiful travesty. Expand
  6. Feb 12, 2012
    This game is dull. There I said it! I walked away from this game and have yet to put it back in after I played for several days. I put it down to play some Bioshock and Demon's Souls and haven't picked it back up in almost a month. I will comend Bethesda for making such a huge open world for me to explore but that's all they did. The made a huge world with a bunch of things to do, but none of them have anything outstanding to offer. Its and issue of quality over quantity, and this game is defenately going for quantity. Sidequests are so numerous that it is hard for me to care about any one of them, because I just wanted the reward. Even the overall story is bogged down by a lack of immediacy. I didn't give a $#!+ about the story, I was too busy doing missions for the Companions Guild (Which for the record is the only set of events that I cared for). Switching gears for a second I will the say that the scenery is great eye-candy... if you're far away. Up close a lot of the rock textures look pretty lazy and remind me of an old PS2 game. It can be forgiven because of how big this game is, but it still needs to be said. Then there's the combat. Sweet Jesus, what is this crap! There is no skill when talking about the combat in this game, (Unless your using arrows, but even then that's pushing it) everything is stat based. All you do is swing your sword around like a moron until your enemy's dead. No dodge mechanics, a block that only works if your stats are high enough, and enemies that take 25 swings to kill when they can kill you in 3 hits. There were multiple occasions in which the I had exploit the enemy's A.I. to win, and that's never fun. What is fun though are the dragons, though repeditive, are loads more fun to kill than some of the other enemies. I love the enchantment, blackmithing, and alchemy systems in the game and make me feel like I'm actually making progress and getting better at something as opposed to just swinging my sword like a moron. I also love the dungeon crawling aspect and looking for new caves and mines to steel various articles of clothing off of the recently deceased. Ultimately, would I recomend this game? Yes. Is it a good game? Yes. Is it one of the greatest games of all time? No. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play more Bioshock. Expand
  7. Nov 28, 2011
    It's okay but massively overhyped. For someone who isn't used to top-notch graphics, the visuals are mind-breaking, though the terrain is a bit one-sided and tends to be composed mostly of snowy plains and forests. Combat is great, skill system isn't really balanced, though it doesn't matter that much because you don't play against other people.
  8. Nov 17, 2011
    I gave it a 7 mostly based on the PC version. Save your money and avoid the console port over crap and get it for the platform it was meant for, which is the PC. I'm not even sure why people get games like this for a console, worse graphics, dumbed down control's, no chance of modding and a HIGHER overall price.
  9. Nov 20, 2011
    I am going to veer away from the technical bugs that this game contains as I have come across only a few and quite honestly, I expect that Bethesda will always ship games carrying a slew of bugs. We keep buying the games though so I am going to write this review with the assumption that there are a lot of bugs that will eventually be ironed out by downloading loads of patches that will chew up much of my internet usage in the next 6 months.

    To the game, I have to say I think this is one of the poorer games that Bethesda has released of late for content. It is a massive open world but there seems to be too little to do in it. I tried really hard for the first uncountable hours to get loads of quests to do and what happened? I managed to get only two that were really side quests alone. Most of the quests in the game seem tied to the main plot line in so much as I went cold calling (travelling around looking for random dungeons etc.) I found several dungeons, cleared them out, only to find that they were areas the main quest needed you to clear out...

    And the dragons. Well, all the talk I have heard about fighting dragons and how cool it will be and how good they would look... So wrong. The first real dragon fight was like going on a picnic with a grumpy aunt and her children. We killed the dragon, who was less than awe inspiring in terms of AI, and there were no cheers or ecstatic reactions. The remaining soldiers just walked calmly around as if mulling around a water cooler trying to grab an extra minute away from the desk at work. The dragon animation was also atrocious. I sat on the watch tower and looked for the patterns, all ready to admire the animation of the huge fantasy beast. In a word... "unnatural" leapt to mid. The whole central theme to the game and it looked very average. When compared to Dragon Age 2 animation (and yes, a different style of game, but has dragons) Bethesda's dragons look rank amateur.

    What the game does have going for it though is a big improvement on Oblivion in the same area. First, the generic graphics (for example a dungeon) is filled with colour and beauty. The first dungeon I entered had me stop for a minute just to take in how much of a change had taken place. In Oblivion everything was same, same, same where everywhere you go in this world has points of difference and are essentially beautiful, engaging places. Complex layers of image and sound make this thoroughly engrossing. So much so that I am actually enjoying chasing alchemical ingredients for the very first time!

    Also, variety of creatures are really good now. In Oblivion you seemed to fight an endless stream of the same foes over and over through your levels, simply with adjustments being made to the stats of the creatures to make the fight more worthy. In Skyrim there are a wide variety of creatures now, that are all rendered really well and make for engaging battles. I especially love the giants who, when you come near your territory try to frighten you away rather than a direct attack. In fact the first time I came across this I kept approaching because I thought that if they did not attack immediately and just threatened perhaps I could parley and solve some of their problems for a while. What I found was that when I finally reached the giant area that they made kitty cat (as I am playing a Khajit) pancakes with their clubs in one well placed blow...

    Finally, the character development is greatly improved. Be who you want to be and specialise how you want to. You are not bound by class, only by skills that increase as you use them over time. Additionally, when you level up you choose either health, magika or stamina to increase and then can purchase a perk for your skills that give you a bit of variety when using the skill and makes your character a lot more useful. The interface for this is simple, but can be annoying if you want to move back to look at a different perk can take some getting used to. Apart from this, it makes the game complex when balancing perks, but less confusing for those who thought classes were so restrictive.

    I will play this game a lot. But I also know that the desolation of quests currently is probably to allow for much expansion with downloadable content (the quest for more money). Worth the money I paid for it? Probably not, but the game is beautifully rendered and solves some of the clunkiness of other games in the genre.
  10. Jan 12, 2012
    The game is terribly bugged. You will not have to encounter each and every possible bug, but they are there. And I'm only talking about quest bugs, not including all the other technical issues especially the PS3 versions seems to be plagued with. Thankfully, other than the game freezing during the loading screen now and then, I have been spared by these, but to "make up" for it, I seem to have run into every single quest bug. And there's a trophy bug, too, that prevents everyone with a non-english version of this game from obtaining a particular trophy due to an translation error. Proudly, the developers have announced they won't even look into these content related bugs because they want to fix the technical issues first. Now, two months and a few updates later, the game still doesn't run on all consoles and the quest bugs ect. are still left untouched. It's up to you whether you want to buy such a game, my review will only deal with the game itself, but I will take off one point of the final score. So what do I not like? Mostly how few choices you get and how little impact those have on the game world and the story. Even the civil war in which you COULD choose one side and lead it to victory doesn't really make a big difference. In the smaller quests, mostly one approach is forced upon you and you can only choose between "Yes, I'll do it" or having the quest open in the journal for the rest of the game. (Well, "rest" ... it's open ended, actually.) The main quest is very short, shallow and overall a disappointment, full with hollow characters who are nothing but quest vessels. At least the lore behind everything is nice and there's one good idea about Alduin and why/how he returned. Most guild questlines are very short, too, and mostly kind of uninteresting and even when you could think of a dozen of really natural solutions, the game won't let you, which is especially annoying when you play a good guy and the game "forces" you to do evil stuff. Sure, you don't have to do the quest, but that doesn't change the fact the restrictions feel artificial and silly, reminding you of this being just a game with designed paths and outcomes. Another thing I really hate are the dragons, originally like THE point of the game, but their implementation is so aweful, I have avoided to start the main quest with all my characters after the second one in order to prevent the dragons from appearing in the game. The few ones you meet during the main quest are okay, probably because they are somewhat scripted, but the rest ... Most annoyingly, they appear all. The. Time. You cannot go anywhere without a dragon dropping from the sky and yes, they respawn. What should've been something special and exciting soon becomes tedious. They're also way too easy to defeat, basically just another enemy, and their AI is terrible, without getting into too much detail, but let's just say oftentimes, the challenge is to engage the dragon in a proper battle instead of it flying to and fro around you just because there is some goat on the mountain on the other side of the valley. What do I like? The game world, Skyrim, is simply awesome. Sure, not photorealistic, but it just looks great and is also great to play in. So much detail and love put into all the areas, it never gets boring to wander around the scenery. Cities could've been a bit larger, but that's pretty much the most negative I could say about that aspect. There's so much to do, so much to discover and see, it's phenomenal, and that's not just "oh another dungeon", no, much more to it, like finding a hut with an old woman who seems nice, but you can check her cellar ... ;) Stuff like that everywhere, nice details ect. This game is huge and fills it. I also love the diversity you can have in the playstyle. I have, seven? Seven, I guess, different characters now and they all play differently. Thanks to the perk and leveling system, you should concentrate on a few abilities and master them. Jack-Of-All-Trades is possible, I guess, but I don't think it'd be all that rewarding. Another plus is that even when you are at high levels, there are certain enemy types, of course, also depending on your style, who will pose a threat and you'lll think twice about confronting them. A squishy mage will have to run from a sabertooth tiger and the heavy warrior type will fear some of the more magical beings, but it's never unfair. (Playing on Normal.) Level scaling is still there, but it works well this time, I hated it in Oblivion. Well, these were my biggest gripes and likes. There are more details and points on both sides I could get into, but this is not the place for it and the limit here is coming to an end anways, so I'll just state that this game is great, but with serious issues. 8/10 for me and as I said, -1 for bugs. (Seriously, the game should've never been released like that, but, you know, "11/11/11" ...) Expand
  11. Nov 21, 2011
    not a rpg but tried it nonetheles not a bad game just not for me and anyone with a like jk just said that piss people off but seriously just not for me and i dont see what all the hype is about
  12. Nov 29, 2011
    This game is great it is huge and there soo many things for you to do that it can even overwhelming at times. However the major flaw in this game for this console is the frame rate. I do not remember oblivion having frame rate issues, and they are in actuality the same size. They have released the 1.02 patch that has improved the frame rate issues but has not eliminated them entirely. i can tell you though that it is not nearly as bad as it was, and if Bethesda keeps working at it then I'm happy I guess. Although they really should of fixed this before releasing it, and none of the critic reviews ever mentioned frame rate issues which really pisses me off. Makes you think that some shady business is going on there. Expand
  13. Dec 1, 2011
    Not a very ambitious game. There is nothing really clever or original about it. It's better than Oblivion but worse than Morrowind. The hand combat is really bad with annoying camera angles and the hit boxes for walls, rocks and hills often interfere with seemingly clear archery shots. The hot keys are clunky and will kill you more often than the difficulty of the game...especially with duel wielding. Most of the side quests seem like filler and will inevitably sent you through several doors with annoying load times, each load time for an entrance is about 15-30 seconds each way. Be prepared to spent about 10 hours looking at load screens if you plan on finishing the game and selling the loot along the way. The load screen flavor text gets stale real quick, after reading about trolls being weak to fire fifty times, I found myself pondering how and why some games get GotY awards and others don't. Also the game glitches out and freezes or flashes silver artifacts unless the machine is shut down about every 3-4 hours. I don't have internet at the moment and didn't really expect to download a patch for a game that doesn't even belong online. Thankfully it's not the best RPG that came out this year so maybe we won't have to put up with the mediocrity trend much longer. Long time MUD and UO gamer. Expand
  14. Dec 2, 2011
    The game's great, though it's really pretty bogged down by a load of glitches like flying mammoths and everything, and combat feels awkward and a little repetitive. But I guess it can be excused considering the game's size. The spells and everything add a cool touch and dragon encounters are FUN.
  15. Dec 29, 2011
    Ok now this is my opinion. Guys don't read the website critics... the userscores are true. Well... it's a good game but... it's like the cheap version of Skyrim.. you know... Battlefield 3 had the same problem. The PC version is the best version. Let's start from the graphics. Mother **** cheap graphics OK. Spiky trees and mud like stones and mountains. There are no need of this kind of huge maps jf most of the places reminds about each other. Very cheap graphic on PS3. Gameplay now... every AI feel like they are robots without feelings. They look at you with no emotions when they are giving you quest and all that stuff. And you always do the same thing. Go there and get that for me and kill that man. There are simply no emotions in this game. But the soundtracks are amazing. There are VERY few weapons and spells. You can only get spells like fire, ice and thunder. Then restoration and summon spells. That's all. But at the end I would still give it 8 even if it about a 7 worth. I enjoyed the first 7 hours alot! But that was because it felt realistic. But after knowing the true experience of this game it looked VERY cheap. But still I recommend it even though it's going to be ... borin a little because of the cheap graphic styles and lack of emotions on Ai's. But sitll this is... you know it could be much better. There are some things that this game is good at and some things it's VERY bad at. It's actually a good game. But it's doing some stupid things which it isn't supposed to do. They should never release this game on PS3 and Xbox 360, but still I won't say I didn't enjoy it. Everyone should try this game out. It's maybe not the best game, but you still have to try it out somehow. Expand
  16. Jan 27, 2012
    The game is great, I love all aspects of this game. I never really followed the series until now but I love it. Plenty of quests to do, things to complete, locations to discover and skill to train up. The game loses ratings for the PS3 because if your save file reaches 5MB-6MB in size you will experience mass drops in frame rate to a point were it is unplayable, this is very annoying. I have heard that Bethesda will be releasing and update for this but it will take some time. I have played 52 Hours + of this game and love it. Expand
  17. Feb 5, 2012
    Skyrim is a gorgeous production that truly does justice to the words "roleplaying game." It doesn't just tell us a story, it gives us the chance to tell a story of our own. At its best, that's what an interactive art form should be all about. The gamer in everyone will launch Skyrim in their PS3 and sit in awe at the masterpiece Bethesda Game Studios has created. Cons? I love this game, I really do, but I can't give it the score I want in its current state. That would be unfair to anyone spending £40 for a something that might work. It might not. The most amazing game of the year is in there somewhere. I really hope Bethesda can get it out. I am a huge fan of Bethesda games and must say this game gave me my expectations and much more. The game is overflowing with content either side quests or just rummaging around for treasure it really does the series justice. The controls are simple and easy to use making combat so much better and the landsape itself is sooo well detailed. Now here are some more downsides. The character creation is good but not really good. A big improvement from Oblivion's but it just doesn't feel like I can make the character I want. The story isn't as good as what Oblivion's is, it's a good setup and characters are ok, but not great. There are glitches and bugs in the game that bring it down such as broken quests, texture slowdowns and so on and so on. Nevertheless with so many interesting quests and places, you'll spend so much hours into the game. But you should always expect bugs with a game this size. However, the bugs here are absolutely game-breaking. Lag so bad, if your save reaches over 10mb, you probably won't be able to fight anything. Quest bugs that make finishing the game impossible. The game's big hype, dragons, will fly backwards and won't fight you. It could be GOTY, if they just took time to iron out the game breaking bugs before release. Expand
  18. Mar 2, 2012
    First of all, I like this game. It has the best graphic so far and the best game play. Interaction with NPCs and monsters are great! It should be rated as 10 so far, but there is a big minus from several minuses including glitches. It would be the story line. It is basically about to seek the truth about the dragons and it can be sorta lame. There is no dramatic moment. (Yes! Drama can make the game better!) The fighting can be dramatic, thou. It would be better to include more information on racial stat on character creation page. If you expect a fine story line, then do not buy it. The most interesting thing is that you can kill anyone and anything. Side quests can make gameplay much better. There are infinitely many things you can do or try. Therefore if you look for the best gameplay, buy it!! Expand
  19. Mar 19, 2012
    The gameplay is alright, though it feels like while it is a vast improvement, maybe an RPG shouldn't really be played from his perspective. Luckily, there is a pretty solid plot along with a nice set of bumps along the way. What I'm worried about is the slow stripping down of RPG elements of this franchise, as they stripped away having ANY kind of stat. The quests are very similar, typically a fetch quest of some kind. These repetitive quests are helped out by each one having a decently thought out back story to make you WANT to find these things. But well, bugs CRUSH the experience of the game. I really wish they spent more time into making sure their game could just work properly. Wait until the DLC comes out, then buy this. Expand
  20. May 2, 2012
    Skyrim should have gotten a 9 or a 10 from me. I'm STILL playing it right now. However, the PS3 version was unacceptably flawed at release. It's making me reconsider ever pre-ordering from Bethesda again, which is a shame because now that the bugs are fixed, Skyrim is probably the best RPG I have every played.
  21. May 15, 2012
    Battle was clunky at best, just too many bugs for me to give it a better score. Exploring the huge map lost its appeal far too quickly. And I am a huge fan of the hack and slash genre.
  22. Aug 15, 2012
    A massive game with lots of content, stunning visuals.. Okay now that I've gotten the good stuff out of the way, lets talk about the bad.. Crafting: developing alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, takes forever, and makes your character excessively overpowered even on master difficulty, maxing these out will waste many hours of you life with no real reward.. Quest that are the same **** repeatedly: I'll keep this short but sweet, walk here get that, bring it back, now do it again 45 times for the thieves guild.. Enter this cave with the same layout and enemy's as the last one, get this, kill that, come back, repeat for the whole game.. Frame rate: if your playing pre patch you'll notice occasional frame rate drops to 3 to 4 frames per second, unacceptable for a game that was in development for so long.. dialogue: I took an arrow to the knee x1000.. Curved Swords, they Had CURVED SWORDS!! x1500, prepare to hear the same **** over and over and over.. And yet I still put 300 hours into this game, besides all of it's horrible flaws it was sill a pretty solid game, not worth it's initial $89 (AUS) release price, I'd suggest getting it if it ever ends up in the $40 or less game bin. Expand
  23. Sep 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Meta Critic Review for The Elders scrolls of Skyrim:

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Scrolls V: Skyrim (Mostly called Skyrim) is an action/role playing open world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls action role-playing video game series, following The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Skyrim was released on November 11, 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360. Skyrim's main story revolves around the player character's efforts to defeat Alduin, the firstborn of Tamriel's primary deity Akatosh. Alduin is prophesied to destroy the world. Set two hundred years after Oblivion, the game takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim, upon the continent of Tamriel, and the planet of Nirn. Skyrim is in the midst of a civil war after the High King fell in a duel against the leader of the Stormcloaks rebel group. The open world game play of the Elder Scrolls series returns in Skyrim; the player can explore the land at will and ignore or postpone the main quest indefinitely.
    The nonlinear game play traditional in the Elder Scrolls series is incorporated in Skyrim. The player can explore the open world of Skyrim on foot or on horse and fast-travel to cities, towns, and dungeons after they have been discovered. Quests are given to the player by non-player characters (NPCs) in the world, and through the Radiant Story system, the quests can be dynamically altered to accommodate for player actions which may influence the quest's characters and objectives. The Radiant Story then further directs the player's interaction with the world by setting unexplored dungeons as quest locations. When not completing quests, the player can interact with NPCs through conversation, and they may request favors or training in skills from the player. In addition to scripted quests certain ones will be dynamically generated, providing a limitless number to the player. Some NPCs can become companions to the player to aid in combat. The player may choose to join factions, which are organized groups of NPCs such as the Dark Brotherhood, a band of assassins. Each of the factions has a headquarters, and they have their own quest paths which the player can progress through. The economy of cities and towns can be stimulated by completing jobs such as Skyrim on the Elder Scrolls map farming and mining, or spending large amounts of gold in the stores. Alternatively, the economy may be harmed by forging business ledgers and robbing the safes of stores. When exploring the game world, the player may encounter wildlife. Many wilderness monsters are immediately hostile towards the player and thus can be slain. The inclusion of Dragons in Skyrim affords a major influence on both story and game play.

    So the next game in the series was released nearly a year ago, so where does it stand in the ratings currently, well in my opinion it should stay at 75/100 just for PS3. Yes Bethesda has managed to fix most of its bugs but where is the DLC for it? Dawnguard has been on X-box and pc for more than 4 months now and all Bethesda can say is
  24. Dec 27, 2012
    This game was fun to start out with, but not great in the long run. You go through in this amazing, expansive world, collecting gear, doing various quest lines, and then you realize: This game is too big. I mean seriously, it is fun, but if you do not have insane amounts of time on your hands, you will not have an amazing experience. Don't get me wrong... the game is great, but Bethesda's issue of not fixing bugs that they know exist are yet another reason to not love this game. Dungeons get repetitive, etc. Expand
  25. Jan 27, 2013
    Skyrim was fun for the first 10 or so hours but after that, I was bored. And that's bad for an 100+ hour game. The story is pretty good, however it's not the best or near it. The combat is really boring as all you are doing is pressing 1 or 2 buttons and doing the exact same thing, the entire time, eg. slash, slash, block, slash, drink healing potion, slash, slash etc... But the game is above average considering the quality content (large world for exploration, variety of enemies and equipment, amount of missions and side quests, character development and leveling up, marriage, joining guilds etc..) And for those first 10- 20 hours, the game is pretty damn fun. So if your at home with a lot of time to spare, Skyrim's your game. Expand
  26. Feb 4, 2014
    A fun RPG, but I found it rather overrated. The world is beautiful, but becomes rather repetitive. Exploring began to lack some of the excitement of other RPGs I've played. Combat necessitates a lot of pausing to find the spell or item you need, I felt it could have been streamlined. Generally, it's a decent story, although some of the side quests are more interesting than the main quests. Overall, felt a bit like quantity over quality. I put in about 60 hours, finished the two main quest lines and a lot else, and I doubt I'll go back. It started to feel rather repetitive. If you like sword and magic RPGs, it's worth your time, but it may not win over doubters.

    Lastly, I never had many problems with bugs other than a freeze once in awhile. Make sure to save often, and have multiple save files, just in case.
  27. Dec 6, 2011
    This is oen of the best games I've ever played, massive and diverse however this all falls apart. Play the game for 50 + and the games frame rate drops to single digits. This only affects PS3 versions unfortunately. :'( which is a shame because I'm not sure how well my PC would run it.
  28. Sep 27, 2012
    Now that I have over 50 hours gameplay, I feel that I can finally write a balanced review. I was surprised to read about the lag issues from other reviewers, as I can honestly say that I've never had an issue. Occasionally the game freezes on a loading screen, and requires a reboot, but I can live with that. What really irks me though is the fact that the game seems to have gone backwards since Oblivion - OK, there are some improvements, like the menu system and the battle mechanics, but by and large most aspects of the game are worse - in a word, the game is dull. For starters, the environment is very grey - I would often play Oblivion and just wander around, drinking in the scenery and chancing upon a quest/cave etc. Not so with Skyrim, where everything is a mix of grey and white (although, to be fair, walking through a blizzard is well done). The quests are also very boring and repetitive, and the main quest is ridiculously short - and the final boss is so easy to defeat! "Go kill this bandit leader", "find my lost sword", "kill that vampire" - whatever happened to the variety of Obivion? Anyone remember the Sanguine Rose quest, that made all the guests at a banquet lose their clothes? Or the quest where you get stuck in a watercolour picture? There's precious little of that here.
    I've played it to death, but only because my OCD tendencies have made me, and in truth I'm looking forward to drawing a line under this one.
  29. Nov 27, 2011
    It's fair to say that i'm not the biggest RPG fan but given all the hype that Skyrim has had going it's way from critics alone I decided to try Bethesda's latest game in the Elder Scrolls series a try. Firstly, nobody can deny that in terms of gameplay very few games, if any, can match what Skyrim has to offer. It's refreshing to see such effort being put into a single player experience. Bethesda has successfully created a massive open world, sandbox game with a lot to do there is quite easily over 100 hours worth of gameplay which says everything! The story is immersive however I wouldn't say it's engrossing although there is enough depth from what i've played thus far and there's a few nice surprises sprung every now and then. The gameplay is straightforward and for that reason it gets the thumbs up, there's nothing complicated about getting into the thick of things in Skyrim and very quickly you can find yourself addicted however for me, it didn't have a lasting effect. Sure the introduction of dragon's was an ace in the pack but it becomes somewhat repitive as you go through the game. The quest's are entertaining and oncemore throw up plenty fOR you to do and to top it off there's a bit fo magic to be had but I found myself frustrated by the repetitive nature within Skyrim it lacks variety in substance to really merit the high praise it has come in for for instance the combat goes from magical to mediocre! It's a nice recipe unfortunately somewhere along the way they missed out a vital ingredient; the looks! Graphically Skyrim is inferior to it's adversaries. Sure at times the views of snowy mountains can be nice on th eye but dig deeper and you start to come across flaws, serious flaws. The AI and texture's leave much to be desired especially with such epic visuals on show elsewhere on platform games (Uncharted anyone?) but that's not the worst. I can't understand how people can continue on with Skyrim with so many glitches and annoying bugs! It's infuriating because it ruins the experience of a game which for me potentially was my surprise of the year, add to that the lag you have to endure as well as some freezing issues it's hardly inspiring stuff and unfortunately these issues have prevented Skyrim from becoming the game it is fully capable off. Sure, there's a patch of the way but it could be too little to late because I can understand anyone who decides to swap Skyrim for another stellar title, of which there are plenty to choose from this year. Depsite that I have this, Skyrim does deliver an awesome soundtrack and it fits the game superbly well however the same can't be said of predictable scripts with cheezy interactions that leave you bewildered. In closing, I have to say Iinitially I beleived Bethesda were really onto something truely spectauclar especially for me as I'm relatively new to the genre, Skyrim has so much to offer gameplay wise it's deep, immersive and has lots to offer and you will watch time disappear as long as you can ignore some massive flaws because ultimately the annoying bugs, dodgy textures and ai, glitches and lag overwhelmingly frustrate the life out of you and deny this game a rightful place amongst the big fish in the pond. Expand
  30. Nov 26, 2011
    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!. Got the collector edition for $200 and after 30 hours of playing I stopped because it is now unplayable!. Frame rate issues, long loading screens and controller buttons no responding properly. Loved the game but now I hate it! Is anyone else having the same issues?
  31. Jun 7, 2012
    I thought it would be fair to rewrite my review since most of the problems have been fixed with Skyrim on the PS3. However people saying that this is the best game or best RPG they have ever played have obviously not played many games in their lives. Hell Oblivion was better than Skyrim. Skyrim as a game is overrated. It is still a good game, but why the hell do people like games where 80 percent of the open world has nothing. I can have more fun walking outside then wandering around in Skyrim for nothing. The main story was short aswell and all the tropies were easily obtained as to which a retard could get them.Skyrim is NOT the best rpg out there people. Chrono Trigger for SNES/PS1 were WAY better RPGS. What Skyrim did was take Oblivion and add a bit better graphics and strip the rest. I DID rate this game a 0 because broken games shouldn't get a higher score than a 0. Now i am rating it a 6 because of the patches. But I keep it a 6 because although for the most part the game is fixed, it still deserves a 6 because I am sick of having to play games for a year and beta test them until they release a patch for it. A game that needs big patches will never be a good game, here is why... if you pay 60 bucks for a game... out of the box it should work properly, if it crashes all the time, it's not a good game no mater how many patches that are released for it. The patch could be rated a 10 but the game is still a failure. Not only that but this game is boring as hell. Seems to me that every time they release a new elder scrolls they strip **** out of it. I remember in Elder Scrolls 3 you could fly around if you had a good spell to do it, they took that out in oblivion, and in Oblivion you could make your own spells and other things, and in Skyrim they took that out. They also took out the fighters guild and replaced it with something stupid called the companions... The game is also too easy, there's no challenge, but that is like all games today other than Demon/Dark Souls, they even made Ninja Gaiden easy as hell with Ninja Gaiden 3. This game is for Casual people that are not good at video games, that like to get trophies easily because they suck at games.... The good things about this game is that it's not Call of Duty which seems to me that all games are trying to be Call of Duty even when that game is for casuals as well. When are devs going to stop being greedy and cater to us hardcore gamers that actually made them who they are today? That is why I like Demon/Dark Souls. The devs didn't make a casual game they made a hardcore game. Dark Souls is better than Skyrim and Dark Souls is hard by todays standards, but I grew up with hard ass NES games like Ninja Gaiden 1,2,3 and Star Wars, hell even Mario Bros 3 was harder than the games we have today. To the people that are saying that games shouldn't be hard...well yes the should, do you go out and by a crossword puzzle and immediately look at the back and write the answers in? No, why would you buy the cross word if you were going to do that. That is exactly what games are doing today, they hold your hand through the entire thing, and people love it. The problem is, is that we have people who complain about games being too hard, and these people ruin games that are suppose to be hard. The only complaints I see on Dark Souls, is because the game is too hard, when in fact it's not too hard at all, it's just people are use to having there dogs play the game for them. I rather be challenged. If you haven't played demon/dark souls yet go play that instead. It will at least challenge you and I guarantee you'd spend more time with these games more so than Skyrim because with Skyrim I got every trophy in like 40 hours of game play. Dark Souls came out before Skyrim and I still enjoy Dark Souls and Skyrim has been sitting on my shelf since December 2011. The best part about Skyrim is iat the start where you see someone being beheaded... That is the best part, but i guess that was to lure gamers to believe that this game is going to be awesome which in fact it is not up to par. Shame on you Bethesda ( they made Waldo for the NES)LOL Expand
  32. Feb 26, 2012
    Just got the Platinum of this game. I do not like the fact that you can walkthrough all the game on the easy level. After 100 hours of play, the long load screens just killed me (I had to switch to Vita game - lucky me). I like the quests for the Brotherhood. The rest - a very average.
  33. Nov 15, 2011
    Not as great as it was advertised to be. A major problem with the game is it's many glitches, as usual. There's a lack of variety of dungeon designs. You can pretty much guess what you are going to encounter the moment you enter the dungeon. Example: See skeletons and skeletal corpses = Draug. Brass dungeon = Dwarven machinery or Falmers. The dungeons also have similar/repeating layouts making the process of going through all the dungeons an extremely painful task. Most of the dungeons are also extremely long, which takes around 30-60 minutes. The AI in the game is just as bad as it was in oblivion, if you have a high level sneak and shoot an arrow at a target, they cannot detect you and you can just get free shots at them.

    The #1 problem with this game is that for the main quest, if you chose not to join either the legions or stormcloaks you will encounter a glitch that doesn't allow you to progress with the story at all. What this means, is that you have to restart all over from the beginning or use console commands to complete the quest for you. For a game which is "possibly" the "best" game of the year; a glitch shouldn't be in the main quest where you need to complete in order to understand the story line.
  34. Feb 28, 2013
    The PS3 version of this game should be reviewed on 2 different aspects:

    The game itself: deserves nothing less of an 8. It's a huuuuuge game and does a very good job at keeping that adventure itch going on. Gameplay wise it good but it's nothing amazing, other games have done it better and it kind of lacks depth. The skill trees however are incredible, and all other RPGs should take
    notes about how to do a leveling scheme properly; it compensates the lack of depth with an abundance of skills, making you a highly specialized killing machine in the end without compromising your sense of freedom (kudos on this one). Magic implementation is another highpoint, the way you can mix spells in your hands is incredibly fluid and gives you a lot of satisfaction. The lowpoints: design is repetitive to hell, and once you've seen your first drough dungeon you've seen them all. It teases an abundance of hundreds of dungeons but in the end you only have 4 skins: drough dungeon, dwarves dungeon, caves, sanctuaries........... and of course a lot of castles and outdoors combat. Third person view is awful too, it's uncomfortable and you'll be forced to stay in first person through most of the game.

    The tecnical issues: minus 2 points (and I'm being generous). Issues have already been expressed in detail by other users. Patches have improved these issues, but it still isn't enough specially if you plan to make a +100 hour investment in the game. It was never such a letdown for me since I stopped playing at +90 hours out of boredom, and I tolerate tecnical issues pretty well. But bare in mind that if you're sensitive to such troubles, the score may sink further even to a 2-3.

    Overall a good game is a good game, and you should at least give it a shot
  35. Jan 28, 2012
    While Skyrim proves itself to be a game with huge strides forward for the RPG genre Bethseda have really let themseles down by releasing an unfinished product and they must be penalised for it. While for the most part the game is playable and does seliver on the promise of a stunning world it is appaling that the bugs left are so evident. This would have been a 'masterpiece' had it not been for the various problems associated with the game. Looking at the highs of the game there are some extremely good settings and npc's which are all voiced and fun to interact with as was in oblivion. Speaking of Oblivion, this game is on a much grander scale however it it far less polished in terms of the bugs. The longevity of this game is outstanding there's so much to see and do that even with the bugs you'll still battle your way through the latest quest. There are so many factors to consider when reviewing a 'broken' game (especially for PS3 consumers). Having played both versions of the game it is clear that as with Oblivion Bethseda has not learned from its mistakes and even though there are bugs in the 360 version they ae significantly magnified on the PS3 edition. Although an update is promised, the glitches and bugs should have been ironed out in the beta stages, it is shocking this game got through the alpha and beta stages wihtout the design team noticing, it is possible this is due to less testing than pehaps other games. At the end of the day what could have been a 9 in terms of satisfaction becomes far more dissapointing. However I will not go as far to say this is bad but rather only above average due to the problems arising, as many aspects in the game are still solid. My review score will be changed if and when many of the bugs have been ironed out in updates etc...
    Graphics: 8
    Gameplay: 5* (*Hindered by various bugs)
    Presentation: 8
    Longevity: 10 (if your patient, with some of the issues)
  36. Nov 19, 2011
    Just like any other Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim is filled to the rim with content. The amount of content in this game is enough to keep you playing for weeks. And then there's the DLC (unfortunately PS3 owners don't get it until a month after Xbox owners do). However, there are alot of things Skyrim disappoints in. First and foremost is the game engine. Remember Bethesda harping on about this new "Creation Engine" when they'd preview the game? Well guess what? Turns out the "Creation Engine" is just the 10-year-old Gamebryo Engine but with better character models. Anyone who has played Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas will know first-hand that the Gamebryo engine is notorious for bugs and glitches, that can range from annoying to game-breaking. Its also worthmentioning that there are also huge framerate issues at times. To say that Skyrim is still using this horrible, buggy mess of an engine is a disappointment is a huge, huge understatement.

    The graphics in Skyrim are also dated for 2011 standards, with most textures looking identical to those in Oblivion, which was 5 years ago.

    The overall gameplay is same to that in Oblivion. Its fun, but there are a few things I've noticed. Using a shield in the game is redundant. You will still lose health when you block. Seriously, if you're a warrior and you rely on a shield, what's the point of using it when it won't block damage? You basically get shoehorned into using Restoration spells instead. Another gripe I have with the game is that there were times where I wanted to do some side quests and take a break from the main story. Turns out that you'll get your ass kicked time and time again (my character is level 18), and you don't have much choice than to do the main questline first. However, the AI in the game is alot better, and the characters feel alot more authentic than in Oblivion. Walking into a town and seeing the blacksmith forge stuff or seeing villagers going about their daily business is awesome.

    In conclusion, Skyrim is a huge, engaging game and will tide you over for weeks on end with its content and lore, but for 2011 standards, the graphics and Gamebryo engine are really showing their age, and it's disappointing. Bethesda had around 3 years to make Skyrim (remember that they didn't make Fallout: New Vegas - that was Obsidian), and that would have been enough time to get a new engine up and running (Bungie took 3 years to build a whole new engine and make Halo Reach). It may be a good game overall, but it definitely isn't GotY material when you compare the improvement from Oblivion to Skyrim to the improvement other games have made like Battlefield 3 or Dark Souls from their previous titles.
  37. Mar 19, 2012
    I'm going to echo a lot of the reviews already out there so no surprises here. Close up, the game looks spectacular (you can count individual leaves and petals for god sake!) but from a distance it looks awful. It's so disappointing when you climb to the top of some of the snowy mountainous regions and the whole weather change looks incredible only for you to look at the land in the distance and see the same square of mud/grass repeated over and over. The quests are far too repetitive. I'm only 6 hours or so in to the game but I'm already bored of the "go to this dungeon, kill all the bandits/skeletons/spiders/etc, grab the weapon/scroll/relic and bring it back to me." For such an incredibly detailed world the gameplay is so dull. The combat is also slightly disappointing - am I the only one that found it difficult to see if you were hitting the guy you were fighting without watching his health bar? The sneaking irritates the hell out of me. If you have a companion they just go charging in regardless of whether or not you're trying to be stealthy. But, the one bit that was supposed to be the crowning glory of it all is probably the biggest disappointment: the dragon battles. Far too easy and the animations are far too glitchy. I'd definitely recommend this as a game to play but only to rent. Don't buy it and end up being one of the haters giving it a ZERO score. Smash out the first few hours gameplay then hand it back while it's still forgivable! Expand
  38. Feb 27, 2013
    The game was all right, but after a while I felt that the game began to become irritating to play. The worst part about the game is all of the major bugs and glitches that are littered within Skyrim.
  39. Dec 1, 2011
    The game is awesome. But it is also buggy on the PS3. After two-three hours playing it starts to lag badly, moxstly on cities. Closing and opening the game again fixes this, but this is poor QA on the part of Bethesda. The patch improved it, without fixing it (now the lag takes a little more time to kick in) but break other things (dragons that doesn't attack, useless resistanteces, etc).
  40. Feb 8, 2012
    This game can become very boring very quickly and in a very unspectacular way, if I were to sum it up in one word (no it would not be dragons but) grinding. I looked at my quest list because I didn't like the one I was on and they all involved going into a cave and getting something stupid like someones sword. Depite bethesda saying each dungeon was different and hand crafted there all overly similar and long, sometimes and hour long (true story). The combat feels very floaty and if it weren't for the blood and health bar I would be convinced I wasn't doing anything. But those are the two biggest problems I can think of. Oh wait I just remembered the graphics, which look fine close up and far away look terrible mid distance you can see the repetitive layer square of mud repeat itself with over and over. apart from those three thing it's just little things like every shop keeper saying the same thing and a few glitches. I'm not going to mention frame rate (even though I have the disease) because unlike most reviewers I'm aware it doesn't effect everyone and they're supposed to be working on a patch. In fact the problems happen around 40 hours in which is conveniently the time you get completly bored of it and cringe at the thought of spending another ten minutes there. The best thing about the game doesn't even require you to buy the game but instead listen to people experiences which is what made me want it so much (turns out they were over exagerating). I like the thought of this game but after playing it you'll be questioning how over hyped this game was. It might just be me because the only RPG games I have played before were mass effect 2 and deus ex but try stealing it of a friend for the weekend, they'll probably be more then happy to not have to think about it. Expand
  41. Nov 28, 2011
    I purchased this game because i was looking forward to a good story with some solid fun gameplay. The whole dragon theme really drew me in. After spending about 10 hours with the game i must admit that i sold the game. I like the idea behind skyrim, the game however is just not fun to play. The graphics are below standard. The animations are stiff and jerky. The battles are stiff and clumsy. I don't care that i have all this freedom to roam and side missions. The gameplay is simply too rigid and frustrating to enjoy. I played the mass effect games and finished both. This game might appeal to alot of gamers because of the freedom it gives gamers but if you want videogames to be fun to play while offering you freedom look elsewhere. Expand
  42. Nov 29, 2011
    The game at its core could have been one of the best ever.... but the multitude of bugs, vary from simple NPC's glitching out, and behaving awkwardly, to not being able to complete quests and entire quest lines.... to having the game crash.. to having your save game wiped if you attempt to create a new character, and much more that I've yet to even encounter, but have read up on. These add up to possibly one of the most horrid, unpolished big-budget game releases on a console in recent history. It's as if we, the customers, paid to be Bethesda's beta testers... because its obvious very little time was spent on the PS3 "port" prior to release.

    And to top it all off, the more time you spend playing the game, the further you get, and the larger your save file grows... the choppier and less playable the game becomes. To the point where the game becomes an unplayable slideshow. The evidence is rampant online and in youtube videos, if you search it yourself ( "Skyrim PS3 lag / slowdown" ) go ahead look it up yourself.

    If you own a PS3 copy and think you're safe from this game breaking slowdown and stuttering, wait till your save file gets over 7-8 megs, and you've invested a good 30 hours. The game devolves into a stuttering glitchy mess. If you own a PC that can handle the game, or an Xbox, get those versions instead.
  43. Dec 7, 2011
    While I have not experienced the lag yet I have encountered numerous quest bugs that have left me wondering how this game made it past beta. I do not recommend purchasing this game for the Playstation 3.
  44. Dec 12, 2011
    The anticipation and excitement for this game by RPG lovers could only be satiated by a near-perfect game designed with the care you've come to expect from games such as Bioshock and previous Elder Scrolls titles. This, unfortunately, is not such a game. The story has potential, but essentially most quests boil down to townsfolk who are incapable of doing anything sending you out on chores such as 'pick up a letter here' or 'go talk to this guy'. The reason you play a game is not to spend 10 quest objectives or 30 minutes of game time finding a location to do battle, but rather to engage in said battle. While this isn't the case all the time, all too often you are sent on talking missions that are not in the least bit fun or interesting. The design of the talents and skills leveling is deep, but at certain points is laughably funny. I watched as my friend with full level sneak stabbed a person while that person was looking directly at them, and they did not attack back. I've seen the pot-on-the-head videos, where in real life you would engage in fistacuffs should someone place a pot on your head. In this game, it is acceptable, and almost as normal as wearing a hat. All that being said, there is still more negative. The bugs on the ps3, and the game in general, is truly unacceptable. From auto-saving slow down (5-7 second lockups when going to quest menu), to graphical slowdowns almost every single time you fast travel to a location, to mobs ceasing to attack in numerous occasions (dragons included: you can't imagine how epic a dragon fight may feel, only to have the dragon stop attacking and just look around while you kill it. It crushes your soul), the game is not at an acceptable level for release. I've beta tested games, and this is at a beta level right now. If Bethesda doesn't get their stuff together and patch this game up, it's not worth purchasing. It's not even a top 5 game of the year (for the ps3) in it's current state. It gets a 6. Expand
  45. Dec 14, 2011
    This game is very addictive and fun to play. There's hardly a more deep and lenghty single player out there in the market. Unfortunately it has lots of glitches and some of them are game breaking (I dare you to try to kill that backwards flying dragon). The slowdown and lag are not as bad as some people make out to be, but still there is no excuse for the lackluster performance on the platform and every player should demand a solution from bethesda. Expand
  46. Dec 21, 2011
    Provides all of the open world possibilities of Oblivion and Morrowind in a staggering new world. The sheer freedom of choice, the beautiful world (yes, even with the low res environmental textures), the combat system (not perfect, but enjoyable): these points are all in Skyrim's favour. But there feels like less content here than in past Elder Scroll games (certainly less than Oblivion), and what is here is less engaging (see: repetitive dungeon crawls or fetch quests). I put 150 hours in Oblivion, but I've put maybe 50-60 in Skyrim, and I don't see myself adding much more. And, worst of all, the bugs. Crashes, textures disappearing, and the unforgivable frame rate stuttering. For a game that takes so long to load, quitting and restarting is not a viable "fix" to the frame rate issue. It's unforgivable for something as game-changing (no pun intended) as that to make it out of testing. What's even worse is that it doesn't appear to have been factored into many critical reviews in any meaningful way. I can't not recommend this game, because with all it's flaws it still offers a rewarding experience, but anyone thinking of purchasing it needs to be aware that it comes with as many frustrations as rewards. Expand
  47. Dec 29, 2011
    I bought this game because I wanted to try something different and move away from shooters for a while and move on to a RPG title and I'm slightly disappointed with what it delivers I get it that you can pick up things it a huge open world and theres dragons which fly about and a million characters to speak to but behind all of that is a very ugly game and plays like a drunk fat man its very glitchy and very clunky. this game did not deserve game of the year it was all a bit over hyped and bethesda needs to rethink their strategy. But if you enjoy this game keep playing because it does appeal to players more than others. Expand
  48. Jan 15, 2012
    Game is out 3 months and Bethesda didn't fix anything about ps3 version. Really big dissapointment from this studio. About game : game is very enjoyable ( even though difficulty level even on Master isn't much of a challenge). Huge number of quests and tasks, fantastic, big world to discover, on the other side we have dragons, which should be big challenge, but after few level-up's mamuths and giants are harder to kill than dragon, literally you could play with your nose and kill dragon, and of course main plot quests are very simple, it was a huge dissapointment for because I made all quests I could and then went main plot, and the final fight is a piece of cake, not challenging at all, and you can get for it gold trophy wtf? is this a cruel joke? For me game was put out too fast, Bethesda should made few weeks of inside beta-tests, instead of that theyput out game, and like I said at the beginning THEY DIDNT FIXED any single bug in ps3 version, and believe me there is a lot of this. Score would've been 9/10 but 6/10 is a adequate score for this number of bugs, that make you only blood pressure higher, just like long loadings. Expand
  49. Feb 19, 2012
    My advice: get this game, but not for this platform. The latest patch (1.4xx) appears to solve the game-breaking lag (we're talking slide-show lag here), but the graphics now seem to get choppy more frequently and randomly. Thus the game is choppy on the PS3, and I'm assuming the graphics in general are better on the other platforms because they really are nothing to write home about on PS3. In comparison to Oblivion the game is dumbed-down a bit, but once you start playing that is quickly forgotten. The various crafting skills are fun and the difficulty scales much better than Oblivion. The world is huge and dungeon diving is a joy. So pick up a used 360 or upgrade your PC and buy this; use your PS3 for games that are more compatible. I'm angry at Bethesda for releasing what they must have known was a deeply flawed game for this platform; I can only hope that there is a real fix down the line but am not holding my breath. 6 out of 10 for an undeniably good game with undeniable bugs and performance issues on this platform. Expand
  50. Jan 29, 2012
    i really love the elder scrolls games, but it's getting really disappointing how they actually get worse as they go. the developers consistently let their reach exceed their grasp, and try to make the games bigger instead of better. everything you will read about lag is true. quitting and restarting the game does fix the problem pretty well, but the longer you play, the more often you have to do this. eventually, you have to reboot every hour, and the game is still kind of laggy. the developers have said that the problem is worse on the ps3 because it uses a divided memory structure. so if you know that you will have serious problems developing these types of games on the ps3, and that the game will become almost unplayable over time, then why are you releasing the game on this system at all? every single rpg that bethesda has released on the ps3 has had this problem, and instead of having the integrity to delay the release of the game for ps3, or not publish a polished turd at all, they continue to take the money and run. the end result will be that hardcore gamers will eventually lose faith in the developers, and not buy their games at all. the amount of negative feedback on this game is staggering. it's amazing that this issue was not addressed during playtesting, or that it was flat out ignored. it is also amazing how many reviews by professionals make no mention of this, and how many are already considering it for game of the year, leading one to believe that they only played the game briefly. other reviewers have reamed the technical shortcomings, so i'll go over some of the dumb design choices. npc's still block your character's movement, doing things like trapping you in tight hallways, or even pushing you off of walkways or cliffs. now you can use followers to help you raid dungeons, but they do stupid things like rush ahead and alert enemies, run in between you and the target you are fighting and then hold it against you when you accidentally attack them, and occasionally trap you in a tight hallway or PUSH YOU OFF A FREAKING CLIFF. carrying capacity is still a huge issue. there is still a limit on how much you can carry, which is based on your stamina. i guess this is supposed to be realistic, but it's not. carrying 20 weapons and 20 pieces if armor isn't realistic to begin with. the very idea that you can carry 500 lbs of crap but not 600 isn't realistic. also, if you look at your character, he or she doesn't even carry a sack to put stuff in, so i guess they just shove it up their a$$. maybe it's realistic after all, because surely there is a limit to how much stuff you can cram in your a$$. many of the dungeons will have more loot than you can carry, so you're forced to either backtrack to the entrance of the dungeon, or just leave loot behind. backtracking can take up to five minutes, then you have to sit through a loading screen while you exit, sit through another loading screen while you fast travel, and then guess what? vendors don't have enough gold to buy what you have. so now, unless you want to trade, you have to sit through another loading screen while you travel to another town, and do it again. since most vendors only have 500 to 1000 gold, you'll have to travel to more towns to unload your loot as your loot becomes more valuable. all this does is increase tedium. the idea that you will have to spend as much time selling your loot as you do finding it is just plain asinine, and should have been addressed 10 years ago. there's a really simple solution. just give the player an unlimited amount of a$$ space to carry loot in, and give the vendors more freaking money. the way that your character levels up has been changed, and it's for the worse. instead of getting experience for killing an enemy or completing a quest, you get experience for the skills you use to do these things. when your skills level up, it will give you experience toward your character leveling up. for example, i use a one-handed weapon. instead of getting experience from killing an enemy, that skills gets experience as i use it. every time i hit an enemy, one-handed skill gets experience. when that skill goes up a level, it counts towards my character leveling up. the problem with this is that once a skill reaches level 100, using that skill will never give me any experience again. so now that my one-handed weapon skill is at 100, i can never gain experience from combat again. my only choice is to change to another playstyle, like two-handed weapons or magic, to gain any experience at all. i now have to use weak skills against extremely high level enemies, or just forget about gaining experience from combat. this is just stupid. i could go on and on. i could even mention some of the positives (and there are plenty) but honestly, this game would be every bit as annoying as it is great for a noob. for someone who has played 3 elder scrolls games, it just hurts. Expand
  51. Feb 17, 2013
    It's so ridiculous that this game could possibly receive any high scores on the ps3 version. The game could be the best game ever invented but what good does that do you when bugs prevent you from even playing the game as intended? This game loses at least 3 points on the numerous bugs/freezes/lag problems preventing you from playing the game in the first place alone. I can not possibly rate the game higher than a 7 on that. Just so you know, I am not a TES fanboy so I can give you a more objective view on what you old bitter vets just need to face the reality on....I'm just going to say what you guys won't admit....combat in Morrowind, Oblivion, and now Skyrim is still the same awkward, clunky, piece of garbage and needs to be completely scratched imo. Yes the exploration in this game is absolutely AMAZING!! I give this a game 5 points just for the vast beautiful world you get to explore. Immersion is definitely one of the main strong suits for this game. I really feel like I'm a part of this world. But again, the combat system ruins the game even though the bugs/gliches/freezes do a good job of that to begin with. I know all the bitter vets will turn their noses up and cry like little babies but can you imagine a combat system similar to a Kingdoms of Amalur but in the world of TES?! I would go ahead and throw all my money at Bethesda right now lol Just quit giving us unfinished work! I put over 100 hours into this game, but let's be honest, at LEAST 50 hours of that was in menus changing spells/weapons/potions etc or looking at the map, or the worst....on a loading screen...
    This game gets the rating it gets because the immersion and exploration are worth buying the game for alone. I would just recommend playing an archer only so the combat won't feel so awkward.
  52. Feb 15, 2012
    The only things that I can say that is good with this game is that it has a large world with lots of opportunities that will give you some enjoyment of. However, the animation is bad, the bugs are bad, graphic besides the weather effects are bad and worst of all game breakers exist in the game. Game breakers mean there are points in the game where glitches that prevent you from progressing through the game will occur doing your quests. Expand
  53. Mar 6, 2012
    I would love to give Skyrim a 10, I really would. I wanted so badly for it to be a ten. I was actually planning on giving it a 13/10, and then having the bugs drag it back down to a 10/10, but I can't even do that. With over 110 hours in, I've had my fair share of fun, but can't really recommend this game to newcomers. Cons:
    The difficulty fluctuates wildly, so much so that I almost prefer
    Oblivion's leveling system. The framerate is all over the place. The load times are at least 3 times longer than Oblivion's. The game crashed 50ish times over the course of 100 hours. The graphics are pretty from a distance, but get ugly fast as you get close. Most disappointing is the physics and the game engine. It is essentially the same as Oblivion, which was dated even in 2006. Also, the melee combat is crap. Hitting someone in the foot does the same damage as hitting them in the head. The special moves are the same ones as in Oblivion. Pros:
    Magic is more fun to use, shouts are a blast(pun intended). Smithing weapons is incredibly addictive and fun.
    Don't do the enchanting/fortify restoration/alchemy exploit on the PS3. It is fun, and works to a point, but whilst making a fortify enchanting 20000000% potion, my PS3 YLOD'ed. For reals. Most people would say "it was just a coincidence, games don't make your system crash, time does", this is **** Bethesda games are the only games my ps3 has ever crashed while playing. Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, all have had horrendous framerate issues and tons of crashes. While playing Skyrim, my PS3 fan has never been more erratic. **** coding says I. /end rant
  54. Jun 6, 2012

    Unfortunately, the fifth installment in the Elder Scroll series fails to live up to expectations. Whereas Morrowind and Oblivion had their own charm and character, Skyrim is a pastiche of some of what we have come to expect from the franchise, and some
    we have not. Many changes have been made to the gameplay mechanics and game design, some of which are fantastic, but some of which are questionably irritating. Let's begin with combat. This is where the game excels in relation to its predecessors. Never has it been so easy to hack and slash and spellcast your way through tamriel. Whats more is that you do it in style. Cinematic executions and finishing moves give flavour to the fight, and the new button layout gives the combat a more fluid feel. It's only downside is that it does get a little repetitive. And this is where the fun stops. The land of Skyrim is dull and listless when compared to that of Morrowind or Cyrodyll, and the quests within the world are also more boring than watching plants grow. The world is filled with uninspired characters, and if you're like me you'll end up hating both main warring factions and take to murdering them in their sleep. Entering the inventory or map screen completely destroys any immersion into the game world, as it looks like it was crafted at Ikea. If part of what you enjoy about RPG's is the feeling of being immersed amongst the virtually created fantasy world, including in those moments when you check your map to see where you are or check your inventory to manage weapons, then Skyrim is sure to disappoint. On the PS3 console you'll spend 30% of your time looking at loading screens, and 70% looking at either poorly textured snowy mountains, or extremely low frame rate slideshows of what i'm certain were supposed to be epic battles. And finally, the last and yet probably the most troubling feature of all. Dragons. When I think of dragons i think of fearsome creatures terrible to behold and powerful beyond reckoning. The dragons you get in skyrim however, are little more than cardboard cutouts. They look pretty, but that's about it. They are so easy to kill it almost makes you think twice about whether you are playing right or exploiting some kind of bug. Oh, and speaking of'll come across dragons who fly backwards, dragons who slow down to a crawl, dragons who cant seem to find you even though your standing right underneath them. The whole dragon concept is wasted in this game. Final Thoughts: This is an exasperating game. It is one that i looked forward to so earnestly and played with such disappointment that it almost made me cry. It earns a 4 because i was so worn out by its nauseating pace and uninspired mediocrity that i could think of any numbers higher than 4 to give it. PS3 users STAY AWAY!â Expand
  55. Nov 6, 2012
    Great graphics and atmosphere, INCREDIBLE sound (music), one of the bigger maps to explore, maybe the biggest, ...BUT:

    POOR exciting. After playing some hours, I began to feel bored. Why so many dragons and why so easy to kill? Why a tigger is a harder enemy than a dragon?
  56. Apr 19, 2013
    Post Patch 1.9 Review
    The stability bugs experienced by Skyrim players since launch are well documents so I thought I would make my first review a look at Skyrim with the cure-all patch 1.9 installed.
    Unfortunately, Stability is still an issue. I have found as many instances of the game hanging at loading screens and in transitionary areas of the map as I had previously. The frame-rate
    seems to suffer in the same places too; particularly when large amounts of bodies are present on screen. For instance, after escaping the prison at the very beginning of the game, the game judders significantly as you journey to Riverwood, perhaps in response to the high concentration of plush and exotic plant life littering the landscape. Similarly a room of skeletons near the end of a certain underwater fort causes awful slowdown.

    Graphically, the seam-joining bugs that appeared a year ago are still present. Heads and necks do not meet up on 63% of the NPCs. This started to occur when a previous update changed the way Weight modelled the character, for now there are only four settings in character creation which give the player character a 'joined up' look. As all the NPCs are created from the same templates, they do not benefit from the inspection you can give to your own avatar prior to launching the game. Failing to pick one of the four safe weights and the result is at best a flickering around the neckline, and at worst a void into which the far-distance background can be seen. There are also colour mismatches between head and body; equally immersion-breaking for those with full colour vision, I'm sure.

    Quest bugs are still present too. For instance, being sent to Yngol Barrow for the Helm of Winterhold will still remove the Helm of Yngol and cause the dungeon to be un-clearable; I've become accustomed to quest bugs foibles to the degree that I usually avoid them without thinking, yet I am still tripped by the likes of that above. Blood on the Ice is still buggy and I start every new game by travelling to Windhelm and waiting for the quest to start, then waiting longer to finish it; and all because some random NPC is not marked essential and a dragon or vampire attack will start a butterfly effect which will rob me of my favourite house some hours down the line.

    The inclusion of the Legendary difficulty setting finally settles the argument about playing on Master being for the hardcore players only. Legendary is impossible to play on from the start of the campaign, I started this way and was two-shotted by the first soldier I encountered.
    However, on a much more advanced save, I was able to thrive on Legendary. In that save, I'd maxed all my equipment and the game was no longer challenging. I'd played on Master throughout the game and struggled through the early parts until I could make the game easy. After 30 hours of play I was then able to play as if I was still on Adept difficulty; what is the point of that, really? The inclusion of Legendary smacks of only one thing, poor balancing, and only useful to min/maxers who broke the game by becoming too powerful. Moreover, game balancing should be the domain of the developer, not something to outsource to the player. I don't want to ask myself "how often should I die?" For me, balancing makes the difference between a game being 'a virtual interactive world' and 'a competitive and fun form of recreation'.

    Lastly, I know a lot of people were upset about the removal of a certain glitch which enabled players to reach the level cap in half an hour; I can say categorically that with the introduction of Legendary Skills, levelling is even easier. Certain oft-overlooked skills like Pickpocket level up very quickly but the real boon comes in the form of the spell Harmony which, when used in combination with enchanted gear, can be chain-cast in busy areas to level up once every 30 seconds. I reached a character level of 164 before the novelty wore off and I realised I had broken my game.

    Game save file sizes continue to balloon. This can be somewhat combatted by cleaning 'safe' dungeons of clutter by storing it on bodies, but this tactic is both time consuming and annoying. It also necessitates heavy use of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages to determine the 'safe' locations; and there are many. Doing so will reduce save file sizes and help with lag, as will clearing quests. It is manageable, yet is not what I wanted to do in my spare time.

    In summary, while patch 1.9 is a step up regarding some game breaking mechanics, the experience remains largely unchanged. It is not possible to gaily wander through the game without consequence on stability, frame-rate, quest completion or balance.
    That aside, Skyrim itself has proven to endure and remains one of the most beautifully crafted game worlds I've ever seen and I feel an almost paternal love for it, despite it's many issues. That I am the 1819th user to voice their opinions on the matter stands testament to its greatness.
  57. Oct 27, 2013
    I like Skyrim, I really do. But for me Bethesda has failed in what could have been one of the great games of our time. I have put a lot of hours into Skyrim and best way to describe this game is “It’s a big as an ocean but contains less fish then a pond”. Such a massive environment but every dungeon is the same, every puzzle is too simple and pointless, every enemy is the same just looks a bit different, every NPC sounds the same 80% percent of NPCs have an American accent, no offence but British accents would have made much more sense. Food is pointless, alchemy is pathetic unless it’s maxed and even then it’s a kind of pointless cause by the time you’re that high a level you’ll be picking up Ultimate Health and Regeneration Potions, I guess in saying that blacksmithing is pointless too, there’s no need to make ebony or glass weapons and amours cause you’re just bound to pick it up from a chest. Skyrim’s a country set in another world yet contains Mammoths, wolfs, sabre-tooths, bears, foxes, spiders, rabbits, deer’s, fish and crabs which all can be found on Earth (Mammoths, sabre-tooths are extinct), beside the trolls there’s no unreal animal which I find really stupid. The only spells that are useful are destruction or restoration ones, I guess conjuration can be useful at times but Illusion and Alteration just piss me of. Why would I use a spell the makes enemies flee only to comeback 15 seconds later to attack me, I guess I could chase them but in doing so I’ll just run into more enemies then I’ll be out numbered. Or I could make an enemy “Calm” but as soon as I decide you kill him he’ll attack me right back. Alteration spells like candle or mage light does nothing as the game is always well lit. Even shouts are pointless, use a powerful shout and wait two minutes before you can use another one, in the meantime just run around and hope you don’t get killed. Gold is as well, the only things I did with my gold was to buy a house and to pay of my bounties. I never spent a cent on that I knew I’ll just find later. But the biggest fault about this game is the entire story. Don’t get me started on that. Expand
  58. Fuz
    Mar 6, 2014
    Fire the guy who designed the interface. Just. Fire. Him. It's the worst interface I've ever seen. We have a mouse, non a gamepad. Apart from that, is the same game we already knew from Oblivion. Lots of bugs, pleasant graphics (but you can do better IF you don't do a straight from console porting) et cetera. If you liked Oblivion you will like this. If you couldn't stand all the little problems and annoyances like the unresponsive combat (no feedback on hits? seriously?) and the TERRIBLE enemies scaling you wouldn't like this game. I'm still waiting for a Daggerfall 2. Or a Daggerfall remake. And by the way: FIRE the guy who designed the interface. Also, the guy who approved it. Expand
  59. Dec 13, 2011
    I'm sorry, but this is just pathetic. Skyrim is a decent enough game- it has a big open world thats fun to explore, lots of sidequests, etc. You've got to deal with some flawed mechanics, such as horrid combat and ugly NPC behavior, but thats nothing new for Bethesda. The story is decent, but it's got nothing on a good RPG like Final Fantasy. No, what sucks here is the sheer glitchiness of the experience. The fact this this game got 10s from major review companies simply boggles my mind. There's no way that a game this buggy could be considered a perfect experience, it's not even a finished product. Even worse, the PS3 version completely breaks after a certain amount of time. I honestly have no idea how Bethesda gets away with this crap. Save your money, buy a finished game. Expand
  60. Dec 12, 2011
    No patches as of yet that fixes the lag and the framerate drops issues. Patch 1.3 was supposed to come out but it didn't and there's no update on when exactly come out. I seriously hope they're taking this seriously and dedicating themselves to make the PS3 version in a workable and playable point but for now, this game is extremely broken.
  61. Feb 12, 2012
    I'm not sure if Sony patched the problems on this game with the 1.4 update or not. When I played it a few months back it froze up on me after I was in a loading screen and did not save my progress. I was pissed off so I sold the game on ebay. I wouldn't mind getting the game back if it doesn't glitch out anymore for PS3.
  62. Nov 17, 2011
    Dont get me wrong. im enjoying it and playing through it all. but its been hyped up too much. as another reviewer says, it is basically fallout in a different setting. combat is rubbish. bring back VATs. its an RPG, so give me my RPG style combat if you cant do it properly. Dark souls definitely wins on combat. This game is 10% (excellent) story, 10% (rubbish) combat, 30% (compulsive) looting, 50% (boring) travelling Expand
  63. Nov 16, 2011
    It is what it is. I am writing this after my 5th or so game ending bug. Infinite load screens, broken quests, and ugly overlapping sound issues about. It's not a BAD game, but it IS too large, way too buggy, and overall FEELS like Fallout 3 with a coat of fantasy paint (not the nicest coat I might add). Overall I got swept up in the hype and had to have it. As I finish writing this, I am going to pop Dark Souls back in and REALLY be transported to another world. I'm sure I will come back to Skyrim sometime, but right now, this is just SUB freaking PAR. Expand
  64. Nov 18, 2011
    This game brought me back to gaming after a year long hiatus from gaming. To be perfectly honest, little has changed within that period of time in the gaming world. Bethesda should be ashamed for releasing another lackluster title after Oblivion. The UI is awkward to say the least, the textures are a mixed bag depending on your location, the game play is boring as usual, the storyline is boring as usual, the graphics are substandard for a 2011 game, the audio is less than satisfying and seems very similar to Oblivion. The game continues to suffer from frame rate, pop-up, and graphical issues. The fighting controls and movement is outdated and clunky. This is inexcusable in 2011. The one shining star is the atmospheric conditions that add to the immersion of the game. I am thoroughly disappointed in this game after reaching level 15. If you are interesting in wasting time exploring a less than interesting world this game is for you. Bethesda, thanks for ruining a much over hyped gaming experience. It is an average game at best. Expand
  65. Nov 20, 2011
    First impressions of this game, I was blown away, one of the best games I have played in the last two years, but, this honeymoon period didn't last too long. As I progressed further through the game more and more issues started to crop up; firstly was the framerate issues, which were at first a minor annoyance, but they just got worse and worse as my save file increased in size. Secondly I started to notice little glitches within the quests, the first major one was with "Blood on the ice" which meant I couldn't complete the quest because so much had gone wrong, this has happened now on numerous occasions, leaving my quest log with several quests that I can't finish. A few other issues are to do with character animations which look very rigid and awkward, as well as the reused voices for just about every guard in every city which makes them all sound like Arnie (GET TO DA CHOPPA). Finally the latest issue I encountered just after I had finished slaying a dragon, I ran over to loot the body, but did not absorb its soul.

    This game has just been rushed on the ps3, and Betheseda's Pete Hines was quoted as saying: â
  66. Dec 5, 2011
    I love this game, I really do. You should always expect bugs with a game this size. However, the bugs here are absolutely game-breaking. Lag so bad, if your save reaches over 10mb, you probably won't be able to fight anything. Quest bugs that make finishing the game impossible. The game's big hype, dragons, will fly backwards and won't fight you. It could be GOTY, if they just took time to iron out the game breaking bugs before release. Expand
  67. Dec 5, 2011
    I will try to be fair here. This game is a masterpiece that would deserve a full 10 score if not for all the game breaking bugs. Graphics: 10/10 (yes this game is gorgeous) Story 9/10 (reminds me a lot of the epic Norse poem called the Kalevala.) Controls: 8/10 (not perfect not horrible by any means either) Replayabilty: 10/10 (This game is very long sometimes a little overwhelming but considering most games these days are less than 12 hours long it is a welcome change of pace.)

    So as you can see the game DOES deserve a 10/10 unfortunately as said above the lag and the game breaking glitches make the game lose 5 points easily.
  68. Dec 5, 2011
    lovely, expansive, unfortunately broken. its all about the quests, but so many of them are impossible to complete due to 'technical issues' that cannot be fixed by the user on the PS3 - get it on the PC if you have that option, access to the console commands or user made Mods are essential to play it.
  69. Dec 5, 2011
    Skyrim is a wonderful game that was marred by the fact that it has a major gamebreaking bug that was not fixed for 3 games in the row, previous two being the Fallout games. This bug was glossed over by both Bethesda and the media due to review copies mainly consisting of 360 and PC copies, therefore garnering no attention from either side. Buying this game on PS3 is essentially buying a timebomb waiting to explode. It's a shame that this bug exists, because this game would've been fantastic and worth the hype for PS3 owners. Instead it's just a blackmark in its library, as well as the media's lack of coverage and Bethesda. Expand
  70. Dec 6, 2011
    I have personally enjoyed this game, that is until recently. When I heard all of the horrific stories of frame-rates and complete crashes, I thought, wow, these people are being hypercritical. Upon playing the game more, I have started to slowly experience these game breaking problems. I think that Bethesda has made a wonderful game and I cant wait to really delve into the world of Skyrim, but alas until a proper fix is in place, that will have to wait. On the brighter side of things, what I did experience were great visuals and breathtaking landscapes. There doesn't seem to be much variety in the enemy category, however, the fighting and magic skills seem tight and responsive. There isn't a vast depth to the crafting system or the marriage system for that matter which will disappoint in the end. Overall, there is a great game waiting to be played, however long it takes to have it properly fixed. If you have not purchased the game as of yet, wait for a while and pay attention to forums and blogs to stay informed of future fixes. Expand
  71. Dec 6, 2011
    I really, really wish I could give this game a better score than this. I wanted Skyrim to be one of the best games I've ever played. I even wanted it to give me a better experience than Oblivion, but I simply cannot bring myself to say so. Sure, Skyrim has all the potential to be an amazing game, there's an expansive world with hundreds of quests and hours upon hours of gameplay. There's a fantastic skill system that changes based upon your playstyle. There's even a magnificent sense of wonder and excitement exploring the world itself. I want to love this game for all of these an more, but there's just one issue; this is a half-finished game on the PS3. Bethesda really, really dropped the ball on this one. While Skyrim is an ambitious, detailed world with hours of fun packed inside, what use is all of the content when I am screwed out of said enjoyment by a horrendous framerate and numerous, numerous bugs and glitches. I bought this game on midnight release, and for the first 20 hours of gameplay I was just spellbound by the numerous activities and decisions made available to me. This was to be my Game of the Year...until the framerate began to shudder at every turn. "Okay, maybe it's just from playing too much today." I would say, and shut off my system to come back the next day. And sure, the game would run fine for about three hours...and then the framerate would take another dump.
    From there it only progressively got worse as my save file increased from 5 Mb, to 6, to of now it's reached a massive 12 Mb in size and I can only go about an hour before the framerate chugs along from merely walking to the next town. It's inexcusable, and highly unprofessional that Bethesda gave absolutely no effort in programming Skyrim properly for the PS3 hardware. Sure, they released another patch to deal with the "occasional framerate issues," but all it did was postpone the lag for another hour before it would set in once more, forcing a reset of my system. Apart from the lag, now even more issues such as unfinishable quests and backwards-flying dragons have plagued the game, forcing me to abandon my 90+ hour playthrough altogether. If my story hasn't already given you a good idea of what can be expected of the PS3 Skyrim experience, then you are truly delusional. What Bethesda has done is treated the PS3 fanbase as second-class citizens, and have dodged the real core of the issue altogether by downplaying such a severe issue as "occasional" or only experienced by the "minority of players". This is wholly unprofessional, and proof therefore of a company that really doesn't appear to care about its fanbase at all.
    I really have enjoyed my time with Skyrim, and I truly want to love this game and recommend it to every single one of my friends, but with all of the glitches and bugs found on the PS3 version, I simply cannot recommend the purchase of this game until the issues are fixed (if ever).
  72. Dec 21, 2011
    I really did love this game at first but the frame rate lag & freezing started to drive me crazy to the point where i was turning red and pulling my hair out, i continued to deal because i still did have fun with this game(when it allowed) and loved so much about it, however when the dampered spirits thieves guild quest ending glitch hit it was the nail in the coffin, a video game has never made me this sad, i have a level 49 fully thief themed/perked character and i cant even complete the thieves guild,( too much time invested to start over)i would love this game if it let me complete my favorite faction quest! i don't know if they will ever patch it( please bethesda!!) i will change my review if they do, but until then i shall remain broken down and upset with skyrim. If you plan on getting this game i can't recommend buying it for PS3 until they work out the quest ending glitches and frame rate issues, but other than that, this could be one of the best games ever made. Expand
  73. Jan 18, 2012
    What a wonderful gaming experience!

    At least that's how I felt about this game for the first few days. Then like any lust or love affair, which Bethesda pulled off masterfully by setting the hype machine in motion - blemishes and little warts bubbled up after wooing this game. It reminded me of the time I dated this beautiful Asian woman who had recently emigrated to the US. After
    spending some time with her she opened her mouth enough times to let me know that no matter where she or any girl may come from, or how beautiful, if it has **** it will give you problems. So like she went, so now is Skyrim. I suppose a lot of us had been warned that Bethesda had been taking advantage of us more and more as their games came and went. Fallout 3? Glitchy as all hell - but yet very playable. Fallout New Vegas? Far worse than FO3. It actually had game breaking quests, including a couple main quests which caused me to have to replay the last 60 hours over. Well, actually I didn't have to do anything. It was just the "completionist" gamer mentality inside of me that felt I must work around (and waste hours of my life that I wouldn't get back) the blunders that Bethesda and Obsidian put in my way in the form of "1" and "0"'s .

    As for Skyrim, I thought this would be like Oblivion. That is to say Bethesda was both the developer and producer. New Vegas' faults I had placed (mostly) with Obsidian. No way would Skyrim be a minefield of errors like New Vegas. But no it was not to be. I'm guessing that the stock holders and suits in Bethesda's Ivory towers ratcheted up another notch on their greed belt . Perhaps they put a deadline of Nov. 11th in place and stuck to it. Their stance on quality control appears to be that problems can always be addressed through patches post game launch. Heck, they already had their first patch ready for me when I slid Skyrim's shiny new fingerprint-free disc into my slim way back on Nov. 11, the day the game went on sale. But not all of their staff can or will be working on patches because they need a significant amount of their programmers working on Skyrim's DLC. The Bethesda brass is focused on that. They envision us all making our way eagerly down to our local game store to put more $$ into their bottom line. Another helping of greed coming right up.

    So where are we 68 days later? Slowdown, the main flagrant issue, is still waiting to be addressed with a patch due sometime this month. It has been a problem for us PS3 gamers who have put in approximately 60-80 hrs minimum. I haven't played the game in over a month. Not because it's not playable, it is. I guess I'm just completely fed up with Bethesda's quality of games lately and how they hold us gamers loyal to them in contempt by releasing software that is not where it should be quality wise.

    We all should show our disapproval of Bethesda's games by not purchasing future games of theirs until we know them to be ENJOYABLE! I didn't say error-free. I know it's a near impossibility and also impractical to wait until a game of that scale is perfect. What most of us want is to play a game that isn't flawed to the degree where it becomes a distraction or impediment. I read plenty of reviews of Skyrim before I bought it because of the setbacks I encountered in FO3 and New Vegas. These reviews listed some glitches. All of the negatives noted in said reviews were harmless, some even funny. I read nothing about dragons flying backwards or slowdown or some of the other more than minor defects. I think the only way to get a true gauge of a game on a scale of Skyrim's is to first read reviews of the game AND THEN WAIT! See what is happening to the millions of gamers playing the game. What shortcomings does the game have. If it does have glitches that cause most of us great consternation, read up before buying to find out if their will be patches forthcoming, and if so, when. Then wait to see if the patches themselves didn't put in new errors while eliminating others.

    * When I sat down to write my first review, this being it, I did intend to actually review the game as a whole. Instead my emotions of my experiences playing Bethesda Games got the better of me. There are plenty of insightful reviews written by fellow PS3 gamers. I just put forth my own observations of Skyrim and other game quality issues of Bethesda.

    I truly hope that the $60 we spent on this game will soon earn its value in our hearts. Then we can move on from this disappointment and we can soon enjoy the game like we all thought we would when we first got our mitts on it. Happy Gaming!
  74. Feb 8, 2012
    Game is overrated. I haven't played enough to run into the bugs, but frankly, the game is just tedious. The battle system is terrible, I'm unimpressed by the looting. There is nothing special about the quests. Frankly, the game moves to slow. Throw on top of that insanely long load times every time you go into a new area. How it gets the high ratings it has gotten, I don't know -- The Emperor's Clothes comes to mind... Expand
  75. Feb 16, 2012
    This seemed to be an epic adventure game when first starting to play.
    But after some 10-15 hours of playing all the bugs drives you inzane wich is the downfall for this game.
  76. Jul 20, 2012
    meh, this wasn't a bad game, but the D A M N LOAD SCREENS took all the fun out of it. Seriously, when I'm exploring the vast lands of skyrim, I don't want to wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to enter a all the framerate and graphic glitches kept me from rating it higher. All this contributed to me getting bored of the game after a week and a half or so of playing it. This has since been fixed in various patches but I don't like the mentality of newer game devs "hey lets just release an unfinished product and make a patch for it later if they notice". It's just downright lazy. Expand
  77. May 28, 2012
    Skyrim is one of the most over rated games of this generation.
    The Combat system is basic and boring where casting the same spell over and over or spamming your sword can get you through most of the boring repetitive dungeons and fetch quests.After spending over 60-70 hours playing through this game you come to realise that none of the characters have any personality and almost all of them
    are easily forgettable. Many bugs and glitches plague the game and horrible PS3 performance after many hours despite many patches also brings down the game for the PS3 users.
    Although Skyrim is mostly bad it does have a few redeeming qualities, the world is huge and the game can provide 100 hours of gameplay although boring can be a good time sink. The environment is quite beautiful at times.
  78. Nov 15, 2012
    Looks gorgeous, full of detail, but it's so buggy & slow. Loading screens must've taken up half of the 100+ hours I put into this. Game-play that should be fun & enjoyable, becomes repetitive & monotonous. You spend most of the game going through boring tasks in order to level up your skills.
  79. Dec 20, 2012
    What an awesome game. Too bad it breaks my heart to give it a bad score like this, but with the crappy frame rates and the inability of Bethesda to release DLC's for this platform while signing a drug deal with the XBox 360 to get them first leaves a bad taste as a PS3 owner.
  80. Jun 27, 2013
    One of the best and worst games ever. The best because the gameplay, story and sheer size is epic. The worst because eventually it becomes so laggy and frustrating that it's almost unplayable. Luckily I was able to complete most of the quests and story lines before that happened.
  81. Apr 8, 2013
    They should call it SKYBUG!!not skyrim. even after almost 2 years they release a patch (2.09) that from the first minute bugged my gameplay. Bethesda is just pathetic...will definately NOT get any DLC nor any future game unless they prove me wrong in the future. Just pathetic...
  82. Jul 7, 2013
    Most overrated game of all, a lot of bugs, the pc version is great, the 360 good, and the ps3 version is like crap!
    -Big and imersive world
    -good graphics
    -A lot to do
    -Bugs, bugs everywere
    -no striking character
    -poor story
  83. Jan 20, 2014
    Most overated game ever.

    NPCs were dull and wooden, i felt no empathy for any of them. Their dialogue was repetitive and boring.. definitely need to hire more voice actors next time. Their actions were repetitive and unrealistic, my biggest complaint about this game is constantly being brought back to reality by poor AI programming. The beautiful graphics & design ( yes this is an
    amazing game to look at) that immersed you into this fantasy world were undone by the inane robots that moved and slided about the place like thunderbird puppets.

    The storylines were lack lustre.. I just didn't care. Sometimes less is more Bethesda, dont cram so much in and sharpen your core themes. This game had huge potential but was executed averagely.
  84. Nov 14, 2011
    Initially I was very excited & was ready to make Skyrim my all time favourite game. As time went on however, I became more & more disillusioned. The good - world looks awesome, up to a point ( the bad below); defeating your 1st dragon feels awesome; character customisation allows you to create the character you want; soooo much you can choose to do.
    The bad - combat is as bad as morrowind
    & oblivion, with no lock on it's too hit & miss; creatures in the world do not stand out enough & you often can't see anyone/even when the hud is saying you've been detected; after playing for a while the darker textures started to strobe like lightning! in towns, often 2 or 3 characters will be speaking to you at once, often repeating same dialogue ova & ova (particularly annoying wen trying to follow 1 quest conversation in the middle of it all); often the quests you are given just get you killed, & with no indication as to what's appropriate for your character's level it can get very frustrating.
    My biggest beef however is, once again, I can't play the character I want. I want to be a hunter, sneaking up on animals & taking them down with a single bowshot. This can work if you see the creature 1st. However, in caves & dungeons or where there's multiple enemies such a opcharacter gets swarmed & killed too easily. Ditto, sneaking around hunting. Too often I ran into a bear or saber tooth tiger & was killed in seconds.
    Too many of the problems that plagued Oblivion remain. I hope they get it right next time.
  85. Dec 6, 2011
    At the time I'm writing this review, the PS3 copy is borderline broken. While you can enjoy the rich, epic experience that is Skyrim for the first dozen or so hours of gameplay, eventually you're going to run into the dreaded FPS lag glitch that is plaguing all PS3 owners. Bethesda have still not fixed this problem and until they do fix it, which is not looking like anytime in the near future, this game is pretty much impossible to recommend to anyone who is thinking of buying it on this console. You expect a fair amount of bugs and glitches with a large, open world RPG such as this, but the type of bug that reduces your framerate to single digits after 30 minutes of playtime is something that just isn't acceptable. It's a damn shame too because this is a game you're going to LOVE spending time with, but after a few hours deep in, your console is going to punish you for it.

    If these problems didn't exist, this game is worth easily a 9 or a 10 and some people claim they've never run into these problems. But all the talk of it crashing hard drives and causing constant lock ups will pretty quickly remind you that you're playing russian roulette with your system. So if you're like me you're probably going to end up trading your copy in for the PC or 360 version, which isn't without its fair share of problems, but isn't going to make mince of your processor.

    Here's hoping Bethesda fix the problem soon, before they earn more negative reviews.
  86. Nov 12, 2011
    Definitely the disappointment of the year, Skyrim is essentially Fallout 3 with dragons and swords. The entire UI - from button layout (triangle is JUMP, select is "wait how long?"), down to the O button calling up your PIP Boy (er, in this case it's just your menu - which works exactly the same way and is even in THE SAME FONT AS FALLOUT 3 - is all pulled from Oblivion & Bethesda's post-apocalyptic title from 2008. What's worse, the graphics have not improved from Fallout 3's slow-loading textures and chintzy facial-animations. Truly, I was shocked given how much buzz had been generated about this game... shocked, followed by a feeling of being ripped-off as I'd spent full-price on this dud. Granted, I've only played the first several hours... so it could be that the plot gets amazing in the later levels; but I don't think I'm going to be able to put up with much more of the glitches, cheesy script and sad character animations. For example, the grizzly bear in the beginning of the game? Well, it doesn't so much "walk" as it does "float in a weird circle" without moving its legs entirely. Me and my mates were sitting with out jaws dropped... this is the last time I trust Bethesda on their word. Then again, all the reviews seemed to be so glowing and favorable.... I must admit it makes me wonder how much advertising has had to do with influencing these undeserved scores.Here's the thing, if I were a little kid who only was able to get like 3 games a year from mom and dad, yeah, I think I'd probably dig this game a lot more (and be super-defensive about it sucking, thereby giving it a 10 on Metacritic), because it's huge and in that sense, worth one's money. But I'm an adult. I buy pretty much every new game I want, which is at least a few a month. I bought Rage. I bought Dark Souls. Having had those recent experiences (not to mention Uncharted 3 and Arkham City), Skyrim just feels super-antiquated and, well... sad. It's just a sad, sad title. You know what hurt the most? My roommate who doesn't even play video games was able to casually walk past me whilst playing Skyrim and immediately assessed it's mediocrity. "What's that... that's not your new game is it?" he said. Yes, yeah... that's Skyrim. "Eew, really? It looks like Fallout." I **** you not... even the uninitiated can smell the fecal pile that is Skyrim's tiredness. I'm just glad I can at least trade in Skyrim for the bulk of my money in time for Saints Row III. So much for a weekend learning Dragon Shouts. :-( Here's a shout for you "SKYRIM SUCKS!"â Expand
  87. Dec 9, 2013
    Skyrim on the PS3 is held back by its technical issues. At launch Skyrim was unplayable for a lot of PS3 users, but most reviews didn't take this into account since the lag only kicked in after several hours of play.

    Patch 1.9 took care of some of the performance issues a year later but many are still there, including stuttering and low framerates in some areas. There's not much point
    in creating a huge world full of interesting quests if technical issues make it unplayable.

    Bethesda said before release that the PS3 version was "getting lots of attention" and that the old issues had been fixed because it was running on a new engine. Looking back on it now it doesn't seem like this was true. Hopefully Bethesda will take more care with their future games on PS3 and PS4.
  88. Nov 11, 2011
    Another incomplete game for mature gamers on pc's. The ui and textures are messy. It feels like this stuff can't possibly take long to resolve, but hey, I'm not a programmer. And yes, if a review uses the word streamlined regarding the level-up system, you can pretty much translate as "dumbed down for marketing" -If you catch my drift. Thanks gaming industry, for the 3 highly praised flaming turds we've received this year on pc. Not gonna lump this in with bf and mw because I love the sandbox style and it's really similar to oblivion, but the bugs and UI need serious fixing. It's really unnerving to feel like you've been had on your platform, and that's all I've gotten the past two months. Expand
  89. Dec 5, 2011
    Seemingly fun game, but absolutely horrible on PS3.

    I've played roughly ~100 of the PS3 version, multiple characters, maxing out around 45, various save file sizes ranging from 3500 KB to 15000 KB.

    Bethesda released a product that was not ready for the PS3 system; they knew full well that it was a flawed product, yet they choose to release it anyway and let the casual user beta (or alpha
    in this case) test their game.

    A quick glance at the Official Forums and you will find a thread title "Unofficial Bug List".....with THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of bugs listed. And this is only in the PS3 section (note: most of these probably carry over to the other platforms as well)...

    Issues aside (and they are borderline gamebreaking issues), the game itself is a decent open world RPG-lite. There are many improvements over Oblivion, however, sadly there are MANY steps BACKWARDS.

    The game world itself is incredibly detailed visually and the overall aesthetic is LEAGUES beyond anything in Oblivion; however, the game falls flat on its face with portraying a living breathing world. It feels empty and dead. Yes, NPCs wander around, do various tasks, repeat dialogue lines 100000000s of times; however, the world itself never changes, there are no impacts to your actions, no feedback at all. Instead you are left with this beautiful world that just feels EMPTY.

    There are a myriad of other issues, ranging from lack of distinct items (armor, weapons, etc), to a poorly designed "talent" tree system, poor decision making system, poor UI, lack of enemy variety, poor "scaling" system, improved dungeons....that still feel the same after the 100th time you've been inside one, etc.

    The game could be a fairly solid 7/10 with minor bugs (not those experienced on the PS3 version), bugs that could easily be patched out given enough time/effort by the devs; however, with the performance issues included.....the game drops way down to a 4/10, as it becomes unplayable after you reach a certain save file size.
  90. Dec 6, 2011
    Good graphics, good story, good sounds, big beautiful world to explore.. but that's pretty much it. That's why I give it a 4. This review is an honest one, and I'm not even taking into consideration the amount of game breaking bugs and frame rate issues this game has. The gameplay, combat system, level design, Artificial Intelligence and User Interface are all mediocre or average at best. I do not understand how such an average game can get scored 9 and 10 by supposedly professional and impartial reviewers. Especially when a game like New Vegas, who was much better than Skyrim in every possible way (except for graphics) was scored only 8. That doesn't make sense to me. Has the game industry really sunken so low, that we consider appearances and quantity more important than gameplay and quality? Now with all that said I will say that Skyrim is still fun to play.. when it works properly that is. That is why I strongly suggest you get it on Xbox360 or PC instead of PS3. But even then, I do not believe that this game deserves the title of GOTY. That is an absolute insult to all the other developers who designed much better games this year. Expand
  91. Dec 6, 2011
    This review is for the PS3 version only, and I would strongly suggest that if you have the option, you purchase any other version of this game. The PS3 version is broken and we're waiting on a patch to fix a lag problem that makes the game unplayable after extended play.
  92. Dec 7, 2011
    Skyrim is a beautiful game, full of fantastic vista's and well voiced characters with depth and emotion. The UI is a joy, devoid of any distraction to the enjoyment of the game and the music carries you along on the adventures you'll have.

    Then you lag and stutter and eventually your beloved PS3 says enough is enough and crashes. Once you start having to check your HDD for errors after
    playing the game, you quickly decide not to risk it and instead go play something else.

    Skyrim really should have been a 10 from me, but the issues surrounding the lag and broken quests which can so easily infect your save game meaning that 40 hrs of game play is down the drain means I simply cannot say it is fit for purpose.

    4 out of 10 is all I can give it and even then I think that is misleading, as you cannot complete the game nor explore most of it without encountering the issues noted above.
  93. Dec 7, 2011
    It's a bitter disappointment that I'm having to give Skyrim a negative review. For the first 30 or so hours of gameplay my time in this game's world was one of the most entertaining I've ever had on a console. The openness of the world was simply amazing. For nearly all of that play time I had barely even touched the main quest. I simply wandered the countryside and completed side quests as I discovered them. I enjoyed the character building system, beautiful graphics and engrossing dungeon delving. Sadly after about 30 hours the framerate starting dropping. At first it was only a small annoyance but as my game time approached the 50 hour mark it got to the point that walking through a town was nearly impossible around 30 minutes after starting a new game session. The game would stutter so badly that it would actually pause for a few seconds at a time. Rebooting the PS3 resolves the issue temporarily, but after about 30 minutes it happens all over again. Bethesda released patch 1.2 which was supposed to resolve the issue and I have to say that it did make it better. I can now go about 45 minutes to an hour before the stuttering makes the game unplayable again. Unfortunately since patch 1.2 the game will now randomly crash with a hard freeze at any time. I've now stopped playing the game because of the frustration losing progress every time the game freezes. I hope to revisit it again in the future after the technical issues have been resolved. At this point I can not recommend playing this on the PS3 in its current state. Expand
  94. Dec 9, 2011
    I'm very disappointed in this game. It bothers me that this'll probably get GOTY, because this is the exact type of disregard for the gamer that we shouldn't be encouraging.

    I'll start with the good. If you liked Oblivion, this game is better in all aspects. The archery is great, sneaking is pretty fun, it looks very pretty. The attention to detail is fantastic, you'll go into caves or
    tombs and enemies will talk to each other, and often with unique conversations- you don't feel like you're going into 'bandit cave 54' after a couple side quests- your first time into any dungeon will usually feel like a unique experience.

    The bad now- melee combat is clunky, far behind industry norms. It feels like you're a drunkard swinging around a club even if you're using a short sword. Magic is decent, if limited in what you can do with it, but again, awkward to use- 2hd weapons are even worse. You'll spend half your play time teleporting from place to place at the whims of quest givers if you're looking for trophies in particular.

    Now for the awful. I feel like I'm being very generous giving this game a 6- but, this game could have been an 8 even with the poor combat system, just because of the sheer scope. To start out, I found the bugs amusing. Backwards flying dragons (admittedly annoying because even if killed, they wouldn't drop), flying mammoths, falling through the ground- these are things I can get a chuckle out of. The overwhelming loading screens made my teeth grind, but, I put up with ME elevators, so I could handle that too. Guild questlines becoming unfinishable due to a bug- THAT is unacceptable. The first time it happened, I was mad- lots of time down the drain, and I wasn't expecting it and my auto saves had already overwritten each other from going through doors trying to find the quest giver (before checking online to find out this was just a bug). The second and third time it happened on guild quests (ie- meaning, for trophies, and pretty much the 'main' sidequests), I was getting pissed off- gamebreaking bugs on sidequests? Fine, I don't care, they don't get tested as much, they don't mean much, I'm ok with that. But unfinishable bugs on this guild quest... then that one... then again, and again, and again- NO, come on! TEST THE MAIN QUESTS FFS!!! And while apparantly PC and XBOX didn't seem to have as much trouble with the lag, everywhere I checked for info on glitches- they DID have those issues too. I've played alot of big games on ps3- dark souls, fall out 3... I've also played and beaten New Vegas and Alpha Protocol, and let me tell you, Skyrim makes Obsidian look like the gods of polishing games in comparison- I've never had lag before, the total number of crashes in the two years I've had a ps3 is way less then the crashes just in Skyrim, and I've never had so many glitches in a game, period.

    Frankly, my opinion of Bethesda was that they release a broken game and let the fans finish it with modding- that sure hasn't changed now, and I will never be buying a game at release from this company again if this is the kind of rushed polish they're going to give on bug finding.

    6/10, 8/10 if they fix all the bug and the lag issues, maybe 6.5/10 for the lagfree PC/XBOX since they do still have the glitches.
  95. Dec 23, 2011
    Got to agree with most people, fantastic game and value 150 hours so far, but someone needs to be taken out an shot, simple as that, whoever yeah just release it with all the bugs etc. Kill him!!! Cause that what I felt like doing every time it crashes.
  96. Jun 1, 2012
    Severely dated combat mechanics (and I by dated we're talking by about a decade) hamper this game so much that for all it's good points (namely nearly everything else) it's not enjoyable to play.
  97. Sep 21, 2012
    Fun and addictive, awesome and amazing....until you start hearing the same voice actor for the gazzillion time, to kill Blood dragons and die to no-point super overpowered random bandits, killing your own allies over and over with no posibility to revive them and to finally save for that sweet extra strong equipment and still getting killed in 3 hits.

    Lag, Freezes,you never get the
    feeling of getting stronger and the PC version getting mods and tons of support, is making Skyrim for the Ps3 an useless junk. Expand
  98. Apr 18, 2014
    Even without all the bugs there is alot to dislike about this game, especially coming after the excellent Oblivion. First off, character movement and combat has been slowed and dumbed down considerably. You can now only sprint for short distances, and only while moving directly forward. Swordplay is also clunky and unsatisfying. You also no longer have the ability to max out all aspects of your character's attributes; you are forced to choose between health, magic and stamina which is a huge letdown. You can no longer create your own custom spells either. Also, the quest lines, especially the Mages and Thieves Guild, are pretty short and not very well fleshed out,, and once you have completed them, there isn't much of an effect on what NPCs say to you which I found very disappointing. Then to top if all off, you have a bunch of bugs and unbearable frame rate slow down as your save file grows larger and larger. All these things add up to a really mediocre overall experience. Expand
  99. Oct 2, 2013
    BROKEN.That is all you can really say about skyrim on the to be honest it is a really good game it's so big and so open so much for you to do in this great world....FOR ABOUT 4 HOURS then it starts lagging and crashing (witch can f*ck up your ps3) there is a reason why this isnt a 0.Because they did actually patch after many f*cking months but its still lagging a hell of alot.I cant rate this game higher on the playstation. Expand
  100. Dec 11, 2011
    I'm not that far into the game, maybe 12 hours or so. The only problem I have had so far is the game freezing quite a bit on me. I don't doubt the problems others are having with the ps3 version, as I have that version too. I'm not playing the game anymore until I know that the majority of the problems are fixed since my game kept freezing and causing me to do a hard reset. If these problems are not rectified, I will no longer support this company with my money. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. This is a game full of emotions for gamers who are willing to embrace it. A beautiful fantasy land that makes loading times a thing of the past and is full of surprises. Not only do you get a lot of variety in the locations, the gameplay offers a lot of different experiences as well. [December 2011, p.66]
  2. Dec 28, 2011
    I enjoyed Skyrim and I look forward to the DLC that we know is inevitably coming. If we looked at this honestly, though, this game probably should have been pushed back a month or so for more polish. It needed it and it still does.
  3. Skyrim is a gorgeous production that truly does justice to the words "roleplaying game." It doesn't just tell us a story, it gives us the chance to tell a story of our own. At its best, that's what an interactive art form should be all about. [Jan 2011, p.73]